The Hollow Man

I did it out of smite. I did it out of anger. I did it, to get revenge. And now, no-one can stop me. When that god-forsaken Gabriel killed me once again, things that were so foreign, yet so familiar came flooding back to me. Emotions. It was all so strange to me. Memories, ones I thought were lost, came running into my mind. I could, feel pain now. And pleasure, which I had not felt in so long. The emotions felt over whelming at first, of coarse, if you hadn't had them in so long. And the weirdest thing happened; I felt the need to breath. At first, I didn't know how. Then, it came natural. I was about to thank Gabriel, for giving it all back to me. Until I plunged back into the world of darkness.

Damn him. He gives me the essence of life, and then I die. Isn't it just great how easily things can be taken from you? Well I have news for you Gabriel; I do not like people taking everything from me. Especially twice! Now I remember life. What it was like, before I became to the lord of the darkness. There was laughter, sorrow and pain. And there was a woman. Her name escapes me, but, I can smell her scent. I remember, dancing. Dancing with her. She And she was so pale. She said she needed a seat. I escorted her to a chair. That's when you came into my life Gabriel! You were the one who fired the pistol! You were the one who missed me! You were the one, who killed her. Her last words were ''I love you''. I wept for her. Then you loaded your pistol once more. It was an easy shot to dodge. But I saw no point in living a mortals life. I let you shoot me. I made a deal with the devil. I would get you. But you got me.

I did it out of smite. I did it out of anger. Yes. I made a deal with the devil once more. This time, I will watch my back, and this time, you are not a werewolf. I am un-stoppable this time. I shall do it for my long lost love. Many people think I am doing wrong, but I am not. Many people do not understand why I would rather live a hollow life.

I would rather live a hollow life, than let you win! You killed the only thing dear to me!

But now, I am disgusted with myself. How could I have been so blind? I forgot about my love, what I came back to do. Instead, I had other brides. I tried to convince Anna that I loved her. I am a fool. But this time I will not forget what I came back to do. He mocked me. He killed me. He mocked me. He killed me. Twice.

But the odd thing is, the devil said no. He told me I do not belong in that world any more. But the other thing is, I do not belong in hell any more. Somebody is waiting for me. At the gates of heaven. But why am I going there? What have I done in life/after life, that was good?

Reaching the gates of heaven, I see her. My love. My long lost love. She waited for me. All these years. She truly does love me!

''What took you so long?'' Is the only thing she says to me, before smiling and I wrap my arms around her.

''Nothing really. Traffic was really bad.'' Is all I can say.