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Mary McGinnis sighed. The house seemed really quiet with Matt and his friends out camping for the rest of the week and Terry at work. Work. I suppose being Batman can classify as work. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so much like his father, Peter. At least Terry has someone to teach him. Unlike Peter, who had to learn as he went. Peter; part of me wishes he had never...

The front door slamming shut brought Mary out of her thoughts. Glancing up, she saw Terry stumble into the room.

"Are you ok? I thought you had to go to work?" Mary asked, worried. He only left a half hour ago. I hope nothing is wrong.

"I'm not feeling so good. I have to crash," Terry replied as he staggered into his bedroom.

Concerned, Mary followed Terry and watched with alarm as Terry collapsed onto his bed. Terry looked very sick, his body was shaking and sweat poured down his forehead. I wonder, Peter was about this age when the spider bit him. Mary thought as she stepped closer and examined Terry's right hand. Just below his palm, a white patch of skin slowly arose.

The next morning, Terry slowly awoke, feeling surprisingly better. He looked up and saw that his mother was sitting on the bench by his window. What is she doing in here? I hope nothing is wrong. Terry thought as he looked at her with a confused expression on his face.

"Is something wrong?" Terry questioned, sitting all the way up.

"We need to talk," Mary said, standing up.

"About what?" What did I do now? Did I forget something? Terry thought, pulling himself out of bed.

Mary walked over to him, grabbed his hand, and pointed to the white patch of skin. Terry looked down at it. "What is that? How did it get there?" Terry asked, growing concerned

"Come with me," Mary commanded, walking to her room, all the while holding onto his arm and pulling him along with her.

"Mom?" Terry inquired, stumbling after her. What is going on? What is that thing on my arm and how does she know what it is? Terry wondered, entering his mom's room.

"Terry sit down on the bed. I will explain in a minute," Mary replied, letting go of his hand and walking over to her closet. Terry not really knowing what was going on, hesitantly did as she said.

"There it is," Mary said, pulling out a tan suitcase. She walked over to the bed and sat down next to Terry. Mary handed the suitcase to Terry saying, "Open it."

Terry slowly opened the suitcase and looked inside. Although there were a lot of pictures and newspaper clippings inside, what caught Terry's eye first was the neatly folded Spider-man suit sitting on top.

Terry could not believe it. His father, Peter Parker was Spider-man. His mom had just explained how his father became Spider-man and that he had apparently inherited those abilities as well. Although he had not believed her at first, the webbing that could come out of his arm had quickly changed his mind.

"Terry? Are you alright?" Mary asked, worried by his silence.

"I'm alright, just taking it all in," Terry replied, turning to look at his mother. "Mom, how exactly did Dad die?"

Mary sighed. "Well, it was about two weeks after you turned one year old. We had just dropped you off at Peter's Aunt May's house and Peter had one assignment, before he could spend the rest of the day with me. The assignment had went off without a hitch. But, as we were about to leave the building a bomb went off, causing the whole building to become aflame..."


"It was so nice of your Aunt to watch Terry for us," Mary Jane Parker said, holding her husband, Peter's hand as they walked down the hall towards the exit.

"You know she loves watching Terry, MJ," Peter was about to continue but, his spider-sense went off.

"Peter? What's wrong?" MJ asked, knowing what the faraway expression on Peter's face indicated.

"MJ, you'd better get out of..." Peter was cut off when the whole building shook and a large explosion blew the wall behind them apart. Peter pushed MJ toward the door. "Go!" he commanded, as he headed for where the explosion emanated.

MJ glanced worriedly to where Peter had disappeared and then ran outside to safety.


"About five minutes after I had run out, the whole building collapsed. They never found a body, but there was no way he could have survived. About a year later I met Warren and the rest you know," Mary finished sadly.

Terry was about to say something when a clock started to chime. "Oh no! I'm going to be late for work!" Terry exclaimed, jumping up from the bed.

"Terry?" Mary inquired.

Terry turned to her.

"Please don't put on the Spider-man suit, the one you have is much safer," Mary said, as she watched her son's expression go from confused to panicked. "I know you are Batman and before you say anything, no I'm not going to make you stop.

"Your not mad?" Terry asked, cringing.

"I was when I found out. But, when I thought about it for awhile I realized that if I made you stop, you would feel very guilty if something ever happened that you thought you could have stopped. You are a lot like your father in that way," Mary replied, smiling. "Oh and you had better tell Mr. Wayne everything."

Terry already dressed in his batman suit, walked over to where Bruce Wayne was sitting, by the computer. "Someone is coming over to help with your training, so go start your work out," Bruce stated, without turning around.

"Mr. Wayne? There is something I have to tell you," Terry requested, moving from behind the chair to beside it.

"Can it wait?" Bruce asked, turning to look at Terry.

"Yes, but," Terry replied.

"Then go," Bruce commanded, turning back to the computer.

"Ok, but if something happens don't blame me for not telling you." Terry mumbled, walking toward the workout room.

"Maybe you should have listened to what he had to say," Dick Grayson aka Nightwing suggested, walking out of the shadows.

Bruce glared at him, then pointed to the screen, "You're going to be training him, so watch."

Dick just smiled and then turned to look at the screen.

On the screen, Terry was in what appeared to be a warehouse. There was about 15 thugs in, all fighting with clubs and sticks. Minutes later, all the thugs were down or unconscious except for two. Terry was struggling with a rather large man, when the other silently sneaked up and started to swing a club down aiming for Terry's head. At the last minute Terry swung his opponent around, causing the club hit the wrong guy.

"I thought you said he needed help detecting people around him," Dick inquired, pointing to the screen.

"He did, two days ago," Bruce replied.

"Maybe you should have listened to what he had to say," Dick said, repeating what he had said earlier.

Bruce glared at him again and then pushed the intercom. "Terry, we need to talk. Meet me in the locker room," Bruce ordered, getting up.

"Ok," Terry replied.

Bruce got up and walked toward the locker room. Dick shook his head and then followed.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Terry asked, glancing at Dick, after they had entered the room.

"Terry, this is Dick Grayson, Nightwing," Bruce said, introducing them. "How did you know that guy was behind you?"

"Nice to meet you," Terry acknowledged Dick and then turned to Bruce. "That is what I wanted to talk to you about." He then proceeded to tell them what his mother had told him that morning.

"Nightwing is here to help train you," Bruce stated, after Terry had finished explaining. Bruce then walked out of the room before Terry had a chance to reply.

"So, Spider-man is your father?" Dick asked, as they walked over to the mats.

"Yep," Terry replied.

Later that night, Batman and Nightwing sat on the edge of a building. They watched two men load some boxes, containing chemicals, into the back of their van. Batman and Nightwing were patiently awaiting the perfect time to make their move.

"Why do we need these? Is it for the Spider-nut in the basement?" One of the guys asked, carrying a rather large container over to their van.

"Peter Parker? I don't know. The boss does like to make him do these really weird experiments," the other guy answered.

Nightwing held up a batarang getting ready to throw it at the two men when Batman grabbed his arm, stopping him. "Wait! That is my dad they are talking about!" Batman whispered quickly.

"I thought he was dead," Nightwing whispered back.

"They never found a body, so he might be alive. They might know were my dad is, and they could lead us to him," Batman replied, growing excited. "Besides, they might also lead us to their boss."

"Alright you can follow them, but I am alerting the police," Bruce said through their comlink. Nightwing nodded and threw a tracer onto one of the boxes the thieves were carrying onto their van. When the thieves were finished they drove onto the road. Batman and Nightwing followed, both invisible to the eye.

Inside a large building, Batman and Nightwing stood watching the security guards. "I'll make a distraction. You go get your father," Nightwing said.

Batman nodded in agreement.

They both walked silently down into the basement. In the far right corner of the room, stood a large jail-like cage, with Peter in it. In front of the cage sat a guard fast asleep.

Nightwing turned off his invisibility shield and then yelled, "Hey you! You can't get me!!!!!" He then ran back up the stairs. The guard ran up after him, yelling into his radio that there was an intruder.

Batman smiled and then made himself visible as well. Turning to Peter, he ripped the door off the to the cage.

"Come on! He can't keep them occupied forever!" Batman yelled to Peter who was staring at him in shock.

Peter then nodded and bolted out of the cage.

Batman pressed a button on his suit causing the Batmobile to come crashing through the wall.

"Get in!" Batman said urgently.

Peter looked at him "Who are you? Are you Batman?" Peter asked, wondering who had just saved him.

"I will explain later! Please get in!" Batman urged Peter.

Peter nodded and jumped into the Batmobile, quickly followed by Batman.

As they flew over the building they could see the police advancing on the building.

"Don't worry about the police, Mr. Parker can talk to them later," Bruce's voice rang through the car. "I have also contacted Mrs. Parker. She will be waiting on the roof of her apartment."

"MJ?" Peter asked in disbelief.

"Yes," Batman answered, as they landed on the roof in front of MJ. Peter jumped out of the car as soon as the door opened, with Batman right behind him. Peter ran over to MJ and hugged her.

"Oh MJ, I've missed you so much!" Peter said, still hugging her.

"I missed you too," MJ replied. "What happened to you after you entered the fire? Why didn't you try to come home?"

Peter reluctantly let go of MJ. "After I went in, someone knocked me unconscious. By the time I woke up they had figured out I was Spider-man, by the suit under my cloths. They said if I tried to escape they would kill you and Terry.

MJ looked over at Batman. "Terry go get changed so we all can talk."

Batman nodded and disappeared from sight.

"That was Terry?" Peter said, shocked.

"Yes," MJ smiled bringing him inside the building