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"What do you mean, hell?" Asked Faith, watching Giles. Spike bent over and pulled Xander roughly to his feet. The man staggered back behind Spike.

"He's possessed." Said Spike. "By a vampire. Take him down, but try to be gentle—Giles is in there somewhere."

Faith moved forward, throwing a blow at Giles. Giles dodged back, catching her fist.

"A vampire?" Asked the Watcher, offended. "I was not just any vampire! My feats are legendary, my kills recorded in screams and death cries!"

"Yahoo." Said Spike, moving forward.

Giles threw Faith backwards with strength his body should not have held. "You misunderstand." The Watcher said flatly.

Spike threw a punch at him, one that Giles blocked easily. The blow he threw in return sent Spike staggering backwards. Giles moved forward, his hands coming up.

Spike recovered almost instantly, dropping to a crouch and spinning, extending his right leg, smashing Giles to the ground. He continued spinning, coming upright, the duster flaring around him like a cloak.

Giles rolled effortlessly to his feet, moving forward and swinging a roundhouse punch at Spike. Spike blocked it with a desperate swing of both arms, and Giles brought a knee up into the vampire's groin. Spike doubled over, and Giles smashed an uppercut into his face, slamming the vampire into the wall.

Faith jumped forward, kicking Giles in the back. He stumbled forward, right into Xander, who punched him twice in the face, as quickly as he could. Giles was unfazed, barely noticing the blows, and backhanded Xander. The blow spun him around, dropping him to the floor.

"Hey!" Said Faith, grabbing a lamp and sending it crashing into Giles' head.

He fell forward with a grunt, tripping over Xander and landing on his knees, leaning against the door. He grinned, slamming a fist through the door.

Light from the newly risen sun came streaming in, hitting Spike in the back. He screamed as his coat started to smoke, and rolled over.

Giles opened the door, coming to his feet and turning around smoothly, gracefully, like a snake coming alive.

Spike staggered into the kitchen, while Faith grabbed an end table.

Giles picked up Xander, hoisting the younger man over his head. "Is this the best defense you can offer?" He asked.

Half a dozen Slayers came running down the stairs. Most of them bore stakes, which were quickly discarded when they saw Faith trying to close with Giles to get Xander free.

"Come on!" Yelled Faith.

"But...that's Giles." Protested the one in the lead.

Giles threw Xander into Faith, knocking them away from him, and closed with the girl, grabbing her by the neck. "Yes, it is." He said with a smile. "Very perceptive of you."

He snapped her neck, letting her dead body drop to the floor.

With a roar Spike grabbed the Watcher, darting into the sunshine, and threw him at another door. The Watcher smashed through the door, falling down the steps behind the door, descending into the basement.

Spike jumped, spinning the air over Giles, landing behind him, still smoking. He shifted into game face, his amber eyes glowing in the darkness, searching out the Watcher in the darkness.

Giles spun to his feet, his fists at the ready. "So brave, my Childe four times removed." He hissed. "You are a worse blight than Angel. A worse blight than this family has ever faced!"

Spike shifted back to his human face as the lights came on. "Blight?" He questioned. "I was nothing as a vampire. Nothing. Drusilla's guardian, the vampire who killed two Slayers. Nothing spectacular. As a hero?" He dove forward, closing with the human.

They grappled for a moment, and then Giles punched Spike, a hard blow that rocked him back away from Giles.

"You saved the world a few times. Terrific." Said Giles snidely. "Allow me to undo that work."

Buffy swept down the stairs, battle-axe in hand. Her face was set in a grimace of resolve—a warning that even the Master could recognize.

She swung at Giles, putting impossible force behind the weapon. But she swung with the blunt side of the blade, to protect Giles, and the blade fanned against the air, slowing it down.

Giles shifted, his foot coming up and shattering the wooden haft. "You're a disgrace." He said. "Unfortunately, my escape from hell caused an imbalance—one that allowed you to escape."

Spike stared. "An imbalance?" He asked, warily circling the possessed human.

Buffy charged forward, punching at her Watcher. Her fist slammed into his chest, and he rocked back, but quickly balanced himself.

Buffy charged Giles again. He punched her, knocking her to the ground. "Now that, that was just pathetic." He noted. "Weren't you listening while I trained you?"

"Not a bit!" She growled, rolling over and sweeping his feet out from under him.

He fell and flipped, landing on his feet. Another Slayer charged from the stairs and he punched her without looking at her. It was Faith, noted Buffy as the dark slayer bounced of a wall and fell to the ground.

"Giles!" Screamed Buffy, kicking to her feet and charging him.

His blow knocked her to the ground. "Funny how that turns out." He said smugly to Spike.

He turned, smiling, watching as Buffy and Faith struggled to their feet, helping each other up. They began heading towards the stairs. "You're still down several squads of Slayers, aren't you? I can take everyone in this building."

"Don't be too sure about that." Said Buffy coldly.

"Oh?" Giles moved closer. "I've studied you for years. I know every weakness you have. I know exactly who you'll turn to for help. How could I not beat you?"

Anya leapt through down the stairs, landing on her feet in game face. She growled low in her throat, moving forward in a crouch. "You are not Giles!" She roared. "He was good, and you're bad! End of story!"

"Besides, familiarity only breeds contempt; not victory." Said Spike, behind Giles now.

Anya punched the Watcher, spinning him around to Spike, who grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him into a wall. His head and shoulders crashed through the wall, shattering the drywall in spider-web like patterns outward from his head.

Anya moved in, growling. Buffy and Faith and another Slayer followed.

Giles pushed himself out of the wall, bringing a length of two-by-four with him. He swung the pointed end at Anya's midriff. She dodged, punching it out of his hand.

"Perhaps not." Said Giles. "But I will win." He spun, smashing the palm of one hand into Spike's jaw. Spike was lifted off his feet and slammed back into the stairs.

Faith and Buffy charged forward, working as a team. Buffy struck at him high with the haft of the axe she'd been wielding, while Faith crouched, sending a kick at his midriff.

He blocked Faith's kick, and Buffy's blow caught him in the temple. He grasped Faith's leg, swinging her around, sending her crashing into Buffy.

The third Slayer charged in and dove at Giles, knocking him backwards. He grabbed her by the head, preparing to break her neck as he had the Slayer upstairs.

Anya was having none of it. She screamed, jumping at him, overbalancing him. The three of them sprawled on the ground, rolling across the floor.

Giles, thwarted, snapped Anya's neck instead as the third Slayer rolled up to her feet. "No!" She said, punching him in the stomach again. He grunted, reaching for her.

Spike was on him then, pulling him to his feet and smashing his fist into Giles' face as quickly as could. Before the Watcher could recover he punched him back, into Faith and Buffy, who both hit him hard. As he staggered back Spike hit him again, aided by the third Slayer.

More Slayers came down the stairs then, and one of them held the tranquilizer rifle that Giles himself had insisted they keep on hand for those situations where they were up against somebody they didn't want dead.

He scowled at the irony when they shot him.



Spike and Xander sat on the back step. Spike pulled out a cigarette, eyeing the moon above them.

Xander cleared his throat, eyeing the cigarette, and Spike hesitated, for just a second. Then, defiantly, he flipped his lighter open, lighting up. He inhaled deeply, then blew the smoke at Xander.

Xander coughed and swore. Spike smirked.

Faith opened the door. "Hey." She said. They both craned over their shoulder at her, waiting. "Willow says he'll be okay. Just a matter of finding the right spells, and she'll exorcise him and destroy the Master."

"Thanks." Said Xander, turning back. Spike did as well.

Faith hesitated. "So...what now?" She asked.

"Not sure." Said Spike. "That's up to my bloody masters, inn't it?"

Xander snorted. "They may provide advice, but I sincerely doubt they'll get any real obedience out of you, Spike."

Faith shrugged, returning indoors to help watch Giles, chained to a chair.

Xander closed his eyes. "What now?" He asked.

"Probably Tibet." Said Spike. "Last time I was there I ate some nice monks."

Xander rolled his eyes. "Why Tibet?"

Spike grinned. "About as far as you can get from Cleveland and still be on the planet." He said.

Xander nodded. "And Anya?"

"I kind of owe it to her to keep an eye on her." Said Spike. "Make sure the bloodlust doesn't turn her into...into the thing you think she is."

Xander nodded. "Yeah."

They sat together, the Champion and his Seer, both of them trying to think of a good reason—or even a bad reason—to get rid of the other and head out on their own.

They couldn't come up with one, unfortunately.


Authors notes:

That's a wrap. Now, the explanation for this monstrosity.

It started several years ago as an exercise in writing. I've never quite bought the 'Spike is good without a soul' stories, and I wanted to prove I could make anything believable. So I set out to write a believable SIGWAS fic.

If it wasn't believable, then I guess I can't make ANYthing believable.

I was going through my old fics, and I found this. It was HORRIBLE. Worse than it is now. So I went through and cleaned it up...the worst errors and faux pas are gone. What's left was not the half of it.

Thanks for your forbearance in making it through all fifteen chapters. Please try my other stories—they're much better, honest.