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Peter stared at the chemical composition on the large computer. For years he had tried to slow the progress on the reproduction of his powers. It had been very hard to steer them away from the correct formulas. Ultimately though, it looked like his efforts had been in vain.

Peter sighed, turning to face Dick. "Did you find this at the warehouse?" Seeing Dick's nod, Peter continued. "Did you find any notes on this formula?"

"I'm afraid not," Dick replied regretfully. "The place was pretty cleaned out by the time I got there. The only reason I have a sample of that formula is because it was left sitting under a microscope."

"I was afraid of that," Peter commented, turning his attention to the screen. "It appears that when the formula comes in contact with H2o it goes changes from liquid into a gaseous state," he looked back at the others. "If this is released into the air, we could have a city full of people with my abilities!"

"Mr. Parker, do you know of a way to counteract the formula?" Bruce interjected.

"No, but I might be able to come up with one," Peter replied, walking over to the computer.

Arianna quietly shut the front door, hoping to not disturb Harry. She crept silently down the hall toward the bedroom. As she past the den, a voice called out to her.

"Ari, nice of you to finally come home!" Harry commented angrily.

"Harry!" Arianna replied startled. "What are you doing up?"

"Waiting for you to come home," Harry answered. "Did you happen to catch the latest news? It has been playing all evening. And I must say, it has been very informative! More so then you have been with me."

"What do you mean?" Arianna replied, a sense of apprehension falling over her. It can't be about Parker, can it?

"Oh, only the thing you have been lying to me about for the last seventeen years!" Harry stated. "You didn't tell me that you kept Peter alive. You let me believe that I had signed his death warrant! Why Arianna? Why did you lie to me about killing Peter Parker?"

"Because Harry, what I had in mind you would not have been able to go along with. Sure you would have gone along with me in the beginning, but in the end your guilt would have made you have second thoughts," Arianna replied. "Just as you regretted having Parker killed only weeks after the fact."

"What did you do Arianna?" Harry asked. "What was so important that you had to lie to me?"

"I held Parker because I wanted to reproduce his powers," Arianna answered. "You know what? I did it, I not only reproduced them, I made them better. And do you know how much money people are offering for the formula?"

"Quite frankly, I don't care," Harry replied. "Arianna, you are going to destroy that formula and leave Peter alone."

"I am, am I?" Arianna said angrily, reaching in to her brief case. She pulled out a clear tube filled with a blue and red liquid. "There is no way you are going to make me destroy everything I have worked for!" She quickly spun off the top off the tube.

"No Arianna!" Harry said, just as she lifted it up to her mouth and quickly drained the tube.

Harry paced the hall, waiting for the doctor to finish his examination of Arianna. How could she have done this? Why would she want to? He sighed, sinking into one of the plush chairs lining the hall. Revenge, that's why. She is still clinging to the belief that Spider-man is responsible for her miscarriage. Harry leaned forward, his hands supporting his head. His thoughts drifted to the events that had lead up to Peter's supposed death.

They had been fighting, arguing almost constantly. Then Arianna got pregnant. He wasn't sure what happened, but somehow the baby brought them closer again. That is, until she got in the way of one of the fights between Spider-man and a villain whose name Harry couldn't remember. By the time Peter had gotten to her, it was too late to save the baby. In his grief, it had been easy for Arianna to convince him that it was Spider-man's fault that they had lost the baby. She had gotten him so angry that he agreed to her plan of killing Peter.

Harry closed his eyes. It had taken him a little while, but he had finally realized that it wasn't Spider-mans fault. He deeply regretted his actions wished that there had been a way to reverse what he had done.

Suddenly a muffled sound emanating from the room Arianna and the doctor were in pulled Harry out of his thoughts. Frowning, his stood, walking over to the door. "Doctor?" he paused, placing his hand on the door knob. "Is everything all right in there?" Hearing no response, he cautiously opened the door and stepped in. The first thing he noticed was the prone figure of the doctor lying unconscious on the floor.

After taking a few more steps in, Harry stopped, just noticing the fact that Arianna was nowhere in sight. He was about to whirl around when he felt something smash into the back of his head. Just before Harry lost consciousness, he heard Arianna say, "I won't let anyone come in-between me and the Spider."