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AN Ok to any newbies out there. This is obviously in the Sirius/Remus section but the above 'thanks' may have confused you. Basically this is a prequel to my other fanfictions 'Little Wolf' and 'Autumn Skies'. These two are about Harry and his lover, a male werewolf called Cara Faolan (Yes an OC but you'll find that a lot of people rather like him). You do NOT have to read them to understand this one, as this is the prequel featuring everyone's favourite canines. But please, feel free to go have a read as I am particularly proud of them. Other then that I hope you enjoy 'Embracing the Moon' and I bid thee good day for now.

Remus's POV

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Chapter 1 – Prologue.

I remember my first day at Hogwarts like it was yesterday, which of course is a gross exaggeration, as Harry and Cara like to teasingly remind me from time to time. I was so very short compared to most students, I have always been, and so when I stepped through that barrier to Platform 9 and Three quarters, safe between my mother and father, my jaw must have made a dull 'thunk' sound as it hit the ground.

My father, Ethan Lupin, smiled down at me, hand on my shoulder as he squeezed it lightly. It was because of him that I had even this slither of hope of getting into Hogwarts. He had gone to visit the Headmaster of the school, a kind man he had called Albus Dumbledore and was ready to beg for my entry.

You see he knew how smart I was. From the age of 6 I had been reading William Blake's poems and had successfully managed to learn a 1056 page Apocraphya. Well one does have a lot of spare time when one suffers from my condition.

Oh, did I not mention my Lycanthroatsy? I am terribly sorry, sometimes it slips my mind that it doesn't always show on the surface. I'm guessing that's why I didn't see you recoil until just now?

Yes, I am a werewolf and have always been since I was 4 years old. The unfortunate Lycan who had bitten me was...put down...in a sense. I have never hated that man as it was beyond his control. I remember waking up after my most disturbing attack to find a stranger weeping beside me as he twitched his hand, trying to decide whether to reach out and touch me or not. As soon as he saw that I did indeed still breath he let out a sob and I remember him bundling me up into his arms.

He took me to my house, which was just beyond the woods. He had collapsed on his knees before my father, sobbing uncontrollably as he recounted all that he could. Daddy did not yell at him but he did pale. He clothed the man and together they had rushed me to St Mungo's. But when we got there we were met by Aurors...they'd come to take the werewolf away. He went without argument. Daddy says he went to a trial to plead for the man, he couldn't stop it even if he tried. The man was killed two days later.

But I'm getting off track, I do apologise. It's a bad habit I've tried for many years to break so you'll have to bear with me.

The huge red leviathan that was the Hogwarts express loomed over me, spilling thick white clouds over the heads of the bustling crowds of students. I gulped.

"Remus." My father said and I turned to look up at him. He leaned down a little to clasp both my shoulders as he looked over his gold framed circular glasses at me and spoke with a gentle smile.

"This is it son, prove to the world what a brilliant person you truly are. Make friends...but please...be careful" /People can be cruel/. It went without saying but he and I both knew it was true. People, especially groups of people, can't handle things different to them.

"I will daddy." I promised and we hugged tightly before I turned to my mother, Brigit. She is beautiful you know, like how Eve of the Eden must have looked to her children. Her long tawny hair reached to her waist and it almost touched the ground as she knelt to look up at me.

"We'll be right at home baby, if things get difficult all you have to do is write ok?" She said softly as she stroked the bangs of matching tawny hair out of my eyes.

"Yes mummy." I said smiling and she smiled whilst pulling me into a bone crushing hug. I laughed a little as she did so and so did she.

You're wondering why I still call my parents Mummy and Daddy aren't you? It's not a childish, good boy thing. I just...well I've never had friends as children can sense something in me, most children can its why they are easily scared by bumps in the night. So my parents have always been there for me whether it was to teach me, play with me or generally just remind me that I am more then just a beast.

I've done it again haven't I? I'm sorry, you want to know about my first day.

So then she stood and I smiled at both my parents before turning to make my way to the train. I stopped halfway, leaving my trolley there as I ran back to hug them once more, much to their amusement. I think my mum was crying silently.

So making my way for a second time, trembling slightly at leaving the safe recluse of the life I had come to savour and with the help of a prefect I tugged my trunk on board.

I luckily found an empty compartment and after pushing my trunk up onto the high braces above the door I pushed the window down to look out the window. I spotted my parents standing to the side where the other parents were and I will always remember that moment, as it was the one time they could be like any other parent.

They spotted me, my mum wiping her tearful face with a tremendous smile as she waved. My father smiled at me and I waved back, feeling a heavyhearted sensation at leaving them behind.

The train gave a great whistle causing my heart to leap into my throat. This was it, this was when I would leave the safe arms of my parents and enter a more real, harsher world then I thought I was ready for.

The train lurched as it began to move and I mouthed three words at my parents causing more tears to slip down her face but making her smile widen as she repeated them.

I leant back in when they had disappeared from view and I felt strangely like crying. Pathetic huh? Well this wouldn't do now would it? So standing on the sofa like chair of the compartment I reached into a side latch on my trunk and pulled out my book of William Blake's works.

I settled back down then into the chair, pressing tightly against the side by the window as I flicked open the worn text. It worked for almost ten minutes as I read my favourite sonnets but a loud sound outside the doors caused me to jump and look up.

The windows were slightly blurred with the odd glass they had fitted into the door but I could make out a few figures moving around. Before I could squint anymore the door to my compartment flew open and a boy came crashing through.

As he toppled with a yell he knocked the book out of my hands and I fell with him, the pair of us crashing to the floor. He landed braced above me as I began to breathe erratically out of fear. I've never been this close to anyone bar my parents and so I felt threatened...terrified. My eyes clenched shut as my chest heaved.

"Ah crap, are you ok?" Came a young voice above me and it was so sincere that I couldn't help but creak open one eye a little.

My heart stopped.

Now as a child that has spent a great deal of his life lost in a world of books your mind begins to create extravagant images of far away places with handsome princes and beautiful princesses.

I myself have always preferred the less 'Fairytale' stories and the more 'Ancient Greek and Egyptian' stories...there are more historical facts in them.

Well here I was, back on the floor with an Egyptian God hovering above me. Tanned skin adorned that graceful figure, black hair falling over a sweet young teens face and blue sapphires were set into this most intriguing creature...I was lying beneath Ra, God of the Sun and day!

Of course seeing as I was only 11 it was mere curiosity at the boy's appearance that fascinated me, not the fact that I was attracted to another male.

...Didn't fool you either huh? No, I've been trying that one on myself for years and even now I still raise my eyebrow sceptically at the denial.

Anyway, I opened both eyes and the boy cocked his head at me as he continued to look down at me worriedly. It was another voice that caused any movement between us.

"Sirius, get off the poor boy you great prat!" This boy, Sirius, flushed them crawled off me before flashing a stunning smirk at his friend.

"Well I wouldn't be on him if you hadn't shoved me James!" The boy held a hand out to me, which for a moment I stared at it, wary. Then slowly, I reached up and was lifted to my feet fluidly.

"You ok? I didn't hurt you?" He asked as he scanned me over. I instantly began to feel self-conscious as I have always been towards my looks. Tawny hair was sort of layered around my face, the back actually touching the back of my neck and I had weird gold eyes. Mum says that before I was bitten they used to be a light shade of green. My face has never developed into a strong structure and I'm almost...feminine...in appearance. Like I mentioned before, I'm short, and these two boys stood at least a couple of inches taller then me. I felt like a girl.

I shook my head in answer to the boy's question and his friend, James, stepped forwards. He was a good-looking boy but he held nothing on this Sirius. His hair was in disarray atop his head and his eyes were a woody hazel shade. Nice, but not stunning.

"Do you talk?" He asked with a smirk as the Egyptian Prince tilted his head a little in question. Stupidly I nodded causing that smirk to grow slightly. The messy haired boy held out his hand politely.

"James Potter." He said swiftly and I couldn't help but smile a little whilst I took his offer. 'Make friends' had been my father's wish after all.

"Remus Lupin." I answered and I noticed them both look at me curiously.

"Cool name." James answered as he winked, which was actually rather calming to me. The other boy then stepped up with his hand outstretched. I think if I had taken it any quicker I would've moved faster then the speed of light...actually not that difficult for a Lycan like me.

"Sirius Black." He said in a kindly voice and this time it was my turn to cock my head.

"From the Canis Major?" I had said before my eyes had widened and I blushed. Nerd factor, now most definitely high! However, Sirius just laughed and nodded.

"Yes, the brightest star by far!" He said as he took a bow, looking up slightly and giving me a cheeky wink.

"It's nice to meet you both." I said and I slowly sat myself back into my chair as they settled across from me. I tried to tuck my book under my lap but Sirius caught sight of it first.

"Hey, what's that?" He said loudly and I blanched. I'd learnt a long time ago that children will tease and ridicule any other child who shows interest in self-inflicted education so I began to panic. Before I could do anything though Sirius had reached out and grabbed my book.

"William Blake...You're reading this?" He held it up to show me and I had a wild urge to grab it back. My father had given me that as I sat in the hospital after I was bitten so in a sense it's to me beacon of light through even the darkest times. However Sirius gladly handed it back with a small smile on his face.

"'To see a world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower..." He stopped looking over at me expectantly and the smile that slowly spread onto my face must have been infectious because even James was grinning.

"... 'Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and Eternity in an hour'." I recited back.

Sirius's smile was enchanting as he leant forwards, his dark hair hanging in his eyes as he looked up through his fringe with those currently innocent blue eyes,

"Remus Lupin, I think we could be good friends."

That was the beginning of us three really. Peter, curse his name, joined us after the sorting. Such an unusual introduction but nothing akin to our actual years at Hogwarts...or how Sirius Black became my friend, my mate and my lover.

And that is the tale that I am going to tell you.


AN Ok Boys and Squirrels, how's this doing? A little different as its first person but I'd greatly appreciate being told how I'm doing, especially by my oldest reviewers. DO you guys like this?