Author Notes:

Hello! Again lol.

I swear, these will be the last Author Notes from me here.

Anyway, I come bearing good news! Another author, Step of Death, has kindly volunteered to continue working on CUMK! and I gave him the green light. Right now, he will be re-uploading my old, original chapters to his version but after that, he will continue with his own ideas and plot for the story. After he's done re-uploading my chapters, I will delete my story from my account. In the meantime, you will still be able to read all chapters written so far by me there.

You can find the new version of the story here: s/12701145/1/Cheer-up-Mr-Kaiba

If the link doesn't work for some reason (I remember FF-net being iffy about them), you can find another one on my profile page.

Thanks for volunteering, Step, and I hope you have fun with it as much as I did~