Ch 8

"Jirachi! What the hell are you doing here?" Pikachu yelled, "It's the freaking end of the world as we know it!"

"Hey, cool! Latios! I'm gonna catch it!" Brendan exclaimed and then jumped as part of the building was torn asunder by the lightning striking the stadium. "Oh, right. The mega-cell. Maybe later."

"Red! Where's Seth?" Celebi called out as Rayquaza coiled itself up.

"He's been absorbed! Can you legendaries stop this storm?" the trainer replied. The sky dragon roared and fired a beam of energy down on the Pokémon, scattering them over the field as they retaliated with their own attacks. Fire, ice, lightning and psychic energy filled the air as they pushed Rayquaza back.

"Get him out to play the Time Flute! We'll stall the storm as long as we can!" Mew called, "But we need Raykyoudon's power! Is he with us? Get him out!"

Ein knelt by Fein, murmuring words under his breath as he felt for a pulse. The master of disguise choked on a strange green liquid flowing up from his mouth and looked pale, curled in a fetal position.

"He said... he was checking... the circuit... breakers..." the peon gasped, then stiffened and finally fell limp. Ein checked his pulse again and shook his head when none was found. He looked up as Red finished translating the Pokémon's words, then watched Rui run to the Earth Seal and start beating on the fiberglass door with the broken machine on her arm.

"Come on! Open! Seth! Can you hear me?" she called out. Ein looked up at the dark cell that continued to swell and claw at the stadium, the Shadow Rayquaza doing everything it could to feed the storm and stop the legendaries below from containing it. Figuring it would be best to live and try conquering the world another day, Ein stood and ran towards the machine.

"Out of the way, girl! I know the door sequence!" he declared and reached for the panel. Tapping several buttons, he released the lock and stepped back as the door slid open, smoke billowing out from within. "And now I shove off for greener pastures! Cheerio!" the scientist added and dashed away from the scene.

"Pikachu! Deflect the lightning! Keep it away from us!" Red ordered as several of the large bolts crashed onto the stadium's seats and walkways. The mouse leaped from his shoulder and charged up, firing bursts of electricity at each bolt of lightning that came too close for comfort.

"Legendaries unite to battle! Go, HeartSong and Kyogre!" May cried, releasing the two Pokémon that could help them slow down the storm cell. Additional clouds poured in to obey the Kyogre's Drizzle ability, fueling the cell as it descended on the hapless stadium.

"Groudon! Dissipate the clouds with Drought!" Brendan called out, throwing the legendary Pokémon into the fray. The skies churned with the weather disturbances and it seemed only to get worse.

"Most of you are Psychic types! Can't you use your power to make it disappear?" Silver shrieked at the Pokémon down below.

"We're kinda busy trying to stay alive long enough to make use of it!" Jirachi yelled back and squealed as the rush of wind threw him across the field. Celebi was in the greatest danger, flying up to meet with Rayquaza and trying to pull the visor off so it could see her.

"Celebi! Watch out!" Lugia yelled over the roaring of the storm and mentally called a barrier to surround the little Pokémon just as Rayquaza whipped its tail at her.

"We can't stop the Earth Seal's storm like this! What are we going to do?" May cried after seeing the Latias's psychic moves to seal the storm were failing. Kyogre fired continuous bursts of ice at the dragon overhead and shrieked as a bolt of lightning crashed down not far from it.

"Seth!" Rui cried as she climbed into the Earth Seal and dropped inside. The chamber contained a cocoon of bright green energy and sealed within it was the Snagger, lying limply in the center of the chamber. Rui reached out to grab him and was shocked by the energy that held him. The Earth Seal refused to release him. "Seth! We need you to play Celebi's Summon! Rayquaza is another Shadow Pokémon!" He made no response to her. "I told you to go back to the beginning. Whatever that means, to me it says that I completely trust you. I'm sorry for what I said and did at the Tohjo Falls, but that is what I did when I was angry and not thinking right." Rui went on, hoping to get through to him. "So please get out of this and play the song to free Rayquaza. It might be able to help us if it wasn't trying to kill us first." she added, "And you can go back. I'm letting you go, knowing that you will come back one day."

Seth slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at her, dazed. He began to say something, then cringed as the cocoon flickered and dropped him to the wall, which was now the floor. The silver knife fell from his hand as he curled up and coughed. Rui knelt beside him and hugged him tightly, sobbing in relief.

"Don't have much time." Seth managed to croak out, "Can feel changes."

"I brought your pack. Just play the flute. We'll handle the rest." Rui told him and helped him climb out of the machine.

"This isn't going well! The storm is right on us and most of Indigo Stadium has been torn away! Are you sure the Elite Four is safe?" Brendan yelled at Red. The trainer nodded as he watched the storm continue to spread out from around them. It was a miracle the winds hadn't thrown them to certain death, but it was assumed that the legendaries were using portions of their power to keep them safe.

"Storms have to unleash their load to die out, but this one will destroy everything if it does!" May cried, "But if the storm rises up into the atmosphere, the lack of air will rip it apart, right?"

"That's an idea. Hey! Pokémon! Push the clouds higher up into the sky!" Silver declared, raising her arms and miming out the rise of the storm-cell.

"We can't do that with Rayquaza sealing the storm from the rest of the atmosphere!" Latios cried, "We have to get him purified first!"

"Seth's gonna play the flute!" Rui called out as she helped the Snagger walk up to the group. Seth reached for his pack and pulled the silvery Time Flute from it, grimacing as his insides suddenly heaved, trying to fight the changes brought on by the incomplete Rayquaza DNA injection. Fein's body, not designed for the alien substance, attacked itself to neutralize the symbiotic cells that attached to every cell of his body. Seth's was accepting the transfusion slowly, but incorporating the altered strands according to priority.

As Seth raised the flute to his mouth and began to play Celebi's Summon, the storm began pressing harder down on the heroes, the legendary Pokémon struggling to force the cell up higher into the air and the non-Psychic types continuing their assault on Rayquaza. Red, Silver, Brendan and May listened to the notes that permeated the air and carried the melody of the Time Flute to Rayquaza. Rui scrambled to release the other Shadow Pokémon and the male Eons and stepped back. Blaziken, Gardevoir, the female Espeon and female Umbreon all looked up at Celebi in surprise, then glowed a soft green as the memories of joy and love and caring rushed into their minds, freeing them from the darkness of the Shadow.

"I remember it all now! My trainer had been Luka, from Hoenn! I remember all of my attacks and all of our good times!" Gardevoir exclaimed and looked up at the storm fiercely, "For Luka and Seth, I add my Psychic!" She began to focus on pushing the storm up higher.

"Dude! I remember all my good stuff! My trainer, Ryu, was gonna be the next Hoenn Champion!" the Blaziken declared, "Sweet! I got my Blaze Kick back! I love that move!"

"We only knew Ein and Sera as our trainers. We were born in their care. But we accept Seth as our new master and trainer. And Rui, too!" the female Eons cheered.

"I'll add my own Psychic power, too!" the female Espeon cried and joined the Gardevoir's struggles.

"You're not alone! Seth, good to see you alive! Now let's make sure you stay alive!" Jupiter declared and added in his own power. Pluto blinked at the grimace on his trainer's face.

"Something isn't right." he murmured.

High overhead, the Rayquaza writhed, then froze as the melody played into its mind. Celebi finally removed the visor and looked into its eyes. Memories of the calm nights and peaceful days atop the Sky Pillar in Hoenn flooded the dragon's mind and it shook its head as the tiny Pokémon sent the visor flying into the distance.

"What have I been doing?" Rayquaza asked and looked around. "What is this?"

"Rayquaza! A storm of global proportions has been unleashed onto this tiny plateau! Unseal the air so we can push it into space!" Celebi declared. The dragon blinked and nodded, releasing the energy that held the storm down to the Earth. The legendaries resumed the push skyward, struggling to keep the storm contained as it rose slowly.

The Time Flute shattered in Seth's hands and he dropped to his knees, gasping as the DNA churned within his body. Celebi flew down to him and hovered before the Snagger, a serious look on her face.

"Seth, dear friend to us all, the time and day has come. Since you were created to be a super-legendary Pokémon, and are now becoming that Pokémon, it is by our voices that we ask for your alignment! Will you aid us, Raykyoudon, in saving this land? Or do you wish for it all to end so your pain will cease?" she declared as Red translated quickly for the other humans. Seth looked up at her, then at the storm. He shed the Snag Machine and stood shakily, determination renewed on his face.

"I promised Rui the chance to live and find a better life than the one she had with me. As Raykyoudon, I will aid you." he finally whispered. Celebi nodded and smiled.

"Thank you." she murmured, then declared in a loud voice, "I am Celebi, the Forest Guardian! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

"I am Jirachi, the Wish Maker! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

"I am Latios, the Soothing Dragon! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

"I am HeartSong, the Cute Champion! I recognize Raykyoudon"

"I am Ho-Oh, the Bird of Life! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

"I am Lugia, the Sea's Great Guardian! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

"I am Articuno, the Titan of Ice! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

"I am Zapdos, the Titan of Lightning! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

On and on, each legendary Pokémon called their name and title, recognizing the new legendary to rise to their ranks. In the end, the three Pokémon responsible for Raykyoudon looked at Seth, preparing to add their voices.

"I am Rayquaza, the Sky Dragon! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

"I am Kyogre, the Sea Basin's Origin! I recognize Raykyoudon!"

"I am Groudon, the Continent's Origin! I recognize Raykyoudon!" they exclaimed as the psychics lifted the storm higher away from the ground. Seth looked at them all in surprise, then grinned.

"I am Raykyoudon, the Weather's Master! Let's blow this storm outta here!" he declared and leaped out into the air. Celebi caught him in a psychic field and they flew down to join the other Pokémon, "Rui! Get out of here! Everyone, get out! I've been training myself on the powers that were granted to me, and the infusion is almost complete! I'll have the power to stop the storm, but I can't do it if you're here!"

"Goodbye, Seth." Rui whispered softly and collected the Snag Machine left on the floor as Mew and Mewtwo directed their attention over momentarily and teleported the group out of the stadium.

The storm pushed back on the group, roaring like a living beast fighting for its freedom. Seth stood beneath the center of the nightmare and gazed up into its heart. He had been the cause of the storm, he would have to destroy it.

By going back to the beginning.

He lifted his hands, ignoring the fact that it was playing out like his dream, like Rui's dream, and raised them to point at the storm. Rayquaza's DNA was fully absorbed and his body lit up brightly, changing him to the form best suited for the job at hand. He hoped for the best.

Celebi flew back from him and continued her own attempts to push the cell up. The legendaries were tiring quickly, Mewtwo was on the verge of collapse despite his claims to be the most powerful Pokémon alive. HeartSong nudged her brother for comfort and resumed her battle against the Earth Seal Storm. The glow at the center of the chaos was fading. Soon the final piece would fall into place.

Seth stood fast on the grassy plain, hands still raised to the storm as dark blue wings spanned from his back, feathers ruffling in the wind. With all three pieces of DNA within him, he knew now what he had to do. Knew what the beginning was that he had to go to in order to stop the storm.

Knew that his life would be utterly destroyed once he did. There would be no chance of returning from this battle.

"In the beginning..." Seth whispered as he spread his arms as if to embrace the sky, "I was nothing but the energy of the legendary Pokémon."

The legendaries cried in shock as the tiny figure exploded into a swirling twister of millions of golden beads of light, spinning in a tight tornado that rose to meet the storm and push it higher into the air far faster than they could.

"He's doing it! He's going to shred the storm in the atmosphere!" Jirachi exclaimed happily. Celebi stared up at the tornado rising and spinning faster, the golden particles spreading further and further out to push up on the entire cell.

"He's going to destroy himself!" she screamed, "This wasn't supposed to happen! If he rises with the storm to destroy it, he'll be torn to shreds with it! He can't come back if he's been ripped to nothingness!"

"That was his choice! Let's get out of here before the energy kills us!" Latios declared and the group teleported themselves to join the humans outside of the chaos.

Rui looked up and gasped at the great golden twister that rose from the Indigo Stadium's ruins and pushed on the miles wide storm, taking it higher into the sky. Red and the others cheered, fists pumping into the air as they realized the tornado was Seth's handiwork. Jupiter and Pluto cried sorrowfully, instinct telling them that the spiralling energy was all that remained of their master and friend.

The legendaries appeared by them and Celebi rushed to Rui's side, crying out at the twister as it rose higher and the beads of gold spread thinner and thinner over the storm as it began to shrink and collapse, wisps of clouds thrown from it as the winds in the upper atmospheres began to tear and rip into it. The group was still calling out in joy, then horror as Celebi's frantic wails and reaching for the twister finally forced the truth upon them. The further apart Seth's energy was thrown to force the entire storm cell into the atmosphere, the less chance of his surviving the out of body experience.

"You promised you'd come back, Seth!" Rui screamed at the twister, "I said to go back, but this is too far!"

"He's got to come down! He has to come back to Earth!" May exclaimed.

"But if he slacks off on the storm, it will come down with him and destroy the world!" Silver protested. Red scanned the heavens and shook his head.

"I don't think so. Enough of it has already been torn away that the worst we'll get is a hurricane, but even that is going to cause major damage to Kanto and Johto." he remarked. Celebi blinked and jerked her head up in shock as she thought of those words. It all made sense now.

"Let the rain fall." she whispered and looked at Red, "Translate and call it out! Let the rain fall!"

"What is she saying?" Rui asked, seeing the new light of hope in Celebi's eyes.

"She says to call out 'Let the rain fall' to Seth." Red replied and lit up. "Duh! If he lets the storm come down as rain, he can come with it and weaken the rest of its energy with his own!"

"Then let's do it!" Rui exclaimed and turned to the golden twister, "Seth! Let the rain fall!"

"Let the rain fall, Seth! Let it fall!" Silver joined in.

"Let it fall, let it fall! Let the rain fall!" May cried and soon the others were crying those words. Human and Pokémon alike called out to the golden tornado, hoping their words would reach what remained of the Snagger.

"Let the rain fall!"

"Let the rain fall!"

The words touched the hazy remnants of Seth's consciousness, the only thing keeping the tornado spinning and pushing higher. He considered it, wondering why his friends would want the storm to return. His energy spread thinner and he felt fainter, almost as if it was too much of a strain to continue existing. He touched the last parts of the storm, knowing that the bulk of it was gone and there was only this portion left to destroy.

"Let the rain fall!"

Why not? The rain will be his tears now, weeping down on the girl he would have to leave behind. Seth gathered what remained of his energy and consciousness, then collapsed, allowing the dying storm to return to the lower levels of the sky. The beads of gold that was left of him fell with it. He gazed down at the tiny figures of his friends, took note that the height didn't bother him anymore, then faded from life.

And the rain fell to the ground.

Rui's tears were disguised by the rain that poured down on her, poured down on the world in a gentle drizzle that soaked and nourished the earth. The sky cleared as the gentle rains went on, allowing a wide rainbow of colors to stream across the sky and bring promise of brighter days. Celebi looked around and scratched her head, confused.

"What happened?" she asked, lost in the situation for the first time. "Where's Seth?" Rui hung her head and hugged the new Snag Machine.

"He's gone. Even though he let the rain fall, it was too late for him." she murmured. Silver stroked her back again, a look of sympathy on her face. The legendaries looked up and blinked at the single golden bead that made it through the fall and drifted towards them.

"Celebi." Jirachi murmured and the Grass-Psychic reached out to catch the bead in her hand.

"He just might have a chance." she whispered and smiled brightly, "Of course! Go back to the beginning! Let the rain fall and let him come clean! Let him be Raykyoudon the way he wanted to be!" She flew before the group and held it up to them. "The rain has washed away the darkness and the sorrow! Seth has come clean in this death! Rayquaza! Kyogre! Groudon! Will you give part of yourselves to recreate Raykyoudon?" she cried. The three Pokémon roared out their answer and beads of green, red and blue energy flew from around them, gathering towards the tiny gold bead in Celebi's hand. The bead rose up and floated in the center of the cloud of energy before it all collapsed into the middle, spinning and forming the human figure that was Seth's body. He remained veiled in the cloud of color that spun all around it.

The group looked up at the scene in quiet awe, watching the events unfold and the rebirth of their friend.

"Now, go back to the beginning!" Celebi yelled and the cloud with Seth's figure within it flashed brilliantly, disappearing when the glow faded. Rui cried out in shock and looked around as the legendaries cheered and began teleporting away.

"Wait! Celebi! Where is he?" Rui exclaimed. Celebi smiled and spun joyfully in the air.

"At the beginning! Where it all began, that is where Seth is!" she laughed as Red translated quickly, "He's alive and he's Raykyoudon! In the form he always wanted!"

"Aw hell, not this riddle again." Brendan groaned.

"What beginning? I told him to go there and he became that twister of energy!" Rui demanded to know, "What beginning?"

"Think about it! Where it all began, that is the beginning! The reason why Seth existed as the darkness, as the enslaved Raykyoudon! That was the beginning then, and it is the beginning now!" Celebi went on, "Find the beginning! Go to it, and find Seth!" With that, she disappeared into time, a green flash of light that burst in, then out.

"Looks like the adventure isn't over." May remarked, her hands on her hips. "Anyone have any ideas on where this beginning could be?" Rui removed the broken Snag Machine and slipped on the newer model, clenching her hand into a fist. She had not fought this far to lose her desert prince again to 'the beginning'.

Desert prince.

"Orre. The Shadow Pokémon Lab." she whispered and looked up at her friends. "She said the beginning, right? Well, the Shadow Pokémon Lab in Orre is where Seth was originally created. That could be the beginning."

"It could mean many things." Red pointed out, "It could be further back in Seth's history than just his creation. Who created him? How was he created? Why was he created? Each question will give us an answer that could lead us to anyplace in the world as the beginning of everything for him."

"Will you come with me, then?" Rui asked her friends as Jupiter and Pluto stood by her sides, determined to keep their promise to Seth and protect her. "Will you come with me to Orre and begin the quest to find the Beginning and Seth?" The trainers looked at each other, then smiled at her.

"I'm always ready for a new challenge!" May laughed, throwing her a thumb's up. Brendan nodded.

"If Latios shows up again, I want to be there for it! Count me in!" he declared.

"I've never been in a desert region before! This should be fun! New battles and new trainers! Let's go!" Silver exclaimed.

"I would like a battle with Seth myself, and see how powerful a Snagger can be in a fight." Red remarked with a sly grin, "Of course I'll accompany you, Rui! This time, I have no qualms about finding him alive. In fact, I prefer it!"

"Then we're set to find Seth!" Rui declared as the rain stopped and the sun shone brightly, illuminating the rainbow in the sky. "Onwards to Orre, and the Beginning of it All!"

The Beginning to The End

A/N: Okay, so I lied about this being the last story for Pokémon Colosseum. Heh, it could be worse. I could have just given a quick happy ending and leave you to figure out how Seth and Rui get married. But then I'd go nuts trying to think about it too. Oh well. Get ready for the next storyline! Pokémon Colosseum: Back to the Beginning!

Seth's Pokémon: Jupiter, Pluto, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Skarmory, Typhlosion (he changed his team after releasing the legendary dogs of Johto)

Rui's Pokémon: Espeon, Umbreon

May's Pokémon: Blaziken, HeartSong, Kyogre, Absol, Linoone, Minun

Brendan's Pokémon: Sceptile, Mudkip, Groudon, Altaria, Plusle, Kecleon

Silver's Pokémon: Typhlosion, Espeon, Pichu, Haunter, Wobbuffet, Hitmontop

Red's Pokémon: Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur, Espeon, Snorlax

Well, that should be it. I'll see you all again sometime, so I hope you enjoyed this story. I'll be working on my next one soon enough!