The Nightmare Comes Again

The wind howled through the claw-like branches of the baring autumn trees. Huddled together sat three friends slumped against one of those trees. Having spent most of the night desperately scouring the maze-like woods trying to find a way out of the hell-bound place, the three friends had finally decided to give up and wait the long night until morning. The woods wore a thick velvet sheet of darkness, which made it impossible to find a way out. The only light came from the silvery fool moon. The three friends sat shivering praying for the nightmare to end. Every noise seemed to be magnified. An unexpected hoot from an owl made the terrified friends jump while the crunch of dry fallen leaves caused by an unknown figure chilled the friends to the bone. Bushes and trees highlighted from the eerie moon seemed to take on sinister shapes. Eventually after a long night in which no one dared to close their eyes, sunlight rippled through the autumn trees causing the to look ablaze. The sun had come up the nightmare was over.
Well that's what they thought anyway.