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Chapter 1

Why are you crying?

"No, I won't! You can't make me!" Wendy repeated and hot tears were running down her cheeks. She simply couldn't believe that her mother would even propose anything like that at all.

"Wendy," her mother said and dapped away her daughter's tears with a white lace handkerchief in a vain attempt to console her only girl. "You can't stay in the nursery forever, precious."

"But what if he comes back? He won't be able to find me, mother. I can't go."

"Wendy, it's been nearly two years. I don't think he'll ever come back." Mrs. Darling said softly and she could see the hurt in Wendy's eyes that these words caused.

And yet, it was true. Peter Pan hadn't returned to the nursery in London ever since that early morning when the Darling family had been reunited. Wendy knew it was true and somewhere deep within her she could feel that her mother was right.

Peter would not come back to her.

"Listen, Wendy, Giggleswick is a wonderful boarding school. You'll like it there. It is about time that you get away from your brothers and start behaving like lady. Please, think about it."

Wendy didn't want to think about it. Leaving the nursery was out of the question as far as it concerned her…but unfortunately, she wasn't the one who would be finally making the decision. Her parents would and Wendy knew that they had already made their decision to send her away.

She didn't hear her mother leave the room and close the door. She was clutching her kiss in her hand, Desperately holding on to it. Holding on to him. As if it was the only thing that could keep her from drowning in her sorrow.

Soon, her brothers would come upstairs to go to bed and ask her to tell stories about Peter and the Neverland. Ever since they had returned back home she had been keeping the memory of Peter alive, although the Lost Boys, her brothers, seemed to forget more and more about their adventures as time went bye. But Wendy couldn't forget about it, she couldn't forget about Peter and he would never forget her. However, one by one her brothers had forgotten how to fly. Slightly had been the first to keep his feet firmly on the ground, but even after two years Michael sometimes dreamed so happy dreams that then he would rise an inch or two from his bed and levitate until he was woken.

Every night Wendy sat in front of the window, staring up into the sky and wishing that tonight might be the night when he would come back to her window and back to her. If he'd only ask her again to fly with him to the place where she would never have to grow up, she would go.

Living was an awfully big adventure, but to live without the one you love is worse than death.

She had been a silly little girl when she had thought that there could be a way for her and Peter to be together even though they were living in different worlds. There simply wasn't one.

Wendy's heart was aching. The pain had been inside her for so long that she couldn't even remember the night her heart had finally broken. She longed for Peter to be with her. To get her out of the nursery and away from all this pain.

Tomorrow would be the day that she had to leave London and her family behind to go to a boarding school somewhere in the North. Somewhere where Peter would never find her. But why would he want to find her now? He hadn't wanted to find her during the past two years even though he knew that she would be waiting for him by her window.

And again, Wendy rested her head on her arms and cried like she had done for so many times.

"Girl, why are you crying?" asked a timid little voice.

With a sob, Wendy looked up, expecting to find one of her brothers standing next to her, but she was alone.

"Why are you crying?" the voice repeated and this time she could see who had asked her.

He was hovering in front of her window, looking at her with a mixture of curiosity and concern in his brown eyes. "Are you sad?" he asked and floated a little closer to the window sill.

Wendy was too startled to say anything, all she could do was nod her head. She couldn't take her eyes of him and it took her a little while until she could answer. "Who are you?" She had to force the words out of her mouth, they wouldn't be uttered easily.

"I'm Jaz."

"Jaz," Wendy whispered.

"Can I come in?" he asked and without even waiting for her to answer, he flew past her and landed graciously in the middle of the room. "Swords." She heard him say, as he picked up one of their wooden toys. Then he started rummaging in the in contents of one of the boxes where John and the others kept their toys. He looked so young, he couldn't be older than 10 or 12.

"You know," he started and turned towards her, "there swords here aren't very good, they're only made from wood. You can hardly use them to defend yourself against pirates, can you? But anyway, why have you been crying? Is there anything bothering you?"

Wendy didn't know what to make of this situation. "Did Peter send you? Is he all right?"

"Peter who?" he said and turned his attention to a mirror in the corner.

"Peter Pan."

"Never heard of him, sorry."

Now, this was something Wendy hadn't expected. She could handle that there was a boy flying around in here room who wasn't Peter, but surely he must have heard of him. After all, there was only one Neverland and one legendary Peter Pan, no matter how many lost boys there were. "But you must have heard of him. Aren't you one of the lost boys living in Neverland?"

At these words, Jaz's face seemed to literally start glowing with pride. "I'm not only one of them, I'm their leader. Trust me, there is no Peter –" But before he could finish his sentence he was interrupted by the thunder of several pairs of feet noisly coming up the stairs and in a second, Jaz shot back into the air and to the window.

"Wait," Wendy called him back. "You can't leave."

He stopped in midair, looking at her curiously. Wendy could hear her brothers coming nearer by the second. She couldn't let him go.

"Take me with you. Take me to Neverland." Jaz quirked an eyebrow at her and shook his head. "No, listen, I am a story teller…I can tell the most wonderful stories…please," she said and her eyes begged him to take him with her.

"Stories about pirates?"

"Pirates and Mermaids and Indians." Wendy added trying to persuade him.

"But can you fly?" he asked with a nervous glance towards the door.

"I do, if you have pixie dust?"

The fact that she actually knew about pixie dust seemed to convince him and he hastily fished a little pouch out of his trousers and not wanting to waste any more time, simply emptied its contents on Wendy's head.

A shower of pixie dust engulfed her and the next thing she saw was Jaz flying out of the window into the starry night that lay over London.

"Wait," she shouted and without hesitating Wendy stepped onto the window sill and jumped.