Yes, it is me. I'm starting another story along with the other two that I am writing right now. This will be the first time that I attempt to write more than two fics at a time. I just hope that I am able to keep up the pace. Well, I'll just give it a try and see how it works, eh? Anyway, this is the first Final Fantasy fic that I have ever written, and like the summary said, it is a game novelization for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. I just got the game and I was really inspired for it. Also, considering that the story allows a lot more flexibility than other Final Fantasy games, it is really great. I hope you like it.

WARNING! IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPOILERS, THEN GO AND BUY THE GAME FIRST! THIS FIC CONTAINS SOME MAJOR LEVEL AND PLOT SPOILERS! Just a fair warning. If you have played the game before, or you don't mind spoilers, then read on, brave wanderer.


Chapter 1: Prologue

In a world not unlike our own, there were four different races, or tribes as they called themselves. All of them lived in peace and harmony with little to no conflict. The four races consisted of:

Clavats. They are a gentle people who value harmony above all else. Theirs is the way of unity and friendship. They are gentle by nature and dislike conflict. When disputes do arise, they do what ever they can to resolve them. It has been said that an air of tranquility follows them wherever the go.

Lilties. These little warriors have lived all over the world since ancient times. Long ago, they ruled the world and many still believe themselves superior to others. Though they do have short tempers, and they can be hot- headed, they are also confident and down-to-earth. Liltian merchants are some of the best around.

Yukes. Many of these bird-like sages live quiet lives in Shella. In the ancient wars, they were able to resist the invading Liltian armies with their magical prowess. Now, they spend their days teaching magic to others. Some say that Yukes assumed their current forms to agument their magical talents. They are a mysterious people indeed.

And Selkies. These rugged individualists clothe themselves in fur decorated in stolen goods. Unlike the other tribes, they believe in putting themselves first. Many Selkies are agile and athletic, traits that they put to good use as thieves. Though the other tribes tend to scorn them, some Selfies now reside in Clavatian villages.

Yes, these four tribes lived in near perfect harmony with each other. This time of peace was tragically cut short as a giant meteor crashed into the earth, in an area known only as 'The Abyss'. From the strange meteor, a deadly mist began to spread throughout the world. This mist, known as 'Miasma' was deadly to the touch and claimed many lives.

Before the Miasma could completely decimate the civilized world, however, the tribes discovered that they could keep the deadly mist at bay by harnessing the power inside the giant crystals that resided in every village and city.

Although this did save them from the Miasma, they found that they crystal would lose its protective glow after one year and they would be vunerable to the Miasma once again. Lucklily, they discovered the Myrrh trees scattered across the world. Three drops of Myrrh would keep the crystal glowing for another whole year.

Each village and city had its own crystal that needed to be replenished. To make sure that this task was done, a few brave individuals from their respective towns would voulenteer and become part of that town's caravan. A caravan was made of some brave souls who would travel wherever they needed to, to find Myrrh trees and ensure the survival of their village for another year.

These adventurers carried weapons to ward off the swarms of monsters spawned by the Miasma, a crystal chalice to carry drops of Myrrh and protect them from the effects of Miasma, and the hope of everyone in their village.

And so, our story begins in the small down of Tipa where a new caravan is being formed for this year's Myrrh hunt. Little do they realize the huge role that they will play in, not only the survival of their own village, but the destiny of the entire world.

Well, if you've never played the game before, I hope that this clears up a few of your questions. In the next chapter, where the plot actually starts, I will introduce the characters and a bit of their personalities. But, tell me how I did this chapter. This fic, along with my others, will be updated soon. R/R please!