Opposites Always Attract




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Chapter 1: Y-you're Dead?

Botan walked through the doors of Spirit World and walked up to Koenmas desk. "Hello Koenma, do you have my list?" Botan asked as he handed the piece of paper to her. "There it is." He replied as he busily stamped the many papers that were on his desk.

"See you later." Botan said as she walked out of the door. 'Another day of finding dead people...how cheerful!' Botan thought as she zoomed off into the clear sky, hair flying in different directions. She moved some of her hair out of her eyes as she continued to fly to find the first dead soul of the day.

She spotted a transparent girl with a confused look on her face. She had raven hair and blue eyes, and appeared to be in her twenties.

"Hello, I'm Botan, and I'm very sorry to say this, but you're dead." Botan said as she kept a straight face on.

"I-I'm dead?" The girl said as she looked at her see through hands in disbelief.

"Yes, I'm afraid to say you are."

"So are you like the grim reaper or something?" She asked confused.

"You can say that..." Botan replied


"I'm going to take you to Spirit World."

"Spirit World?" She repeated.

"Yes. There, Enma will judge you to see where you belong. Hold on to my oar and I'll take you there."

"Ok..." She apprehensivly said as she followed Botan's instructions.

Somewhere Else

Hiei was walking in Makai, thinking of what he could do on a boring day like this. He was usually out doing missions or something, but latley Koenma hadn't given them any missions.

[Kitsune what are you doing?] Hiei asked.

[I'm in school now Hiei.] Kurama replied quickly.

[I'm bored.] Hiei told the red haired boy as he sighed.

[Thanks for enlightening me on that wonderful subject, but I'm in the middle of taking a test. Do you mind Hiei?] Kurama pleaded trying to concentrate on his test.]

[Fine.] Hiei said as he stopped reading Kuramas thoughts.

'I'm not about to ask the two bakas to help me....hmm maybe that ferry onna. She's fun to scare..' Hiei thought as he continued to walk through Makai thinking of ways he could scare Botan. "I'm so bored I think I'll go scare the baka deity." Hiei said as he walked on. Just then Hiei was punched to the ground.

"What the-" Hiei said as he got kicked right in his stomach. He looked around and there was nothing there.

'Hmm maybe I should trace its spirit energy..' Hiei thought as he traced it. He felt it to the right of him and in a flash he pulled out his katana and thrusted it into the place where the spirit energy was.

Just then a green demon appeared. Hiei's katana was thrusted inside its stomach. He pulled it off as the demon fell the ground with a thud.

"What the hell?" Hiei said as more and more demons kept on coming. He killed off the surrounding demons but more and more came. Even with his super speed Hiei was having trouble. With a determined look in his eyes Hiei kept on fighting.


"The last one is in Makai." Botan said as she tiredly flew through the sky making her way to Makai. She flew down to where the soul was supposed to be. It looked like a battle had just taken place here. Botan didn't have the heart to look at another poor soul so without looking Botan began to talk

"Hello, I'm Botan. I'm very sorry to tell you this but you're dead I'll-"

"Onna...." a voice said as she ignored it and continued talking.

"I'll take you to Spirit World. Enma is there and he will-"


"Be the one to judge you and see if you go to-"

"BAKA ONNA!" The voice said louder as Botan stopped immediatley realizing who it was.

"Hiei?!" Botan asked as she looked in disbelief. "No I'm Kuwabara, I just happened to dye my hair and get smarter." Hiei answered.

"You-you're dead?!" Botan stated as she felt a lump in her throat. Botan thought of Hiei as a friend even though he probably didn't towards her. "Why the hell are you about to cry?" Hiei asked.

"Even though you're mean, you're cruel, you call me names, you threaten my life, and-" Botan said as Hiei cut her off. "Well get to the point." He spoke as he smirked. "Well I still think of you as a friend, and I don't like any of my friends loosing friends." Botan replied.

"Hn well I don't think of you as a friend." Hiei told her harshly. "I never said you had to." Botan shot back. "Well you don't need to go crying like the pathetic weakling that you are." Hiei said as he walked away.

"Hey! I'm not pathetic, or weak!" Botan replied as she ran up to him. "Whatever." Hiei replied as Botan glared at him. "We can go to Spirit World and see if Koenma will make any exeptions." Botan suggested with a smile.

"Where do you think I'm going now?" Hiei replied rudely. "You don't have to be so mean about it." Botan said as they continued to walk. It was silent for a moment until Botan spoke again. "So how did you die?" Botan asked. "I was walking in Makai when all of a sudden all these demons just came and attacked me..I tried to fight them off but there were too many of them."

"Oh that's so sad...do you know why they went after you?" Botan asked. "No." Hiei replied. "Do you have any clue who they were?" Botan asked. "No." Hiei replied.


"Do you ever shut up?" Hiei cut in with a smirk.

"Do you ever stop throwing insults at people that actually want to help you?' Botan asked as she smiled with a mishevious glint in her magenta eyes.

"No." Hiei said as they walked on and Botan rolled her eyes.

"Well we're finally here. We made right before it got dark." Botan said as they stopped at the doors of Spirit World.

"We would've made it before sunset if I was going by myself."

"You would've left me if you didn't want me to come with you!" Botan shot back as he opened the door and they both walked inside. "Hello Botan-and Hiei?" Koenma said comfused as he saw a transparent Hiei walk in through the door.

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