Remember Me
By: Napea
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize from Inuyasha.

"Shut up Jaken-san. Rin liked Kagome-chan. Rin really thought Sesshoumaru- sama and Kagome-chan would get-"

"Rin." Sesshoumaru interjected, unusually testy lately. He kept his face perfectly blank as he turned away and started walking his two followers quickly heading after him.

"Great human! Now Sesshoumaru-sama is angry. He doesn't like to remember when that wretched miko was with him." Jaken squawked at the young girl.

"But, why, Jaken-san? Sesshoumaru-sama seemed happier when Kagome-chan was here."

"Happy?" The toad youkai squawked. "The great Sesshoumaru would never be happy with a dingy, dirty, smelly, ugly-" A rather large rock bounced off Jaken's head successfully stopping him in his babbling and knocking him to the ground. Sesshoumaru turned his back to them once more and continued walking as Rin followed behind, humming happily.

The toad was right, though. He didn't like to think about the time he spent with the human miko. That woman-child had annoyed him at every turn, defying him in a way no other would dare to. It took him months to convince her that Inuyasha was not dead and that he hadn't killed him. That insane woman had hunted him down to avenge Inuyasha's death but, of course, failed. She stayed with him all that time, invading his space and his mind. Yet, Sesshoumaru couldn't bring himself to wish those days away.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" A tiny voice called out. Sesshoumaru almost sighed as he held out his hand for the familiar flea to jump into. Miyouga-jiji jumped into the open hand and gave his best bow to the youkai lord.

"Sesshoumaru-sama I bring news of Kagome-sama." A flash of a frown crossed the youkai lord's face but it was gone as quickly as it came. "Kagome-sama and Inuyasha-sama are getting married!"

Sesshoumaru growled before he could catch himself. Miyouga-jiji paused warily but continued on.

"Kagome-sama says that the wedding is different from traditional weddings and she needs you to be there." The flea looked halfway confused and halfway scared as he waited for Sesshoumaru's answer.


"She thought you might say that. She told me to remind you of your promise." He nearly growled again. He knew that promise was going to haunt him at the worst of times.


Sesshoumaru turned, his eyes slightly widened and looked over the poised miko. She stood with bow in hand, hair flying every direction and the dark kimono ripped in certain places but her face was perfectly calm. A spitting image of Sesshoumaru at his best. The faint red glow surrounding her seemed to glow dimmer and dimmer as she kept steady eyes on him.

The last of the youkai they had been fighting flew away with the wind as he regained his composure and padded over to her. His eyes trained on hers as he walked towards her and she kept his gaze. As he got closer she had to tilt her head upward to keep eye contact, giving her a defiant look save for the serene face she gave him.

"It seems, miko, that this Sesshoumaru is indebted to you." He said softly to her, knowing she would hear him.

"It would seem, Sesshoumaru." She finally broke eye contact and looked off into the distance. "Maybe one day I will call upon you to return the favor."

"Indeed." He replied, still watching her serene face. No words of honor or promises were needed. They both realized that with that one word, Sesshoumaru had sworn to her his agreement.


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