Title: Hao O Wasurenai Kara; Because Hao Is Unforgettable (1/?)

Author: Kagaya Chou

Archive: Ask me.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing(s): Hao x ?, Yoh x ...?!

Warnings: Not ... yet.

Disclaimer: Shaman King was created by Hiroyuki Takei and now licensed by Viz. Obviously not mine; this fic wouldn't be in if this was.

Comments: May 16, 2004 - My sister insisted on sitting next to me while watching Shaman King. I insisted on not moving away while she squealed about Horo Horo and Pirika, but I didn't like that pairing so, I drew her a Horen. Except, I didn't like that pairing either, and ended up with Hao in my head. A friend of mine has convinced me that he is the illegitimate love child of Soul Calibur's Kilik and Vagrant Story's Sydney Lostarot... if not FF7's Sephiroth. Don't run away screaming yet... Please?

- - -

Asakura Yoh grew out his hair after the Shaman Fights, which, for a variety of reasons, shocked his family and friends. His fiancé, Kyoyama Anna, was particularly opposed to the idea.

"Long hair makes you look like Hao," Anna told Yoh. Her voice was calm and condescending as per wont, but also evident was her distinct distaste for his older twin, which seemed lost upon Yoh.

He gave her a laidback smile as he tied his hair back in a short ponytail, replying, "It doesn't matter."

Expressionlessly, Anna said, "It does to me."

Asakura Hao used to be a big nuisance for Anna. In life, he was the epitome of 'psycho' although she could think of plenty more adjectives to describe a boy who would kill anyone in the way of his quest for the title of Shaman King aka. godhood and world domination. As he had proved with trying to kill Yoh, family mattered little to Hao; all were considered foe and dealt with accordingly, sent to the nether world with a grin on his face and their fiery doom.

'Crazy.' 'Insane.' 'Unhinged.' 'Deranged.' Was 'psycho' mentioned? Add 'pyro-maniac' italicized and underlined in bold.

Yoh pulled the elastic band around one more time before giving his hair a final tug. "I like it." The look he gave his cold blonde was apologetic, but Anna seemed unaffected.

"Makes you look like a girl," she bluntly replied.

Yoh's smile faltered but did not fade, "Amidamaru has long hair-"

The conversation was cut short when said spirit appeared beside Yoh, hair flowing freely down samurai armor.

"Yoh-dono. Anna-san," Amidamaru greeted, bowing respectfully before focusing on the shaman who called him. "You have need of me, Yoh-dono?"

"Ahaha," Yoh shook his head, smiling warmly at his friend. "I was just telling Anna I want to grow my hair out." He gave the spirit a summary of their conversation. "And then I said you have long hair, and you don't look like a girl..."

But Hao did, Anna thought. A frown graced her lips, but it was minute a change so it went unnoticed by the other two as they fell into light banter.

Bad enough that Hao revealed to Yoh they were brothers. Anna was in dept to the Asakura household in the first place, and thusly engaged to Yoh. Try as she might in the past, she could not make Hao understand that she belonged to his saner, infinitely sweeter twin as much as Yoh belonged to her. Hao would not accept that his interest was unwelcome. In fact, it was all the same to him. He never saw Yoh as anything more than an extension of himself. Therefore, Yoh did not exist, and by default, Anna belonged to Hao.

'Blind Fool,' she stewed silently.

Luckily for all, Yoh dashed Hao's delusions apart, along with the madman's body and spirit. Yoh was a strong boy and that made Anna proud.

So he murdered a murderer, Anna admitted to herself. That and growing his hair long, she rationalized, did not automatically mean Yoh would become like Hao.

The thought was still disturbing, but only just. After all, Yoh grew up with her, not with Hao. Anna knew Yoh best.

Yoh wanted to become Shaman King, just as Hao did, but such was a normal goal for most shamans. Yoh just wanted to win the Shaman Fights and become King so he would not have to do anything for the rest of his life. For the most part, he didn't even have to try very hard. Hailing from the strongest line of shamans in Japan, Yoh was already well off. His friends were diverse but generally supportive. He was as loved as he was loving. Still in high school, he didn't even have to worry about dating. Because Anna wouldn't allow it: worrying or dating.

Anna saw it as her duty to ensure that the only one who dared to give her Yoh a hard time was she herself. As an orphan, she would have been nothing without the Asakura family. Yoh was too fortunate. He always got what he wanted and he knew it, which made him lazy. Naturally, it was up to her to make him sweat.

She knew he wouldn't have defeated his megalomaniac brother otherwise. Anna just didn't understand why Yoh wanted to look like Hao now.

"Why not?" Yoh whined at Amidamaru.

"It's just not like you, Yoh-dono... It is a matter of tradition for myself, but... I can assure you long hair can be quite inconvenient to manage."

That, Anna thought, ought to make Yoh run off to the salon, because he was just that predictable...

"Oh, it'll all work out fine," the boy smiled.

Yoh's outlook on everything was that predictable. Anna gave him a week.