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Chapter 9: Sweet Endings

"Botan, listen to me." He put his hands on her shoulders, to calm her down. "Hiei's not dead."

"He's… alive?"

Koenma hesitated. He didn't want to give her false hope, but he truly believed there was a way to save Hiei. "…You can say that. The spirit can't live without its body, so for now, it's keeping Hiei alive. Once it regains enough strength the spirit will be able to leave, and then Hiei will die. His soul didn't leave his body yet, meaning we still have time."

"What should we do?" Botan's eyes regained some of the promise they once had. He was still alive. They could, no, they would save him.

"Well I've got a new orb to contain the spirit. The only problem is, in order for the spirit to be transferred into the orb," Koenma handed Botan the orb and pointed to a series of letters inscribed on the side, "Hiei has to say these words."

Botan's eyes traveled on the engrossed words on the orb while saying, "Hiei can hardly breathe, let alone speak!"

"I know that, but you obviously seem to have a deep connection with him. Maybe if you say the words, the spirit will release Hiei and return to the orb. Before we try anything you might want to heal him though. If he regains control of his body when it's in this sort of damage he's as good as dead anyway." Koenma instructed as she nodded her head.

Bending down so that she could properly reach him, Botan put her hands over his wound. She could feel herself getting physically weaker, but she'd be damned if she let a little exhaustion get in the way of reviving Hiei. It took a lot of energy, but she had successfully closed the gash, and stopped the blood. Picking up the orb, returned to Koenma's side.

"Good job, now all we have to do is-" Koenma stopped mid-sentence as a bolt of energy hit Botan's hands, making her drop the orb.

"What was that?" Botan pulled her injured hand close to her chest as she quickly scanned the room. "Botan, go!" Botan heard Koenma and shook her head, "I'm not going to run away!"

"Botan, you've got to think about Hiei. Take the orb, and leave!" Koenma pushed a red button on the nearby wall, as red lights flashed and Reikai was on alert. Botan nodded and picked up the orb, then ran towards the door. As soon as she got to the door a demon blocked its path.

"Sorry, but we can't let you leave with that orb." The demon bared his fangs at her, moving towards her.

"We…?" Botan took a step back. How could they have gotten past Reikai's defenses? Where was the Spirit Squad?

The demon signaled for his companions to come out. "We took care of those fools, so you shouldn't have bothered with that emergency button."

What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do? Botan backed away from the demon and glanced around the room. There was a window she could reach with oar, but would she be able to escape? She wasn't as fast as Hiei, or as physically or mentally strong as Yusuke. She didn't have the amount of courage Kuwabara possessed, or Kurama's brains; but she had to try. Botan just hoped she'd be back in time to aid Koenma.

Botan clutched the orb as she summoned her oar, determined to get help. She couldn't lose it; it was her only way to get Hiei back. She wouldn't lose it-, unless the demon shot at her again. In this case, that's exactly what happened. She dropped the orb as soon as the energy blast hit her. Why is my first instinct to always drop the orb! Frustration seeped through her features. She was so close to bringing Hiei back. All she needed was to read those words! Botan gasped in horror as the demon picked up the orb and eyed it.

"I don't see what the big commotion is over this piece of junk. It's not worth anything. Maybe I should just blow it up…" The demon smirked as Botan glared. "You better not if you know what's good for you!" She tried to hit him with her oar, but the oar ended up breaking. Botan laughed nervously as the demon remained unharmed. "Uh, I- well…" Botan stammered trying to think up a new plan. "Botan what are you doing just get out of here!" She heard Koenma yell but ignored it.

"You're really starting to get on my nerves, girl." The demon stepped forward towards her, ready to strike. Botan shrunk back, trying to prepare herself for the attack when the familiar, "Spirit Gun!" resounded in the room. The demon halted his assault on Botan and turned to see who was making so much commotion. During this confusion she took the liberty to run to the safety of her comrades.

"Yusuke, what are you all doing here?" Koenma walked over to them relieved. "We felt Hiei's energy almost deplete, and figured something was going on. This was the best place to go after Botan's apartment." Kurama filled him in. "You guys have got to get the orb from that demon; it's the only way to save Hiei!" Botan said running over to them.

"Okay, so kill demons, save the orb, and we save shorty?" Kuwabara summoned his Spirit Sword. "Don't sound like the battle's already over. Conserve your energy, I have a feeling they called for back-up." Kurama warned pulling out his rose-whip. "Sounds easy enough," Yusuke said grinning. "Try not to ruin my office," Koenma reprimanded. "Just hurry! Hiei doesn't have much time!" Botan felt the tears coming again, but held them back. She wouldn't cry anymore, there was hope.

The demons kept on pouring in, blocking the Reikai Tantei's path to the leader. On top of that the leader could teleport, and the only person fast enough to catch him was Hiei.

Hiei… Botan was becoming frantic, her vision of Hiei coming back becoming duller with each passing second. "No!" Botan shook her head. She couldn't think like that. She wouldn't allow herself. Hiei was going to be brought back even if it meant she'd die in the process of it all. Yusuke's strength of spirit… Feeling a surge of strength within her, she smiled. She wasn't as weak as she thought she was after all.

Botan began calculating possible plans in her head, feeling a strong sense of importance. The demon seemed to be a lower level, but why was he so strong? He shouldn't have been able to teleport! That was something only higher level demons could acquire. There was something else, aiding him, and that would be the key to defeating him.

Botan dragged Hiei's lifeless body to a part of the room that hadn't been turned into a war-zone. She couldn't help but feel the familiar sting of fresh tears in her eyes. What if they can't get the orb back and all this fighting is for nothing. What if she can never see him again? Looking down at him something caught her eye.

A teleportation seal? What was that doing here? Then it all clicked as plain as day. The demon was using these seals to teleport wherever he wanted, and out of harms way. Why couldn't she see it before?

Botan looked to see the demon currently fighting Yusuke. He seemed to be overwhelmed by Yusuke's strength, and Botan knew exactly what he was going to do next. The seal she was next to was illuminated, meaning he was planning to move there next. Readying herself Botan moved closer to the seal. Kurama's brains… If she executed her plan properly she could do it…

Whenever a demon uses the seal he's left drained for a few seconds, rendering completely useless and off-guard. She'd use that small time to grab the orb and make a run for it. As if on cue, the demon appeared. Remembering to thank Koenma for all the Ferry-Girl training later, Botan snatched the orb stealthily and ran in the opposite direction. Kuwabara's courage…

She fumbled with it searching for the inscription. Once she found it, Botan quickly chanted its ancient words. "Caym drec flegat paycd fedreh dra tabdrc!" She shouted hesitantly. Glancing back at Hiei she saw nothing.


That word twisted around her heart, and she could feel it breaking all over again. Without even having a chance to regain her composure the demon lunged at her. Survival instinct kicking in, Botan fled speedily. With the demon hot on her trail, Botan began to panic. Remembering Kuwabara she felt a surge of courage wash over her. He was always up for anything, and fearless despite whatever handicaps might ail him. Now it was her turn.

She could hear his growls edging closer and closer, by now she was too focused to look back. Everyone was too distracted to notice her danger, so she was left all alone in this predicament.

The demon shot an energy blast at her, but she dodged it. He was surprised at her will to live, but was still determined to end her meaningless life. Just stay calm and focus… At this rate she could make it back to one of the guys safely. Since she was so small compared to the demon, Botan was able to slip between other demons blocking the path between her and the leader.

Like all good feelings, her sense of security came to an end as she ran into the one demon she was trying to get rid of. Her breathing was ragged, and her heart felt like it was about to give out. She couldn't tell if it was on account of fear, or exhaustion. Looking down she caught a glimpse of the teleportation seal. The demon's lips curled in satisfaction as he pulled out a sword, preparing to strike.

Botan stood there, glued to the ground. She couldn't move, no matter how much she wanted to. She couldn't even yell for help. Her whole body felt like it shut down, and abandoned her. She had pushed herself to limits and couldn't even run anymore. I guess what I needed most of all was from Hiei… If only she were as fast as him, then she could've made it back to the others in time. Her thoughts were bittersweet, and ironic. Thinking about how the person she needed the most was the one who couldn't help her.

Closing her eyes, Botan prepared for the worst. She could feel the sword coming down closer and closer, and then she was sure she heard the sound of metal clashing with metal. Looking up slowly Botan saw a figure standing over her, his sword in contact with the demon's sword.

"Hn, bastard. I almost feel pity for you," The all-too-familiar voice rung throughout Botan's ears.

"Why's that?" The demon was struggling to keep his sword in contact with Hiei's.

Hiei smirked. "Because, your miserable existence won't even live to regret tormenting this onna." With a swift motion the demon fell to the ground, inert.

With their leader gone, the rest of the demons scrambled out of Reikai. There was no point to put their lives on the line when the very person ordering them to do it was deceased.

Initial shock wearing off Botan found her voice. "H-Hiei? You're alive!" She reached her hand out hesitantly tracing the contours of his face, making sure he was really here and she wasn't just dreaming. He nodded uncertainly, not knowing what to expect. He pushed her away right before his death. Was she angry? Did she hate him now? Despise him even?

Smiling, Botan gave him a quick peck on the lips, and then began to hug him fiercely. "I-I thought you were gone, forever! I didn't know what to do…" She rambled on, tears of joy flowing. Well that answered his question.

Hiei patted her back awkwardly. He wasn't good at the whole comforting thing. This was Hiei after all. "Botan, stop crying." His voice sounded strained. He hated it when women cried; it just reminded him of his mother and the anguish she went through.

"I- can't…"

Hiei mentally sighed. She was one of the most emotional people he had ever met, not that he could blame her for it. She did go through a lot. They stood there for a while, until Yusuke's taunting voice broke them out of their daze. They both let go of each other as if on cue.

"Aww, is Hiei in love with our favorite ferry girl?" Yusuke wiped a fake tear from the corner of his eyes.

"Shut up detective. It's not my fault you don't have the balls to accept the fact that no matter how weak or foolish it sounds you're in love." He turned his head to the side apparently annoyed. It was amazing how Hiei could make even the most heart-felt confessions become and insult.

Kurama was shocked, Botan really had changed him. Hiei had never ever confessed to being in love, he never even admitted the fact that he loved Yukina. And here he was in a few short months boldly acknowledging his love for Botan, not giving a damn about what anybody thought.

"Hiei you- but I thought you said before that we couldn't… We shouldn't-"

He shrugged it off. "I changed my mind." Hiei had seen the wildest demons get caught up in love; it didn't seem to kill them… and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. So he figured maybe it was his time too. Plus the instant he saw her in danger he realized he wanted to be the one there to protect her, no matter what. It's not like he'd become soft because of it. He'd be damned if he became as whipped as Yusuke or Kuwabara.

"Urameshi… I can't believe shorty landed a girl before you!" Kuwabara laughed. "Shut up I don't see you with anyone either do I!" Yusuke retorted obviously offended. "I'm working on it okay!"

"Can't you two ever stop arguing?" Kurama intervened feeling a migraine coming on. "What about Kurama. He's like seven-hundred-gazillion years old, and he still doesn't have a girl- no offense Kurama!" Kuwabara defended.

"None taken," Kurama answered wearily.

"…That's because he's been flirting with your sister as of lately." Yusuke interjected slyly.

"What!" They both yelled incredulously turning their heads in Yusuke's direction. Koenma was sitting at his desk listening to the gossip like he lived for this sort of stuff.

Shaking her head Botan sighed. "Come on, let's go home Hiei." He nodded leaving the four boys in Koenma's office.

Botan and Hiei, complete and undeniable opposites. If she was day, he'd be the night. If he was winter she'd be the spring. Although they were poles apart the thing that bonded them together was their differences. Botan was the optimistic, cheery, selfless ferry woman, who had a personality brighter than the sun. Hiei was the dark, hardhearted demon who had more mysteries surrounding him that could be solved in a lifetime. In the end Hiei would always be that same arrogant, cocky, conceited demon everyone had come to know and accept, but now he was living his life for someone other than himself. He was living for her.

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