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As they ate their first breakfast together, a powerful and unavoidable need for quality sleep overtook Sarah. Jareth watched with some amusement as she lowered her fork into the small pile of eggs on her plate, and then proceeded to nod off mid-bite. Only his outstretched palm on her forehead prevented her from falling face-first into her breakfast.

"Sorry," she muttered, trying to stifle a yawn. "Thanks…" she added with a pointed look at his gloved hand.

"Go to bed, love," he commanded, pointing towards the door.

"Only if you come with me," she quipped, grinning at him sleepily. Jareth gave her a dark look that made her warm in some interesting places and conjured a crystal. Before she knew what was happening, Sarah found herself lying in her bed, in her room at the castle, alone.

"Tease," she muttered. It took her all of one minute to strip to her panties, find a new nightgown in her wardrobe, and climb into bed. She noticed the sun beating through the windows of her room and wished there were some way to block out the light. It was then that she realized her canopy bed had thick, velvet bed curtains tied to each post. Sarah pulled at the ties, and her bed was plunged into near-total darkness. Fantastic, she thought, and promptly fell asleep.


When she woke, it was with the sensation that a good quantity of time had passed. Pleasantly drowsy, she rolled over and realized there was reason she'd woken up; there was someone in the bed with her.

"Don't you knock?" she murmured, rolling back over on her side away from him, mildly irritated at being disturbed. Jareth chuckled at her grumpy tone.

"You did invite me in," he whispered, reaching over and stroking her hair. Sarah could feel that he was still wearing his leather gloves, but seconds later she could tell he'd taken them off; his bare fingers traced light patterns across her scalp and combed gently through her long tresses. It was a heavenly sensation.

"What time is it?" she sighed, quietly enjoying his touch in the dark.

"Almost time for dinner," he replied. "I came to ask you to join me. I didn't think you'd still be asleep…not that I minded waking you up." She felt his weight shift on the bed, and suddenly his lips were in the sensitive curve of her neck.

"Well…" she squeaked, trying not to moan at the wonderful things he was doing to her. "I almost died a few times…I was tired."

The lips paused in their ministrations, and suddenly disappeared.

"I'm sorry," Jareth said, rolling away from her to lay on his back.

"Oh, hey," Sarah winced. "That wasn't a jab at you. I just meant that…I was…I needed to…sleep?" She rolled over to face him, though she couldn't see him in the dark cocoon her bed curtains had made for them. She reached out a blind hand to try and find him, and apparently he could see much better than she could, because he clasped it in midair and brought it down to rest over his heart. Sarah scooted closer to him, which was difficult because she was under the covers and he was lying on top of them. Jareth reached out and drew her close. She rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying the feel of his arm around her and the beat of his heart under her hand. They laid together like that for a few moments, neither one speaking.

Sarah began to explore the expanse of his chest under her hand. It was a nice chest, and a nice torso too. She moved her hand from side to side over his stomach. It was a good stomach. She moved back up to trace his collarbone and noticed that Jareth was breathing a little quickly. She grinned under the cover of the dark and moved her hand up the side of his neck to trace his jawline, his lips, his cheekbone, his ear…

She noticed then that Jareth had ever-so-sneakily slid the back of her nightgown up, and was now tracing tiny, intricate patterns over the small of her back. On her bare flesh. With his bare hand. Sarah shivered. She felt Jareth smirk at her as she was cupping his cheek. He leaned over and whispered in her ear.


"Tease," she hissed back, reaching up to run her fingers through his silky hair. He sighed and leaned into her touch. "Jareth…" she whispered.


"Kiss me?"

It was like she'd broken the dam. One minute She had her head on his shoulder, his arm around her; the next minute she was pinned beneath him and he was ravishing her mouth with a startling intensity. Seconds later she was kissing him back, her arms wrapped around his neck with careless abandon and her fingers in his hair. He groaned and relinquished her mouth to once again press his lips to the base of her neck and trace small circles there with the tip of his tongue.

"Jareth," she panted which only encouraged him to begin nibbling her tender neck-flesh with his teeth. Stars burst behind her eyes, and she unconsciously dug her nails into his back in response. Jareth whimpered…he whimpered…and began whispering things against her skin. Sarah shifted beneath him, silently cursing the thick bedcovers trapped between their lower bodies. He was calling her names like 'darling,' and 'precious." His hand had slid up her ribs, under her nightgown, and over the firm swell of her breast, which he was expertly kneading. He slid the pad of his thumb back and forth over her raised nipple and Sarah moaned.

"I love you," he hissed into the curve of her neck. "Sarah...sweet…my love..."

Those words broke through the haze in Sarah's mind. Jareth loved her. He truly did love her. She believed him completely. It was clear from the reverent way he touched her and spoke her name as though it were a holy word; he was in love with her…and she realized that she could not have sex with him unless she was sure she loved him back. It wouldn't be right, it wouldn't be…fair…to reciprocate the love he was offering her with mere sex. Despite how amazingly wonderful it felt, she knew they'd both regret doing this later when he would face her with love in his eyes, and see only lust and affection in hers.

"Jareth," she said, reluctantly. "Jareth, stop…we can't…"

For the second time that evening, Jareth stopped what he was doing and moved away from her.

"What's wrong?" he sighed, his breathing harsh. Sarah wasn't sure how to answer him.

"I want to love you…It's not right unless I love you…"

"Then love me!" he growled, pulling her back to him.

"I can't! I need time!"

"More time, Sarah?" Jareth snorted at the irony. "Why is it you're always asking me for more time?" Sarah didn't reply. They both lay there quietly, their rapid breathing subsiding. "Very well," Jareth sighed. "It's not like I'd ever force you…" Sarah snorted at that, but he ignored her. "Just please don't make me wait forever…" Jareth pressed a quick kiss to her temple.

"It's only forever," Sarah grinned. "It's not long at all."


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