A Song For You

9 years old Kai Yamato woke up as the beam of sunlight shine at him through the curtain. He sits up and does some stretching. Sleeping beside him was his 8 years old sister, Luna Yamato. Kai give a kiss on her forehead and gets off the bed quietly, trying not to wake his dear sister up. He went out and closed the door quietly. Kai put on his shoes and went out for a walk at the beach.

Kai: Today is Luna and my birthday. What should I get for her?

Although Luna was born one year later than Kai, she was born on the same month and date as he is. Suddenly a hand pats his head; he quickly turns around and meets a pair of violet-blue eyes.

Kai: Otou-san! Don't scare me like that!

27 years old, Kira Yamato smiles at his elder son, who looks like a chibi version of him, except his son's hair has a parting on the left like his wife, and eyes is the same as his wife's blue eye. He stood up and pats Kai's head.

Kira: I was just wondering what's my little birthday boy doing down here in an early morning?

Kai: I was just thinking what I should buy for Luna. I've been thinking for the past whole week. Otou-san, can you give me any idea?

Kira: Hm...Come here, Kai.

Kai went to his father's side as Kira whisper into his ear.

Kai: That's great, Otou-san! Luna always wanted that! Alright! I'll buy her that!

Kira: Go and take your bath now, I bring you to the shop later!

Kai: Hai!

Kai give a kiss on Kira's cheek and ran back to the house. Kira smiles at him and look towards the ocean.

Kira: Looks like today was another wonderful day.

Final Song: The Hope for the Future

Luna woke up and yawned as she stretches her arms and legs. She combs her long pinked-hair with her small fingers. She has the same hair colour as her mother, she has a hair parting in the front, she has her father violet-blue eyes. It was then somebody knocks on the door and it opens. 27 years old Lacus Yamato came in smiling at her daughter.

Luna: Ohaiyo, Oka-san.

Lacus: Ohaiyo, Luna. How's my birthday girl doing today?

Luna: Great! But I was thinking...

Lacus: About what?

Luna: I was thinking what shall I buy for Oni-chan. Oka-san, can you help me?

Lacus: Hm...what to buy...Okay, come closer.

Lacus whisper into Luna's ear, she giggles and hugs her mother.

Luna: Arigatou, Oka-san! I think Oni-chan will love it.

Lacus: Go and take a bath, breakfast is almost ready.

Luna: Right away!!

She kiss Lacus on the cheek and went to take a bath. Lacus went to the kitchen and saw Kira preparing the dishes. He notice her, turns around and give her a kiss.

Kira: Did it work?

Lacus: She's very happy. We must bring them out at different time to buy their present or they will both find out.

Kira: Okay, I'll bring Kai to the shop first. You and Luna will go after we returned.

Lacus: Hm. What time were Athrun and Cagalli be coming?

Kira: Around evening, I guess. They need do some jobs first.

At the Zala Resident.

9 years old Akira Zala and 8 years old Canoe Zala are playing computer games. Akira looks like his father, with the short blue hair but he has no parting like his father's hair. He inherits his mother's golden-orange eyes. Canoe looks like her mother with the blond hair of hers, but she inherits the right hand side parting like her father's hair and his emerald eyes. They are having fun when 27 years old Cagalli Zala Athha came into the room.

Cagalli: Alright, you two! Stop playing and go and take your bath. We are going to the shopping mall to buy presents for your two cousins.

Canoe: Ha haoe, just give us ten more minutes!

Cagalli: No! Go and change now!

It was then 27 years old Athrun Zala came in. He places a hand on Cagalli's shoulder.

Athrun: Ma, Ma, cool down Cagalli. Akira, Canoe, go and change now or I'll put a password to lock up the computer again.

Akira and Canoe remember that last time they tried to break their father's password, in return the whole computer spoilt. So they have to buy a new computer.

Akira: Hai, Chi Chue. Let's go, Canoe.

Canoe: Hm!

As the kids went to take their bath, Cagalli sigh as she and Athrun walks towards the living room.

Cagalli: They only listen to you, Athrun.

Athrun: Don't be so hash on the kids, try to threaten them sometimes.

Cagalli: It's been a year we have last seen them. I wonder how are they doing?

Athrun: Yeah...

During the afternoon, Kai and Luna have brought their present for one another. They help their parents on decorating the house and preparing the foods for their birthday party tonight. At six thirty in the evening, Athrun and his families have arrived at their house. Akira and Canoe past their present to Kai and Luna. Athrun and Kira hug each other, patting one another back, Lacus and Cagalli too. At seven, they cut the birthday cake, Kai and Luna both exchange their presents. They opened it up and realized that they have brought the same present for one another. It was a silver ring with their name craft on it individual. Kira and Lacus smile at them, while holding their own rings.

After the meal, Kai, Luna, Akira and Canoe went to the beach and play. Their parents were sitting at the beach watching them and at the same time enjoying the sea breeze.

Lacus: How many years have past after that war?

Cagalli: Eleven years...Our children have already grown up. See how close they are.

Athrun: They are just like a smaller version of us.

Kira: But it's good that they didn't need to been through of what we did eleven years ago.

Lacus: Ah...

Kai: Otou-san, Oka-san!! Look! Meteor Rain!!

They look up and saw million of stars falls from the sky. Lacus smiles as she clench her hands together, closing her eyes as she starts to sing.

Mizu no naka ni yoru ga yureteru

Kanashii hodo shizuka ni tatazumu

Midorinasu kishibe

The children run back to their parents side and listen to the song.

Utsukushii yoake wo

Tada matte iraretara

Kirei na kokoro de

Athrun and Cagalli look at each other and they look back at Lacus.

Kurai umi to sora no mukou ni

Arasoi no nai basho ga aruno to

Osiete kureta no wa dare

Dare mo ga tadori tsukenai

Soretomo dareka no kokoro no naka ni

Kira look at his children and back at his wife. It was then Luna joins in with her mother.

Mizu no nagare wo shizumete

Kureru daichi wo uruosu shirabe

Ima wa doko nimo nakutemo

Kitto jibun de te ni ireruno

Itsumo, itsuka, kitto

All of them join in with the song with the two of them.

Mizu no akashi wo kono te ni

Subete no honoo wo nomikonde nao

Hiroku yasashiku nagareru

Sono shizukesa ni tadoritsuku no

Itsumo, itsuka, kitto

Anata no te wo tori...

Cagalli: Your voice and song is the only things that never change within all these years.

Lacus: Arigatou, ara?

The four of them look down, and saw that their children have already fallen asleep on their laps.

Athrun: They must have played too much.

Kira: Ah...Look how peaceful they sleep. I hope that they will always be sleeping so peaceful. Without worries and bad dreams...

Lacus place her hand on top of his, she smiles at him.

Lacus: They will. The wishing stars had heard your wish.

Cagalli: That's right, Kira!

Athrun: A strong flame doesn't burn out, no matter how small it is, right?

Kira: Ah... That's right...


For my readers,

For now, I thank all of you for your kind support. This is the end of my first Gundam Seed story, but don't be sad. I'll be coming up with another story. I really hoped that you have enjoyed this story. This my best work ever. Okay, just stay tuned for my up coming Gundam Seed story, "Destiny Entwined". Hope to see you again!!

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