Rated: R. This chapter has been rated so because of sexual references and overall theme. It is also rated for sexual content in later chapters. This is in no way smut. This fic had a plot and is definitely going somewhere.

Summary: Ginny was captured during battle but was kept alive by Voldemort as his 'pet'. But Ginny's high spirits and trouble making ways are too much for him to handle at the moment. This is where Draco Malfoy comes into the mix.

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Prologue- Pet

"Come over here, pet," Voldemort eyed the dainty, petite red head as she indisputably drifted towards him, abandoning the shaggy looking, large proportioned death eater who had brought her here, dragging her by the arm.

As she came within arms length of Voldemort he rose from the throne-like seat. The throne consisted of silver and green stone snakes entwined around its arms and legs, red jewels for eyes. Only one near the bottom of the left foot leg had black jeweled eyes, hollow and deep. Ginny constantly thought, and was convinced she saw the stone wince or slither slightly, before falling back into place at Voldemorts' feet.

She stopped at seeing her master rise. He slowly slithered beside her and she bowed her head, letting the long curtain of blood red curls cascade down her dainty features and brown, strangely hollow eyes. She felt his bony arm wrap slowly, but surprisingly firmly about her small waist and pull her body closer to his, her back completely pressed on his front. Where she should have felt heat, she felt unpleasant shivers. His other hand snaked its way to the spot right below her breasts, where he pulled her even tighter against him. His neck craned, his chin almost resting on her shoulder, Voldemort's snake-like red eyes settled on the chubby man, still standing alarmingly close to the threshold of the door.

"Where did you find her this time?" he demanded more than asked the man, who had suddenly begun to sway on the spot, his eyes landing on anything but the Dark Lord.

"The library, my Lord," the man's voice rattled uncomfortably and Voldemorts eyes narrowed into red slits, still his gaze firmly on the man, his grip around Ginny's body tightened considerably, making her whimper slightly in pain.

"Pet…" his lips brushed Ginny's ear now and she felt the urge to run, kick, scream, anything to get away, but she didn't dare…

"Were you in the library today?" he asked her, his hands moving across the flat of her stomach, only a thin silk green slip to separate his cold hands from her warm skin. Her heart beat a mile a minute. There was no telling if he suspected or trusted her by the tone of his voice and Ginny did not dare answer. Ginny was caught by surprise when Voldemort's hands snapped to her wrists, where he took hold of them rigidly, making her this time yelp out loud. He violently, but swiftly, turned her around to face him, his narrowed eyes now settling on the cascading waterfall of red curls that settled on her face, and shielding his gaze from her. He let go of one of her arms, leaving a deep bruise imprint on the milky white skin and slowly tucked the red locks behind her ear, his touch on her cheek scorching and strangely freezing at the same time. He then placed one finger underneath her chin and tilted it upwards so that her eyes were involuntary compelled to stare into the red of his eyes.

"When I ask you a question I expect you to answer me!" His hold tightened on her other arm and closing her eyes in pain she whimpered. Ginny's thoughts raced like mad and mixed with the pain she couldn't pick one from the other. She knew the consequences of going to the library, and she didn't want to face them.

"No, I wasn't there," she lied.

His other hand held her side now tightly enough to make bruises and the nails were beginning to sink into the flesh on both her left arm and hip.

"Are you completely sure about that…pet…?" and with that, she felt the small sharp sensation of the nails penetrate her skin and the small blood drops drizzled as they subsided through the burning newly made slits on her flesh. Her closed eyes began to water and she threw her head back in pain, clenching her fists into balls so as to not burst out.

"Open your eyes!" Voldemort demanded and she slowly tilted her head back to look at his. Her eyes slowly opened, leaving way for a tear to trickle slowly down the curve of her cheek. Her vision slightly clouded by tears she could still see clearly into those red eyes. A sudden strange, warm yet familiar feeling washing over her.  

"I was at the library today," to her surprise she said calmly, and quite willingly.  She was flung backwards then suddenly, where she stumbled and landed flatly on her bottom on the space right in front of the throne like chair, upon the cold, black marble floor. Her head spun with the blacks and greens of the room as she suddenly seemed to come out of a trance. The feeling had gone and she was now left with the pain from the newly made slits on her skin. Another tear trickled slowly down her cheek as she felt the deep nail marks on her skin with her finger tips.

"Do not lie to me again, silly girl!" Voldemorts voice boomed in front of her and she cowered against the seat, gripping one of the snake covered legs. He reached a bony arm towards her and she squirmed uncomfortably, trying like a frightened child to get away. To her surprise he simply held one of her blood red curls in his hand, his voice softened.

"You cannot lie to me, Virginia. I am part of you, inside you, I know you, and all your pretty little thoughts, and sneaky secrets…" he trailed off and tilted his head thoughtfully as he let the curl drop back into place. His features twisted as he noticed something strange in her face…as if she was trying to hide something from him…

"That girl hasn't only been in the library!" the death eater that had been standing patiently, but shiftily at the door now spoke out, forgetting himself. "Out and about all over the place! We have to be watching for her everywhere she goes!" He glared at Ginny, almost as a challenge, a snide look on his face, and went on, "Slowing us down is what she is, causing trouble! And do you know which book she was reading!?" Ginny's eyes widened as the death eater seemed to snicker at her. Voldemorts eyes turned into a deadlier shade of red, his pupils contracting as he heard the death eater speak so freely.

"What book?" he raised an eyebrow and began to turn to Ginny.

Ginny panicked, the man had seen which book she had been reading, and if he told her Lord, then Voldemort would surely torture her. Ginny sent nasty looks at the death eater and he only smiled. Voldemort looked to be getting inpatient and Ginny thought quickly,

"He touched me!" she yelled in a desperate tone, remembering the exact events from before, anything to shut up the stupid man!

"What?" Voldemorts eyes slowly landed on the death eater, his voice dangerously low, down to a slither even.

"What do you mean touch, Virginia? Is this what you were hiding?" Ginny nodded, and to her delight Voldemort began to walk to the death eater, who was now on his knees, pleading his innocence, tears were even leaking from his eyes. But all three knew the truth. Few had been stupid enough to try and get the best of Voldemort's 'possessions', and none ever got away with it. Within seconds the death eater was nothing more than a lifeless corpse, warm blood dripping from the sides of his mouth and ears. No doubt Voldemort enjoyed hurting Ginny, in more ways than one. He was a manipulator, and enjoyed having control, but Voldemort was also very possessive of his belongings. No one was to touch them, hurt them, or cause them any pain…but himself.

"Silly disobedient pet," Voldemort sneered in a testy voice as he walked back swiftly towards her where she sat on the marble floor. "What shall I ever do with you?" His voice had a hint of annoyance and as he reached for her and grabbed a fist full of her blood red locks, and jerked them up violently, forcing her to get up with them. Once she stood he pushed her backwards so that she fell, sitting properly on the throne. His eyes glinted for a moment as he gazed at her dainty figure in a possessive and protective way. He seemed to stop for a moment, a bit hesitantly battling himself for a solution. A long moment passed before he seemed to sneer a bit.

"I think my pet needs a sitter," he passed his thumb over her cheek, his face close to hers and smirked when he saw her shiver. To Ginny's surprise and shock a single snake from the right hand of the throne unraveled itself form the tightly wound nest of stone snakes and began to slither onto Ginny's body, tightly wounding her to the seat. She struggled, her eyes lighting up with fear but the more she struggled the tighter the snake became around her body, and soon her breathing sounded like nothing more than a wheeze. Voldemort chuckled coldly as he seemed to summon the snake to turn its head, its red, ruby eyes glinting in the dim torch light. It was barely visible, but the words 'Draco Malfoy' were imprinted into the back of the stone snake's head.

Voldemort laughed a cold low inhuman laugh, "Of course, I should have known. My right hand man," he leaned into Ginny, still trapped and struggling against the cold stone snake. She gasped as his face appeared so close to her own, her lungs in desperate need of oxygen, she felt one of his hands slither onto and tighten around her thigh, her eyes widened, "hopefully he will teach you some more discipline…" he trailed off, squeezing her thigh tighter as he pressed his thin, cold pale lips against hers.

"…my pet" he mumbled into her mouth.