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Chapter 24

Andrew was on a high for the rest of the weekend. It may have been a short conversation he and Kelly had online, but it was one, nonetheless. By Monday morning, Andrew was actually in a pleasant mood for school. He found out Kelly doesn't seem to hate him and in about 5 months time, he would be in Europe. Nothing could go wrong. Yet.

At his locker that morning, Andrew was doing his lock combination when he heard a voice beside him. "So, why do you seem so peachy?" It was his sister.

Andrew looked up at Andrea as he opened his locker door. "Can't I just be in a good mood without an questions?" He asked, but still smiling.

Andrea just shook her head. "Ok, fine. Just wondering. Your mod just changed over the weekend. It was strange."

Just then Kelly walked up to Andrea's locker.

"Hey, Andrea, do you have the notes from last weeks History class? I can't seem to find mine and I am totally unprepared for the test next period!" Kelly told her, pushing back her hair behind her ear.

Andrew noticed Kelly when she started to talk, but also noticed that she didn't really hold his eyes. Was she embarrassed by him?

"Oh, yeah, sure, Kell." Andrea told her friend. As she dug into her backpack for her notes, Andrew kept watching Kelly. She glanced at him a couple more times, but still never held it.

"Here you go," Andrea said, handing her the notes,"I'm totally not looking forward to that test either."

"Listen, I have to get going now," Andrew piped up,"I'll see you around, Andi." He closed his locker door, and turned to Kelly and gave her a small smile. She returned the smile, but still didn't look into his eyes for some reason.

As Andrew walked away, he looked back at them. 'I thought she wanted to be my friend?' he thought,'She didn't even say hello to me.'
Frustrated, he saw Dean up ahead. He thought about talking to him about Kelly, but decided against it.

So, he continued to make his way to his class. For the first half of the day, Andrew was so confused. If Kelly wanted him as a friend, why was she acting as she was? He promised himself he would try and find out as he walked to his seat in English. About a second later, Kelly walked in, taking her seat toward the front of the class. Thankfully, the bell had not rung it, but he knew it was only a matter of time. So, he stood up and walked to her seat.

"Hey, Kelly. How's it going?" he asked, standing over her desk.

Kelly looked up. "I'm alright. You?" She asked, turning back to her notebook, closing it slightly.

Just then the bell rang and the teacher went over to the door to shut it.

"Meet me outside by the benches after school. Ok?" Andrew said to her quickly, saw her nod and he walked swiftly to his seat.


By the time school ended, Andrew had wished it was still the weekend. He had received so much homework, and he had wanted to start riding his dirt bike again. At his locker, he stuffed all his books into his bag, not liking all the essays he had to right.

"Hey, Andrew. Dean is giving me a ride again, ok?" Andrea told him, doing the combination to her locker, next to her brother.

Andrew nodded,"Ok, Andi. You've been seeing a lot of Dean lately."

Andrea nodded with a smile. "Well, Dean and I are a couple. And we enjoy hanging out."

"Well, I'm glad and all, but I have to run. See you at home." Andrew told his sister and shut his locker door before walking quickly down the hallway, pulling his backpack on his back.

By the time Andrew reached the front doors of the school, and made his way over toward the benches, he noticed that Kelly was already sitting on a bench underneath a tree. It looked like she was working on homework. When he reached her, Andrew sat beside her.

"Hey," he said simply.

Kelly looked up quickly and repeated a "Hey."

"Ok, so, I'll just come out and say it," Andrew said, his elbows on his knees,"You had said online you miss being my friend. So, is it to late for that? Or.."

Kelly shook her head. "No.. it's not, but it's going to take some time, I think." She said quietly.

Andrew nodded. "I understand." He said, and then hesitated,"Would you like to go and get something to eat?"

Kelly bit her lip. "I don't think so, Andrew. I'm sorry." She said, closing her notebook,"Maybe I'll see you next weekend. Andrea and I are have a girls weekend." Andrew nodded, but said nothing. He hated this. They used to talk so freely about most stuff.

"See you around," Kelly said, picking up her bag and leaving.

Andrew ran a hand through his hair. It seemed like from their conversation online that they were good, but now he was confused. Not too far away, Andrea and Dean stood watching Kelly leave from Andrew.

"What do you think happened?" Andrea asked.

Dean shrugged. "Who knows. I think they just need some space, though."

Andrea sighed. "I wish we could help them."

"Me too," Dean replied, taking her hand.


The rest of the week pretty much was the same. The teachers handed out even more homework, and Andrew was wondering if he and Kelly would ever be friends again. He knew that a relationship other than that wouldn't happen. He just knew it. On Friday evening, Andrew, Andrea, and Jason were all in the garage working on the dirt bikes.

"So glad this week in over," Andrew stated, leaning over his bike,"I mean, why so much homework? I can't believe it." Andrea nodded in agreement.

Just then someone stepped into the garage. The three of them turned to see who it was.

"Dean, hey!" Andrea said standing up and a hug.

"I heard you guys were in the garage. So, I had to come by and help," he said with a grin.

"Hey, we could use it," Andrew said with a chuckle.

"Maybe you guys could use it, but not me," Jason said confidently getting laughter from the rest. Behind Dean, Mrs. Carson entered the garage.

"Jason! Why did you take apart the vacuum?!" She exclaimed at her youngest.

"I needed a motor," Jason said simply.

"Jason Carson! You better go put it back now, or there will be no tv for a week!" Mrs. Carson told him sternly.

Jason sighed. "Fine, Ill go fix it." He said, getting up and handing Dean the wrench he had in his hand. Andrew, Andrea and Dean laughed when Mrs. Carson followed Jason out.

"So, Andrew. Doing anything tomorrow?" Dean asked, going over to where Jason was. Andrew thought about it for a second and shook his head.

"No, don't think so."

"Great, do you want to hang? Andi over here said tomorrow night is chick night." Dean told him, earning a look from Andrea for use of the word chick. "Sorry, I mean girl night," Dean quickly corrected himself, trying not too laugh.

"Thank you," Andrea said with a smile.

Andrew rolled his eyes. "Sure," he said,"I completely forgot about that, actually. Kelly had told me earlier this week."

Both Andrea and Dean looked up at the mention of Kelly. "You spoke to her?" Andrea asked, trying not to sound like she already knew.

'Oh crap,' Andrew thought,'Shouldn't have mentioned that.'

"Uh, yeah." Was all he said.

"I didn't think you guys were talking," Andrea admitted.

Andrew shrugged. "It was only one time this week."

"But you guys used to talk more. What happened?" Andrea asked, trying to find out information.

Andrew let out a sigh. 'Uh, Sam happened. Hurting Kelly happened... ' He thought. But instead Andrew shrugged.

"Don't you want her to be your friend again?" Andrea asked, leaning over her dirt bike.

"Uh, Andi.." Dean said quietly to try and calm Andrea down a bit.

Andrew sighed again and stood up. "What do you think, Andi?!" Andrew asked,"Do you think I want to loose her as a friend? Or a girlfriend?!"

"No, but I figured you would try a little harder. I thought Carson's weren't quitters?!" Andrea started to yell.

"What do you want me to do?! I've tried to talk to her! She obviously doesn't want to talk anymore! What do you want me to do?! Yell at the top of my lungs and say 'Kelly!! Talk to me! I love you!'" Andrew yelled back, his arms moving out. 'What did I say?,' he thought.

Andrea and Dean stared at him.

"Do you?" Andrea asked.

"Do I what?" Andrew asked.

"Love her. Like you just said." Andrea said, but not yelling anymore. Andrew stared at his sister. They were all silent for a good two minutes.

"No." Andrew said, his voice a bit unstable. Andrea looked at him, trying to see if he was telling the truth.

After awhile, she said,"Ok. But promise me you won't quit at being her friend."

Andrew nodded.

Then they went back to what they were doing, silently.


Author's note: I really want to end this story in the summer, so now I'm not sure how many chapters are left. lol. But I'm getting there. :)

Now... Do you believe Andrew? ;