Silent Titan.

-My first crossover fic! I have no set relationships in this fic, and for the immediate future, none planned (might hint at Starfire/Robin, but that's about it). This story takes place after "Aftershock Part 2" even though because of the delay here in the states of the showing of these new episodes, I have yet to see "Betrayal", "Fractured", "Aftershock Part 1", and "Aftershock Part 2". But since they were shown in the UK before us, I was able to find and read spoilers in which I got the feeling of where the series headed. And for Terra fans...



--------------------------It doesn't exactly end well for her. After realizing that Slade isn't the friend she thought he was (I presume), she sacrifices herself in a way in order to save the city and the Titans (she first attempted to stop Slade's manipulation [via a suit that forces Terra to do what Slade wants to do]. But during the process, a volcano erupts that only Terra could stop). For all intent and purpose, she is dead (without actually saying she is dead. In other words, she turned to stone. Not exactly living is it?). Also, presumably she also kills Slade. But like everything, nothing is certain. Even her 'death' given that it is a kid's show. -----------------------------


-The reason why I had this story set after Aftershock is...well, seemed like a great place to start this story as the Titans head off into Hell, otherwise known as Silent Hill (technically, Silent Hill isn't hell [I'm not exactly sure what it is exactly, and this is probably a good thing since it gives the town a certain mystery], but any outside observer...well, it would be hell to you).

-Also note, I'm still delaying my "Two Birds..." fic until I see the episodes before hand. While I know where the series is heading (and where that fic officially detours off the official storyline), I still would like to see those episodes before continuing. Not to mention the fact that, while I did read spoilers, I did not read any extensive spoilers, like little details that I might like to add in that fic. Anyways, back to this story...

Standard Disclaimer: I do not own either Teen Titans or Silent Hill. I am just a poor obsessed fan of both.

On the Road

Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Robin, and Beast Boy are all in the T-Car. Cyborg is driving of course. Beast Boy is in the front passenger seat. Robin, Starfire and Raven are all in the back. It is determined that after the events of the last few weeks, Slade gone for good (hopefully), and Terra...a true Titan in the end making the ultimate sacrifice, the Titans determined that a road trip is at hand. It is dark outside with only the headlights illuminating the roadway in front of the T-Car.

After a relatively uncomfortable silence, Cyborg speaks. "So, where should be go?"

Robin looks out the window. "A motel first? It is getting pretty late."

Cyborg looks at the time. It's about 11:35 pm. "Well yeah, but after we find a motel, where should we go?"

Beast Boy thinks for a while. "How about the beach? The water should be great this time of year!"

Cyborg shakes his head. "The beach would also be crowded too!"

"Maybe we should see Mount Rushmore!" Robin smiles at his suggestion.

"Great. A mountain carved up to like dead presidents." Raven replies in her monotone voice.

"How about we go to Siberia! I hear they have some cute animals called bears there!" Starfire smiles widely.

"Ehhhhhhhh...there isn't a road to Russia Star..." Cyborg frowns.

Beast Boy looks at the radio. He changes the station. It was set at a rap station, now it is set on a rock station.

Cyborg's narrows his eyes. "Oh no you don't BB!" Cyborg changes the station back to a rap station. "I am not listening to any of that rock crap!"

Beast Boy changes the station back to the rock station. "And I am not listening to any of that rap crap! I had enough of that Eminem or Jay-Z crap."

Cyborg changes the station again. "We're certainly not going to listen to no Linkin Park in this car!"

Cyborg and Beast Boy struggle with each other on who will change the station.

"Please friend, stop fighting!" Starfire flies up to the front seat and changes the channel. "How about this kind of music?"

Cyborg and Beast Boy look at Starfire, then at the radio. The station is a Bluegrass Country music station. Sweat drops appear on Cyborg and Beast Boy.

Starfire looks at Cyborg, then at Beast Boy. "Um, maybe we should let Raven choose?"

Beast Boy and Cyborg shakes their head.

Beast Boy speaks up. "I don't think so. I don't want to be listening to Depeche Mode or Duran Duran either."

Raven raises an eyebrow. She has an irritated look on her face. "I do NOT listen to Depeche Mode or Duran Duran either. Now, would you two please choose a station now?"

"I already did chose a station, except BB here keeps changing the channel!" A vein throbs on Cyborg's face.

"I told you, I am not listening to that crap!" Beast Boy also sports a throbbing vein.

A blond girl walks out into the road.

Starfire notices the girl. "Cyborg!"

Cyborg turns his head to see the girl. He turns the wheel quickly in order to avoid the girl.

All the Titans scream. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Everything goes black as the car crashes.

Tunnel outside Silent Hill


Cyborg slowly wakes up from his position. The car is wrecked in the front. Cyborg looks up from his position. "Where are we?" Cyborg looks at Starfire who is sitting next to him. She is slouched over and is unconscious. He shakes her a little bit. "Star?"

Starfire wakes from her position. "Hm?"

"Starfire, are you okay?" Cyborg looks at Starfire with concern in his eyes.

Starfire looks at herself. "I appear undamaged."

Robin wakes up. He holds his head as a slight headache forms. "Uhhhhh. What happen?"

Beast Boy wakes up. "Heh, guess we didn't need to go the motel after all."

Cyborg stares at Beast Boy. "Not funny BB."

Raven wakes up. "Huh."

Cyborg looks in front of him. All he sees is the wrecked hood of his car. "Man, where did that girl come from? Look what she did to my car!"

Raven shakes her head a bit. "If you and Beast Boy weren't arguing, you wouldn't be in this situation right now!"

Cyborg fumes. "Raven! If that girl didn't run out and..."

Robin raises his voice. "Please! We don't have time for this. What happened happened. We can't change that fact. All we can do is move on."

Cyborg nods. "You're right. I better check out the damage." Cyborg opens his door and checks out his car. "My baby!" Cyborg shakes his head. "I need it towed to the nearest car shop." Cyborg looks around. "Where are we exactly?"

Raven gets out. She looks at a nearby sign. "Welcome to Silent Hill. Well, that answers that question."

"Silent Hill..." Cyborg checks a map that is stored inside his system. "It's a town near Ashfield and Brahms."

Beast Boy exits and looks around the area. "Man, its supposed to be summer, why is it so foggy?"

Robin looks around. "Probably just some morning fog."

Cyborg nods his head. "Yeah, there is a lake nearby here. That's probably where all the moister is coming from."

Starfire looks down the road. "Why is it so lonely here?" Starfire blinks. "Shouldn't someone have noticed that we were involved in a single car accident by now?"

Cyborg looks around. "You're right Star. Why..." Cyborg spots the tunnel leading into Silent Hill. "Oh."

There are construction barriers blocking off the tunnel's entrance. A sign reads 'Tunnel Closed Until Further Notice. Please use Detour!'

Robin looks at the signs and frowns. "Guess this means that we shouldn't be expecting a lot of company."

"Well we could wait for a construction crew to show up..." Cyborg approaches the tunnel. "Um. Never mind. The tunnel is closed, but there appears to have been no construction activity going on here. Seems they just closed it and forgot about it."

"Your tax dollars at work." Raven crosses her arms.

"Man I gotta go." Beast Boy looks around and notices a nearby bathroom. He walks into the bathroom but stops cold. "Um. Never mind!" Beast Boy walks to a nearby tree and does his business.

"BB! That's unsanitary!" Cyborg yells noticing Beast Boy doing his business.

"Unsanitary? Did you check out the bathrooms?" Beast Boy points to the bathroom. "Apparently the construction workers are not the only ones who are not doing their jobs!"

"Is the bathroom that unsanitary?" Starfire flies to the door of the bathroom and looks in.

Robin, Raven, and Cyborg follow Starfire and look inside the Bathroom. Their eyes widen and their face distort as the smell hits them. "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww."

Cyborg turns to Beast Boy. "Okay BB, you have a point."

Starfire looks around the bathroom. "Even the six legged beings don't seem to like this place."

After Beast Boy is finished doing his thing, Robin looks around the area. "Cyborg, can you get a tow truck here?"

"Tried that Robin, but...for whatever reason I can't get a signal out here." Cyborg responds.

Beast Boy looks around. "No service, foggy, closed tunnel. Something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore..."

Starfire blinks. "Beast Boy, we were never in Kansas."

Beast Boy turns to Starfire. "Um Star...I'll explain later."

Robin rubs his chin. He looks down the road away from the tunnel. "I don't think we can expect any help coming to us anytime soon. We have to get into town." Robin looks at the tunnel and back at the road behind him. "How long will it take to go through the detour?"

Cyborg checks the map. "About a few miles back, then a circular route that will add another few miles to our trip. At the rate would be going, it might've been better just to walk to the other town, which isn't that close I might add. I wouldn't recommend going on foot if you ask me." Cyborg looks at Beast Boy. "We could have BB fly us into town." Cyborg smirks. "Too bad we only have one Beast Boy to carry us."

Beast Boy looks at Cyborg. "Eh uh. I'm not going to do all the work!" Beast Boy looks up in front of him. "Besides, this place is too foggy. I might hit a tree or worse, an electric tower up there."

Robin looks at the fog around them. 'The fog is pretty thick for this time of year. Either way, I wouldn't recommend Beast Boy flying us in.' "Got a point there." Robin looks at the forest. "Since we can't get through the tunnel, and the detour isn't any help, we have to go through the forest."

"I agree." Raven interjects. In a low voice, too low for any of the other Titans to hear, Raven speaks. "However, something about this place feels wrong. I can't put my finger on it."

"Sounds...fine to me." Beast Boy looks at the forest. "Though why does this forest feel...creepy?"

Robin walks up the path.

"Probably your imagination BB." Cyborg follows Robin. Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire follow.

Robin walks up the path. Suddenly, he stops. "Wait!"

Cyborg and the others stop. Cyborg speaks, "What is it Robin?"

"Listen." Robin holds out his hand to the group.

The other Titans look around trying to hear anything.

Beast Boy changes into a dog with floppy ears. He raises an ear. "I don't hear anything."

Robin looks at Beast Boy. "That's the thing. I don't hear anything either. No insects, no birds, nothing. It's the beginning of summer and I do not hear anything."

Beast Boy blinks. He first changes into a chicken. "COCKADOODALDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! HeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Beast Boy changes into a wolf and howls. "AAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ANYONE HERE?"

Cyborg removes the hands that were covering his ears when Beast Boy finishes. "I think the whole forest heard you now!"

Robin looks around and tries to hear anything. "If they did hear one is responding..."

Beast Boy returns to his human form and starts to shake from fear. "Um okay. Now this is starting to creep me out."

Starfire looks around frantically. Trying to calm herself, Starfire speaks. "Um. Maybe all of the animals are sleeping? It is still morning. Hehehe."

Robin looks around. "I hope you are right, just doesn't feel right." 'Besides, Beast Boy MUST'VE woken up something.' Robin continues walking forwards.

Cyborg gulped. "Probably your imagination Robin."

"I don't think the silence is his imagination." 'Now I REALLY have a bad feeling about this.' Raven cautiously follows Robin.


The Titans reach an area next to a cemetery.

Beast Boy is the first to speak. "Of all the places to walk through, it HAD to be a cemetery."

Robin notices a woman, red head, wearing a white gown, sandals, and a necklace looking at one of the tombstones. He waves to her. "Hey!"

The woman looks up. "Hello."

The group surrounds the woman. The woman sweat drops.

Beast Boy shakes her hand. "Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou! Its so nice to find someone alive for once!"

The woman looks confused. "Someone alive?"

Beast Boy looks embarrassed. "Um..."

Cyborg steps in. "Its just that we haven't seen or heard anyone or anything for a while until now."

The woman nods. "I see. Well it is morning here."

Starfire nudges Robin. "I told you that could be the reason why it is so quiet!"

The woman continues. "However, I do agree that it is a little too quiet in the forest. Other then that chicken and wolf which oddly enough, sounded the same."

Starfire face faults.

Beast Boy nervously giggled. "Hehehe. Um. That was me."

The woman looks at the green person. "You? But it didn't sound like it was made by a person."

Robin looks at the woman. "Oh I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce us." Robin points to the group. "That one is Cyborg, this one is Raven, Starfire, the green guy is Beast Boy, I or he could explain how he made those sounds, and I'm Robin. You might have heard about us..."

The woman blinked. "And I'm Jessica." Jessica looks at the group one by one. "I don't recall hearing about any of you." She looks at Robin more intently, "actually I have heard about you, Batman and Robin right?"

Robin nods. "Yeah, that's me. Though now I'm leader of this group of heroes."

"I see." Jessica thinks for a bit before continuing, "Why did you leave Batman?"

Robin rubs his chin. "Well, I wanted to strike out on my own. You know, get away from simply being Batman's sidekick."

Jessica nods. "I understand." Jessica then looks at Beast Boy. "So, how did you make those noises?"

Beast Boy looks at Jessica. "By doing this!" Beast Boy first changes into a chicken, then a wolf, a cow, a dog, a bear, and finally back to his human form. "I can change into any animal!"

"That's fascinating. While you could do all those stuff, I'm just a plain ole normal woman." Jessica saddens. "Just a plain ole woman who is looking for my children in this town." Jessica rubs her hands on a tombstone.

Raven looks at Jessica with curiosity in her eyes. "You're looking for your children here? Does this mean that your children..."

Jessica turns her head to Raven. "No, no. They are not dead. At least, the last I heard they were not dead. However..." Jessica's face saddens. "My husband is buried here." Jessica looks back to the group. "No, the reason why I'm here is, my children...disappeared a few years ago. I...I searched everywhere for them. I was giving up hope when I heard that they could be back here. The town of my birth, and the town where my husband is buried."

Starfire flies next to her. "I am saddened to hear of this." Starfire gives Jessica a hug. "I hope you will find your children soon."

"Thank you...Starfire?" Starfire nods at Jessica's answer confirming her answer. "Well, that is why I'm in this town. Why is your group here?"

"Our car was involved in an accident back there near the tunnel." Cyborg points to the direction that they came. "We're going into town to see if we can get it towed somewhere."

Jessica looks at the direction Cyborg is pointing. "I see. It's pretty unfortunate that you crashed at that particular entrance to the town. That tunnel has been closed for weeks from what I can gather."

"Really?" Cyborg rubs his head. "Must be really slow ass bureaucrats. Well, guess we should be heading towards town right now. It's been nice talking to ya Jessica."

Jessica nods at Cyborg. "Okay. I can only hope for good luck on your journey." Jessica looks down for a moment. "However, I will warn you, at this hour, there shouldn't be a lot of people walking around in town."

Robin walks up the path. "Well, hopefully by the time we get there we can get a tow truck to get our car." Robin waves goodbye at Jessica as the Titans head towards town.

Silent Hill

The Titans finally arrive in Silent Hill. They look around. They see cars parked on the streets, closed shops, and empty streets.

Beast Boy is the first to comment. "Whoa. Even this town is dead."

Raven looks left then right. "Something is not right. Its way too quiet even for a town this small."

Robin scratches his head. "I don't want to be paranoid but...I agree. I know it is still morning but, it shouldn't be THIS quiet."

Cyborg looks around. "It feels literally like a ghost town. Yet looking at the conditions of the buildings, minus the bathroom back there, this town is well kept up. There should be people here."

Starfire gulps. "Should we go back? I mean there are other towns and..."

"No. There has to be someone in this town that can help us." Robin walks a little bit. He ushers the others to follow. "I'm probably just paranoid and that everyone is asleep still. My guess is that they don't expect a lot of visitors since the road is closed."

Beast Boy gulped. "Yeah, that must be it, hehehe."

The Titans look around. Robin spots a small mom and pop grocery store with the door slightly ajar.

Robin knocked on the door. He peers his head inside the grocery store. "Hello? Anyone here?"

After hearing no response, they enter the grocery store carefully. The shelves are fully stocked. Nothing seems out of the ordinary except no one is in there.

"Um. Sorry to be breaking into this establishment but...the door was open and um..." Starfire stop as it appears the grocery store is empty.

Beast Boy takes a bag of chips and opens it.

Cyborg turns to Beast Boy. "BEAST BOY!"

"Hey, I'm hungry. Besides..." Beast Boy puts money on the counter. "I paid!"

Robin walks through the grocery store. "I guess we could stock up here. The owner shouldn't worry since we will pay for everything that we take."

Starfire takes a map. "Wow. This map has pretty pictures."

Raven looks around the store. She sees the backroom door open. Raven approaches the door and knocks. "Um hello, anyone here?" Raven opens the door. She comes across a symbol on the wall. Her eyes go wide. "The mark of Samael!"

Beast Boy enters the backroom. His mouth is full of chips. "You say something Raven?" Beast Boy looks around the backroom. "Raven?" Beast Boy exits the backroom. "Um guys, where's Raven?"

------End of Chapter 1

Ooooooooo. First chapter of Silent Titan now complete! This is also my longest first chapter or any of my stories/parts too. For anyone who knows about Silent Hill, you know that the people that are unlucky enough to enter Silent Hill have a reason for being there. Although I'm not sure about Cybil's reason in the first game (well, possibly to add the idea of the illegal activity has been going on in Silent Hill, which is unfortunate since all she was doing is her job and she got caught in this town that literally appears to be going to hell [and, if you have played Silent Hill 3, or at least familiar with the story of Silent Hill 3, then it's possible that Cybil...well, didn't make it so to speak at the end of Silent Hill]), all the characters, even the minor ones, seem to have a purpose. Harry Mason because of his daughter's connection to a cult in Silent Hill. Dr. Kuafmann, Dahlia, and Alessa are all connected to that cult. James Sunderland is in the town because of his wife (reason explained in the game). Eddie is a murderer. And Heather in the third game is in Silent Hill for...connections to the first game (hint for anyone who hasn't played it yet). And almost all the is for something that isn't good (cult, murder, tragic past, etc.).

Oh, and before anyone tells me, no, I did not use any maps from the games to come up with the locations. Although I was probably vague enough in my descriptions for it not to be a huge problem, for any purist, this I'm warning you that locations might not be exact. I did vaguely use places I encountered in Silent Hill 2 opening from memory (and obviously, Cyborg [and the Titans in general] getting to Silent Hill was a knockoff of Silent Hill 1 opening), but that's about it. It will probably be the same when I advance later in the story (the places will not necessarily match up to the exact locations of Silent Hill. Although I will use places from the game when the time comes).

With that being said, who was the girl that ran in front of the T-Car? Who is Jessica? What is Raven's connection to Samael? Who else will the Titans meet in this town? Will the Titans escape Silent Hill alive? All these questions...will be answered in this story.

Proofread and revised.