Prelude for a change

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The timeline is set almost at the end of volume 9 of the manga, when Naru is letting Keitaro kiss her for taking so long to give him an answer.

"*" Dialog

-*- Thoughts


"If you want to you can kiss me… for taking so long to give you an answer"

He was sure he must have heard that wrong, there was no chance in the world she would have said that.

-My mind is playing tricks on me, she does not even want me near her, much less kiss her. It is more probable that Kitsune pays the rent on time or even that Su passed on food than Naru allowing me to kiss her, what am I thinking-

He smiled at the idea of Su not eating, however the smile faded from his face as soon as he remembered his actual predicament. Nonetheless the chance was too good to just let it pass like that.

-Here goes nothing-

He though as he ventured to ask

"You mean... you mean I can really kiss you?"

She looked at him clearly irritated, he flinched expecting the worst

'I really made it this time; she is going to send me to the moon'

She chuckled seeing his reaction, sighed and then answered

"Yes I really mean it...for making you wait so long"

She added like it was nothing

-She will let me kiss her. But she just said it is only for taking so long to answer me … I'm not sure what she meant with that, but kissing her…-

"Are you sure? I mean …"

He said hesitation showing in his voice; however he was cut short by Naru's reply.

"Yes, but if you don't want to…"

"No it isn't like that. It's you know, just making sure you aren't going to hit me, are you?"

"No I'm not, just kiss me ok?"

She replied smiling which reassured Keitaro, not totally though as he had seen her go from a cute smiling girl to a berserker killing machine. He decided it was best not to do anything to trigger such transformation.


Keitaro had dreamed with their first real kiss, not teeth crashing, lips almost touching or any other kind of accident, just a simple and normal kiss.

But this wasn't quite like that either as she was going to let him kiss her simply because she had taken so long to answer.

-I guess there are worst motives for her to let me kiss her; it isn't like I am forcing her, right? –

Naru was waiting in the beach chair, he leaned forward, she closed her eyes. He stood there pondering whether or not he should continue.

"I'm waiting"

"Yes, sorry"

He came closer and after what looked like an eternity to Naru, Keitaro finally kissed her.

She was in shock; she felt the warmth of the kiss but not in her mouth as expected. She knew he was a bit clumsy, well more than a bit, but no one could be so idiot.

He had kissed her, but in the forehead instead of the mouth. Once the realization fully hit her she threw a Naru punch at the place where Keitaro should have been but to her surprise it didn't hit anything.

When she opened her eyes, she could not find Keitaro around. He somehow had run after the kiss, she had expected him to at least mumble some sort of apology for his mistake.

- But what if it was not a mistake, what if he did not want to kiss me. I mean he can be an idiot sometimes, but even him wouldn't miss like that. It was more like he intended to kiss me in the forehead-

She didn't understand what had just happened. Was it just a mistake or Keitaro had kissed her on the forehead on purpose. She wasn't sure but she didn't know what to do. She stayed in her chair thinking what to do.


- I couldn't kiss her in the mouth. Somehow it didn't feel like it was right-

Keitaro was thinking while he was packing his stuff at record speed. He was not going to stay there were Naru could find him. He didn't want nor could explain her what had happened.

- Right now, even I don't know why I couldn't kiss her-

As soon as he finished packing he quietly walked to his aunt room and slipped a note. Then he left the hotel in a hurry, unsure of where to go to.

-I do not feel like going back to Hinata inn, I guess I will have to find some other place for a couple of days –

With this thought Keitaro wandered the streets to find a place to stay.


Meanwhile Naru had made her mind, she had to look for Keitaro and find out what has just happened. She thought that at the very least she deserved an explanation.

- I will talk to him, and find out what happened -

She walked to the hotel and then she went to Keitaro's room. Once at the door she hesitated for a moment and finally knocked. She did not get any reply so she knocked harder, but again no reply came. She thought about yelling for him to open, but decided against it as if Keitaro was indeed in his room that would just make him more afraid of coming out.

- Maybe he took a walk or he ran away again like he always does when something like this happens. In the other hand he could just be asleep-

She decided to let the things like this at least for the night.

- Tomorrow I will ask him why he kissed me in the forehead. I have to know if it was a mistake or not -

She walked to her room wondering what Keitaro will tell her. Once there she tried to get some sleep.


The next day Haruka found the note on her room.

-Just like expected from Keitaro, he always makes very poor excuses. I wonder what did just happened this time-

She shrugged the thought as she was sure she would soon find out. When the girls were having breakfast she told them about Keitaro's note.

"He left me a note saying that he had an urgent matter to attend in Kyoto, and that he would come back as soon as he solves it. Meanwhile he asked me to take care of Hinata inn and to tell you to not worry about him"

She made up the last part; his nephew was so dense when it came to the Hinata inn residents feelings.

However Haruka's words couldn't make the girls stop worrying, with the time all of them have began to care for him.

"I hope sempai can solve his problem"

Said Shinobu looking like she was about to burst in to tears.

"Do not worry Shinobu, Urashima never gives up"

"Motoko likes Keitaro!"

"Su stop that, I only trying to make Shinobu feel better"

However her pleads fall on deaf ears, as Su keep on chanting.

"Motoko likes Keitaro!"

While Motoko was frantically chasing a chanting Su, the rest of the girls went to their respective rooms to start packing. Once Naru got to her room for some reason she couldn't start packing; she sat in her bed to think instead.

- I should have followed him after he ran. Now I don't know when he would come back. I know something like this was going to happen that is why I didn't want to answer him in the first place-

Kitsune interrupted Naru thoughts.

"Naru, are you ready? We are leaving soon"

"Yes, sorry. I will be ready in a minute"

-I should pack I won't solve anything staying here-

Naru finished packing and joined the others in the lobby. When they left the hotel all of the girls were thinking of Keitaro and how he was doing. Naru was thinking where Keitaro could have gone and more important when he was going to come back.

- Why does it bother me, could it be that I fell guilty or is that I really …no it can not be that-


-This place looks nice and more important is cheap; I think I am going to stay here for a while-

Keitaro had spent that dreadful night traveling to Kyoto. The next morning he found a nice inn near the train station that was cheap because it was mostly for students. Luckily for Keitaro there was enough room because of the vacations.

He had already stayed for two days at this place and was planning on staying there for at least a week.

-I could use this time to think about my future. I finally entered toudai, even though I haven't gone to classes yet, and …-

Keitaro was interrupted by a knock in the door.

"Keitaro-san, It's me Arika can I come in?"

"Sure Arika-san, please come in"

Arika was the owner of the inn, a nice woman of about thirty-two years with pale skin, short dark hair and blue eyes to Keitaro she looked a lot like her aunt Haruka.

"Sorry to bother you, Keitaro-san but I want you to meet someone"

"Don't worry Arika-san. I took this trip to meet new people"

He had lied to Arika about the reason of his trip, but he wasn't just going to open his heart to a stranger even if she looked like a nice person.

"I want to introduce you to my niece; she wanted to meet you after I told her you study at toudai"

"Well I actually haven't gone to classes yet"

"I told her that too. But she will take the entrance exam this year and since you already passed it she wants to get all the help she can"

"Well you know, I'm not sure if I can help her but I'll try my best"

"Thank you Keitaro. You can come in now"

Arika added as she turned to her niece.

"I'm Keitaro Urashima, nice to meet you"

"I'm Alice McAllen, nice to meet you too"

Alice was an eighteen-year-old girl; she looked like an older version of Shinobu but with blond hair and green eyes.

"Keitaro-san, has agreed to help you"

"Thank you Keitaro-sempai"

Alice said as she bowed at him.

"You are welcome Alice-san"

Keitaro bowed too, blushing of embarrassment.

"Well Alice-chan, we should let Keitaro rest for now"

"Yes, see you at lunch Keitaro sempai"


-I wouldn't miss it for anything-

Keitaro was left alone to think of his future again.


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