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Chapter 1- Return


It was a beautiful spring day. The flowers were just starting to bloom, waking from their winter sleep. The song of bird's filled the morning sky, and the sun shone its bright rays onto beautiful country that is Japan.

A 23 year-old Sora Takenouchi was driving in her car. She was on her way to Tokyo airport, for an old friend was returning home. As she was driving, she listened to the radio. It was 10am, and the news had just come on.

"… and our main story today, the famous football player Taichi "Tai Kamiya" is to return to Japan soon to start training for the world cup along with the rest of the Japanese team. The 23 year old made the Japanese team 2 years ago when he played in a friendly …"

"I can't believe it's been 5 years since he left," said Sora, "It only feels like yesterday that he got that contract and got on that plane…"


"Flight 182 to London Heathrow is now closing. Would all remaining passengers please board."

"Well, I guess I'd better be going now," said Tai, gloomily. He was saying goodbye to his family and friends, for he was going to England to become a football player. He'd only signed the contract a few days ago and now that he was actually leaving, he was starting to have doubts.

"Come on Tai," said Kari, "Cheer up! You're fulfilling your life long dream. You're gonna be a famous football player!"

"Yeah, but I'm starting to think that this is a bad idea. I mean, I'm going to the other side of the world and I might not see you guys ever again," said Tai

"Don't say that Tai," said Sora, "you'll see us again. I know you will. And when you do see us, you'll be living it large as a celebrity!"

Tai looked up to his best friend, and the one who had claimed his heart. He smiled at her, the first time all day!

"Thanks Sora," said Tai, "You've always been able to put a smile on my face."

"What are best friends for?" Smiled Sora.

"Last call for all passengers for flight 182 to London Heathrow, please board"

"You'd better get moving Tai or you'll miss your flight!" Said Davis

"Yeah, I guess I should," replied Tai, "I'm gonna miss you guys so much!"

"And we'll miss you Tai," said TK, "Just promise that you won't forget us little people when you're famous!"

"I won't TK," laughed Tai

"It's just too bad the others couldn't make it," said Izzy

"Well Mimi's on her flight from New York so she has a good reason not to be here," started TK, "Joe's was taking another exam, Yolei's helping out at her parents store because her dad is ill, Cody's with his grandfather because today would have been his father's birthday, and Ken is helping his parents with something."

"What about Matt?" asked Tai

"No one's heard from him for a few days now," said Izzy

"That's too bad," said Tai, "Well, can you guys tell the others that I said bye?"

"Sure thing Tai," said Kari

"Thanks," smiled Tai, "Well, I'd really better be going now."

Tai went up to his friends and hugged them all (in a friendly way!) and said goodbye. When he hugged Sora, he noticed a few tears fall down her face. Tai tried to hold back his own tears but one fell down his cheek. Before they broke apart, Tai whispered into Sora's ear "You'll always be in my heart Sora." Sora gave a small gasped and started at Tai he let go, but he still held onto her hand. He slowly began to walk away, but Sora still held onto his hand. As their hands began to leave each other's, Sora thought to herself:

'What did he just say? Does … does he love me?'

But before Sora could ask Tai, he was already gone. Sora clasped her hands together as more tears fell down her face. Before Tai boarded the plane, he shouted to his friends:

"I'll see you all when I'm famous!"

And with that, Tai left everything behind. His friends, his family, and his one and only love, in search for fame. As the plane took off, Sora whispered to herself;

"You'll be in my heart too Tai."

----End Flashback----

Sora walked into the airport and looked on the screen to see when and where's Tai flight was to land. She saw his plane was going to land in 10 minutes and started to make her way to the arrivals department, where she met TK, Kari and Tai's parents. Apart from them, none of the digidestined knew that Tai was coming back to Japan today. They only knew because Tai had called them a few days before from London.

As the 3 old friends caught up with each other, and Tai's parents were talking about Tai's last match, an announcement was made.

"Flight 546 from Heathrow London has now landed…"

"That's Tai's flight!" jumped Kari

"I can't believe he's finally come back!" said Sora

"How long has it been? 5 years?" asked TK

"It's seems like only yesterday that he was the same goofy Tai, kicking a football around in the park," said Sora, "Now he's an international star!"

"Hey, look over there," said Kari, "Why are all those news crews there?"

Sora, TK and Kari's parents turned around to see a large crowd of news reporters and photographers gathered in one big group where the arrivals come out. They were filming and photographing someone who had just arrived. As Sora tried to see who it was. she could've sworn she saw a big mass of brown hair.

"Come one, let's go have a look," said Sora as she got up and walked over. The other's soon followed her. Sora walked over to where all the photographers were and tried to see who it was. When she saw who had arrived, she literally screamed.

"What is it Sora?" asked TK, his head ringing form Sora's scream

"It's… it's him!"

"What!" gasped Kari, "You mean…"

Kari ran next to Sora to see if it really was whom she thought it was. There, walking past them, was the Japanese football team, all wearing suits and sighing autographs for their fans. But out of them all, one person stood out. He was about the same age as Sora, and had messy brown hair…

"Oh my god!" screamed Kari, who was about to faint

"What, what is it?" asked TK, "Kari, Sora? Who's arrived?"

"It's the Japanese team," said Kari, "and…and…"

"And Tai" finished Sora

… to be continued …


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