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Chapter One: Meet 'n Greet

The summer sun scorched the once-green grass that covered the hillsides of England. The cities bustled with the activity of Muggles and wizards alike. It was the summer of sixth year for Harry Potter. So much had taken place in his past, and his one goal for this year, and hopefully the remainder of his life, was to relax for a change. Of course, with Voldemort still lurking in the shadows of the world (and Harry's dreams), this would be a tricky task. Harry's one wish was to take an uneventful break from it all. This brought him to the Burrow.

"Here we are, Harry dear," Molly Weasley sighed wearily, opening the front door. "I'm sure everyone will be glad to see you alive and well." She laughed, but realizing her joke hit a bit too close to home, stopped.

"It's all right, Mrs. Weasley, I understand what you meant." Harry grinned, in spite of his slight bewilderment, and gazed at his surroundings. Same old clock with the magical hands. Same old cluttered kitchen. Same old…well, everything. Harry smiled even more widely. He had missed the disorganization while at the Dursleys'.

"Ron! Ginny! Arthur! We have a visitor!" Her sudden yell, followed by thundering footsteps, jarred Harry out of his dream world.

"Harry!" Ron bounded off of the stair landing. "How are you, mate?" He hadn't changed a bit, with the exception of gaining yet another three inches in height. "Had fun at the Dursleys'?"

Harry's eyebrows shot up past his unruly bangs.

With a good-natured laugh, Ron quickly added, "I'm just joking, Harry. It's good to see you again. And hopefully Hermio-"

Just then, Ginny appeared from the stairs, looking quite stunning in a form-fitting green tank top and blue jeans.

"Hey Ron," she said, "Dad's got Pig upstairs. He's just back from Hermione's, and I-hi, Harry!"

She strode meaningfully over toward him, brushing past Ron, who looked slightly appalled. She stopped right in front of Harry, and, not knowing quite what to do, gave him an awkward hug.

As they stepped back from each other, Harry couldn't help noticing that Ginny's fiery hair was now halfway down her back. He had known her since she was just ten years old, and she was definitely no longer a child. Her once gawky freckles now gave her beautiful face a uniqueness that Harry had never noticed before. She looked so adult, although she was a year younger than him.

"You've really grown up, Ginny," Harry said, not quite believing the words that had left his mouth.

Ginny blushed, in the same manner that all the Weasleys did, and opted for a soft, "Ummm…thanks, Harry."

Now Ron just looked confused.

Harry continued, "Had a good summer?" while still trying to observe Ginny. "No boyfriends yet?"

Ginny laughed. "Oh, you know, those boys are always chasing me." She rolled her eyes and glanced back at Harry, smiling.

Harry laughed nervously as he noticed he was still holding Ginny's right hand.

Ron, not missing this detail, said tentatively, "Ah…well, Ginny, you said Pig was back?"

Breaking her gaze into Harry's green eyes, Ginny abruptly answered, "Upstairs with Dad."

Ron's face broke out of its scowl and glowed with excitement. "Great! Hermione's finally answered! I've been waiting for ages; I asked her to come at the beginning of July."

Harry's face showed confusion; he hadn't been asked until the end of July, and jumped at the chance to get away from the Dursleys'. Hermione hadn't forgotten, had she? Could she possibly be in Bulgaria with Viktor? Not wanting to voice these thoughts, Harry said, "Well, she's probably on her way now and wanted to send a letter right before she arrived." The second this remark left his mouth Harry felt stupid; it made no sense. But what else could he do?

The three of them bounded up the stairs together, prepared to enjoy the rest of the summer holidays.

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