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Alternate Restaurant

"Slade." Robin spat out as he gripped his Bo Staff harder. Suddenly, a grin appeared on his face. "To be completely honest, I'm not surprised that you're here." Robin took a few steps forward before he leaped into the air, and made a slashing motion with his Bo Staff at Slade. He hit nothing but air as Slade sidestepped away from Robin.

"You probably think I belong in a place like this!" Slade said as he easily avoided Robin's subsequent attacks, a high kick, a low punch, and another slash from Robin's Bo Staff.

Cyborg also grinned. He fired his sonic cannon at Slade whenever he got the chance. "You got that right! Though if you're not being punished like the rest of us, that's just not right!" He fired again, sending his blue beam straight towards Slade. "Especially if you're working with a certain someone!"

Robin again rushed him and made a few more kicks and punches. A sidekick, a quick jab to Slade's abdomen area, and a low spin kick in an attempt to knock Slade off his feet. However, in each case, right before Robin could hit him, Slade simply moved out of the way. "What's wrong Slade? Not in a fighting mode?"

Slade back flipped away from another incoming beam from Cyborg. "Not quite! While I'm enjoying this exercise, just so you know, I am not here to fight you two."

Cyborg pointed his sonic cannon straight at Slade. He got him perfectly in his sight. However, he stopped himself before he shot off another round. "Really?" Cyborg said suspiciously. Still, Slade wasn't attacking them that for sure. However, that could simply mean that they are being set up in a trap. "Don't tell me, next you're going to say that you're not with this Claudia woman."

"I am not." Slade confirmed and he stood his ground. Robin had also stopped attacking Slade as he too, became curious by what Slade was about to say. And like Robin, he too, was extremely suspicious of him. "Although, much to my displeasure, I am forced to work with someone else, I can assure you that it is not Claudia Wolf."

Robin retracted his Bo Staff and brought his arm to his side. While he obviously held a deeply held suspicion that Slade was up to something, he also wanted to hear him out too. "We never said her last name was Wolf. So you obviously know her."

"Only in passing." Slade continued as he crossed his arms. "As you probably already know, she and her… 'Cult' is here to bring Samael into this world. Her along with that Priest and Dahlia Gillespie…"

"Wait…" Robin said as he heard the last name. "Dahlia Gillespie? Isn't she…dead? I seem to recall Rav…" Robin stopped himself after he realized what he was about to do. He certainly didn't want Slade to know where he found out about Dahlia Gillespie. "I mean I heard that she was killed during the first failed attempt to bring him here."

However, Slade did catch on to who told the story. "Raven? Ah yes, Samael's little grandchild." Slade watched Robin narrow his eyes, confirming his assumption. "Do not be concerned, I have no interest in her…for now. As for Dahlia Gillespie…" Slade lowered his head slightly, as he gazed at Robin. His eyes held a…somewhat playful gaze to them. "For all you know, we are ALL dead! Remember, I'm sure you have met a certain former apprentice here right?"

Robin frowned deepened. However, those words did affect him greatly. "So, are you saying that we're all dead?"

"And that…" Cyborg started as fear crept into his voice. "That…when we got here, we…we…"

Slade chuckled at the two-naïve teens. "Hehehe. Before you two jump into unnecessary conclusions, let me just tell you that just because you are here, doesn't mean you are all dead either! Quite a few unfortunate living souls have passed through here as well, and more will probably come. The lucky, like Harry Mason have successfully escaped this nightmarish world. Harry Mason, you know him right?"

Cyborg and Robin looked at each other, and then turned back to Slade. Both nodded their affirmation to him.

Cyborg calmed down after hearing that. While he disliked the fact it was Slade that reminded him of that, it still gave him comfort, for one, he was alive and not dead, and two, that there was a possibility to leave this place.

Robin too, was visibly relieved. He also scolded himself for forgetting, even for a split second, about Harry Mason and his daughter having left this place. If anything, his ability to leave this nightmare means that he, along with his friends, CAN leave. The only thing left is the find the exit.

Slade looked at the two. He was, entertained by the two's changing expression. "As you had probably guessed, yes, you and your group can leave this place. In fact, even the dead can leave as well. I'm actually counting on that!"

Robin relived expression turned into anger in an instant. The gears in his head started to move when he heard Slade's last comment. "Let me take a wild guess, you want us to work together, so that you can…come back to life with us?"

"Figures. Terra really did take you to the other side. And now, you want to come back with our help right?" Cyborg raised his sonic cannon again. "So what makes you think we will agree to that? For one thing, I think you are just fine where you are!"

Slade was even more amused by these two. "Well, you figured out my plan! Actually, you only figured out half of it! I have no intentions of working together on this…venture. Nor do I have any intention of working with you to help your…friend."

Robin eyes narrowed even more. He got his Bo Staff out ready to attack Slade again. "If you're not here to ask for our help, then why did you tell us all that? Why not stop us?"

Slade chuckled again. "Don't you see Robin? Just because I'm too busy helping you on your little quest, it doesn't mean that I'm going to stand in your way either!" He turned to Cyborg as he grinned under his mask. "You see, while I'm stuck working on other duties, having you two and your friends stop Samael and get out of here also helps me. Staying out of your way, and staying close to you could prove…indirectly beneficial."

"In other words…if you can't find your own way out, then you'll let us do all the work while you just waltz out!" Cyborg powers up his sonic cannon. "I don't think so! We don't take freeloaders here!"

"I didn't expect anything else!" Slade said in a duplicitous tone. He rolled to the side after Cyborg fired his sonic cannon at him. Robin then jumped kicked him, aimed at his face. Slade grabbed his leg and slammed him into the wall next to him. Robin grunted when he made contact with it. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I have more important things to do." Slade kicked open a door and ran into the next room. "See ya on the other side!"

"Grrrrrrrrrr!" Robin growled as he got up from his position. He ran into the darkened room and he glared from side to side. Somehow, Slade was able to lose them. "He got away!"

Cyborg ran into the room behind him. "But where? Unless…"

"Maybe." Robin said as he thought the very same thing. "In the meantime, we shouldn't worry about where he has gone."

"I guess." Cyborg said as he glared into the darkened room. "Too bad we didn't learn anything new with him."

"I wouldn't completely say that." Robin commented as he started to search the now empty, but very dark room. "He did say that even the dead could leave this place. If that is true, than that could mean that…if Terra is dead, even she could leave this place!"

"That's true!" Cyborg smiled as he prepared his sonic cannon again. While he was disheartened to think that Terra was dead, at the same time, it was something he suspected every since she turned to stone. At the moment, their radios have been mostly silent. Even against Slade who, much to Cyborg's disagreement, meant that he wasn't a monster, at least, a Silent Hill type of monster. Speaking of Slade… "He said that he was counting on the fact that the dead could leave this place. You don't suppose that Terra really did kill Slade do you?"

Robin turned to Cyborg after a bit of rummaging around on a few shelves in the degraded and rusted room. "Well, you remember what happened right? Slade fell into that pool of lava. I don't know about you, but I'm sure even Slade couldn't survive that!"

"True." Cyborg conceded as he remembered that. "Do you think he will succeed…in returning to life if that was the case?"

"Honestly…" Robin started, as he picked up a jar of what appeared to be gumdrops. "I hope he doesn't succeed. Still, I hate to admit it, but I wouldn't completely mind his having his help. Even if it meant advancing his personal goal that I'm sure I will not like."

"I hear that." Cyborg said as he looked around the darkened room. "Any help from anyone, I'd appreciate. Even from…Slade."

Robin nodded as he turned his attention back to the gumdrops. While they were in a place that, if it were normal, would sell many kinds of foods, why they would be in a formerly fancy restaurant was a complete mystery to him. 'Must be a clue,' he surmised. He opened up the jar and emptied the contents onto the floor.

Cyborg saw Robin do this. This took his mind off of Slade and back at the situation at hand. "Gumdrops? In need of a sugar rush Robin?"

"No…" Robin said as he knelt down and shifted through the gumdrops in the dark. Finally, he picked up what looked like a chess piece. A white knight piece from what it appeared. Upon closer inspection, the bottom had a sharp point to it. "I'm just looking for a little game of chess!"

Top of the Lighthouse

"What…what does this mean?" A panicked Starfire said at the scene in front of her.

Terra slowly approached the center of the lighthouse. The blood trail led them here. Why, they were still not sure. But what they saw disturbed them. A massive circle with some sort of symbol was in the middle. Beast Boy and Starfire recognized the symbol as the same one they have been seeing all over the place. This symbol, much like all the others, was made in blood.

However, they didn't expect this on the 'normal' Silent Hill either, especially with this amount of blood. Granted, from experience, they knew that even in the 'normal' Silent Hill, they did encounter many disturbing images. But this one definitely pushed the limits from what they should have expected.

Beast Boy was the next to slow approach it. "Maybe they are just trying to mess with our minds? Yeah, that's it! Trying to mess with our minds! And…and…and…it's working!" Beast Boy was in full panic mood.

"Beast Boy!" Terra ran up to him and started violently shaking him. "Calm down! I know the past few…hours have been horrible, but that is no reason to go crazy on us now!"

"Yeah…" Beast Boy, slightly dizzy, recovered from his fright. "I mean, I should be used to it by now! I mean…I've seen worse…yeah! I've seen worse!"

"And we still are alive!" Starfire added. Though her expression was slightly saddened. "Even if a few others are not."

Beast Boy shot his head towards Starfire. "What do you mean by that? Do you mean that…that…"

Terra punched Beast Boy on the top of the head. This caused Beast Boy to crash to the lighthouse roof. "Beast Boy! I'm sure she didn't mean that! She meant that…well…" Terra casts her eyes down. "We already saw quite a few die before already."

"Umh." Starfire sounded her agreement. She knew, in her heart, that the others were alive. After all, they have been separated time and time again before in this nightmare, and each time, they had met again…and again as well. She was confident they would meet up again, and hopefully, for the last time that they will be in this nightmare.

Beast Boy took a deep breath to calm himself down, before he thought about the recent people he had seen die. He lowered his head as he remembered. "Yeah." As he was looking down, he noticed something in the middle of the blood pool. "What's this?" He slowly approached the object. He turned into his bird form while his face grimaces due to the fact that he was literally flying over…fresh blood. He was fortunate that he could fly or else, he would be standing in it. Still, his lower chin was quivering as he tried to keep the contents of his stomach down. After taking a big gulp, he slowly flew close to the object in the middle of the blood. With his feet, he picked up what looked like a chess piece, a black bishop with a sharp end on it. He quickly flew back to the others, and returned to his human form. "Looks like a clue here!"

Terra looked at the blood-covered object. "A chess piece? What are we going to use it for?"

Starfire knelt down beside the chess piece. She focused on the piece intently. "Maybe we have to play the game of chess?"

Beast Boy shrugged. "I hope not!" He then noticed the blood on it, and quickly wiped it off. "Um…I'm not good at chess."

"Maybe Robin will play that puzzle?" Terra suggested.

Starfire and Beast Boy turned their attention to Terra.

"I certainly hope so!" Beast Boy agreed. "If we have to play some stupid game, he would be perfect!"

Starfire nodded. "I have seen him play this game of chess. He is quite skilled at it!"

Terra sighed. "Well, I guess we're done here…" Suddenly, she noticed a woman standing at the edge of the lighthouse. Her eyes widened.

Beast Boy noticed Terra's changed in expression and was worried. "Terra?"

"Someone's here!" Terra said as she pointed to the figure behind Beast Boy and Starfire.

Beast Boy and Starfire instantly turned around to see whom Terra was pointing at. Both of their eyes widened when they recognize who it was.

Starfire was the first to speak up. "Jessica?"

Jessica seemed to be in a daze. Her eyes seemed to be empty. Like she saw something horrible. Given what she was covered in, that was probably exactly the case. From head to tow, she was covered…in blood. Her formerly white dress was now stained with the red substance. Drops were dripping down her hand, holding what appeared to be an object of some sort.

"What…happened?" Beast Boy said in a meek voice. Still unable to comprehend what he was seeing. While a voice in the back of mind was telling him, he shouldn't be surprised, he still held out hope that of all people, she wouldn't be the one affected.

Jessica didn't respond to the questions she was receiving. She dropped the object she was holding, took a few steps back towards the edge of the lighthouse.

"Jessica?" Starfire said in a worried tone. She was now off the ground ready to rush to the distraught girl.

Jessica extended her arms a bit. She took one final step, sending her over to the side of the lighthouse.

"JESSICA!" Starfire yelled. She flew to where Jessica was and peered down into the darkness. She frantically looked from side to side in an attempt to save her. Yet, from where she looked, there was nothing. Only the side of the lighthouse, and the crashing ocean far below was visible.

"Jessica!" Beast Boy stopped at the edge of the lighthouse. He too, frantically looked from side to side. He also peered down in the vain effort to see if he could find her. Maybe she was holding onto a ledge? But no, all he could see was darkness.

Terra ran up to them. A saddened expression graced her face. "Not again."

Starfire was in near tears. "Jessica! Why?"

"Of all the survivors…" Beast Boy was holding back tears. "She seemed to be the one that this place didn't bother!" He slammed his foot on the ground. "Why? Why? What does this mean to us?"

"No one is safe." Terra said in a quiet voice. "That is why we must fight on."

Starfire let a single tear slid down her face.

Beast Boy looked down at the ground. He saw the object that Jessica dropped. He knelt down and slowly picked it up. Like the chess piece, this object too, was covered in blood. But this was not a chess piece. Beast Boy wiped off the blood on this new object. "A…watch?" He looked at the watch over. On the back, there was a name. His heart sank. "Issac."

"This that means that…" Terra looked back at the blood trail. "Then…then…"

"I don't want to think about it." Beast Boy finally said. "We're done here." He slowly walked back towards the stairs.

Starfire was now balling. Streams of tears stained her face. She sniffed. "We must continue. This evil must be defeated."

Terra nodded and followed the others towards the stairs.

Beast Boy entered the stairwell when he suddenly stopped. He noticed something on the windows. It was something that wasn't there before. Handprints. Bloody handprints. And they were small, like a…child's. His eyes widened. "Um…guys? I suggest that you…"

But it was too late. Both Starfire and Terra noticed them. They both gasped at the sight as shivers ran down both of their spins.

Beast Boy gulped. "Just…ignore them." He took a few steps towards the stairs. Even so, he was having a hard time not noticing them. All along the path towards the stairs, there were handprints.

Starfire and Terra did their hardest not to notice them. However, neither of them succeeded on doing that. In fact, with each passing step, both of their hearts sank with sadness and disgust.

Beast Boy though, was handling himself a little better. That was, until he came to what appeared to be words. He looked at the words, and nearly lost it there.

The words, written in blood, read… Why? What did I do? Why? WHY?

Beast Boy's mouth was quivering. Why? Yes, why? What does all this mean? Why all the blood? Why was Jessica involved? Why did Issac… Beast Boy ran down the stairs.

"Beast Boy!" Starfire and Terra both said as they rushed after him.

"We must not separate!" Starfire yelled at Beast Boy.

"We have to get out of here!" Beast Boy said in a distressed voice. "We have to stop them! We have to stop them!" Beast Boy suddenly slipped on one of the stairs and nearly tumbled over the side.

Starfire instantly flew down and grabbed Beast Boy before he fell. While Beast Boy could've easily changed into a bird form before falling to his death, in his current state of mind, Starfire couldn't take the chance. "I know! And we will!"

"But we can't rush it!" Terra added. "If we do, then we make mistakes! Mistakes I'm sure they will be happy that we make!"

Beast Boy was quivering. "You're…you're right…"

Suddenly, a loud roar came up from the darkened abyss from below. At the same time, Beast Boy's radio loudly sounded.

Beast Boy, Terra, and Starfire all froze when they heard it.

Beast Boy turned down the radio, as it was getting extremely loud with the static. Knowing full well that something bad was coming up, he shakily peered down the stairway. "That doesn't sound good."

Terra also peered down. What it was, it was coming closer and closer.

Starfire also looked down the side. Her eyes narrowed as she thought she could see something. Something like the flapping of wings? "Some flying creature is coming up!"

As if coming out of the darkness, a furry multi-eyed monster flashed by them. The wind caused them to fall back onto the stairs.

The bat winged, six-legged massive monster stared at the group the ground. It's mouth, or what appeared to be a mouth, opened, revealing a sharp pincher.

Beast Boy gulped. He weakly waved at the monster. "Um, nice giant monster!"

The monster shot out its pincher. The sharp object came close to Beast Boy, destroying a part of the stairs. Terra and Starfire had to roll out of the way.

"Eep!" Beast Boy yelped as he changed into a mouse form.

Alternate Retail Store

Robin, with a crowbar he recently found, slammed it into a wooden door in order to pry it open. Given that the door was one of the few that seemed to be made out of decayed wood instead of the metal or solid hardwood like the other doors, Robin assumed that this must be the way to go.

Cyborg stood watch behind him. There was a low static sound coming from his internal radio. However, whatever creature was in the area, it did not make a move towards them. At least, not yet. With the flashlight, he scanned one side of the room, to the other. This place seemed to have been a dilapidated store of some sorts. What it sold before, he wasn't sure. Given the appearance of the shelves, it had to be some sort of goods store. Since Robin found the crowbar here, hardware maybe? Heck, Cyborg even found a few more boxes of shells for his shotgun here. 'I'll take whatever I can get!' Cyborg thought as he reloaded his shotgun.

Robin pried the door open. Wood pieces fell everywhere from the damage that Robin caused. He slowly peered into the room. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. Without making any loud sounds, he ushered Cyborg to follow him. Cyborg nodded and they both slowly crept into the empty room.

Cyborg scanned from one area of the new room, to the other. Again, more dilapidated walls. Suddenly, out in the emptiness, something shiny caught Cyborg's eye. Not taking any chances, he took out his sonic cannon and aimed at it. With Robin closely in tow, Cyborg slowly approached the shiny object. He took one step, than another, than another, than another. He slowly knelt down to see what it was. It was a ring. But it was not a ring that you wear, but a ring that was connected to the floor. Or, in reality, connected to a hatch on the floor.

"I take it that it wants us to go down it." Robin said, stating the obvious.

Cyborg nodded. "Well, here goes nothing!" Cyborg knelt down and grabbed the ring. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Cyborg grunted as he used his strength to lift the hatch. The hatch slowly creaked open as the hinge slowly turned. After it got up more then halfway up, Cyborg threw the hatch over, sending it completely over to the other side of the floor. He peered down the hole and tried to illuminate as much as possible with his mini-flashlight. Wherever the bottom was, he couldn't see it. The only thing he could see was the top of the metallic ladder.

Robin also peered into the hole and saw the same thing, which was…darkness. Wanting to know what was down there, he took out one of the gumdrops that he kept with him, and dropped it into the hole. He waited for a sound. And waited, and waited. Finally, after a few moments, he heard a splash. At least they now know that there was a bottom.

Cyborg looked down the hole. Given how long it took for the gumdrop to hit, he knew it was a ways down. "Um, wanna go first?"

Robin sighed as he got around towards the hole, and grabbed a hold of the bars. He slowly crept down into the hole.

Cyborg gulped. "Guess it's my turn now." Cyborg followed Robin into the hole. He, following Robin, slowly crept down into the darkness.

Tap, tap, tap. The only sound they really heard as they headed down to parts unknown. Tap, tap, tap. Lower and lower into the hole. Cyborg and Robin only hoped that what was down here, wasn't as bad as what was above them.

To get away from the silence, Cyborg decided to strike up a conversation. "So, who do you think Slade was working for?"

"Beats me." Robin said as he continued down the trek to the bottom of this hole. "Whoever it was, obviously had some hold over Slade. Especially since I don't think Slade is the type to work with anyone. At least willingly."

"I hear that." Cyborg said as he looked straight ahead. He was taught that he should never look down in situation like this. But even if he did, all he would see was darkness.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Cyborg's radio lightly hummed in the darkness. Then suddenly, much to Cyborg's dismay, the sound started to increase in volume. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Cyborg gulped. "Um, Robin…"

"I know!" Robin quickened his pace.

Cyborg followed suit. Whatever it was that was making the radio go nuts was coming closer. And it was coming from above.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap! The pace of the two frantically quickened as they both hoped that the bottom was near.

Then, Cyborg lost his footing. "Whoa!" His foot nearly slid off one of the steps. He quickly held on the bars with his arms. He gulped as he tried to reestablish his footing.

"Cyborg!" Robin yelled as he saw Cyborg in distress.

"I'm fine!" Cyborg said as he searched out the bar with his leg. Cyborg than looked up instantly. The monster was coming closer, and the static was getting louder. "Keep going! I'm going to be right behind you!"

"But…" Robin protested.

"GO! I can't follow you if you're in the way!" Cyborg yelled back. He forced his foot to find the footing.

Robin reluctantly nodded as he continued to race down the ladder.

Cyborg followed suit. He thought about blasting the monster while it was still out of sight, but this might bring the monster fall on them. Since he didn't know where the bottom was, nor how big the monster was, he wasn't going to take that chance. He looked up again for a moment as a SCREECH rang down the hole. Cyborg quickened the pace as much as he could. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cyborg yelled in the vain attempt that it might make him move faster.

Robin then sees the water. He quickly jumped off and Splashed into the water. He looked back up to hear Cyborg's scream, and see Cyborg's image quickly approaching. "Cyborg! Jump off now!"

Cyborg did just that. He pushed himself off the ladder, and splashed into the murky waters below. He quickly scurried away from the ladder, aimed his sonic cannon at it, waiting for the monster to appear.

Robin did the same. After gathering a few feet away to a safe distance, he took out a few exploding disc and waited for it to appear.

And waited…and waited…and waited.

Cyborg took one step away. The static from the radio seemed to have stopped getting louder. It appeared that the monster simply stopped in its tracks…for now. "What do you think Robin?" He whispered to him.

"He's coming!" Robin whispered back. "But it wasn't stupid either!"

"Well…" Cyborg said as he continued to step away from the ladder. "I don't want to stay here and wait for its move. We should get going!"

"I agree." Robin said as he slowly lowered his exploding disc. He quickly turned around and headed towards the hallway in front of them.

After a few more steps, both Robin and Cyborg heard a splash. "REEEEEEEE!"

Robin and Cyborg spun around and launched their exploding disc/fired shotgun shells into the monster.

"RREEEEEEEEE!" The monster explodes into a hail of blood and bones.

Cyborg and Robin smiled at their accomplishments.

"That wasn't so bad!" Cyborg said as they both turned back around.

"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" A number of figures stepped out of the shadow. What little of Cyborg's flashlight could illuminate revealed a humanoid eyeless monster. Than another, than another, than another stepped out into the light.

"You just had to…" Robin started as he gazed at the monsters.

"Don't say it." Cyborg sighed as he brought up his shotgun. "Who's next?"


Beast Boy changed into a ram form. He jumped up and slammed into the chest of the monster. BAM! CRACK! The force must've damaged some of the massive monster's ribs. Beast Boy, after making contact, flipped backwards and away from the monster, landing back onto the stairs.

"ROARRRRRRRRRR!" The monster opened his mouth again and shot the long pincer at the stairs. BOOM! More stairs come tumbling down.

Terra, who was caught on the wrong side of the stairs, tried to jump to the lower stairs before it was too late. However, Terra lost her footing. "Whoa!"

Quickly, Starfire grabbed Terra and placed her onto those stairs. "You okay friend?"

Terra quickly nodded. "Yeah." At that moment, another pincher appeared between Starfire and Terra. "Eep!"

Starfire flew back up. Her arms glowed as she prepared for a volley of starbolts. "Take that evil creature!"

The monster roared after being hit by Starfire's volleys. "ROARRRRRRRRRRRR!" The monster then slapped Starfire with its massive wings, sending her to the lighthouse walls.

Beast Boy changed into his tiger form, jumped up again and landing on the monster's back. "ROARRRRRRRRR!" He began ripping the monster's flesh off bits by bits.

"ROAR!" The monster oscillated from side to side. And then, with a quick jerk, the monster sent Beast Boy crashing towards the lighthouse wall. It then thrust its pincer at where Beast Boy was.

Beast Boy quickly changed into a mouse avoiding the pincer. When the walls began to give way, he changed again into a bird form and flew down away from the wall.

Terra noticed the material that the walls were made out of. She then looked down at the metal stairs. While it was a risk, given the durability of the monster's skin, and the confining movement that they were faced, she had to take the change. "Hey monster! Eat this!" Terra's eyes glowed yellow. She brought them up as the lighthouse walls started to crack.

"ROAARRRRRR!" The monster noticed Terra's actions and thrust its pincer at her.

Terra quickly ran down the stairs in order to get to a safe distance. More cracks appeared on the walls. "Prepare to be screwed!" The walls ripped off the side of the lighthouse bringing the stairs straight towards the monster.

"ROARRRRR!" The metallic stairs slammed into the monster's belly. Then, with a drilling motion, the stairs were run up the monster. The monster widened its eyes at it screamed in pain. "ROAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Blood spewed out of its mouth as they folded back into themselves.

"Ha! Take that!" Terra said as dust and debris started to fall on her. "Uh oh." She expected this. But that didn't mean she was going to like what was about to happen.

The sound of cracking and metal grinding into each other intensified.

Beast Boy instantly changed into a pterodactyl and grabbed Terra. He slid from side to side in order to avoid the falling debris all around them.

Starfire, who recovered from her attack, saw the lighthouse crumble apart. She too, quickly flew down the lighthouse. There was only one way out of here that didn't involve a battle with the roof of the lighthouse, falling bricks and metal stairs above them.

Both Starfire and Beast Boy saw the entrance to the lighthouse at the bottom. After dropping off Terra, Beast Boy turned back into his human form. Starfire too, landed without much of an effort. They both peered up for a moment as metal stairs and falling bricks were coming down on them. They were about to rush out of the lighthouse when…

The monster gave out one last wail and a blinding light consumed the darkness.

After a moment of being consumed by a blinding light, forcing them to shut their eyes shut, Beast Boy, Terra, and Starfire all felt their way out of the lighthouse. Once they were out, they all slowly opened their eyes. They were stunned by what they saw.

It was daylight. Well, at least, it wasn't dark.

The three found themselves surrounded in fog. For now, it seemed that the never-ending night had ended. They both looked back at the lighthouse that, to their surprise, was perfectly intact. Whatever damage which they, and the monster inflicted in there, was nowhere to be found.

"Is this…the end?" Starfire asked as she peered through the fog-covered landscape.

After a few moments, Terra shook her head. "No! It's just another calm before another storm arrives."

Beast Boy took out the watch that he acquired from the top of the lighthouse. He rubbed it as he thought about whom once owned it. "This won't be over until we stop them. Until we stop them for good! Whatever it takes…"

-------End of Chapter 12

And so ends the LONG awaiting update for Silent Titan! As you can see, things are progressing, a bit, I admit, slowly, but still progressing. Also if you felt that the last boss fight Beast Boy, Terra, and Starfire felt a little rushed, I apologized for that. I could've expanded it a lot if I had wanted to. But, given that I wanted to get past that area as quickly as I can, I decided to cut it short. No need to extend it behind reason!

Oh yeah, I didn't plan on bringing in Dahlia Gillespie into this story. And to a certain extent, still don't since this story takes place after Silent Hill 1. However, just in case, I have mentioned her in this story.

Oh, and one last thing before I go, if you were wondering who Slade was working for, I'll give you a hint, this story is set after Season 2 of Teen Titans. Given that we don't see him again until Season 4 (completely at least) that should be a pretty big hint on whom he was working for. Now, granted, the events of this story do NOT fit perfectly with the series, but that should be expected. After all, they are not consulting me on anything. :-P Now, will we see Slade again? Maybe. But you'll just have to wait and find out!

What is the truth behind Jessica and her husband? Her children? Will Raven reappear again? How will Robin and Cyborg get out of their mess? Where does the path lead Beast Boy, Terra, and Starfire? Find out as the story progresses!