He thinks he's so cool

Chapter 8

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            Michi moved all my stuff into his room. She said I'm his for now. I'm sitting on the corner of our bed. He's reading one of Michi's trashy romance novels and periodically starring at me. I huff and pull out a bag from the closet as I grab a few of my things. I haphazardly pack and march out of my room. He follows. I pass Michi and the others as I head to the front door. "I'm going to stay with Koneko, or Ami-chan, or Rei-chan, or someone! All of you are crazy!" "Ru," he starts amused. "I never should have said it!" I shout as I slam the door. And it feels good.

            She slams the door and yet again there is the shatter of glass. Michiru-chan starts giggling softly. "Trowa-kun," she smiles, "Ruka is so much fun to tease. Do take care of her, won't you." I grin back, "Well, I don't really think she wants me. You heard what she said." Duo groans, "Neh, she's just playing hard to get, Trow. She wants you." "Nonsense," Michiru-chan sniffs, "Ruka is just very confused, she doesn't know what she wants. The only way to discover it is to drive her to the edge of insanity and hope for an epiphany." She walks to the kitchen and retrieves a phone. "Hello, Usagi-chan, Haruka's on her way over to your house and she's really down right now. You know what I'm sure she'll enjoy…a slumber party."

            Koneko's already waiting for me outside her house. "Haruka-san, let's go to Rei-chan's temple. More room there!" I shoot her a baffled look as she climbs in but do as I'm told. At Rei-chan's temple, minna-chan's already there. Mako-chan grabs my bag and giggles, "Haruka-san, I never thought you'd enjoy a slumber party." "Slumber party?" Mina-chan chimes in, "But then again, we never thought you'd enjoy boys either."

 "What's this all about?" I protest as I'm seated in Rei-chan's room. "First, Rei-chan will do your zodiac to see if you and Trowa-san are compatible, then we'll do a make over, Ami-chan brought over this divine face mask, and finally we'll watch scary movies and eat til we pop!" Koneko sings as she dances around the room in her bunny pajamas. "Doesn't that sound nice, Haruka-san," Ami-chan comments as she pours me a cup of tea. I grumble, "All I want is a place to sleep."

"No, no, no," Rei-chan chastises as she pulls out her tarot cards. "Michiru-san told us a slumber party will cheer you up and that's what we plan on doing! Cheering you up!" "Michi called?" "Hai!" Koneko and Mina-chan chime as they pick out a nail polish for me. "Oi, Haruka-san I have this lovely dress you should try on. It would bring out your eyes and really knock Trowa-san's socks off." They all start to squeal and gossip when suddenly they go dead quiet and Mina-chan leans in close to me. "So…," she states in a eerie voice, "Did you two do it yet?"

I must escape! I get up and calmly ask to use the bathroom. As I leave, I grab my bag and haul ass to my car with five very hyper inner senshi on my tail. I speed home with on thought on my mind, "The hell I'm wearing a dress!"

I slam the door, open it and slam it three more times. Michi and the others look in my general direction as I sulk to the kitchen. "Konichiwa, Ruka, back so soon?" I give her a defeated look. "A slumber party, Michi?" She just smiles. I turn to leave while mumbling, "I really wish I had a gun." I bump into something and realize it's him. He grabs me before I can react, throwing me over his shoulder. I protest and kick as he takes me outside to the pool and drops me unceremoniously into the water.

As I sputter for breath, he takes off his clothes and accompanies me in the icy water. I feel him undressing me as I float and fight, but he's very good with his hands. "I don't want to sleep with you!" I scream. He stops and I realize I'm not completely naked, and neither is he. We're in our under clothes. "For lack of swim suits," he answers my unasked question, "Oh, and I don't want to sleep with you either, not until you can say you love me right. And I won't touch you, or kiss you or even see you until then. I'll stay in my room, away form you, and you can go back to Michiru-chan."

He starts to swim to the side. "Trowa! Wait!" I move to him as he exits the water. He's up and toweling himself off. "I'm sorry, I know I'm…well, me, but I didn't mean to be." He looks at me sharply and I've never seen his eyes so harsh. "I don't want you thinking you've made a mistake in wanting me." "It's not!" I shout, "You're great, really. You're clever and attentive and charming and absolutely beautiful but I'm just…" "Just what?" he asks as he hauls me back out of the water. I'm not sure where I'm going with this.

"It's just, why didn't you pick Michi, or Mako-chan, or Mina-chan? Why me?" He smiles and I'm glad he does and his body is pressed against mine and I can feel…ah…him and he kisses me lightly. "Because, Haruka, as you said, you're you." He walks toward the house with me in tow. "I love you," I state firmly hoping I won't regret it. "I love you too," he smiles softly and lifts me up in a bridal fashion. The question I asked Koneko earlier enters into my mind. "What's it like to love a man?" I have a feeling I might now know.


I think that's all…