Inuyasha's Nightmare

Chapter 1

Obviously, I don't own InuYasha; otherwise this story would be an actual episode on TV right now! Besides, I don't want to own InuYasha. Takahashi- sama is handling him just's Miroku I want! Yeah, yeah I know. The guy's an H, but he's a HOT H!! And Sango, I'll take you on anyday for him!

(barely dodges hiraikotsu)

....okay, the boy's fine, but he ain't that fine!

Another disclaimer: I know the mantis thing happened in InuYasha too, but I don't own Kikaider either.


InuYasha is in a dark space (black and white). Kagome is in the far distance away from him when he sees a dark figure loom over her from behind. InuYasha yells a warning, but no sound comes out! He's mute! He lunges forward but is moving very slowly. He thinks he's going backwards but is actually stuck in place. The figure appears to be a giant mantis- like monster and it starts to slash at Kagome's back. She screams for InuYasha but he can't get to her. The mantis grows larger and reveals itself as Naraku. InuYasha then strains with all his might to go forward, but to no avail. Naraku raises a pinscher and plunges it into Kagome's back, through her heart, and out her chest! Blood spews out everywhere! Several drops flying out and landing on InuYasha's face.

InuYasha stares back in complete horror. He screams Kagome's name and motion returns to him as she slides off the pinscher and onto the floor. Naraku disappears. InuYasha finally reaches her and holds her in his arms. Kagome feebly opens her eyes and looks into his, smiling weakly. She tries to raise her hand to touch his face and say his name, but loses strength and dies.

InuYasha panics and shakes Kagome, screaming her name as if it would bring her back. Realizing she's dead, he shrieks her name and buries his face in her bloody chest, sobbing.

Naraku chuckles sadistically in the shadows, then reappears several feet away from them. Picking up his scent, InuYasha turns slowly to Naraku and glares ferociously at him. He gently lays Kagome down, draws the Tetsusaiga, and lunges at him! Naraku doesn't even flinch. InuYasha wasn't a far distance from him when suddenly an arrow was shot from behind and pierced straight through InuYasha's heart!

He slowed to a halt and gagged slightly, blood coming out his mouth when he tried to speak. InuYasha turned behind him, thinking it was Kikyo who drew the arrow.

Instead, it was Kagome!

Blood poured from her wounds and she just stood there glaring at InuYasha, unflinching with bow in hand. InuYasha stared in shock, realizing that Naraku was manipulating Kagome just as he did Kohaku.

Naraku chuckled sadistically, "Why do you look so shocked, InuYasha? I actually did you a kindness this time. By killing Kagome, you no longer have to choose between her and Kikyo."

"I don't want Kikyo....." Inuyasha strained in anger.

Kagome sent another arrow towards InuYasha, sending it deeper into his heart and splitting the previous one. He fell over to his right, his eyes closing slowly.



InuYasha fell onto the ground on his right side, writhing in pain while clutching at his heart. This scares the hell out of Miroku, who had been sleeping peacefully on the wall opposite of InuYasha when he heard him groaning. He rushed over to his side.


"It's nothing, Miroku!" InuYasha strained, "I'm fine...AHH!!"

InuYasha strained and his body went limp. He heard Miroku's voice fading into the distance and slipped into unconsciousness.

He woke up in the late afternoon. Through narrowly opened eyes he found Miroku, Kaede and Shippo watching over him.

InuYasha's nightmare had scared him so much it had caused him to go into cardiac arrest and have a minor heart attack. Kaede treated his ailment and they all waited several hours for him to wake up.

"It seems ye finally came to." Kaede greeted him solemnly, glad he'd finally woken up. "Ye must have had quite a frightening nightmare to have such an attack, InuYasha. Miroku, seeing as ye were the only witness, can ye tell what happened?

Miroku had been the only one in the hut with InuYasha. Kagome had gone back to the present and took Sango with her on a tour of the 20th century. Shippo was outside with Kirara as she waited for her owner to return

"It was the one night that I was able to sleep peacefully after having subsequent bad dreams." Miroku went on, smiling gleefully from ear to ear, "It was a clear beautiful night with the stars twinkling alongside the full moon. Sango and I were sharing a very romantic moment together.

(Sango was on top)

"We were really enjoying ourselves when all of a sudden, everything went black and I heard these strange sounds. At first I thought it was Sango until I realized I had been awakened. That's when I opened my eyes and saw InuYasha gasping for air. I woke up and realized he was having trouble breathing and he looked very pale. I called him and asked if he was alright, then he regained his breath. Like he normally does, InuYasha blew me off and said he was fine. I took his word and quickly went back to my lovely dream."

By this time, Kaede and Shippo were cutting their eyes at Miroku, who had a happy and very perverted grin on his face as he paused, recalling his heavenly dream of making love to Sango. From where he lay, InuYasha cut his narrowed eyes at him, disgusted.

Inuyasha muttered under his breath, "Freak oughta be arrested...."

"I shall regret inquiring, but is there more, Miroku?" Kaede inquired, tentatively.

Kaede took Miroku out of his recollection; he continued.

"Well, my dream continued where it left off and went on for a short while when everything went black! I made an educated guess as to what caused me to wake up and looked over at InuYasha. He was moaning and flinching in his sleep rather soundly. I made a comment of concern (he growled at him) and went back to sleep."

Everyone could sense a hint of irritation in the monk's voice.

"Well, my dream again continued from where it left off, and fortunately it lasted for a good long while. I shared a most intimate romance with dearest Sango. I wished that blissful moment would never end; steadily it got better and better. The romance in our moment was about to reach its climax with ecstasy to ensue.....when suddenly everything went black....AGAIN!!!"

That time, they could definitely tell Miroku was aggravated. (Well if you were getting some and someone kept interrupting, you'd be pissed off too!)

InuYasha rolled up his eyes and wore a look that seemed to say, "bite me!".

(Flashback: Miroku's dream)

It felt so good inside of his beloved Sango. Miroku was overcome by the intensity of Sango's heat. He send powerful thrusts into her, making Sango moan loudly and arch her back. Miroku caressed her scarred back with his left hand, kneading her right breast with his cursed hand and suckling her left nipple.

"Miroku-sama.....aishiteru...." Sango whispered breathlessly.
"Sango-sama.....aishiteru...." Miroku panted, breathlessly.

It was coming! The moment intensifying, Sango threw her head back and tightened her grip on Miroku's shoulders! Their breathing quickened, Sango became louder, Miroku's thrusts became more powerful and faster. Electricity fiercely began to surge through their bodies with fierceness! The energy was about to reach its peak.....

....when something shut off the power and everything went black.


(End of Flashback)

"I slowly opened my narrowed eyes and sought to calm to my ailing friend (was about to lay the smackdown with an economy-size can of Whoop-Ass!) when I saw him on the ground writhing in pain! I scrambled to his side but InuYasha insisted he was fine. He strained rather harshly and then passed out. I ran outside to seek help, I was fortunate to have happened upon you, Lady Kaede and here we are."

Kaede raised an eyebrow as Miroku concluded, while Shippo stared at him, waiting for an explanation as to what an "intimate romance" was. InuYasha went back to sleep, hoping to have a dream about either him or Sango kickin' Miroku's ass for his sick dream. Kaede muttered something to herself about Miroku being hornier than usual today.

Later that afternoon, a little while before sunset, InuYasha sat under a tree just outside the village. He was still feeling a bit weak from his attack earlier and the repeating images of Kagome weren't helping his condition. InuYasha kept thinking about it when he saw Miroku walk up to him, glaring down at him.

InuYasha gave him a peculiar look. Where was that perverted smile of his he always wore?

"What the hell's wrong with you, Miroku?" InuYasha asked annoyed and curious.

Miroku answered, sounding rather pissed, "Alright InuYasha, you woke me up three times last night during the best dream of my damned life (pun intended)! What's wrong?!

Miroku knelt down, looking InuYasha dead in the eye and holding his staff as if threatening to beat the hell out of him if he dared to retort it was none of his business.

Rolling up his eyes, InuYasha sighed defeated and confessed; however, he only gave a summary of his overall view of it, omitting great detail like Kagome getting killed and manipulated by Naraku and then killing him. InuYasha got up to go to the Bone Eater's Well, leaving Miroku to meditate about that.

InuYasha sat under a tree on the other side of the village boundaries, sleeping. He meant to go to the well to meet Kagome and Sango when he had another attack. It was brief but it seemed to suck all the strength out of him; causing him to rest and fall asleep under the tree.

"InuYasha? InuYasha?"

He opened his eyes, thinking he heard the voice of a young woman call his name. InuYasha turned to find Kagome kneeling in front of him with a smile.

"Hi InuYasha." Kagome greeted with a bright smile.

"Hey Kagome." He responded groggily.

Kagome took a close look at InuYasha's downcast face and immediately sensed something was wrong. He was pale and sweaty. InuYasha noticed her looking at him worriedly and asked what her problem was. Kagome asked him to tell her what was bothering him. At first he refused, then he looked at Kagome's face. She had ran into Miroku and Kaede and they told her about what had happened to InuYasha. She had been searching for him for almost a half-hour. Her face showed apparent sadness and worry. Plus, she was on the verge of crying because she could sense the pain in InuYasha's heart. InuYasha didn't want to tell her, but he couldn't stand that look she was giving him. He told Kagome all about his nightmare, giving all the details.

On certain parts, InuYasha had to pause to not faint, lose strength in his limbs, or pass out. Kagome had to say it for him when he mentioned that she dies. After he finished, there was a long uneasy silence as InuYasha looked away from Kagome. She looked down at the ground as she sat beside InuYasha, wondering what to say or if she should say anything. Kagome took another look at his downcast face. She could tell that nightmare had really done some damage to him. She concluded that words were inappropriate in this situation, so Kagome just laid her head affectionately on InuYasha's shoulder. He glanced at her with a sort of saddened visage, and laid his hand upon hers.

The nightmare left InuYasha and Kagome to wonder; was it just a nightmare, Naraku messing with InuYasha, or was it truly a premonition of something horrible?