"P" is For...

Author's note: Ah, the common theme of the high school dance. It's popular for a reason. ;) The prime breeding ground for teen drama and romance.

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"KP, you and me still on for next month, right?"

Kim shut her locker, to find her smiling best friend leaning against the row. She smiled.

"Of course, Ron."

"Excellent! Now I can tell my mom to sew more ruffles on to my shirt."

Kim shook her head, but smiled. Ron always got excited over the most mundane things--it was endearing.

Not that senior prom was mundane. Oh, no it was the event every single teenager at Middleton High had been looking forward to as their beacon at the end of four years of drudgery. The Senior Prom. The most romantic night of their young lives.

Or in Kim's case, the last chance to hold on to her high school memories. Things were changing so quickly. With graduation coming up, she knew life wouldn't quite be the same. That's why she had decided to go with her best friend, Ron, over her crush, Josh Mankey. Through the years, her friendship with Ron was the one thing that hadn't changed--and Kim wanted to go to her last high school dance with him to celebrate that stability.

And if Josh asked her for a dance when they got to prom, she certainly wouldn't refuse.

"This is going to be great!" she said, lost in that daydream.

"I know! Dude, what color is your dress? I promise to get a corsage that matches this time."

"I actually haven't got a dress yet. Going shopping with Monique after school today." The two walked down the hall toward the cafeteria.

"Perfect! Kim, may I suggest you consider chartreuse?"

Kim scrunched her nose. "Puke green?"

"I prefer the term "sweet-pea green," thank you very much. It'd match the color of my cummerbund!" He said, trying to tempt her.

Kim stopped in her tracks. "Let me get this straight--your cummerbund is chartreuse? RON!" She whined. "What did we say about chartreuse?"

Ron sighed, trying to remember what fashion tidbit Kim had been discussing with the rest of the cheerleaders the other day at practice. "Chartreuse is loose but whiter is tighter?"

"Yeah. Chartreuse is out."

"Okay, fine. How do you feel about periwinkle?"

Kim slapped one hand to her forehead, and the other arm around him as they continued walking down the hall. Even though Ron had about the color sense of a box of crayons, she didn't mind. Prom was going to be fun.


"Shego. Hand me my Rotatinator."

"Your what?" Shego barely looked up from her nails.

"G'oh. I mean my wrench. MY WRENCH!" With a groan, Shego got up and handed Dr. Drakken his wrench. "Can't a man attach endearing names to his tools for heaven's sake?" He fiddled with the wrench, turning several bolts in a large mechanical device spread out before him. He laughed maniacally. "Finally, Shego, it's done! My newest diabolical masterpiece that will undoubtedly aid me in--"

"Taking over the world. Just put me in a cage and call me Pinky," Shego yawned.

Drakken soured. "Can you at least pretend to show a little enthusiasm?" He turned back to his machine with a devilish smile. "All I have to do is activate the fuel pump...at least I think that's what it is," he searched around for a switch on the intricate device, and upon flipping it, was greeted with nothing. He tried another. And another. "Blast! Where exactly did I put the darn thing?"

"The same place you put your evil career? You know, when you flushed it down the toilet?" Shego laughed to herself. "That was a good one, gotta write that down somewhere..."

Drakken ignored her, and having exhausted the switches, began poking random buttons. "One of you has to work...aha!" One button ignited a small flame, which in theory was meant to activate the fuel. Instead it activated a tiny explosion. In Drakken's face.

Shego was still filing her nails when Drakken came back into the room, covered with soot and hair slightly more frazzled than usual.

"Frankly, trying to take over the world is getting rather old."

Shego sighed. "Dr. D, have you ever considered changing the way you go about your plans? For instance--your ridiculous machines that don't do anything productive."

Drakken crossed his arms. "I'll have you know that my Blender Attack Squad has won Mad Scientist of the Year honorable mentions 4 years in a row, thank you very much," he then added, muttering, "No thanks to that Dr. Dementor who always takes the cake with his martini shaker death bots. You know what I said to him, Shego, I said, I don't care if your death bots can make me a fuzzy navel, Mom's vanilla milkshake will never go out of style!"

Shego blinked. "All I'm saying is it wouldn't hurt to think about a change in strategy. You know, make small goals first, then work up to the bigger stuff. And drop the crazy machines."

Drakken sighed and picked up a newspaper that was lying on the table. He looked at the title closely. "Shego. Why on earth did we subscribe to the Middleton High school newspaper?"

"Their fashion section has some good tips, once in a while. Though I couldn't agree on their assessment of green."

Drakken eyed the paper, the biggest headline popping out at him. An idea formed in his head and a malicious grin spread across his face.

"Maybe you're right, Shego."

"Yeah, green does not mean a girl has low moral standards."

"No! I meant about variety. Variety, Shego! You know what they say--variety is the...key to...really good things," He took out a pen and underlined the headline, then thrust the newspaper in Shego's face. "How's THIS for starting small?"

"Middleton High to vote on theme for next month's prom...yeah, okay, so?" she looked up at him, questioningly.

"The most romantic, teenybopper night of high school life! Thus, the perfect chance to crush my arch-foe, Kimberly Possible's spirit!"

Shego snickered. "Dr. D, not to be...critical or anything, but I think you've reached a new low. Rod, tell him what he's won."

"You mock me now, Shego. But just you wait. You have yet to realize the sheer scale and grandeur of my plan."


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