Prelude for a change

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"*" Dialog

-*- Thoughts


"Keitaro, I need to talk to you…"

Keitaro knew this was coming but he also knew that if he talked to her he wouldn't have the courage to left Japan.

- I have to think of something fast or…-

"Keitaro are you there?"

"Yes, look Narusegawa I can't really talk now"

"Then when? This is really important. Why don't you come here tomorrow or we can meet somewhere else and we could talk about it"

"I'd like to do that but…"

-I'll have to tell her-

"Narusegawa I have to tell you something very important"

Narusegawa got worried; a hundred thoughts come to her.

- What if he doesn't love me anymore, what if he found someone else or what if …-

"I'm leaving Japan for a year"

"You're doing what?!"

"I'm going to help Seta in a ruin excavation in America for a year and I'm leaving tomorrow"

"You are doing WHAT? When were you planning to tell me?"

"I just have to do this. It's really important. I'm sorry"

Naru knew how important was this to Keitaro, but it also hurt her that he would just leave without telling her.

-I guess it's my turn to wait for you, Keitaro-

"Can I at least say good bye to you in person?"

"I'll be in the international airport of Tokyo at ten o'clock"

"I'll be there at ten"

"Just promise me you won't tell the girls"

"What? I don't think they'll forgive me if I don't"

"Don't worry they will"

"See you tomorrow then"


With that Keitaro hung the phone and went to his room to finish packing.

The next morning Keitaro woke up very early. Then he took a shower and went to the kitchen. There Alice was waiting for him.

"Good morning Sempai"

"Good morning Alice"

"I just finished serving the breakfast. I was sure you'll wake up early so I decided to surprise you with the breakfast"

"That's very nice Alice"

They ate their breakfast in silence, when they finished Keitaro helped her to wash the dishes for the last time. Then he went to pick his luggage.

- Well, it seems I'm ready to go. I'm really going to miss this place-

Keitaro took his luggage and went to the living room to say good bye. There Alice and Arika were waiting for him.

"I want to thank you for all your help Sempai"

"You didn't need my help. I'm sure you will pass the test"

"Keitaro I'm going to miss you"

"I'm going to miss you too Arika"

Keitaro hugged Arika.

"Sempai, I would like to go with you to the train station, if that's okay with you"

"That's great"

Keitaro and Alice left the inn and walked to the train station. When they got there they sat on a bench to wait for Keitaro's train.

"I'm really going to miss Japan, the inn, Arika and of course you"

"We are going to miss you too"

"I hope this year ends soon"

"It'll have finished before you noticed"

Keitaro just smiled. Alice looked at him and said.

"Sempai there is something I've been trying to tell you"

"Well you better tell me now or you'll have to wait for a year"

Keitaro answered with a silly smile.

"I wanted to tell you the reason I was crying when you tell me you were leaving Japan"

"I had been wondering that"

"Well the reason I cried is because…"

Alice stopped for a moment, looked at Keitaro and then continued.

"The reason I cried is because I…I love you"

"Y…you lov…"

Keitaro couldn't finish because Alice kissed him. He wanted to break the kiss but he couldn't force himself to. When they finished Alice just looked at him waiting for an answer.

"Alice I…I…"

Keitaro was interrupted again by the sound of the train arriving.

"I…I have to go"

"Sempai wait!"

"Sorry Alice I can't wait. I promise I'll write soon"

Keitaro grabbed all his belongings as fast as he could and boarded the train.

He used the time of the trip to think of what just had happened.

-She just said she loves me and then she kissed me. But…but that can't be , she just thinks she loves me, I mean there is no way a girl like Alice could love a pathetic loser like me. But what about Narusegawa she is my promise girl or at least that's what I think-

Then he remembered Naru, he had agreed to meet her at the airport.

-This is just fine. A couple weeks ago I was a complete loser without a girlfriend and now I'm going to work in America for a year and a beautiful girl just said she loves me. What I'm supposed to do I love Narusegawa but I don't want to hurt Alice-

Once the train got to his station Keitaro walked to the airport. Once there he looked around for Naru.

-She will be here any minute; I'll have to wait for her-

Keitaro was looking around when he watched Naru entering the airport. He smiled and was going to meet her when he noticed she wasn't alone, she had brought all the girls from the inn with her.

-I'm so dead. Why did she have to do this? I better hide but where-

Keitaro bought a hat and a pair of sunglasses.

-I hope they don't find me with this-

Keitaro hid for a while then a great idea hit him.

-That's it-

"Ms. Naru Narusegawa you got a call, Ms. Naru Narusegawa you got a call"

"Naru did you heard that? It must be Keitaro"

"Finally, I thought we weren't going to find him"

Naru walked to a nearby phone and pick it up.


"Hello Naru"

"Keitaro where are you. I've been looking for you"

"I change the flight for tomorrow so we could talk. I'm at the inn right now I expected to surprise you but I guess I was too late"

"Oh, I see. Well, wait for me there I'll be there as soon as I can"

"Ok, I'll be here"

She was going to hung up but she decided against it

"Keitaro, wait"


"I wanted to tell you in person but I don't want to wait anymore…"

-This is it I have to tell him now-

"Keitaro I love you and I will wait for your return"

Keitaro was lost in bliss, Naru his promise girl has just confessed to him. He could barely talk.


Naru was too embarrassed to keep talking.

"I'll talk to you at the inn, bye"

Naru hung the phone

"I love you too"

Unfortunately it was too late she already had hung up the phone.

Naru went and told the girls that they should get back to the inn as soon as possible.

-Sorry Naru, I hate to lie to you, now even more after you confessed but I really had to do this-

After hanging the phone, Keitaro called his aunt.

"Good Morning, Hinata tea shop"

"Good Morning Aunt Haruka"

"Keitaro, I thought you were leaving today"

"Yes, just a bit later. But I have a favor to ask"

"Okay, tell me I'll try to help"

"Can you tell Narusegawa I'm sorry and that I'll write soon?"

"Sure. But weren't you two supposed to meet at the airport"

"Well, you see, we were but…I mistook the hour my plane was leaving and we won't be able to meet"

"I will tell her you are sorry"

"Thank you and good bye"

"Good bye Keitaro. Have a nice trip"

Keitaro hung the phone and walked to the waiting room.

-I hope Narusegawa will forgive me for lying, and the girls. They'll kill me when I get back. At least that won't happen until a year from now-

Keitaro bought a newspaper to take his mind of his problems.

-This isn't helping. I should find something else to do. Maybe if I do the crossword-

Keitaro busy himself with the crossword and that seemed to help him forget about the girls.

Meanwhile at the inn the girls had found out that Keitaro wasn't there.

"What do you mean he isn't here? He call me to the airport to tell me he would be waiting here"

"I'm sorry Naru, he asked me to tell you he was sorry that he mistook the time he was leaving but that he would write as soon as he can"

"So…so he already left, but he told me to come back to the inn that he had changed his flight so we could talk"

Naru started crying.

"Calm down girls. I'm sure my nephew will explain why he behaved like that in his next letter. Until then we can only wait"

"Haruka is right, we have to wait"

Naru said with a smile.

-At least I told him what I felt and that I'd wait for him-

When Keitaro heard his flight announced he grabbed his entire luggage and walked quietly to his plane.

Once there he took a seat near the window to give a last look at Japan

-Well this is it. Good bye Japan-

Thought Keitaro as the plane took off.


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