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"Anger comes from pain."

Beauty and the Beast


Never had he felt such loneliness... Betrayal. How could she have done this, his mind pondered. Had he not given her all he could? Had he not trusted her with nearly every thing he owned? Had he not loved her, cared for her?

"Beloved, that necklace looks simply divine, does it not? See how it sparkles…"

"Hn. Do you wish to have it?"

"Well, if it's truly no trouble, then…"

"Say no more. It is yours."

"Oh, thank you, darling!"

After one year and 2 months worth of courtship, it was all over. She had found someone new. It had been so easy, so quick, so insanely abrupt! It was as though whatever memories they shared were imaginary… as though, they had never even existed.

"How was your visit to town?" he asked, in between his kisses.

"Fine," she said, plainly.

He continued to nibble on her neck. "Was I missed?"

A sigh. "I need to tell you something…"

The kisses stopped. "What is it?"

"I've fallen in love with someone. It is you no more who holds my affections." Her tone was fixed. He, in return, stepped back, and straightened himself. He intended to take this news like a man.

He wouldn't dwell any longer. The young Duke had always been a silent one, and he was already rather stoic, since the death of his parents at such a young age. But the heartbreak only furthered his coldness. His world was a cruel place. That night, he made a vow as the chilly night taunted him with its eerie beauty: No woman shall ever again seize this heart of mine.

Little did he know that within one year later, fate would prove him wrong.