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11 April 1912, 10:30 PM

Murdoch sighed as he opened his cabin door. He suppressed a large yawn as he entered into the dimmed quarters. He almost ran into a frenzy when he saw his bed bare. He turned a few times around his cabin to see any sign of life. Perhaps a shoe here, or a hair pin there. But when he turned to the sofa, he saw the body of Anna Lyn Connor curled tightly to fit the small space. She didn't take up his offer on sleeping on the more comfortable bed. She took it upon herself to sleep there to spare him from sleeping on the uncomfortable sofa.

He sighed again as he stood over her, watching her sleep. Her face was free of the dirt she had arrived on the bridge with earlier the same day. In the dimmed light, she looked pristinely beautiful to him. Even though, he had noticed a few faint little creases of laugh lines around her eyes, and mouth, they were now stretched and her face bore none. Her hair was draped tamely against her shoulders while a few strands gave soft effects to her facial features. Murdoch smiled softly as he continued to watch her sleep.

Not wanting to wake her, he slowly nudged his arms under her neck and legs, hoisting her up as gently as possible. She groaned slightly but never woke up from her slumber. She turned in his arms to face his chest and heaved another large sigh and a smile bestowed her lips. He was more than confident that she was still dreaming and asleep. He wondered what she was dreaming about and if his actions were transposing into her dreams. Was she dreaming about her life in the future? About how to avoid Lightoller's pranks? About him?

She was as light as a feather.

He made his way slowly to the small berth and laid her down comfortably. He slowly reached over to touch her hair, feeling the soft tamed curls against his coarse fingertips. A stray finger traced down the side of her face, gaining him another soft blissful sigh as he does it. Murdoch then did something that he would never get the chance to do if she was awake. He betrayed his better conscious, the Edwardian gentleman side of him and leaned down to kiss her as lightly as possible.

However, he only could bring himself to kiss her on the side of her mouth. He couldn't bring himself to betray her and kiss her lips without her permission. But the convict-like action made him feel happy from the top of his head to the tip of his toes. Her face was warm and smelled of lavender...

And of her.

He was drowning in it and it was difficult to pull away.

Murdoch felt his fatigue slowly fading as he regrettably pulled himself away. First Officer William Murdoch smiled, giving her one last long look before turning away to sit on the lonely hard chair next to his desk.


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