He thinks he's so cool.

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            He thinks he's so cool. Look at him, standing there! New students usually don't get so popular so quickly. He seemed like a nice enough guy at first. Then he parked in my spot. That's parking lot sacrilege and everyone in this school knows it! Its not just that though. He has that ultra mysterious way about him. The tall, dark, and handsome type (not to mention silent) and that type usually ends up to be a complete ass hole.

            He thinks he's so cool. All of the inner senshi adore him. That's what I expected from them, but Michi!? Look, we have an open relationship, but I thought she would have had better taste. Yeah, I'll admit he'd beautiful--cinnamon hair, creamy European skin, emerald eyes, a bit taller than me but not too much. Either way, he's a jerk! I really hate this new guy. Trowa Barton: He thinks he's so cool.

            "It's too early for this crap," I tell Michi as we walk to our advanced chemistry class. Chemistry is bad enough, but Michi insisted on advanced chem. And today we're switching lab partners. We enter the class as the bell rings. "Alright, class!" the overzealous teacher shouts—fresh out of college and she's still passionate about her job, poor thing. "Today we will begin our lessons by switching lab partners. Remember, I don't want you partnered with anyone that you've been with before."

            "Well, I guess that splits us up, Ruka." "I have my eyes set on Ami-chan anyways," I tease my lover. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a tall figure approach us. It's him. "Haruka-sama, Michiru-san," he starts. I hate that he calls me that, like he's mocking me. "Trowa-san," Michi beams and I groan inwardly. "I was wondering if you'd be my lab partner, Haruka-sama?" I snort and scowl and for some reason his normally masked face breaks out in a small smile.

            "Actually, Barton, I was thinking about asking Ami-chan to be my partner." Glancing over at Ami-chan, I see another student coming in for the kill. "Hey Ami-chan," I shoot loud enough for all to hear, "Be my partner, Koi." She turns bright red but nods her consent. I turn to him smugly and wink. He smiles even wider. "Well, Trowa-san, I'd be more than happy to partner with you."

            My jaw drops open and I'm sure I look like a grasping fish. He extends his hand to her and she takes it as they walk off. "Have fun with Ami-san, Haruka-sama," he says calmly as I'm sure I hear Michi Giggling over my bright red face. I slink over to Ami-chan defeated and plop down next to her. "Haruka-san, are you alright?" Good old Ami and her mother hen complex. I grumble and moan, "He thinks he's so cool.