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Chapter 1 Kyo's Decision

Curses, in which the Sohmas' are shrouded with, Kyo had the strangest of them all. A curse he never knew about, a curse that could give him just what he wanted; Tohru. He thought this through long and hard, knowing his consequences would rip his heart apart, but he was willing to sacrifice it. Kyo raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. He had bruises all over his body. It hurt, but to finally know what he could do to beat Yuki at something, especially winning Tohru for himself, made him smile happily, eyes full of revenge.
It wasn't just the fact that he wanted Tohru for himself, but he wanted to hold her, to show her how much he loved her. That goofy smile that she always gave him was priceless in so many ways. And how she always put others before herself was quite noble. He clenched his fist; his finger nails drawing blood from the palm of his hand. "I don't know what to do!" He yelled, slamming his fist down on the breakable roof. He looked back up into the sky with his undetermined eyes. 'I love her, but what am I suppose to do, there has to be another way.'

Shigure sat at the living room table, eating his rice and leak soup very quietly, other than slurping his leak soup. Yuki ate like a ghost, while Tohru sat at the edge of the table smiling. "Is it good?" She questioned, always making sure it had just enough of everything in it. "Does it need more spices?"
"No, it's wonderful Tohru; I don't know where I would be without you." Shigure answered, sighing as he rubbed his stomach.
"Yes, it's lovely Miss Honda." Yuki replied, looking up from his plate smiling.
"Where is Kyo?" Tohru questioned, turning her eyes toward outside.
"He said that he was going to Sohma House today, but something seems to be bothering me; when he came home he just sat on the roof. And on top of that he looked like he had taken a beaten and that it went straight to his head." Shigure replied with a mouthful of rice. "It's not normal for him to go to the Sohma House, but something is just not right about this all." He smiled as Tohru took his plate in her hand.
"That stupid cat can't don't anything right." Yuki ragged, with a silent, controlled voice. "Here Miss Honda, let me get those for you."
"Oh, you don't have to Yuki." Yuki gave her the look, Tohru gladly excepted, she handed him her plate. "You guys keep eating, I'm going to give Kyo his food before it gets cold, no wait he hates leaks, I forgot, I guess I'll give him some rice balls instead." Tohru quietly walked into the kitchen.
"Kyo," Tohru questioned as she climbed the latter. "I brought you some rice balls, I hope you're hungry." She set the plate beside him as he continually dazed at the stars.
He turned and looked at Tohru. 'Here's my chance.' He thought. "Tohru I..." He paused when she looked at him. "Ah, hell..." He muttered. He looked at her and turned away. Tohru gasped as she saw the blood line from his mouth and the bruise on his cheek. She guided his face back at her, so she could make eye contact.
"Kyo," She exclaimed as she touched his bruise. "You're hurt. What happened?" Kyo looked at her and then quickly looked away. "What is it Kyo, is something wrong?" She questioned then felt him pull her closer to him. She blinked repeatedly. "Kyo, what are...?" She felt his lips on hers. She closed her eyes and returned the kiss. Very puzzled why he didn't transform, but then everything went limp. Kyo didn't realize that she was falling. She fell out of his arms and flew off the roof, but not just before Kyo grabbed her by her wrist. She dangled in mid-air unconscious.
"A little help here would be nice." Kyo yelled. Yuki came running out to find Tohru hanging by her arm. He growled, he was going to kill Kyo for letting her fall.
"What happened?" Yuki questioned as he positioned himself below her. "You better have not hurt Miss Honda." He ragged loudly.
"She passed out on the roof, so shut the hell up you damn rat!" Something in his brain snapped him back to reality, they had no time to argue, they have to get her to bed and let her rest and then it all begins from there.
"Does she have a fever?" Yuki asked.
"I can't really tell right now," Kyo yelled sarcastically, he fell off the roof, but grasped the ledge, still holding Tohru in his hands.
"Let her go, I'll catch her." Yuki insisted, as he opened his arms for her.
"You just transform, so what good is it?" Kyo yelled.
"It doesn't look like you have much of a choice, unless you want her to fall in get hurt." Yuki argued, he cringed at the thought of that cat being the one to save her.
Shigure came outside, as Kyo jumped from the roof and landed next to Tohru. He dragged her to the side. "Useless rat," He muttered quietly. "No time to explain, just get her inside." Kyo yelled urgently to Shigure, who quickly helped Kyo pick Tohru up, being just care about how close she was to him, so that he would transform.

"Is she going to be okay Hatori?" Momiji cried, as he kneeled over Tohru.
"She's not if you keep hanging over her like that." Hatori answered. He turned and looked at Kyo, who quickly looked away. Hatori was pretty sure what Kyo did, but didn't have enough evidence to back it up.
'There's nothing I can do now, I've already done it.' He thought as he turned and looked at Tohru. Her sleeping figure made him feel guilty. He huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest.
"I don't know what is wrong with her." Hatori said blankly. "Just let her rest and when she wakes up, we'll see how she feels." He stole another glance at Kyo. His face was distressed and furious. He seemed to be angry at himself.
"I hope Tohru gets better." Momiji stated, as he sat calmly down next to Hatori.
"Kyo, may I talk to you?" Hatori questioned.
Kyo walked with Hatori outside. "I hope you didn't do what I think you did." Hatori exclaimed quietly. "You know the consequence, right?"
"I did nothing of your damn business." Kyo interjected. "I love her Hatori." He sighed as he let the rage flow from his body.
"I know, but do you think you did the right thing?" Hatori questioned. Kyo stopped and stared at the ground.

"I think I did, I did it for me and for her." He replied with a calm voice.
"What if she rejects you though?" He had brought up a new fear that scared Kyo even more than all the other worries. He just realized that, that could happen. She could reject him.
Kyo stopped. "Then..." He fisted his hand. "Damn I don't want to think about that. Shut the hell up and keep your nose out of what it doesn't belong in." Kyo walked away quickly. Hatori knew that he was now very worried about this new concept.
Tohru's eyes slowly opened as she saw Yuki's face. "Miss Honda, are you feeling alright?" She slowly looked around the room, wide eyes full of curiosity.
"Where am I?" Yuki gasped. "Why am I here?" She looked to her side to see her mom's picture on the night stand. She sighed. Not quite sure what to make of this. She felt like she wasn't where she was supposed to be.
"Prince Yuki!" She gasped like it was the first time she had to come into contact with the Prince from her High School; Orange Top. She felt very weird at the moment, not quite sure what to make of the sudden greeting.
"Miss Honda, are you feeling alright?" Fear was all over his face, hoping that she was just playing around with them.
"Where am I?" She scanned the room and looked at the people in there. She turned her attention back to Yuki.
"Don't you remember, you're here, In Shigure's house, my house?" He answered, trying to see if he was right.
"I'm in your house!" She exclaimed. "I'm sorry." She sat up and bowed. "I'll leave as soon as possible. I don't want to burden you." She got up out of her bed and noticed she was in pajamas. She blushed. Yuki looked down at the bed and growled evilly.
"Hatori!" He screamed, anger pulsed in his veins as he watched Hatori run into the room.
"What's the matter is something wrong?" Thinking that someone had just died or got hurt; he sighed when he saw everyone fine.
"How could you do this, how could you do this behind my back, our back? He ragged. Kyo looked at him, knowing what was happening to Tohru was his fault. Yuki walked up to Hatori and slammed him against the wall, Shigure walked back into the room. He quickly sighed, as he set down his cup of tea and tried to pry Yuki from Hatori.
"Why did you take away her memories, tell me?" Hatori looked past Yuki and at Kyo; he glared at him evilly, as if to tell him to tell Yuki the truth. Kyo just huffed and turned around.
"Don't get mad at me, it wasn't my fault." He answered calmly. "Why don't you ask Kyo what happened?"
Yuki let Hatori go and glared at Kyo. "What did you do to her stupid cat?" Yuki was outraged and pissed. He confronted Kyo quickly, giving him the stare down with his eyes.
Kyo looked at him evilly. "Something a smelly old rat would never do." He answered, smirking with his remark.
"What does that mean?" He yelled. Tohru, stuck in the middle, decided that it was about time to leave the room, but not before tripping over a slipper and falling into Kyo's arms. Nothing happened. He just held her and looked at Yuki in triumph. Yuki looked at Kyo with wide eyes.
"What did you do?" He yelled as he glared at Tohru, who now was in a state of panic and didn't move.
Kyo did nothing as he looked at Tohru, who was absent-mindedly still in his arms listening to the conversation. "You stupid cat, what did you do to Miss Honda?" Yuki was on the edge of his seat now. He clenched his fist as he held it back, just incase he were to miss and hit Tohru.
Tohru looked around, trying to figure out if this was a dream or not. She started to walk out of the room when Momiji entered the room, running into her. Momiji turned into a rabbit; Tohru looked at him on the floor half heartedly, nearly fainting. "Oh no, I turned the boy into a rabbit. I need a doctor, any doctor." She ran around the room turning everyone into animals, except Kyo. Yuki looked up at Kyo with evil eyes.
"Why is it that she can hug us and make us turn, but she can't make you turn?" Shigure asked as he grabbed Hatori in his jaws and put him in a glass of water that was sitting on the desk.
"What deal did you make with Akito, Kyo?" Hatori questioned. "You came to the Sohma House today and when you left you were nearly beaten to a blood pulp. What ever you talked to Akito about, he defiantly didn't like, but it shows how well you cleaned yourself up, so no one noticed."
"What's going on here, animals don't talk?" She questioned herself. "Excuse me, but what's going on?"
"I'm sorry Tohru," Shigure apologized. "But..."
"Have we met?" She interrupted.
"No," He lied. "My name is Shigure and I'm a dog, Yuki's a rat, Hatori is a dragon, and Momiji is a rabbit." Shigure looked up at Kyo. "And this person is Kyo, he's a cat, but we don't quite understand what's going on yet." Tohru looked at the rabbit.
"Have you really forgotten me Tohru?" Momiji's eyes brimmed with tears.
"Momiji," Hatori warned. "How about you two go outside while we work this out." He suggested. Tohru bowed and left the room. They made their way up to the roof and sat down, looking at the stars. Momiji was in Tohru arms as she went silent.
"You said that I had forgotten you," she started as she looked down at the rabbit. "So we've met?"
"Yes, but Hatori doesn't want you to know." Momiji said sadly.
"Please I want to know what I forgot." She pleaded.
Momiji sighed heavily. "Okay, I go to your school along with three other Sohmas'; Hatsuharu, aka Haru, Yuki, me; Momiji, and Kyo. We are all cursed by the zodiac, so when ever we're under a great deal of stress or hugged by the opposite sex, we transform into one of the twelve animals of the zodiac and the cat. But for some reason Kyo did turn when you hugged him and that might explain why you don't have your memory. It was something to do with Akito, the leader of the Sohmas'." He finished. "I didn't want you to forget your memories you had with me and Yuki and Kyo. Especially Yuki, he doesn't for sure want you to forget your guys' memories. He's really mad right now, the fact of Kyo doing something to your memory of him. The face, mostly, is that Kyo and Yuki are in love with you, but I think what ever happened will also have something to do with Kyo's love for you. Knowing that he couldn't hold you, terrifies him."
Tohru looked back up at the sky. "So how long have I lived here?"

"About a year and a half, I think."
"That is along time. Is there any other zodiac members that I have met?"
"Yes, poor Kisa is going to be heart broken that you don't remember her, after all you are the one that helped her talk again and go back to school, you changed her a lot. You changed a lot of the cursed Sohmas', but the only one you didn't affect that much was Akito. He is still determined to get rid of you. He despises you with every breath in his body." He smiled at her to make sure that she was okay with what he was saying.
"Then there is Kagura, the one that is hopelessly in love with Kyo and shows it painfully." He laughed. "Ayame, Yuki's older brother, you were the reason that they got a little closer as brothers. Hatori, you saw him down stairs, the sea horse, you helped him through the loss of his girlfriend, Kana. Hiro, you helped him become a better person to Kisa, he loves her so much, yet again you told him that one day he will become a prince and he was happy that you said that, even if he doesn't show it. And Ritsu, you helped him be himself and not hid behind anyone and that their was a point to living. See, you are very much liked by the Sohmas, but now that your memory is gone, you don't even know what you did. All you have to do is be yourself and they will never know that your memory is gone." Momiji finished. He suddenly turned back to his human form. Tohru yelled as she turned handing him her blanket. "Thank you Tohru, you are still the person I remember." He smiled.

"You know Akito is planning something right?" Hatori said. They were all back to normal. They had been arguing the conversation for quite sometime now.
"I don't care, it is none of you business." Kyo barked. "I took the risk, it has nothing to do with you."
"Even so, we all care about Tohru." Shigure spoke kindly. "What you might have done is given Akito the leverage he needs."
"What are you getting in return?" Yuki yelled.
"The ability to...ah hell, never mind." He crossed his arms over his chest and sighed.
"You are such a stupid creature." Yuki said softly.
"What is that rat boy, are you picking a fight?" Kyo yelled.
"Sad, that means she has to go through the pain of your true form again." Hatori sighed. "I know Akito plans to do something horrible."

Kyo-Shut the hell up you damn rat, just because you don't get Tohru doesn't mean you have to be so jealous. Kyo smirked.

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