I made an alternate ending, for all of you guys who hate the ending. I'm sorry, but I hope this makes you feel better.


Chapter 16 Tohru's Loss

Tohru was sweating and her breathing was shallow as her eyes started to close. Not understanding what was happening to her.
Kyo walked down the hall and knocked on the door to see if Tohru was up, but when she didn't answer he walked in. He saw her on the floor and he panicked. He dropped the food in his hands and ran to her. He rolled her over on her back and held her head up with his hand. "Tohru," she didn't answer as her eyes started to slightly open. "Tohru do you hear me?" She looked at him and then closed her eyes again.
"What happened Tohru, tell me damnit." He yelled.
"Akito..." She drifted of slowly. "Elliot's...blood was...injected in...my arm." She said as she started to fall back in to sleep. Kyo grunt in anger as he looked at Tohru. Her face was going pale and her breathing was fading. "Tohru," he shook her awake. "Where are your needles?" She lifted her hand and pointed to her bathroom.
"In my blue bag," she whispered as she passed out.
Kyo ran into her bathroom, throwing stuff aside as he found the blue bag. He grabbed it and ran back to Tohru. He sat down next to her; he noticed that her breathing stopped. He ripped the plastic off the needle and quickly shoved it in his arm, drawing the blood. He grunted in pain. He took her arm and tapped it; so the vein would be showing. Once he saw it, he pierced her arm and injected his blood. He threw the needle down and watched. Her skin wasn't turning back to normal. "Tohru no you can't leave me!" He picked her up in his arms and kissed her lips.
No response; tears fell from his eyes as he cried on her chest. He kissed her again, but nothing happened. He looked up at the ceiling and screamed her name. He sobbed heavily as his own heart fell from his chest. "You only wanted to help us, why did you do it, knowing the risks?" He asked the unresponsive air. "Tohru, I wanted to say..." He looked at her with tears falling from his face. "I love you."
He placed his forehead on hers as he closed his eyes and cried; rocking her body back and forth. "Kyo..." Kyo jumped when he felt the warmth of a hand on his cheek. "Kyo don't cry, I'm okay, don't you see?" Kyo looked to see Tohru with that goofy smile on her face looking at him.
"Tohru," he yelled with joy as he accidentally jumped in and kissed her. He pulled away saying sorry. "I didn't mean..." Tohru jumped in his arms and kissed him with equal force. They slowly walked into Tohru's bed room; closing the door behind them.

late night

Tohru laughed as she propped herself up on his chest. She smiled warmly. "I remember you now Kyo. You're the cat in the Chinese zodiac. Kyo wrapped his arm around her wrist and pulled her down, closer, they kissed and snuggled as they started to sleep.


Ryosuke entered the door and saw the needle on the floor and blood in the corner; he panicked and ran into the bed room. He smiled as he saw Tohru asleep in the bed with the covers on her body. He set his suitcase down and walked over to her. He removed the hair from her face and kissed her cheek. She smiled as her eyes opened.
"Ryosuke," She gasped in surprise.
He smiled at her. "Good morning my love." She smiled as she gave him a kiss and slipped her nightgown on. "What was the needle doing on the floor and why was there blood?"
"I was making dinner and cut my finger, so I went through my blue bag and found an open needle, so I took it out, I guess I forgot to throw it away, sorry." She apologized. He nodded as he gave her kiss on the cheek and left the room. Tohru clung to the pillow that Kyo had slept on. She found a note. She picked it up when Ryosuke started to speak.
"Would you like to go out and eat?" He questioned.
"Sure." She answered.
She opened the note and read: Tohru, I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye, but I knew that Ryosuke was coming home, so I left not wanting him to catch us. I'll be watching you and if he lays one hand on you, he's going down. It's not a threat; it's a promise. Love, Kyo Sohma
Tohru smiled and hid the note as soon as Ryosuke entered the room. "Get ready; I have reservations at the Blue Lagoon right now. Get them while there hot." Tohru smiled as she got dressed in blue pants and white T- shirt. She brushed her hair and washed her face; she didn't want to go out with Ryosuke and she knew she had to break up with him, but how was the problem.
Ryosuke escorted Tohru into the limo. Tohru looked out the window as they pulled into the street. She watched the people on the side walk talk and it made her smile. They pasted the park; it made Tohru blush remembering what happened there. She turned and looked at Ryosuke, who was talking on his cell phone; he got off shortly after connecting eyes with Tohru.
"Ryosuke, I..." She paused as she fiddled with her thumbs. "I don't think I'm in love with you." She finished, but Ryosuke wasn't a bit happy with the news. His eyes got big and he blew up with anger.
"What the hell do you mean?" He yelled as he told the driver to stop. He opened his door and walked around to Tohru's. He opened it and threw her into the alley way. "You little..." He slapped her again. Tohru slid against the wall to the ground and cried.
"I don't love you Ryosuke, I love..." She paused when she felt him slap her again, making her fall to the floor. She cried as he yelled at her. "I remember everything, the day before I made love Elliot to when I asked for my memory to be erased. When Kyo died and came back, when Kyo kissed me and I forgot everything. I'm sorry, but I know why you are with me. It was thanks to Hatori."
"Why you..." Tohru expected to be kicked or slapped, but it was Ryosuke who cried out in pain this time. Tohru looked up and saw Kyo with anger in his eyes and fist in front of his chest.
"You never touch her again you hear?" he growled under his breath as he picked Tohru up wedding style in his arms. Tohru immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and cried on his shoulders. They walked out of the alley way. Kyo called a taxi and put Tohru inside and told the driver to go the air port; he handed her some money through the window. "Tohru I've called Shigure and he will meet you after your plane lands. Here's your ticket." He handed her the small ticket.
"Where will you be, aren't you coming with me?" Kyo smiled as he kissed her lips softly.
"I have unfinished business here, I'll meet you back at Shigure's house. I promise I won't take too long, just wait for me." He kissed her again, but Tohru kissed harder than before, to afraid to let go. Kyo took black and white bead from his pocket. "You dropped these back in Japan." Tohru took the beads as tears started to form in her eyes.
"Thank you for coming for me." He wiped the tear from her eyes and smiled.
"I love you," He told the cab to go as he turn from it and walked down the street.

Five Months Later

Tohru was so happy to be back with her friends. Yuki seemed happy and glad that Tohru was back. Tohru was cooking in the kitchen, stirring the beef soup as she waited every day for Kyo to come home. She always looked out the window.


"You were one tough cookie to track down, Akito." Kyo clenched his fist as he looked at Akito sitting on the floor of the apartment.
"Revenge is going to get you killed and then how are you going to go home to your precious Tohru Honda?" He smiled as he stood up and straighten out his kimono.
Kyo charged at him punching, but missing every time. Akito ducked and punched him in the gut. Kyo fell, but quickly got up and tripped Akito. He fell to ground, Kyo kicked him in the side, but it seemed to not hurt him. Akito then fell the ground for no reason. He clung to his chest and started coughing; blood came from his mouth. He turned and looked at Kyo.
"It seems that my time is up here." He stood up and looked at Kyo with hard, stern eyes. "You and Miss Tohru Honda have destroyed the small life I had." His eyes softened. "I can't lie any more Kyo, when she was with me after you threw her out of your life; I saw what you loved about her; the kindness that she shows people that might have even hurt her. She is really a good person, unlike me, who lived to die for a curse that will be eliminated soon, that is if she can hold on to herself. What Shigure forgot to tell you is that the last time that this happened, the girl died. Her blood was dying from the inside and her body gave up, but everyone knew that her soul kept going even after death." He paused and for the first time in his life, Akito had tears coming from his eyes. "That girl was my mother, but when she died, they cut me from her dying body, so the curse wasn't lifted, because the mother didn't give birth to the child. I was supposed to die those many years ago when she died. I hated the world for what they had done to her. I hated people who could have children and I wouldn't allow people in my family to be together, I didn't think it was fare if they could have children and my mother died."
Kyo stood shocked and confused as he saw Akito fall to the floor. Kyo walked over to him with strong face. "Wish Tohru my dearest apologizes and my hope for her child. Damn, I hate being this way; all I wanted was to live." Akito died shortly afterwards, Kyo knew it was best to leave him alone, he knew he wouldn't have wanted to be brought back to Japan in his state. Japan

Tohru ran her finger down her large belly, as she smiled with happiness, but her heart longed for Kyo to return from his journey. Yuki walked into the room with a smile on his face. "Good afternoon Miss Honda," Tohru smiled back and nodded.
Yuki shortly left, saying that he was going to tend to his secret base. Tohru got up; going to go do the dishes, when she heard the door slide open. She slowly turned around and saw the same orange hair and eyes that she missed. She stood staring at him. He walked over to her and kissed her, giving her a hug.
Tohru stopped as she felt her water break. She started to breath heavily. Kyo started to panic as he picked her up. Shigure walked in the room and saw Tohru in Kyo's arms. "My, my doesn't this look familiar?" Shigure said as he was referring to the night that Kyo kissed Tohru; erasing her memories.
"No time for this Shigure, call Hatori and tell him to go to the hospital." Shigure threw Kyo his keys to the car. Kyo ran out of the house. He gently placed Tohru in the back seat of the car.

During the Last Phases of the Birth

Kyo held Tohru's hand tightly, trying to comfort her. The doctor told her to push hard and she did. The room filled with an ear aching screaming, making Kyo cringe in pain. They wrapped the baby up. Kyo looked at Tohru and placed a soft kiss on her lips.
Tohru smiled as she looked at the little girl in her arms and looked back at Kyo. Tears filled her eyes as she watched the baby feed. The little baby's fingers held tight to Tohru's index finger. The nurses took the baby away and told Tohru to rest.
The nurses told Kyo to wait outside, leaving the mother to sleep. Kyo walked to the infirmary and looked at the little baby in the bed, which had a tag in front of it, which said, 'Sohma'. The nurse took Kyo into the infirmary and let Kyo hold the small baby. "What are you going to name her?" She asked.
Kyo looked at her and said that he didn't know, they hadn't decided. The nurse was called quickly away by another nurse. Kyo looked at the small sleeping girl in his arms and smiled. She might have not been his baby by blood, but she was his by heart. Yuki ran into the infirmary, panting for breath.
"Tohru, something wrong, she passed out and then her heart stopped beating." Kyo put the baby back in bed as he ran toward the hospital ER. He saw Hatori putting a tube down her throat. He opened the door and walked in.
"Hatori, what's happening?" He panicked.
"Her body is dying from the inside." Kyo remembered what Akito had told to him about his mother, but it then hit Kyo that when Elliot and Tohru made love, she was dying from the inside because of his blood. Kyo decided it was worth a shot and that it's better than letting her die. He grabbed a needle from the tray. He unwrapped the needle, throwing the cap off. He stuck the needle in his arm, taking his blood.
"Stand clear," He yelled. "Hatori trust me," Hatori nodded as he saw the tears in Kyo's eyes. He put the needle in her arm, injecting her blood with his. He threw the needle on the floor and held her hand, praying for her heart to start again, but he machine remained blank. Hatori looked at the clock and sighed.
"I'm calling it," He put his hand on Kyo's back. "She died at 11:32 pm."
"No," He yelled. The nurses and doctors cleared from the room, leaving Kyo alone. Kyo looked at Tohru's closed eyes and started to cry heavily. He took the tube from her mouth and threw it on the ground. He kissed her lips softly as tears fell on her face. "You did it for us, why did you do it?" He cried on her chest.
He suddenly heard the heart monitor start up with a steady heart beat again. He looked down at her with crying tears in his eyes. His heart filled with joy as Tohru's eyes opened slowly.
"Kyo," She smiled, as he kissed her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as Kyo picked her up out of the bed and walked down the hall to the infirmary. The Sohma family wiped their eyes as they saw Tohru alive. Shigure smiled as Yuki smiled too, filling with joy and relief.
Kyo walked in and next to the baby. "Meet your mother," Kyo said as he hand Tohru the baby girl. Tohru cried happy tears of joy as she looked at her baby. "So what are you going to call her?"
Tohru looked at Kyo and smiled. "Luna, because we took our first big step in out relationship on the full moon when you kissed me for the first time." Kyo smiled as he kissed his baby's forehead.

PS: I wanted to let you know, I will not sequal this ending, only the other one. I'm planning on showing how Kyo acts as a father raising his daughter.