"I shall not allow King Lyle to marry such idiots!" a cloaked woman interrupted. "Who are you, if I may ask?" the archbishop asked. "I am Lydia, the princess of the tribe of Morales", she answered while removing her cloak. Under the cloak a woman of beauty and grace appeared. Lyle was stunned by her beauty.

The archbishop has announced the beginning of the contest and hundreds participated, but one shall rule. First the elimination, the part where Lyle shall chooses five participants. Next three shall move one step closer. And the last one shall be time when Lyle chooses his bride.

(Fast forward)

The first five are Fam, Larsha, Lydia, Samantha, and finally Jeanne. Yay! I made it. Wow, I actually did it! Finally, I am now one step closer to fulfilling my dream! Hooray! I'm in. I knew I could do it. These five were now to face a greater challenge…a challenge to make TEA!

This is a piece of cake for me…. I'll surely win…..Oh, no you won't…..she's right…I'll just do my best…..and now it begins…….

The judging begins…and Lydia's tea is absolutely wonderful, you're in.

Next Samantha's tea it needs some work….next Jeanne's tea, just perfect! Next Larsha's and Fam's tea and, and, and the winner is Fam ! Anyway that's all for today ladies… Nooooooooooooooooooooooo...my tea was absolutely perfect!

No, mine was better! "Anyway who cares you lost, now get lost!" the archbishop exclaimed.

The final challenge is to begin tomorrow at dawn. The mechanics shall then be announced on that specified time…..