Chat log time - because I am feeling very creative is the same time as it now reads on my PC clock.

Thank you to everyone that reviewed. I am aware that this is taking such a long time to get completed and is no where near the same standard that TLC was but I am trying my best. I really don't get Daniel... I can relate more to Jack as my humour is similar to his. I always make Daniel come across to whiney.

I must apologise to everyone before you read this Fic! I'm Sorry (Sobs)

Chat Log Date: 18-06-03 20.15.23

Jack Man: Jack O'Neill -gonefishin fastmail net-

Bed Sore: Daniel Jackson -Greektragedy fastmail net-

Bed Sore: Hello Jack.

Jack Man: Hey Daniel!

Bed Sore: Hello Colonel!

Jack Man: Sam?

Bed Sore: Yes.

Jack Man: What are you doing there?

Bed Sore: Visiting, remember?

Jack Man: Oh, yes.

Bed Sore: What are you doing then, Jack?

Jack Man: Chatting to you.

Bed Sore: ...Besides that

Jack Man: Watching TV.

Bed Sore: What's on?

Jack Man: What's on TV?

Bed Sore: Yes!

Jack Man: Nothing much.

Bed Sore: What are you watching?

Jack Man: Oh, Why didn't you ask that in the first place?

Bed Sore: Jack, Just answer the question.

Jack Man: What question?

Bed Sore: Colonel!

Jack Man: Lol, I'm just watching Starman.

Bed Sore: What's that?

Jack Man: You don't know?

Bed Sore: I don't watch much TV.

Jack Man: I bet Sam has seen it.

Bed Sore: I have.

Jack Man: Explain it to him.

Bed Sore: I am.

Jack Man: Good :)

Bed Sore: What did the General say?

Jack Man: About what?

Bed Sore: Are you going to be like that all night?

Jack Man: Like what?

Bed Sore: I'll take that as a yes then shall I?

Jack Man: If you want.

Bed Sore: What did the General say about the test results?

Jack Man: The results for the bite?

Bed Sore: Yes!

Jack Man: Oh, I'm fine. The Doc gave me some cream to help the swelling. That's about it.

Bed Sore: That's lucky, Good job it wasn't like what happened with Teal'c.

Jack Man: Well lucky IS my middle name.

Bed Sore: really? I've always thought it was Un-Lucky.

Jack Man: Ha. Ha. What are you two up to?

Bed Sore: Besides chatting to you?

Jack Man: Yes!

Bed Sore: Planning Sam's revenge.

Jack Man: I'm Scared.

Bed Sore: You should be.

Jack Man: I am.

Jack Man: Frightened

Jack Man: Petrified even...

Bed Sore: Oh Shut up.

Jack Man: I am not talking Mr. Jackson.

Bed Sore: JACK!

Jack Man: That's my name.

Bed Sore: You are a pain in the ass.

Jack Man: You don't think I know that?

Bed Sore: Doesn't matter, How are you even watching your program while you are chatting to us?

Jack Man: It's a Film Daniel! Didn't you explain it to him Sam?

Bed Sore: I did.

Jack Man: Apparently not well...

Bed Sore: Why am I getting the blame, Daniel should pay more attention.

Bed Sore: I did

Jack Man: You Lie.

Bed Sore: Not this again...

Jack Man: :P

Bed Sore: So how are you watching the 'film' and chatting to us?

Jack Man: I've seen it a few times, I know what's going on - I'm listening to it.

Bed Sore: Fair enough.

Jack Man: What is it with you and those words lately?

Bed Sore: What? Fair enough?

Jack Man: Yes.

Bed Sore: I'm not sure, it's becoming a habit.

Jack Man: It's becoming annoying.

Bed Sore: I'll try to stop it.

Jack Man: I'm glad to hear it, now let Sam talk for a bit she's gone quiet.

Bed Sore: She has gone to get me a drink.

Jack Man: Ah, I wondered why she wasn't writing anything.

Bed Sore: Hey Colonel!

Jack Man: You're back!

Bed Sore: Am I? Oh yes I am!

Jack Man: Major...

Bed Sore: ;)

Jack Man: Has he got you running errands now?

Bed Sore: Ah yes, He's a slave driver.

Jack Man: Poor you.

Bed Sore: It's your turn tomorrow.

Jack Man: Who said I would visit?

Bed Sore: You did!

Jack Man: Did I?

Bed Sore: Yes.

Jack Man: I don't remember.

Bed Sore: You rang me earlier Jack!

Jack Man: Did I?

Bed Sore: Yes!

Jack Man: You're positive?

Bed Sore: Pack it in Jack.

Jack Man: Pack what in?

Bed Sore: Are you doing this to avoid coming to see me?

Jack Man: No...

Bed Sore: No matter how irritating you get, you still have to visit.

Jack Man: Damn.

Bed Sore: You know what he's like when he makes up his mind Colonel.

Jack Man: But what about me when I'm determined to get out of something?

Bed Sore: It will be interesting to she who will win.

Jack Man: Who's your money on?

Bed Sore: No money but I bet Daniel will win.

Jack Man: You choose Daniel?!

Bed Sore: Well I know you want to see him anyway so you will let him win.

Jack Man: I forgot. You know me too well.

Bed Sore: :)

Jack Man: I'll try to get Teal'c to join me tomorrow.

Bed Sore: Thanks it would be nice to see him.

Jack Man: So, have you two girls been having a nice chat?

Bed Sore: Jack!

Jack Man: That's my name.

Bed Sore: We know. What is it short for? Jack-Ass?

Jack Man: Hey! What's you name short for?

Bed Sore: Samantha.

Jack Man: Not you! Danielle.

Bed Sore: Really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow too Jackass.

Bed Sore: Are you two always at each other like this on here?

Jack Man: Two, It's him.

Bed Sore: You are only playing up because Sam's here.

Jack Man: Don't be stupid Daniel.

Bed Sore: Colonel Have you done your report yet?

Jack Man: You are changing the subject Carter.

Bed Sore: I am aware of that.

Jack Man: Lol, What report?

Bed Sore: The one for PX987YP?

Jack Man: Carter!

Bed Sore: The mission we just did?

Jack Man: Ah yea. I did that earlier.

Bed Sore: Really?

Jack Man: What? What do you mean, Really? Of course I did it.

Bed Sore: Jack you are about as convincing as toupee

Jack Man: Daniel don't start.

Bed Sore: I'm not starting anything.

Jack Man: Sturatt.

Bed Sore: What?

Jack Man: Sam knows... P.S Don't tell him!

Bed Sore: Jack what are you on about?

Jack Man: Sturatt's eat maganasie.

Bed Sore: This makes no sense but Sam is still laughing!

Jack Man: It's like a wise man always say's never go out the house without checking under the cliche

Bed Sore: You're being childish.

Jack Man: If you understood what I was talking about we wouldn't have a problem.

Bed Sore: Well I'm sorry I don't speak Jackanize.

Jack Man: Why not? You speak every other language.

Bed Sore: Learning a language with no structure is not only difficult but pointless.

Jack Man: Stop being a smass Daniel.

Jack Man: If you took the time to learn 'Jackanize' you would know.

Bed Sore: I give up, I'm no talking to you anymore.

Jack Man: Fine, Sam you can talk to me.

Jack Man: Sam?

Jack Man: Hey Major!

Jack Man: Whatever Daniel is telling you to do, ignore him!

Jack Man: Oi, I'd talk to you!

Bed Sore: I'm trying, Daniel is trying to prevent me from typing.

Jack Man: Daniel!

Bed Sore: He's not succeeding very well.

Jack Man: Don't you know Daniel, she will win even if you were at full strength.

Bed Sore: He said he's becoming aware of that.

Jack Man: What he can't even type now?

Bed Sore: No - Lazy sod.

Jack Man: Lol

Bed Sore: He's getting in a mood now.

Jack Man: Aw. We don't want that now do we?

Bed Sore: How do you always seem to make things worse?

Jack Man: It's a gift.

Bed Sore: Lucky you.

Jack Man: Oh I know.

Bed Sore: I'm going to go now.

Jack Man: I though you weren't going to listen to him?

Bed Sore: Sir... I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Jack Man: Fine, See you tomorrow.

Jack Man: Night Daniel!!!


This chapter was just a tad childish but what the hay!

Also the words Jack was making up... I don't know if I'll add the reason to them in the Fic so I'll add a bit of explanation here...

In my mind Jack and Sam were having a conversation one day and instead of saying Stupid Pratt like he wanted he said sturatt... one of those thing's where thing's come out wrong and Sam had to point it out.

Smass is Smart ass. Meganaise is Egg and mayonase... I only added this because for some reason when I ask for a egg and mayonnaise sandwich it comes out Meganase... just a weird fact you now know about me :P

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