A Song For You

This story starts when Kira found Lacus's escape pod. Enjoy, this is my frst Gundam Seed fic. If there's any wrong, pls tell me.

Kira came out from his Strike and seeing that all crew members was gathering around the escape pod whish Kira had just rescued. Kojiro opened up the pod and a pink, small machine ball float out shouting, "Haro! Haro!!" And followed by it was a long, pink-haired girl, aged almost the same as Kira, dressed in a long white and purple dress with a golden hair pin clipped on her left side of her hair. As she stepped out she lost her balance on the ground and start to float.

Girl: Ara? Arara!!

Seeing that she can't get back to the ground, Kira float up and hold her firmly back to the ground.

Girl(smiling): Arigatou.

Kira(blushed): You're welcome...

As they landed back on the ground, the girl turned towards Ramius and Flaga.

Girl: Thanks for saving me, you did a great job. Ara?

The girl look at the crest on Ramius's uniform and then she look around the area.

Girl: Ara? Wasn't this a ZAFT's ship?

Flaga: Here is Archangel. We are the Earth Alliance, may I ask who are you and where were you from.

Lacus: My name is Lacus Clyne and I'm from ZAFT. (Holding the pink ball in her hand) And this is my friend, Haro.

Haro: "HARO!!!!"

Ramius: Clyne?! You are the PLANT Supreme Council chair man Siegel Clyne's daughter?

Lacus: Yes, Siegel Clyne is my father.

Flaga(to Kira): Looks like you had brought another rich princess here.

Kira: Huh?

Lacus(smiling): ?

Song 1: Kira meets Lacus

Kira holding a food tray, Lacus walking beside him with two guards walking at the front and back. As they walk along the corridor, they heard some of the civilians talking and glaring at them. Lacus was wondering why and Kira just ignored them. As they reached the room for civilian to live in, Kira and Lacus walk in while the two guards guarding outside. Lacus look around the room as Kira place the food tray on a table.

Lacus: Can't I go out?

Kira: I'm sorry, but you belong to ZAFT, so you can't walk around here.

Lacus: Oh...By the way, what's your name?

Kira: Kira. Kira Yamato.

Lacus: Is it alright if I called you Kira?

Kira: Hm.

Lacus: You are a coordinator too, right?

Kira: How did you...?

Lacus: How did I know? I can see it from your eyes. It's painful, right?

Kira: Huh?

Lacus walk towards Kira and placed her hands on his face. Kira was shocked at first but slowly melting into the warm touch.

Lacus: You just as young as I am and you are already in a war battling, fighting and killing your own people, the coordinators. It's very painful, right?

Kira clench his fist on his chest, feeling all his pain about the war and the people he had killed. But it did not last long as he felt a hand placed on his fist. He look up and saw a pair of crystal blue eyes which was almost the same as his violet eyes looking at him, like they know what was his pain and was he feeling.

Lacus: Fight with it, Kira. Everyone have times they fear, and you must not allow the fear in you to conquer you.

Kira look at her as she smiled back, he smiled back.

Kira: Arigatou, Lacus.

Lacus: Ara?! You had just called me by my name!

Kira: Can't I?

Lacus(smiling): No, it's my pleasure.

Suddenly there's a red alert, and Kira heard Ramius's voice through the radio.

Ramius: Kira-kun. We need you for battle. Quickly!!

Lacus saw that Kira turned sad as he heard the news, she move closer towards him and lean a kiss on his cheek. Kira was surprised by her action and look at her.

Lacus: Good luck and be careful, Kira.

Kira: Arigatou, Lacus.

Kira run towards the Gundam with Lacus's words ringing in his mind.

"Fight with it, Kira. Everyone have times they fear, and you must not allow the fear in you to conquer you."

Next story preview, the bond between Kira and Lacus starts to grow and Fllay starts her plan to win Kira's heart. STAY TUNED!!!!