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I have added this after comments by reviewers.  The Jack in this story is not the altogether loveable rogue per se the film.  He is more of a pirate and as such, some of you may not (or will not) like certain aspects of his character, but I make no apologies for it.  The whole purpose of this story (for me anyway) is to portray Jack more realistically.

Chapter One: 'Until next time luv.'

Jenny Samuels woke with a start, forgetting where she was for a moment, and then sank back onto her pillows as she remembered.  Her stomach gave a lurch, reminding her none to gently that she was on the sea, and had spent the last couple of days retching and heaving her heart out.  She turned wearily onto her side, fighting down the nausea welling up again, tears springing to her eyes.  'I don't even want to be here,' she moaned to herself, cursing her father who had sent her away.  Jenny's husband, Edward had died six months earlier, and her father had grudgingly taken her back home, complaining to all and sundry how much of a burden his only daughter was to him.  She recalled the shock she had felt when her father announced to her that she was to leave her Worcestershire home for Portsmouth, then sail on to the Caribbean, and become governess to the children of the Governor of The British Territories, James Norrington.  There had been a huge argument between Jenny and her father, ending when the latter slapped his daughter across the face, and told her if she did not go then he would throw her out onto the streets.  Jenny bit back the sobs, taking deep breaths to regain control, 'I will not shed tears over him, not now, not ever,' she promised herself. 

Jenny got off the bed and dressed herself, wrapping up warmly, for there was a strong, cold wind, making the Atlantic even more formidable than usual, then made her way to the deck, holding onto her shawl tightly, as the wind whipped her shoulder length, dark brown hair all ways.  She stood with her back braced against the ship, watching the waves, as they climbed higher and higher, before crashing against the side of the ship.  For some reason, she did not feel sick when she was actually watching the sea, it was only when her eyes and body could not co-ordinate the movement of the ship with the movement of the sea that she felt ill.

'Do you think it's wise to stay on deck M'am?'  Jenny looked at the grizzled face of the first mate, who was dripping wet from the spray.

'I'll be fine here for a while, thank you Mr. Hughes, I need some fresh air.'  Jenny smiled at the man's concern.  She had been dreading boarding the ship since she found out that it would be a merchant vessel she would be sailing on, as the passage was cheaper, and her father wanted to spend as little money as possible on her, but the crew had been very kind to her since she boarded, making sure she was looked after.  She was not the only passenger, but she was the only female one, and felt quite lonely as the other passengers and the crew, by and large, avoided any familiarity with her.  The ship suddenly lurched in the water, nearly knocking her off her feet.

'I think it's time you went below Mrs. Samuels, it's going to get a little rough.'  The first mate guided her to the hatch, hoisting it open, and Jenny disappeared back below, to the sickness she knew would overcome her again.

This ship pitched and lurched violently in the Atlantic storm, and her stomach seemed to match the motions, her throat burning with the pain of retching when there was nothing left to fetch up.  Jenny was dimly aware of there being a particularly violent shudder going through the ship, followed by an un-earthly groaning and crashing noise.  But she was beyond caring, alls she could think of was the assault on her body and senses, a small part of her half wishing the ship would sink, thus putting an end to her misery.  Jenny finally sank into a deep sleep, her body too weak to stay awake, despite the cacophony going on around her.

'Wake up M'am, wake up!'  Jenny was aware that someone was shaking her gently, and pried open her eyes, blinking several times in the strong sunlight, before finally gaining enough sight to see who was waking her.  It was the first mate, in an extremely dishevelled state.  'We've taken some damage Mrs. Samuels, we need everyone to be ready in case we have to abandon ship.'  Mr. Hughes left the room, giving Jenny the privacy to get dressed.  Wearily, she climbed off the bed, finding the strength from somewhere to pull on her clothes.  She stumbled her way to the deck, realising that the ship was listing to starboard.  There were men running to and fro, each busy with his own appointed task.  Slowly Jenny crossed the deck to the captain standing at the helm.

'Captain Adams, what is happening?'  Jenny clung to the wheel for support, feeling her knees starting to buckle beneath her.

The captain gave control of the ship to a crewman and gently guided her to a barrel, sitting her down on it.  'We hit some rocks during the storm Mrs. Samuels.  We couldn't assess the damage until the storm had passed, and it seems we have quite a large hole just above the waterline on the starboard bow.  We have taken on a lot of water, but there are men bailing out, so the ship should soon be a little more upright.  Now if you'll excuse me.....'  Captain Adams crossed to the starboard side, issuing orders as he went, leaving Jenny sitting on the barrel, feeling weak and rather helpless.

After some time, she became aware that the ship was indeed starting to right itself, and the captain decided to risk raising the anchor, making for a piece of land on the horizon, but it was slow progress as the seas were still quite rough and they were still taking in some water.  Jenny wished there was something she could do, she hated sitting around feeling useless.  Growing up with five brothers had turned Jenny into quite an independent woman, used to mucking in when the need arose, always ready to offer an opinion, something which her father hated, for she never shied from answering him back, whereas his mother and sister, and even her own mother had always complied with his wishes.   Jenny was startled from her reverie by a call from the crows nest.  'Ship ho!'

The captain ordered the distress flag to be hoisted, after looking through his spyglass and seeing the flag of another British merchant vessel flying from the mast.  The other ship changed course, showing their sails as they did.   The effect on the crew was immediate, as they all spotted the black sails.  They ran at their captain's order to make ready for being boarded, every man checked his pistol and armed himself with a cutlass.

'What on earth is going on, Captain?'  Jenny felt a shiver of fear jolt through her body.

'There's only one ship that has black sails Mrs. Samuels, and it's a pirate ship.  Please go below and lock yourself in your room.  They will not suspect there being a woman on board and you might escape their notice.'

Jenny made her way to her room, stomach churning up again, but with fear this time.  She watched through the window as the other ship got closer, part of her marvelling at the sight of the majestic ship speeding its way towards them, the flag of the skull and crossed swords flapping wildly in the wind.  She heard Captain Adams calling to his men to surrender without a fight as he could not afford to lose any hands with the state his ship was in.  The black ship drew alongside The Galton and Jenny heard the sound of the grappling hooks landing on the deck above her, followed by the shouts and jeers of the pirates as they swung aboard.  Jenny wedged herself into a corner, away from the door, and prayed that she would not be discovered.  She listened to the footsteps running all over The Galton, and the whoops of delight as the pirates came upon booty.  Jenny froze upon hearting the door to her cabin rattle as strong hands tried to open it.

'Now, what could possibly be in here that the Cap'n don't want us to know about?'  The voice sounded rough, harsh.  There was a loud bang, and the door flew open, the lock having being shot off.  She tried not to whimper, pressing herself back further into the corner, watching the men searching through her effects and finding some jewellery.  'Well, well, well.  It seems we have a lady aboard Davy.'  The second pirate chuckled, and they both looked around the cabin, stopping when they spotted Jenny in the corner.  The larger of the two grabbed her, hauling Jenny to her feet, and roughly shoved her towards the door, hands pawing her backside as she went.

Jenny looked at the scene on deck in shock,  seeing the crew and passengers of The Galton were herded together by the mizzenmast, guarded by some of the pirates.

'Wotcha got there lads?'  The voice sounded lazy, nonchalant.

'A woman Cap'n, we found her locked in a cabin.'  Davy held up his hands, showing the necklaces, pearl studded hair combs and ear-rings to his captain.

'Good, good.'  The pirate captain walked over to Jenny, looking her up and down, and smiling as he took in her long, rather bedraggled hair, the generous curves of her body.  She was slightly taller than most women, and the pirate looked down at her skirts, wondering whether she had long legs beneath to concealing fabric.  He grinned salaciously at the thought.  He saw a spark of fire in her green eyes, which she either quickly subdued herself, or she was overcome with fear.  He stroked the two braids hanging from his chining thoughtfully, trying to decide which it was. Jenny recoiled from his rum fuelled breath and tried not to notice how he was looking at her. 

'Well M'lady, what other treasures do ye possess?'  Coarse hands reached behind Jenny's neck, unfastening the pendant of gold and pearls, slipping it into a pocket in his tatty, once grey coat.  He then reached for Jenny's face, gently stroking her cheeks, his eyes never leaving hers as he removed the ear-rings she wore, stowing them with the necklace.  The pirate brushed his hands down Jenny's bare arms, making her shiver.  'Like that do we luv?'  His impossibly dark, black lined eyes glinted dangerously, his crooked smile showing a mouthful of gold teeth.  He lifted her hands, feeling slightly disappointed to find only a wedding band on her finger.

'No!'  Jenny snatched her hand away.  'You're not taking that.'  She held her hands close to her chest, hiding the ring from sight.

'I don't think yer in a position to decide what I can and what I cannot take luv.'  He pulled Jenny's hand away from her body, his fingers brushing the tops of her breasts as he did, his smile broadening, then he tugged at the ring, trying to remove it.

'Please, I ask you, please don't take it, it's the only keepsake I have of my late husband.'  Jenny struggled to release her hand from the man's iron grip.

'Oh, ye ask me do ya?  Would ya beg me luv?'  He crooked an eyebrow, implying a different proposition altogether.

Jenny fought to get her breath back, not realizing she had been holding it,  and ignored the hidden meaning in the pirate's words.  'I beg you, please don't take this ring.' 

'What would ya do to keep it?  What lengths would ya go to luv, eh?'  He moved closer to Jenny, causing her to back away until she reached the ships side and had nowhere left to go.  She tensed as the man pressed his body against hers, lips nuzzling her neck, 'Would ya offer yerself to me in exchange fer th'ring?'

'Let her be, you bastard!'  Captain Adams tried to pull away from his captors, who beat him back.

'No, please don't hurt him.'  Jenny was started to feel panicked, 'Here, take the ring.'  She snatched it off her hand and held it towards her own captor.

He smiled at her, his face mere inches away from hers.  'It's a good job I'm feeling generous today, eh darlin.'  He wrapped his hand around hers, closing it, with the ring still in her grasp.  'You'll always remember this day luv, as the day you almost got seduced by Captain Jack Sparrow.'  Jack brushed his lips and tongue against Jenny's mouth, his eyes still locked on hers.

'Shake a leg yer scabrous dogs, we ain't got all day.'  With a flourish Jack turned away and strode across the deck of The Galton, swinging back to the deck of his own ship, his crew swinging back after their captain, having sent the loot over earlier.  Jack caught Jenny's eyes as the ships parted, and doffed his battered tri-cornered hat elaborately.  'Until next time luv.'