A/N: I mix a little of both worlds, the story follows more closely with the games than anything else, but I mix in elements from the cartoons and movies to add flavor to the story. As far as I know, this will be my last Colosseum story. I may have more later, but for now, this is the last one I'll write.


Wes/Seth: 17 yrs (personal theme- Come Clean)

Rui: 17 yrs (personal theme- Gonna Get You Good)

Sera: 34 yrs (personal theme- Everybody Wants To Rule The World)

Brendan: 16 yrs (personal theme- People Are People)

May: 16 yrs (personal theme- Get This Party Started)

Silver: 19 yrs (personal theme- It's My Life)

Ash/Red: 21 yrs (personal theme- Holding Out For A Hero)

That's basically what I have in mind for each character when I write. Helps me keep them in line. Can't have Seth running everywhere trying to do stupid stuff, now, can I?


With Hoenn and Johto freed from the threats of Team Samba and Venus, the only region left to save is the land of Kanto. Guided by the great Kanto Champion, Red, Seth, Rui, Brendan and May head for the final showdown against Cipher and their last team, Team Berserker. But the situation grows more tense as Seth finds himself rushing to face what could be his destiny or his destruction.

Celebi and her friends are gathering, too; hurrying to meet the final few legendaries and stop Cipher from laying claim to the greatest of legendaries, Raykyoudon. This Pokémon with the ability to control the weather conditions of the world and force the elements to stop can be the greatest ally to the world, or the bringer of its death.

With Kanto's gyms and trainers fighting fiercely to keep themselves free, the heroes have precious little time to stop Cipher's final attempt to conquer the world. And still they have no idea of the ominous Earth Seal project ready and waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Waiting for the final component, Project: WSLY, Seth, to be brought in and fitted for it to attain full power...

Ch 1

Ein glowered at the notice that he received. Miror B. had been arrested and lost hold of Seth before he could go and pick him up. How he managed to lose the young man was of little mystery. Since Seth had the hard disks that contained his entire program and memories, it was only a matter of time before their Kids Grid companion, Nett, could figure out all of his personal notes on controlling the Snagger and use them to their advantage. Sera was entertaining herself with the Rayquaza, promptly going out to use it against the Elite Four while Dakim reported that the Silph Corporation was beginning to wilt under the siege on their building. With a loss of power from the plant on the eastern coast of Kanto, cities were beginning to fail and lose hope, but still the Gym Leaders fought on.

He had been right all along, Kanto's trainers were much, much tougher than any they had seen before. The sheer ferocity with which they battled had startled them at first, but with the addition of old Team Rocket troops mingling with Team Berserker grunts, they were fairly confident that the Leaders would fall. The most stubborn of them was the Viridian Gym, its Leader constantly cycling out the battle weary Pokémon for fresh teams and maintained the greatest challenge to them.

"Bugger." Ein muttered and looked up as Fein walked into the lab, rubbing one arm and wincing. "You went to annoy Gonzap for a while, didn't you?" he added, setting aside the paper and raising an eyebrow at him. Fein scowled as he reached for a bottle of painkillers.

"You could have warned me he had a thing for Seth. I thought he was gonna freaking tear my arm out of its socket!" he complained before downing a couple of the pills.

"They're both sick, if you ask me. My greatest creation ever and those two fools can only think of it as a sex toy. Disgusting." Ein growled, "Millions of the Cipher's capital went into the research, genetic manipulation, development and creation of Seth as both Pokémon and living server. An enhanced human is our end result simply because Evice was foolish enough to not press further on Hoenn legend and history."

"And you're gonna start it over by getting Seth back, huh?" Fein remarked and perked suddenly, "Wai-wait! A Pokémon? That thick-head back there was supposed to be a Pokémon?" he added in a surprised shriek. Ein rolled his eyes and nodded. No sense not letting everyone else know; it may help keep the Snagger in one piece when he finally got him back. "Geez, you guys sure know how to mess with a dude's life." Fein sighed, scratching his head as he tried to work the newfound revelation in his head. "So what are you gonna do if you get him here?"

"When." Ein corrected, "And we're taking him straight to Indigo Plateau. That's where the Earth Seal was hidden. Once we have him there, I'll complete him with the syringe of altered Rayquaza DNA. Its symbiotic coding will embed itself into every cell of his body and grant him the final abilities and powers of the sky dragon. Once he can control all the elements, the rains, the heat, the land, the sea, the sky and the winds, the Earth Seal will absorb him and magnify his power to global proportions."

"You're gonna have a weather machine?" Fein asked blankly, grabbing a soda to down the medicine with.

"Not just a weather machine, but a weather god, capable of creating natural disasters the likes of which this world has never seen before!" Ein declared with a maniacal laugh. Fein raised an eyebrow, shrugged, and finished chugging down the soda, diet, of course, he had to copy Seth's slender figure as closely as he could. Master of disguise ego and all that.

Professor Elm blinked down at the new bike Seth pulled up to the building. The other borrowed bikes had been returned, but the one Seth gave him wasn't the one he had left with. He floundered for a moment, unsure of how to ask where the older bike was, when the Snagger shot him a look.

"Just take it. I lost yours in this backwards region so you might as well just take this one and we'll call it even." he told him and walked back to the group. Silver shrugged and waved towards the flabbergasted professor before the last hope of the world began to make their way to the Tohjo Falls.

Red looked up at the huge waterfall that blocked the way to the region of Kanto. Tohjo Falls had been the most difficult passage he had to deal with in going back and forth between the two regions to meet with Professor Oak. Once he went through the Johto Gyms and gathered the new HMs and TMs, the waterfall no longer was a problem. He looked back at Seth and Rui, who gazed up at it with apprehension and uncertainty. Seth looked most uncomfortable with the great height.

"Do we have to go up that thing?" he asked after a few moments. Red nodded and he winced. "I was afraid of that."

"Don't you guys have Pokémon that can use the Waterfall ability?" Silver asked in confusion. The Snagger shook his head and Rui looked slightly helpless, smiling weakly at them. "You can ride with Red, then."

"Blastoise!" Red declared, hurling the Poké Ball out and releasing a huge turtle-like creature. It bellowed, then stomped into the water, floating its shell above the surface. Red leaped out and stood on it, waiting. Seth sighed and waded in after it, holding his hands out for Rui.

"Eeks! Catch me!" Rui cried, throwing herself out at him. May bristled slightly and looked jealous as Seth laughed and caught her, helping her onto the Blastoise's back. Red looked in May's direction and frowned, then helped pull Seth aboard. "Okay, so how do we get up the waterfall?" she added.

"Like this. Blastoise! Waterfall!" Red ordered and the Pokémon swam to the falls, slowly rising up the water. Silver tossed in a Gyarados and leaped onto its back with a laugh following the group as Brendan and May climbed onto the Kyogre. Soon, the Pokémon were climbing up the water, ignoring the sudden rainstorm that came about from Kyogre's appearance. Rui leaned over and laughed as she stuck her hand into the water, letting it splash and flow over her arm.

"So much water! You are all so lucky to have such lush regions! Seth! Isn't it pretty?" she exclaimed. The Snagger rubbed at his aching arm and forced a smile for her sake.

"Just don't lean too far out. I don't want you to fall." he told her. Rui grinned back and splashed him, startling him.

"C'mon! Don't you just love all this water?" she teased, "Maybe after all this is done, we can come here and go swimming!" She splashed him some more, laughing as he tried to shield himself.

"Rui! Knock it off! Come on!" he cried while Red smiled at them. Pikachu watched with a grin.

"Kids in love. I wish things had worked out between you and Misty." he remarked to the champion.

"It wouldn't have done us any good. We're too different and she wouldn't understand my abilities. Misty is fine as she is, the Cerulean Gym Leader. I only hope she's still safe from Team Berserker." Red replied in the Pokémon's language. Rui stopped splashing long enough to stare up at him, hearing only the trainer speaking in bursts of 'Pika, pika, chu, pika pi.' Seth took the opportunity to splash her back, laughing as he took revenge for the earlier splashes. "Hey, guys. We made it." Red remarked as the Blastoise reached the top of the falls and swam to shore. Silver, May and Brendan followed, recalling their Pokémon once they were all safely on the land. Soaking from the rain, the group ran for the caves leading through the mountain range into Kanto.

"What a storm! Wonder what caused it?" Silver wondered aloud as they walked through the tunnel towards Pallet Town. Rui looked up at Seth, who looked as if he didn't want to know, and suggested they make camp to dry off, eat and resume the travel later.

"Sounds good to me!" May exclaimed brightly and Red promptly released the Charizard again. The Pokémon stretched and looked back at the trainer.

"We need to borrow your tail for a campfire." Red told it and the dragon lay down comfortably and propped its tail onto a rock for them. With Silver setting up for lunch and Brendan bringing out towels to dry off with, Rui began feeling more at ease with everything. The nightmare from before had frightened her, doubly so when she saw it had scared Seth as well.

"Let me help you out. You need to change bandages." she remarked as Seth began shrugging off the Snag Machine and the jacket. He hesitated for a few moments, then allowed her to pull the black shirt off of him as well, bringing out the first aid kit to replace the soaked bandages that bound his shoulder and arms.

"What exactly is that thing for?" Red asked, nodding at the machine. Silver echoed his words, also curious about the red and black device that lay gleaming in the firelight. Seth spoke cautiously as Rui hummed softly, spritzing the closing wounds with disinfectant and wrapping them up again in soft white gauze.

"It's called the Snag Machine. A portable version of a larger design. It gives me the ability to turn any Poké Ball that is in my hand into a Snag Ball, but it takes time to charge and make the change." he answered, "The Snag Ball can then capture any Pokémon I throw it at, including those that belong to another trainer."

"It lets you steal Pokémon?" Silver snapped, suddenly angry as she jumped to her feet. "You're a thief of Pokémon!"

"That's not true!" Rui yelled back defensively as Seth reached for a towel and started drying off, "The Snag Machine was used for that once, yes, but now he only uses it to Snag Shadow Pokémon, the ones that were turned into heartless fighting machines! When we snag them, we purify them and set them free!"

"Orre operates differently from the rest of the regions, doesn't it?" Red asked calmly, putting a hand on Silver's arm to get her to simmer down. The Snagger studied him for a moment, gauging the older man. "From the tone of your skin and the zinc oxide on your face, I'm guessing that your homeland is very dry, arid and prone to intense exposure of sunlight. A desert, if I'm right." Red went on and smiled slightly at Seth's expression of surprise. "Guess I am. Most Pokémon I've met and found in my lifetime don't do well in desert regions, so I'd hazard a guess and say that Orre has very few, if any, truly wild Pokémon. Thus, any free ones there would be ones already owned by trainers. Stealing Pokémon for you isn't just a crime, as it is here, but the only way you can gain new Pokémon. There simply isn't enough for you to catch them honestly."

"Wow, Mr. Red, you figured it out like that? Just from looking at Seth?" Rui exclaimed in an impressed tone.

"Either that, or he looked it up in Orre's most wanted lists." Brendan muttered and saw stars and stalactites upon Seth hurling a can of beans at the boy's head. May cried and knelt over the trainer in shock as the Snagger grumbled irritably under his breath.

"Loud-mouthed brat." Seth muttered, "I was number two most wanted."

Lunch itself was largely uneventful, save for the silent challenge between Red and Seth to see who ate the most food in one sitting. Red reluctantly gave in after a half dozen sandwiches and rice balls. Seth's smile was one Rui would hold in memory for ages as he held up a victory sign with his fingers and downed the twelfth sandwich she prepared for him. Red was able to exact unwitting revenge by playing the Poké Flute for his new friends. His eyebrows shot up in mild surprise as Seth listened for a moment, then slumped against Rui, dozing softly. The girl blinked and smiled, mouthing her thanks to Red before twining her arms around the sleeping Snagger and holding him closer, his head resting on her shoulder.

He didn't wake up after Red finished playing so they decided to just let him rest and Rui set to work on purifying the Pokémon for him. While the other trainers cleaned up and got ready to leave, she feed Poké Blocks to the female twins and rubbed them down with Vivid Scent cologne. The girls cooed and pounced on her playfully. The noise woke Seth, who peered at them in annoyance, then stretched, yawning as Rui rubbed their heads. May watched him, sighed wistfully and stuffed her towel back into her pack.

"Let's go then." Red remarked and continued leading them to Pallet. The Snagger studied the two females for a moment, then shrugged and allowed them to follow him outside of the balls. Perhaps they would purify quicker if he let them travel with him. He thought over Rui's dream and worried to himself. If it was more than a dream, if it was a vision of the future, then was he doomed to become Cipher's puppet again? And if that was the case, then they would make him destroy those he cared for to make sure they wouldn't interfere with them. And the Shadow Pokémon that Rui couldn't identify was the one that would kill them all. It seemed to him that the destruction would come about if they tried to keep Cipher from getting him.

Would they spare Rui, Jupiter, Pluto and the others if he went ahead and surrendered? Seth was tempted by the idea, but quickly shook it out of his head. Surrendering was what they wanted from him. It would give Ein free reign to mess with his mind and experiment on his body. It would give Gonzap every right to use him as a punching bag. And it would be a declaration of submission to that nut Sera, his 'sister', though he shuddered to think of her as such. What kind of sister would spend her every waking moment, and probably a few of her sleeping ones, trying to get into her brother's pants?

No, Seth would have to stay out of their reach. He'd keep his eyes open for the sinewy Pokémon and avoid whatever new traps Ein set up for him in Kanto. It shouldn't be all that hard. He was in possession of all of their data and information. He practically knew their whole plan. The only problem was in trying to access that data and use it. Seth focused on bringing up another of Cipher's many files in his mind and winced at the sharp pain that stabbed into his head as a result. Well, maybe it would be a little bit hard. But not much. He just hoped it stopped raining outside the tunnels. Part Kyogre or not, Seth wasn't up for another swim if the land decided to get flooded.