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'Azarath Metriom Zinthos' Raven said slowly. She had been in deep meditation for three hours now without disturbance. She must concentrate. Her silent world must be focused on to remain calm. This was the most important part of her meditation.

"RAVEN!" shouted Starfire.

Raven stopped hovering and fell to the floor. She glared at Starfire.

"What do you want Starfire?" she asked pointedly.

"I apologise for interrupting your meditation, but Robin wishes for us to train." Said Starfire.

"Tell him I'm busy." Said Raven as she began hovering again.

"He says that it is most urgent that we train as we do not know when Slade will act next!" said Starfire.

Raven sighed and stood up straight. Robin walked in.

"I thought you said you were going to get her to train?" he asked.

"I am, but she was in meditation and I did not want to disturb her straight away!" said Starfire.

"Well both of you come down to the gym. We need to get in some decent training before we go to face Slade next." Said Robin before turning and walking out.

"How do we know if we're even going to see Slade again?" said Raven.

"Robin always seems to know! It is best that we trust him." Said Starfire wandering down the stairs after Robin.

"What's to trust?" said Raven before following.

Beastboy and Cyborg were already in the gym and already well away with training. Raven went over to her usual corner and laid out the objects she used to train. These mainly consisted of objects of different weights that she would have to concentrate on lifting. She concentrated on the first object. It lifted and she let it fall.

"This is getting far too easy." Said Raven and decided to skip ahead to another object.

It lifted and she let it fall again. Maybe she should try and get some larger or heavier objects to use. She could practice on Beastboy, but that would just be for fun. She concentrated on the largest object there. 'This is far too easy' thought Raven. The object lifted and stayed there. Raven tried to focus on something else, but the object still wouldn't fall. Then it fell of its own accord. She tried again, but this time it wouldn't even lift. She tried to lift one of the smaller objects. They wouldn't lift either.

"No...not now...not with Slade running around!" she whispered to herself.

Something came to life inside of her. Fear. Everything in the room began shaking. The lights flickered on and off.

"Raven? What's going on? RAVEN!" shouted robin.

Raven was on her knees, trying to concentrate, trying to block out the fear. 'You must stop! Stop it! Block it out. You don't need your emotions! Stop it! NOW!' Raven thought to herself desperately. When she opened her eyes the lights had stopped flickering and the rest of the gang was standing around her.

"Raven?" said Starfire.

"I...I'm sorry...I didn't mean...that shouldn't have happened!" said Raven.

"Dude. It's okay. We get it." Said Beastboy kneeling down beside her.

"No! It's not okay. This shouldn't be happening!" said Raven quietly.

"What..." began Robin, but then his beeper went off, "Slade."

They all went upstairs except for Raven and Beastboy.

"You sure you want to do this now?" asked Beastboy.

"I'm fine, I just need to concentrate harder." Said Raven before walking up the stairs.

Beastboy looked at the floor for a second before turning and walking upstairs behind her.