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Almost a week had passed since Riku had turned back into a teenager. Sora realized how childish Riku could be at times, or maybe Riku just acted childish around him now that they had spent so much time together like that.

However there were quite different times, too. Often, Riku would try to seduce Sora or they would sneak away in the night to spend it together, somewhere at the beach. All in all, it was heaven for both of them.

"I hate it," Riku sourly muttered, rubbing his temples in sheer annoyance.

"Me too…it sucks!" Sora complained, shaking his head like a puppy.

Okay, so heaven was not the right word.

The boys were sitting in the tree house, scowling and glaring at nothing in particular as Selphie seemed to have disturbed them while trying to make out again.

In fact, there was always something that would interrupt them just when they were about to get it on. It was frustrating to no end and Sora and Riku had started to consider leaving the island to look for another, secluded one, just for themselves.

However, not even that could be done without being bothered by others. Selphie or Kairi always popped up out of nowhere, just to annoy them. Selphie even tried to spy on them while they were at home. Last time Riku had been in Sora's room and the curtains were drawn and his parents weren't at home. Perfect setting, right? Well, wrong. Selphie somehow managed to open the window from the outside and climbed in just when they were about to…

"Why do they always stop us from really getting into it?" Sora blew out his breath noisily and crossed his arms in utter irritation. Riku mimicked his position and so the boys sat in frustration.

Only after a few moments of silence and peace, Riku suddenly noticed what was going on. They were in the tree house and it was quiet. Selphie had just run off after catching the two lovers in the midst of 'playtime' so that meant they could maybe be alone.

"Sora," he quietly murmured, inching closer to the boy. Sora blinked in adorable confusion and cocked his head.

"Yup?" He didn't seem to realize what Riku was planning to do.

Riku licked his lips and moved yet a little closer.

"Sora, do you hear something?" the silver haired boy whispered, leaning dangerously close to Sora, almost touching his lips. A light brushing, but not more. Riku was just about to go further then, however, he was stopped once again.

"Geez, you guys never stop to make out, huh?"

Riku and Sora bumped their heads in surprise and quickly pulled away as they heard Kairi. Jerking their heads into the direction, they saw the auburn haired girl smile at them. However, both boys were nearly murderous now and not even Kairi's sweet smile. "Kairi………"

The girl blinked innocently. "Yes?"

Riku growled and thought Sora was going to hold him back, however, the brunet was indeed the first one who leapt up towards Kairi.

"YOU!" he cried, stopping just in front of her, holding his hands out like he was going to strangle her. His hands never touched her but he was making motions with his hand, indicating quite clearly what he meant to do.

Kairi laughed and then grinned sheepishly and scratched her head.

"Sorry! I didn't know you wanted to be alone!" She then quickly waved and climbed the ladder, down to run away from the murderous duo.

Sora and Riku growled.


Another few days passed and things were as usual. Sora and Riku were getting more and more frustrated until one morning, Kairi called Sora's home.

"Hey Sora!" she shouted into the phone, obviously extremely happy about something.

Sora smiled. "What's up?" For some reason he couldn't be angry at Kairi no matter how annoying she had been. Riku didn't seem to be angry at her either.

"I have three tickets for a vacation on the southern island! I won them at the festival when we were playing the tombola. My dad can't come with me because you know he's the mayor and he has to work. So I asked them if I could go with my friends instead… and yeah, you're one of my friends!"

She then told the whole story of how she had won the tickets, how absolutely excited she was about leaving home for a full of five days with her friends instead of adults. It would be so fun! Of course she wanted to bring Selphie, her best friend, but Selphie said she was busy doing all kinds of things for her parents, and she was grounded for the next few weeks because she had messed around with her potions again. That half chemistry, half magic box she had was quite dangerous because Selphie was always so careless.

So there came the two boys to her mind.

"You and Riku are interested? Please please please come with me? I don't wanna go alone and it would such a waste not to go when we got three tickets there! The hotel is booked and we get the food and all… it will be fun!"

Sora scratched his head. It did sound like fun. Riku would certainly agree to this, wouldn't he? And maybe it would give them a chance to be alone because Kairi couldn't possibly bother them the whole time, right?

"Okay, I'll tell Riku and my parents! I don't think they'll forbid it so I think it's going to be ok. When do we go?" It occurred to him that there was also another important question.

"Oh and, what about the rooms? Are we all in one room or what?"

Kairi giggled at that. "Two. One room with four poster, the other one is a single room. Since it was intended for my parents… but you'll get the room with the four poster. I take the single room."

Sora nodded. Good idea. Riku would definitely like that

"Okay. I'll just ask my parents about it."

"Ok but be sure to do it quickly because we're leaving tomorrow at 10 a.m. sharp, ok?"

Sora agreed and so it was decided. He would just have to call Riku, tell him about the good news and tell his parents about it. They would probably complain a bit but they would definitely give in.


It had been easier than he thought. His parents had even encouraged him to leave home with his friends because 'little fledglings needed spread their wings' – or something like that. So Sora's mom had been overly enthusiastic about the whole vacation thing, probably because she loved Kairi so much and so in her opinion, the idea of Sora and Kairi, and Riku, going on vacation together was the greatest idea ever.

So now the three of them were on their way to the hotel and it was extremely hot. After taking the boat to the southern island, they were now trying to find the place they were supposed to stay in. Kairi had a map with a big red X marking the hotel.

"I'm thiiiirsty!" Sora whined, pulling on both Riku's and Kairi's arms. Kairi rolled her eyes and swatted his hand away.

"Just a bit longer. We'll be there soon and then we can get something to drink," she tried to reassure the boy, highly annoyed by the heat just as Sora and Riku were.

Sora pouted but stopped whining and simply trailed after his friends. There was silence for a few minutes.

"I'm thirsty, too…" Riku suddenly murmured. He grimaced and turned to Sora, scowling slightly at him.

"If you hadn't mentioned that I wouldn't have thought of water now!"

Kairi slapped her forehead. Two brats and both were of the most annoying kind.

"I can't help it!" Sora defended himself as he stuck out his tongue.

"I can't help it either! But it's your fault I'm thirsty!" Riku fired back, punching Sora on the arm. Sora punched back and so they nearly started fighting in the middle of the street.

"Behave yourself, you brats!" Kairi scolded, pulling them apart in time.

Sora stuck out his tongue again and Riku snorted. They walked in silence then. Kairi walked ahead of them, partly out of habit because she always liked to walk ahead, and partly because she would have liked to pretend she didn't know those two nuisances. However, the long silence behind her made her worry and she finally turned around.

She blinked. Sora and Riku were gone.

She looked around and then found the boys hiding under the shade of an umbrella near a store. And they were kissing.

Her expression changed from annoyed to amused and she giggled at the sight. If she hadn't buried her camera in her luggage she would have taken a photo of this.

"Hey, shouldn't we be going?" she called, waving at her friends.

Sora pulled away from Riku and shrugged. "But we're thirsty!" Riku nodded vigorously "And it's Sora's fault!" Sora glared at him but Riku only grinned and kissed him again. "No fighting, right? So we can do other things," he slyly remarked as he looked at Kairi out of the corner of his eyes.

The girl heaved a sigh. These boys were not only brats, they were also hormone driven teenagers of the worst kind. What had she been thinking when she asked them to come? Oh, she remembered. She hadn't thought anything. She was too happy and too excited to be away from the main island, to be in a pretty hotel for a few days on her own.

"Okay, whatever," she waved them off in dismissal and continued to walk ahead.

"I'll just go to the hotel, you guys make out until the sun burns you," she muttered.

Riku smirked. "Not happening, girl. We're in the shade, you know?" He pointed at the umbrella, their saviour from the heat. Kairi didn't even bother to look at them and just kept on walking.

At first Sora and Riku didn't care and simply watched her, thinking she was going to turn back and freak out every moment. However, as the figure of Kairi seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, Sora gave Riku a worried look.

"Think she's going to abandon us for real?"

Riku frowned. "…maybe?" He wasn't quite sure but who knew? Girls were always kind of unpredictable.

Feeling cold panic breaking out, both boys' eyes widened and they exchanged a look.

"KAIRI! WAIT! YOU CAN'T LEAVE US HERE!" they shouted in unison, then started running after her.

Kairi smiled as she heard the trampling behind her. There were parts of bickering audible and she chuckled at the things she heard.

"Aw Sora! That's all your fault!"

"Nuh-uh! You wanted to choke me with your tongue!"

"Just because I'm a good kisser it doesn't mean that—"

"Yeah I love you too!"

"Sshhh! Don't go screaming things like that in public!"

"Oh now you're ashamed of it?! Ha, the great Riku is ashamed of being in love, huh?"

"Shut up! I thought you were thirsty! Talking will only make you more thirsty!"

The bickering went on and on, even when the boys were finally at Kairi's side again. When they reached the hotel the boys were too tired to go on and simply hung onto each other, leaning against each other for support.

Kairi sighed again and shook her head mockingly, then decided to check in.

The entrance hall of the hotel was grand. The whole place was grand and everything looked so luxurious. Kairi was sure lucky to win something like that at the tombola. And Sora and Riku were lucky to be chosen for this.

After a few minutes, Kairi came back with the keys.

"Room 207 is yours. I'm in 208." She gave Sora the key and then dug into her backpack for something to drink.

She pulled out a can of soda and drank from it leisurely. Sora's eyes widened immediately and he drooled at the sight of something liquid.

"KAIRI!" he hollered, causing everyone to look at him. Riku rolled his eyes and hit the boy upside the head.

"Don't scream around like that," he hissed, shaking his head.

Sora pouted and quickly leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. "We'll talk about screaming later," he whispered, grinning as he saw Riku blushing, trying hard not to.

Kairi finished her soda and threw the can into the trash.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot I had this. I would have given it to you, really." There was something about those words that made Sora doubt her honesty. Still pouting, Sora made his way to Kairi's bag and started rummaging through it. Kairi didn't really mind, Sora would often do that and she did that too.

So Sora dug into her bag and finally seemed to have found something.

"Aha!" He pulled out a bottle of clear liquid. Seemed to be water.

"I get this, don't I?" He grinned cheekily and opened the cap. Kairi wasn't really looking but when her eyes finally snapped to the bottle she gaped.

"No, Sora wait!" she tried to warn him but it was too late, for Sora was already gulping it down.

Riku rushed to his side and tried to get it from him. "Hey! I wanna drink, too!"

Kairi covered her eyes with her hands and let out a cry of dismay. "No!"

In a matter of seconds, the unthinkable happened.

People were staring at the teens but eventually shrugged it off as another one of those 'crazy teenage groups' where everyone always screamed around just to arouse attention.

However, that group wasn't like that. Because they weren't all teenagers anymore.

Sora let go of the bottle and it fell to the ground, empty. Riku stared with his mouth open, stopped in mid sentence, and Kairi just shook her head over and over again, mouthing 'No.'

It was silent.

Then Riku cleared his throat.

"Umm… I don't think I'm that thirsty anymore…" he blandly muttered, staring in disbelief at Sora. Kairi finally seemed to recover but she was shaking her head still.

"No no no! This wasn't supposed to happen! I never wanted this to happen! Selphie gave it to me to use it on flowers, on insects, on anything but never humans!"

She ran up to Sora, who was now no more than 3 feet short, if at all, and hugged him tightly.

"Sora, I'm so sorry! This shouldn't have happened!" She took the now very small boy into her arms, oblivious to his very puzzled expression.

"Are you all right, sweetie?" she cooed, patting him on the back. He just blinked and cocked his head, not really getting what was going on anyway. Riku was almost the same, though. He was staring at them with a puzzled look.

Kairi sighed and shook her head again, gesturing Riku to take the luggage. He obeyed, still not comprehending what the heck had happened, and just moved as Kairi instructed him. They went to their rooms, well, into Kairi's room, so they wouldn't have to do this in public. Sora was now as small as an infant; he practically was an infant. And this time it had not been planned, not like the potion Selphie made for Riku. Nope, this time it was entirely different.

"Gods, Riku! Sora! This is bad! This is really bad!" Kairi kept on raving, still cradling her little friend. Riku finally realized what had happened as the wheels in his brain started to work.

Sora. Little. Sora. Little.

Then he stared in horror, eyes and mouth wide in shock.

"Oh hell," he breathed, finding it hard to breathe. No way his Sora was a child now! NO WAY his Sora was A CHILD now! What about their well deserved make out? What about their kisses, their embraces, their love?! He didn't come to this island to take care of a baby!

Kairi set Sora down on the bed, who was still looking at everything with fascinated eyes. He watched Kairi, then Riku, then found it interesting how the curtains seemed to move with the slight breeze coming from the open window.

"Oh no… I shouldn't have put it into my bag," Kairi began, sighing again. "Selphie gave me this thing to experiment. She said to use it on flowers to see what it did. It's not reversible! It's not going to fade after a week! This is a new potion, a shrinking potion that should never come in contact with humans!"

Riku wondered why Selphie was doing those things at all. Why experimenting with shrinking potions. Was she some kind of evil professor or what? She seemed to be insane enough.

Kairi sat down beside Sora and patted his head.

"What do we do now? He's not going to turn back." She looked at Riku, waiting for him to answer.

The silver haired boy, however, hadn't even listened to a word she said. He was studying the little boy intently.

Eventually, he raised his eyebrows and walked over to the bed where the two were sitting.

He watched how Sora's big blue eyes looked up at him and he was surprised at how much he looked like the usual Sora. Only a tad more innocent but that was already nearly impossible because fourteen-year old Sora looked as innocent as one could be.

"Hi there," he greeted the boy and extended his hand.

Sora blinked and cocked his head. Then he reached out his tiny hand and it met Riku's. He smiled. Then he giggled.

"Hi! I'm Sowa!"

Kairi raised her eyebrows and Riku chuckled. Somehow this had sounded simply adorable.

"Do you know us?" Kairi worriedly inquired, cupping the boy's round cheek.

Riku bit his lip at that question. He must know them, right? At least Riku…at least remember Riku, right?

Sora nodded.

"Kai—...Kai—..." he seemed to have a problem with the name and pouted slightly. "Kaaaiwi!" he then giggled, spreading his arms for her to hug him.

Riku found himself slightly jealous at that. What about him? Why him? Why did this vacation had to turn into hell when all he wanted was to make out with Sora on the beach, in the room, on the table, under the table, in the bathtub, on the—

"And you awe Wiku!" Sora cheerfully declared after pulling away from Kairi.

He suddenly moved to stand up on the bed, wobbling slightly as the mattress was soft and sunk in where he stood.

He spread his arms, just as he had done with Kairi and waited for Riku to hug him. Riku, however, didn't. He was too busy thinking.

Then he turned to Kairi, completely ignoring the little boy, who seemed a bit confused by that.

"Kairi, what exactly did you do?" he then asked, referring to the stuff Sora had drunk. It was obviously another potion.

The auburn haired girl shrugged her shoulders helplessly. "I really don't know. Selphie made it, it was a science project. We wanted to try shrinking flowers. But Sora drank it so he's little and…well… I don't know how to cure it."

"Cure it?" Riku asked. It sounded like he was sick. He glanced at the little boy who was staring at him in sheer fascination. He couldn't help feeling proud when he saw how Sora gazed at him in awe. At least that was still the same, he thought with a smirk.

Kairi chewed on her lip while she thought. There had to be a way to reverse this. Maybe Selphie could make another potion, one to make Sora grow back into what he should be. She didn't know.

"You find a way to reverse this. I'll take care of him," Riku ordered as he went to pick up the awestruck boy.

Kairi frowned. "Why me? And why you? Why don't you find a way and I get to take care of him? I bet I could do that much better! I'm a girl, you know, mother's instinct and all…" she mumbled a little offended.

Riku snorted but gave her a smile. "You're taking care of the situation, mom. I'll play the babysitter, that's all."

Sora snapped his head to Kairi and lifted his arms, trying to get to her.

"Kaiwi mama!" he exclaimed, wriggling around in Riku's grasp. The silver haired boy laughed. Good. Kairi seemed humiliated and just pushed the boys out of her room, along with their luggage.

"I'll phone Selphie and tell her about this. She'll do something…" she muttered under her breath.

Riku winked at her and waved and Sora imitated that. The girl just rolled her eyes and scowled. She wanted to take care of the boy.


They were in their room. The four poster seemed unnecessary now. Sora was smaller than a teddy bear. Or maybe he was the size of a teddy bear but not bigger.

"So…" Riku placed him on the table and sat down on one of the stools. Strangely enough, Sora's clothes had shrunk with him so he had no problem in moving in his old clothes. Riku had to admit that it looked rather cute, seeing a miniature Sora with those clothes. It caused him to smile.

"Why is Kaiwi mama so mad?" Sora suddenly asked, twisting the hands in his lap. He looked anxious now, worried. Riku shrugged.

"Girls," he replied, ruffling the messy brown hair. "You know."

Sora's ears perked up. "Know what?" he asked, peering at his friend with curious eyes. Riku blinked and then shook his head.

"Uh, nothing. Just an expression…" he mumbled, confused as to how he was supposed to talk with a little kid. Should he use easy words for him to understand? What words did a three year old understand? He remembered that he could understand a lot when he had been little. But this was Sora and Sora might be completely different.

Now there was also another question. What would they do now? Even if Selphie found a way to turn him back to normal, they would have to wait until that. And what would he do with Sora now? Obviously he could not do what he had planned all day long. Because making out with a three year old was simply a big NO.

"What do you wanna do?" Riku eventually asked, figuring out it was the best to let his friend decide. Do whatever the kid wants and everything will be ok.

Sora drew his eyebrows together and crossed his arms in thought. He thought and thought, curling his lips to that adorable pout while he did. Then he seemed to reach a conclusion. He smiled brightly.

"I'll do what you do!"

Riku tilted his head and rubbed his temples. Okay…

"Well, but what if I just sit around and do nothing?" he countered, trying to get the boy to think of something. He was not in the mood for thinking up games to play.

Sora shrugged. "Then I'll sit, too!"

And so they sat.

They sat for very long. Sora didn't seem to mind. He just copied Riku's actions. Sat there, crossed his arms when Riku did, tilted his head when Riku did, raised his eyebrows when Riku did – and it drove the older boy insane.

"Okay, listen, Sora. I know it's fun copying people but please stop now. You gotta want to do something! You're a kid. Don't you wanna run around and play?" He would have liked to play when he was little.

Sora shrugged. "I do what you do," he explained again as if he was talking to a slow child.

Riku sighed. "Why?"

Sora seemed to think on that for a while. He let his short legs dangle from the table and swayed his head from side to side. He was chewing on his lower lip.

"Becaaaaauuuuse," he began, taking a deep breath, "I want to!" he finished, grinning cutely at the older boy. Riku frowned. So now they were going to sit around and do nothing? For how long?

"And what if I want you to jump on the bed?"

Sora shrugged. "Okay."

He hopped down from the table, and Riku yelped in surprise, trying to catch him before he broke a leg because the table was really high for such a small kid. However, Sora had landed safely, and was making his way to the huge bed. He climbed into it with all his force, for it was a bit higher than himself, and finally collapsed on the blanket.

He stood up and grinned at Riku, giving him the OK sign with his small fingers. Then he began to jump.

Riku couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that. Sora was really jumping in the bed. Just because he had told him to do so.

When he thought the boy must be getting dizzy, he told him to stop, and Sora did. He stopped just like that and smiled at Riku.

The silver haired boy quirked an eyebrow and went to the bed, sitting down on it next to Sora. The little boy climbed onto him and hugged him tightly around the neck. Riku cradled him in his arms and the mass of spikes under his chin. It tickled a little but Sora was snuggling up to him and that made up for everything.

"You're strange," Riku murmured to Sora. Why was that boy doing whatever he said?

"Am not," came a pouty reply and Riku chuckled. He tried to remember what it had been like when Sora had really been three years old. It was hard to remember since he had been four himself, not really an age where you remembered a lot. But it occurred to him that Sora had always copied him, trying to be like him. Riku had been his hero, his role model for years. Until they got older. Until Kairi came into their lives, until they grew to be rivals. But before that, before that Sora had been Riku's faithful companion and would do everything he told him to.

Riku smiled. "I'm your role model, huh?" he chuckled.

Sora made a whining sound as if it embarrassed him to have Riku say it aloud and buried his face further in the older boy's chest.

"Awww but that's sweet," Riku chirped, smirking smugly at the boy. Sora whined again but didn't really complain. He was too caught up in fiddling with Riku's shirt. It distracted him somewhat as he seemed to be completely fascinated by it, big eyes gazing at it in admiration.

Riku tapped his head to regain his attention.

Sora looked up from beneath his eyelashes. "Huh?"

Riku smiled gently and kissed his forehead. "I know! There's something in my bag which you'll like." He let go off Sora and motioned him to sit on the bed again as he got up. He went to his bag and opened the zipper, slipping his hand in to take out something. First something fluffy appeared in his hand and as he pulled it out fully, it turned out to be a panda bear.

"I don't know if it was fate or coincidence but I got Tao Tao here and you may like him." He threw the toy towards Sora and the little boy, feeling obliged to impress his friend, tried his best to catch it. He did manage to catch it although it was almost as big as himself so he fell backwards onto the mattress, giggling in delight.

"Tao Tao!" he laughed, hugging the panda bear. Riku smiled. Sora had always loved that thing when he was little and Riku had never wanted to give it to him because he loved it also.

Then Sora sat up and set the toy aside, spreading his arms towards Riku. The silver haired boy nodded and came to pick him up, cradling him in his arms again. He couldn't deny that he somehow liked this all, having this little boy with him. Of course he wanted his old Sora back, his new found love, but the little boy wasn't as bad as he first thought.

"I pwomise not to wun off with it!" Sora solemnly vowed as he put a hand to his chest.

Riku chuckled. So he did remember that.

"You can have him, Sora. He's yours."

Sora shook his head vigorously, though. "But what will Wiku do without Tao Tao?" He was truly worried in that moment. He was worried for Riku. "I don't want you to be alone!" he added, frowning in pure distress.

Riku couldn't help but notice how utterly lovable Sora was, not that he wasn't usually, but in this state he was even more adorable. Sora was always so caring!

"I have you, don't I?" Riku then said, ruffling his hair affectionately.

Sora blinked. He thought that over and then nodded. "So no one is alone, wight?" he asked, frowning to think it over again just in case he had forgotten something. It was important for everyone to be happy.

Riku shook his head. "No one." He smiled.

Sora smiled, too and hugged Riku again. "And Kaiwi mama has us, wight? No one is alone!"

It should have made him jealous that Sora was thinking of Kairi but it didn't. There was something about the innocent way of him calling her "Kaiwi mama" – he seemed to have a problem with pronouncing the 'R' – reassured him that Sora loved Riku and no one else. And as soon as he was back to normal, they would get what they deserved and everyone who wanted to disturb them would be personally strangled and buried by Riku.

But for now…

"Then we can be a happy family. Tao Tao, Sowa, Wiku and Kaiwi mama!" Sora smiled and nuzzled Riku's nose, earning a small kiss on the cheek from the older boy in response.

Now it was going to be Riku's turn to take care of his friend. Sora had done it well in the past week. He would show him that he could do it too. And he was set to do it better than Sora did.

-To be continued...?-


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