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Riku woke up in the morning, feeling a bit disorientated. He could only dimly remember his dream but he knew it had something to do with Sora. But then everything on his mind had to do with Sora so that wasn't much of a help.

He blinked a few times to adjust his eyes to the bright daylight. He cursed for having forgotten to draw the curtains at night which resulted in having the broad rays of sunlight shine directly into his face.

Something tickled him.

Beneath his chin there was a mass of spiky hair. Riku felt how something burrowed its way into his chest and that something was none other than little Sora seeking comfort in the warmth of Riku's chest.

He smiled. Something about this was definitely likeable.

"Still sleeping, eh?" Riku chuckled as he felt Sora rub his face into his chest. He heard the little boy sigh softly and the breath tickled him. Smiling, Riku moved his hand into the fluffy brown hair, caressing his little friend gently.

Even though Sora's hair was a bit shorter, it still stuck into all different directions in that adorable way. It made Sora look like a little hedgehog or something. Riku grinned.

"Hug… hug…" he heard the tiny voice murmur and quickly moved his arms to push Sora up, away from his chest.

"What did you say?" he teased, knowing fully well how needy Sora was in the mornings. He always wanted to cuddle and always complained when Riku got up, even as a fourteen-year old. Not that he minded once they were eating breakfast – Sora had a huge appetite.

"Huuug me!" the little boy whined as he flailed his arms up to throw them around his big, living teddy bear.

Riku laughed, feeling Sora dig into his stomach. It tickled.

"Yeah, yeah, okay," he chuckled, finally wrapping his arms around the small body, pressing it close to himself. He felt Sora curl up into a ball, his tiny hands clutched to the waistband of Riku's shorts.

It would have been completely different if it weren't a three-year old boy. Riku wistfully thought back on the times when his lover had been about the same age as him. Wait, that was yesterday.

He sighed.


He blinked when a concerned voice, muffled by his stomach, made its way to his ears.

"What's up, brat?"

Sora made a sound of protest and pushed himself up, sticking his lower lip out in a pout.

"Not bwat!" he complained, trying his best to scowl. "Sowa!" he insisted, crossing his arms stubbornly.

Riku blinked and eventually began to laugh at the sheer cuteness of his friend.

"Yeah, Sora, I know," he laughed, reaching down to ruffle the little boy's hair. He didn't seem to mind that, Riku concluded, seeing how Sora pushed his head lightly against his hand, very much like he had done as a little kid, but it was more like Sora was yielding into the touch.

"Don't be sad, Wiku," Sora's little voice came again, making the older boy look down to him.

"Huh? But I'm not sad, I'm fine," he casually replied before he gave Sora a smile. "See? Perfectly fine," he reassured him, letting his hand slip from the hair down to his cheek. It lingered there and somehow Riku found it funny how he could cover almost all of Sora's face with his hand. He was so small! And so adorable, too, as he looked at him with those blue eyes.

Riku sighed. He hooked his hands under Sora's arms and lifted him, bringing the brunet's face close to his own. Sora smiled and leaned in to bump their foreheads, giggling at the feeling. Riku had to smile too but eventually realized that he couldn't take the sight of those eyes any longer and looked away.

Only when he felt something wet tickle his nose, he snapped his eyes back to the boy he was holding, quickly pushing him away while Sora broke into a fit of giggles.

"You!" he jokingly threatened, dropping Sora on the mattress to lean over him.

Sora laughed and stuck out his tongue. "Licked ya!" he exclaimed, giggling again as Riku playfully growled at him.

"You'll pay for that!"

Sora squealed as Riku made an effort in grabbing him and tried to scamper away from the 'monster' chasing him.

"Monsta! Monsta!" he shrieked as he bounced on the bed, laughing all the time. Riku growled some more and launched himself at the little boy, reaching out to pull him back into a hug.

"Gotcha," he murmured as Sora stopped to struggle. Suddenly, everything was completely still again and the brunet leaned back into the embrace, getting comfortable in Riku's arms. It gave the silver haired boy time to contemplate a bit further. Selphie just had to find a way to reverse this. If she didn't then…then… he didn't want to think about that. Luckily they were at this resort, in this hotel, away from their families. It was kind of ironic that they were here alone, just as though all of this had been planned. And then he wondered if Selphie could have really planned that. Just to turn Sora into a little kid? He shook his head. Couldn't be. She wasn't even there, so what good would it do her to turn him into a child?

He sighed. Here he had wanted to spend time with his love, finally alone, and then something like this had to happen. He chuckled humourlessly and shook his head. He should have really seen it coming, considering that they never got any time alone.

"Don't be sad, Wiku," Sora repeated, seemingly being able to read the other boy's mind.

Riku hummed and tightened his arms, resting his chin on top of Sora's hair. It tickled but it felt good.

"I'm not sad, really," he stubbornly responded, unwilling to admit how disappointed he was. Having the small boy around wasn't that bad either, he thought. Sora was too adorable for words, he should really enjoy this opportunity to play with him.

Pressing a kiss on top of the chocolate coloured hair, Riku decided that it was time to get breakfast.

"Let's go down to eat something, okay?"

Sora smiled and raised his arms to pat Riku's face behind him. He then tilted his head back, grinning at the silver haired boy.

"I want cake!"

Riku rolled his eyes. Kids and their desire for sweets… "Sure, you'll get your cake," he answered, smiling before leaning down to kiss Sora. Damn, he couldn't resist, even when the boy was about twelve years younger than he was. 'Bad, Riku, bad,' he mentally scolded himself. He was not turning into a pedophile, right?

Sora giggled and kissed him back.

Riku groaned.


They decided to get Kairi before going downstairs to get into the restaurant for some breakfast and maybe cake. She was just in the next room so Sora and Riku passed her before leaving.

"Okay, Sora, let's see if she's awake already. It's still early after all," Riku quietly said, setting the boy he'd been carrying down. Sora nodded and put his hands to his chest, looking at Riku with attentive eyes.

The silver haired boy smiled and turned to the door, knocking lightly.

"Kairi?" he asked, carefully to be as quiet as possible because yelling in the middle of the corridor at this hour was probably not the wisest idea.

There was nothing. No reaction. Riku knocked again, a bit more urgent this time.

Again, there was no response. Riku cocked his head and frowned, absently chewing on his lower lip. Should they go without her?

Sora, in the meantime, stood with his ear leaned to the door, listening intently.

"Kaiwi-mama…?" he quietly asked, curling his lips to an adorable pout. He strained his ears and listened further, trying to hear if Kairi was up and moving. Riku knocked again but eventually gave up, reaching out to pull Sora back.

"Come on, let's just go. She's still sleeping." He was surprised as Sora grabbed the doorframe, holding onto it with unusual determination.

"No! No! Not without Kaiwi-mama!" he exclaimed, clutching to the doorframe as Riku held him by the shirt.

"But she's sleeping, do you want to wake her?" Riku reasoned, trying to get him off that door.

Sora was stubborn. "Not without Kaiwi-mama!" he said again, squeezing his eyes shut.

In that moment, the door swung open, causing Riku to let go in surprise, which then again caused Sora to fall forward and right against Kairi's legs.


The girl, still in her pyjamas, looked down groggily at the thing that had crashed into her. She blinked a few times, rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hand before she finally realized where she was and who else was there.

"Hey," Riku greeted her.

She yawned, shaking her head to gather her wits before bending down to the little boy standing right before her.

"Morning sunshine," she cooed, giving Sora a kiss on his forehead.

The little boy smiled and reached out to hug her, immediately clinging to her like a bur as she stood up. Holding Sora in her arms, she yawned again and smiled at Riku's expression. 'Aw, how cute. He's so jealous,' she thought as she saw the sour look on her friend's face.

Riku narrowed his eyes in irritation as he watched his two friends cuddle and exchange kisses. Somehow he cursed Sora for being such a sweet kid. Everyone loved him, and he loved everyone.

"Kaiwi-mama needs to eat!" Little Sora then declared, wriggling a bit in her arms.

That brought Riku back to why they were here and he nodded. A small smirk graced his lips and he jerked his head into the stair's direction.

"Yeah, sorry if we woke you up. We were going to get breakfast."

"And cake!" Sora added with a serious expression.

Kairi chuckled softly and kissed his forehead again, simply unable to resist the smooth baby skin. So soft and sweet.

Then she turned her head to Riku and gave him a slight glare.

"You didn't wake me. I was just getting ready," she explained, ignoring the fact that she was still wearing her pyjamas and her hair stuck into different directions and her eyes betrayed the sleep; no one would ever believe that she'd been awake.

"Yeah, right, Kairi," Riku smirked, waving her off.

The girl pouted and shoved Sora back into the silver haired boy's arms.

"Well, you'll see! Give me five minutes and I'll be ready. I'm almost done, you know!"

Sora had this little bemused look on his face, scrunching his eyebrows together with his lips parted slightly. "Why's Kaiwi-mama so mad now?" he asked in innocent worry, looking at Riku with questioning eyes.

His friend, however, simply patted his head and turned back to Kairi.

"Oh, I see, you're trying out that new just-out-of-the-bed-look, huh? Well, you've got some nice PJ's there," he teased, looking pointedly at the dotted shorts.

Kairi rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

"Five minutes, Riku," she repeated, waving at little Sora before retreating back into her room.

Sora just blinked at the exchange between his two friends, not really comprehending what was going on anyway.

"Kaiwi-mama going to eat with us?" he then asked, tugging on Riku's earlobe.

The silver haired boy shrugged and moved to lean against the wall. She was never going to be ready in five minutes, he thought, knowing fully well that girls took ages to get ready, especially in the mornings.

"Yeah, Sora. We'll just have to wait until lunch, I guess," he muttered, shaking his head slightly. Girls. Well, he knew why he liked boys.

Sora frowned, then pouted, and leaned back against Riku's chest. "Cake…" he mumbled, looking dejectedly at Kairi's door. Without further contemplating, he made a reach for Riku's hand, held onto it tightly, while he stuck his own thumb into his mouth to suck.

Riku raised his eyebrows but he wasn't all that surprised. It seemed as though this thumb sucking thing was really becoming a habit. And somehow Sora always had to hold Riku's hand while doing it. Why, he didn't know.

Sighing, Riku let the back of his head bump against the wall. Might as well wait a few hours until Kairi was done.


Naturally, it had taken Kairi a lot more than just five minutes. It wasn't lunchtime yet but Riku swore it was fate that he had gotten up so early to get Kairi, otherwise the morning buffet would have been closed.

"Two hours, Kairi, two hours. There's a difference between two hours and five minutes, you know?"

Sora was busy looking at all the delicious things to eat while Riku rambled on about how long they had to wait and how stupid girls were because they needed to much time.

"I mean, geez, it's not like you're so ugly that you need to spend two hours covering your face with make-up, is it? How can you take so long?" He seemed to enjoy ranting and complaining about this.

Kairi just shrugged it off, occasionally retorting a few things like "Hey, I needed to wash my hair." or "Aww how sweet, you think I'm not ugly?"… She smiled every time Riku would give her a strange look, kind of as though she had brought him out of his concept, before he would return to what he originally wanted to say.

It was one of those comments that made Riku notice how pretty Kairi was. Not that she wasn't pretty in her sleepy glory but somehow he understood how she could take two hours. It had had an effect.

"Cake!" Sora suddenly squealed, staring wide eyed at something a waiter was holding on a tray.

Riku and Kairi both snapped their heads into the direction Sora was looking at and smiled, shaking their heads.

"Sora, you can't have that," Kairi gently explained. There had been a tag labelled "afternoon dessert" which meant that they were not going to get any of it for breakfast.

Riku nodded, patting Sora's cheek. "Don't worry, we'll get something else. There are lots of good things here." He looked over at the long table full of food and decided to pick his friend up to get something.

"Let's see… Doughnuts? They're nice, aren't they, Sora?" He took one and held it under Sora's nose. No effect. Sora pouted and shook his head.

Kairi meanwhile got herself a plate full of buttered bread, some ham, a toast, two croissants, a glass of orange juice, and a bowl of fruits.

Riku returned with some doughnuts for himself and Sora's favourite cereal. He figured Sora would at least be willing to eat that since he was addicted to them as a teenager. He was really happy to see that they had Choco Crispies here.

"Whoa, are you pregnant?"

Kairi looked up from her food, staring at Riku for a second.

"Hm?" She chewed on her bread, reaching for her orange juice.

Riku smirked. "Either you're eating for two people here or you haven't eaten in weeks."

"Idiot," Kairi mumbled, going back to stuff food into her mouth. "You should eat breakfast like a Lord, don't you know that?" She then pointed at the doughnuts lying on Riku's plate and shook her head to mock him.

"Really, sweets in the morning? What are you, a sugar-freak?"

Riku's eyebrow twitched. He didn't know Kairi could be so…so… argh he didn't know!

"Shut up, mommy," he grumbled, shoving a doughnut into his mouth.

Sora just sat there, arms crossed, lips sticking out in a pout.

It took a while for the teens to realize that he wasn't eating at all. Riku slapped his forehead and groaned.

"I should have known. I must feed him," he sighed, shaking his head and mentally kicking himself for forgetting Sora like that.

However, when Riku tried to feed Sora, the boy flat out refused by turning away.


Riku frowned. "What? You love them, don't you?"

Sora slumped his shoulders and turned back to Riku. "I'm not hungwy," he murmured, looking at Riku with what seemed to be pleading eyes.

The older boy blinked. "Not hungry? But you really should eat something in the morning, you know." He didn't know how to talk to a little child who didn't want to eat. So he settled for what he would tell any normal person. Normal meaning someone his age.

Sora shook his head. Then a small smile crawled up his lips and it eventually turned into a huge, radiant grin; a Sora-grin.

"Play!" he exclaimed, rousing some curious glances from the other guests.

Kairi stopped eating for a moment and smiled up at Riku. "You should take him to the 'Kids Palace'. It's just down the hallway, you know? He can play there all he wants."

It seemed like a good idea even though Riku was slightly…annoyed with Kairi. She always seemed to be more experienced with children and her motherly features weren't easy to ignore. He sometimes wondered if Sora would start to like her more just because the little child would be drawn to her nature.

"I'll try to get in touch with Selphie again when I finish. I know you don't want him to stay like this forever, so I'll do my best to fix this mess, okay?"

Riku felt like he had been slapped across the face. For one moment, he had totally forgotten that this was not the Sora they knew but a three year old boy who had come into existence because of a stupid potion. For one second he had actually considered going to 'Kids Palace' and have fun with Sora so the little boy would love him and not his Kaiwi-mama.

"Sure," was all he managed to reply before gathering Sora up in his arms to leave. He was a bit confused as to what he was feeling and thinking so he decided to leave quickly before Kairi could cause anymore of the riot inside him.

The girl waved at her little friend being carried by Riku and blew him a kiss, to which he giggled.


'Kids Palace' was wonderful. Riku loved it, even though he should have outgrown those things by now. He still loved it, though, because Sora seemed to be in heaven.

"Wikuuuu! Look!" The little boy was currently diving in a huge mass of balls, throwing and kicking them around in delight.

Riku was allowed to enter that ball castle, too. The lady working there had been nice enough to let him in because Sora was still so small and could easily get hurt if no one took care of him.

So there he was, sinking into the balls as a little Sora swam around him, giggling and laughing in pure delight. How could he not love it here?

"Wiku!" Sora exclaimed, pouncing his friend from behind. Riku could hear the brunet laugh into his ear, clutching to his neck as he tried to climb over his shoulder. He managed to do that, eventually, and landed on Riku's lap with a thud. Now they were both sinking into the ocean of balls, smiling at each other.

"You like it here?"

A nod.

Riku smiled. "Good."

Sora turned around to face Riku, climbing up his shirt to meet his eyes.

"Hey. I have a widdle!"

Riku raised an eyebrow. "You mean a riddle?"

Sora nodded his head vigorously. "Yup! A widdle! See…. What has four legs and makes wuff wuff?"

Riku blinked. Scratching his head slightly, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Umm…a…dog?" he then asked, tilting his head to one side. He inwardly smirked as the he saw how Sora's eyes widened in shock.

The tiny hands reached out to grab Riku's cheeks, pressing them together.

"How did you know that??" Sora demanded, frowning and pouting while messing around with Riku's face. He seemed to like that, especially when Riku stuck out his tongue as Sora pressed his cheeks together because the little boy always started to giggle.

Eventually, Riku gently took Sora's hands to pry them off his face and smirked at him.

"Well, Sora, I know everything!" he proudly declared, grinning at Sora's puzzled expression.

The little boy cocked his head and put a finger to his lips, looking as though he was thinking it over. After what seemed to be a really long internal battle, he finally nodded and shrugged.

"Okay!" He smiled again, withdrawing his hands from Riku's before he flipped around to dive into the sea of balls again.

"Catch me!" he happily giggled as he scampered away.

Riku chuckled and shook his head. Yup, being with this little boy wasn't bad at all. It would still be hell if Selphie didn't find something to solve this mess but the fact that Sora would be like this made everything seem a bit nicer. And hey, he would just have to wait eleven years until Sora was back to normal..... No. Selphie better found something to reverse this all.

"Wikuuuu!" Sora threw a ball towards his friend to bring him out of his thoughts.

Blinking, Riku caught the ball right before it hit his face. A grin spread across his face and he rubbed his hands together.

"Prepare yourself, Sora!" he warned before launching himself at the boy.

And Sora squealed in delight.


Kairi sat in her hotel room with the receiver in her hand. "Pick up, come on, pick up," she chanted, praying that Selphie was at home.

"Hello? Selphie speaking! What can I do for you?"

Kairi beamed. "Selphie!"

The girl on the other side of the line grinned. "Hiya, Kairi! How's it going?"

Kairi's mood changed immediately. Her expression turned serious and she heaved a long sigh, preparing herself for a long and detailed report of what had happened. Once her friend knew about the situation, she would find a solution to this, right? She just had to.

Kairi took a deep breath.

"Selphie. We have a problem."

-To be continued...?-


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