"King Lyle, it is time for you to choose a queen", the new archbishop told him. "Why must I choose a queen?" The king replied. "Why it is because you must have a son", the archbishop answered. "I understand, then how will I choose a queen if there are no candidates in Lebalt everybody here except for the children is married?" The king questioned. "It is simple really all you have to do is spread the news."

Meanwhile just outside the walls of Lebalt. "Fam get out of here I am to be Lyle's queen!" Larsha exclaimed. "No way he does not even like you unlike me, I have been hugged before by Lyle", Fam jutted out. "Fam? Lasha? What are you doing here? The king asked. "Oh nothing really, we were just here checking out the new Lebalt", they both answered quickly. "So you heard what we have been talking about, right?" Lyle asked. "Yup, we hear everything you said so can I be one of the candidates for queen?" Larsha added. "Me too! Me too!" Fam as innocent as ever said. "No way you little brat I am to be Lyle's queen!" Larsha said. "Calm down you two, calm down", Lyle said.