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InuYasha's Nightmare

Chapter 6

The group set out that evening. Sango dragged Miroku outside by the back of his robes, fuming as he waved good-bye to the women. The monk teardropped in fear as he heard her mutter under her breath.

"But Sango," Miroku whined, "They were so generous. It'd be so rude of me not to return the favor!"

"Asking EVERY female in there to bear your child several times or if they'd at least like to try is not considered generous, monk!" Sango snarled, making Miroku flinch.

He sighed in defeat. "A monk just can't get a break."

The others continued walking, trying not to laugh too loudly. Koga stared incredulously at Miroku, unable to believe he was THAT big a lecherous pervert.

"He always like this, kid?" He asked Shippo out of sheer curiosity.

"Around pretty women, he's pretty much an addict." The kitsune answered indifferently while waiting for Sango to knock Miroku out.

Koga faced forward, shaking his head. He thought it embarrassing to have your woman keep you in line everytime another female crossed your path. Kagome heard him mutter something about Miroku being an animal and laughed.

"He's not always like that, Koga. You learn to get used to him in time." She said in Miroku's defense; Koga just glanced to the side.

Inuyasha kept leading when he suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong, Inuyasha?" Sango asked.

"I'm picking up Naraku's scent." The hanyou growled. "It's real faint, but I definitely smell it."

The group took off after Inuyasha as he shot forward. Koga stood in place for a moment, sniffing around, then ran after them. Ginta and Hakkaku were puzzled at how for once, they were able to keep up with their leader. They wondered why Koga was running so slowly, but were not answered.

Inuyasha stopped where he thought Naraku's scent was originating; the group halted around him, cautiously searching around.

Naraku, nor any of his incarnations, was in sight.

Inuyasha looked around in confusion. Naraku's scent was very faint, but he was certain he had picked it up.

Don't let your guard down! That bastard's gotta be hiding somewhere!

"I'm not sensing any Shikon jewel shards here." Kagome thought aloud to herself, adding to Inuyasha's confusion.

Everyone looked around the area with heightened caution, but there were no enemies in sight. Inuyasha lowered Tetsusaiga a little, sniffing around.

Somethin' ain't right; I was sure I picked up Naraku's scent here.

Koga slammed his fist onto Inuyasha's crown, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"You got a death wish, wolf?" The hanyou screamed, shaking his fist.

"You gotta be the stupidest thing alive, mutt! Naraku's not anywhere around here!"

"Shut the hell up, Koga! Naraku was here! I could smell his scent a mile away!"

Koga pummeled Inuyasha on the head again, saying Naraku hadn't been in the area at all. He, nor any of the other demons had smelled him.

Inuyasha sniffed discreetly; he'd thought he had, but now he couldn't trace the scent. He tried to hide his embarrassment, but Koga wouldn't let him live it down. Every word about Inuyasha being a dumb-ass half-breed provoked him to rage. Miroku held the hanyou back before he could break out Tetsusaiga.

"Koga, you shouldn't be so hard on Inuyasha. He hasn't been well-rested in the past few days; it must be affecting his senses." He spoke in Inuyasha's defense.

"You're not doing him any favors, monk." Koga scoffed, "That just proves what a weakling he is. And if you're gonna speak for him, don't come up with some lame-ass excuse."

Koga said nothing more after that, except "ow" before falling unconscious to the ground after Miroku struck him in the head.

He smiled kindly and bowed his head. "I sense you were tired as well since you were speaking such nonsense. Please rest a while, Koga."

Ginta stared at Koga, then glanced at Miroku, who stared back innocently. The wolf guessed his leader was getting on everyone's nerves.

"He's gonna be pretty pissed when he wakes up, you know." Ginta smirked, a tremble in his voice.

Miroku's smile only broadened. He figured Koga and Inuyasha were practically the same, so it didn't matter to him. He could simply knock Koga out again if he got out of line.

Inuyasha stared around in thought, trying to make sense of things. He was most certain that thought the scent was only a trace, he had smelled it. When nothing added up, Inuyasha figured maybe Miroku was right; he was beginning to feel a little weary again.

Hakkaku noticed and suggested Inuyasha take a short rest by the river ahead to relax. Of course, the very suggestion riled the hanyou up. Hakkaku jumped and assured him he was only trying to be helpful.

"You wanna be helpful, keep your two cents to yourself, wolf!" Inuyasha snapped.

Kagome tried to calm him down, "Inuyasha, I think maybe you should just rest for at least a minute or two and then we can set up camp for the night."

She had better luck than Hakkaku, but he folded his arms stubbornly. "Keh, why should I? I feel perfectly fine."

A broad smile crept on Kagome's face. "If you do, I'll have some beef ramen ready for you when you get back."

"I'll see you guys later." Inuyasha said as he walked off.

"Heh, he's like a trained dog." Sango giggled, getting a glare from Inuyasha.

Koga came to just as the group went to set up camp, growling at Miroku. Just as Ginta predicted, he was pretty pissed. Miroku tried to talk his way out of a fight, saying they were allies; they shouldn't fight amongst themselves. Koga didn't really listen and insisted on busting Miroku up, until Miroku threatened to use his wind tunnel. Koga didn't seem all that interested anymore.

Inuyasha sat against a tree by the riverbed, listening to the flow of water. He didn't want to admit it, but it did relax him.

Not like I'll tell him. Ain't no way I'm gonna admit that wolf lackey was right.

Inuyasha's thoughts paused, his mind regressed to a previous subject.

I'm sure that scent was Naraku's, but then it just disappeared (sigh) Maybe Miroku's right. I probably imagined it. Well, I can't smell it anymore, no point in losing my mind over it.

Inuyasha thought nothing more of it and took in the peaceful scenery, looking forward to the beef ramen waiting for him. He yawned, the relaxing setting made him sleepy; he dozed off.


Inuyasha…what're you…no NO PLE- AHHHHH!

Images of Kagome being slashed flashed in red and black. The view turned to the right, showing Miroku and Sango running to her aid. Whatever was focusing on them snarled as satanic sound, rushed up to them and ravaged them, ripping them to pieces and sending blood and limbs flying!

It turned back to Kagome and found Koga standing before her, roaring at it. Koga lunged toward the beast at top speed, but was intercepted; the beast's fangs latched onto his armor, broke through and ripped out Koga's intestines! It then grabbed his ponytail, lifting his head up and with its fangs, gouged out Koga's eyes one at a time! He was thrown to the ground, writhing and screaming, unable to move from the incredible pain in his torn abdomen.

The beast approached Kagome, digging out her eyes with its claws and slowly devouring her alive. It indulged in her shrieks, getting even more pleasure as it listened to Koga's anguished pleas for mercy. The beast finished with Kagome, and with a single blow, tore through Koga's chest and ripped out his heart.

The beast licked its bloody fingers, smiling in deep satisfaction.

"I should thank you all for turning on me. I haven't had a good kill in so long.

"I enjoyed every minute."

Inuyasha awoke instantly with a start, his breath heavy and his heart racing. After a whole night and day of peace, his nightmares returned.

That…That was me…That was me killing everyone!

Inuyasha sat under the tree; his widened eyes stared before him, shaking. He had thought his nightmares couldn't get any worse. As he recalled every detail of that brief one, his breathing nearly shallowed to a stop. His previous nightmares, his recent one and the thought of Kagome betraying him flashed sporadically in his mind. Inuyasha lowered his head to his knees, grabbing at his hair. He screamed for it to stop as the turmoil threatened to overwhelm him. He heard his voice echo in the air and tried to reclaim his senses.

Get a grip, Inuyasha! It was only a nightmare. It was ONLY a frickin' nightmare, nothing more!

Inuyasha tried to calm himself down, then stilled. He sat up and looked down at his hands.

They were trembling badly.

Inuyasha clenched them into tight fists and placed them to his sides. His head remained lowered, his eyes facing the river.

"That last one was too graphic…." He whispered.

"…They won't stop. What does it mean? What the hell does all this mean?"

"Will something awful happen to me?"

No, dearest Inuyasha….

This is a sign of a wondrous beginning….