Title: What do you do...

Author: Fisher (Snacky)

Disclaimer: I do not own Ally Mcbeal of any of it charaters. I am mearly borrowing them for a little while... How I wish I cold keep them :D

Summary: Ally thinks about love (warning John/Ally sap!)

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What do you do when you fall in love with one of your best fiends?

I have been worrying about this for weeks now. It was weird, three weeks ago exactly I was sat in my office - again mulling over how pointless my life was and why I don't have a boyfriend. When John Cage, My friend and confidant walked into my office.

I looked up into his concerned eyes as he made his way towards me.


I sighed before answering him "Yes?"

"Are you ok?"

"Just peachy" I don't now why I was being sarcastic, maybe I wanted his concern?

"Ally? What's wrong?"

My life sucks! "Nothing"

"Are you upset over the case?"

"No" Well not exactly, the case did start me thinking about how pointless it all was but it wasn't why I was upset. He smiled and walked towards me putting his hand on my shoulder and I swear I felt a spark. He just stared at me and said;

"I'm sure whatever it is, it isn't as bad as you think it is and if you need to talk about it you know where to find me" He paused, obviously in thought, which didn't surprise me.

"We have to get back to court they are making a ruling"

And he takes his hands away moving to leave. With one last look before he left my office it suddenly hit me, the reason why I'm in this predicament. I finally realized just who John was... He is the man I love. I know it's sounds corny but isn't that what love is?

All this time, everything he has done for me and not expected anything in return.

I realized everything I have been searching for, how many guys I have dated, it's all in him.

Love isn't shooting stars and perfect moments.

Love is sharing a moment with good friend, talking all night long and being totally comfortable to be yourself,

My love is John.


All hail the Sappiness which is me!

With this much fluff could probably pad my walls!