Abaranger/Teen Titans:

"Outburst Titan"

Disclaimer: Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger does not belong to me, but to Toei. Teen Titans doesn't belong to me, either: DC Comics and Warner Brothers get that honor.

Author's note: This is not actually my fic. This is something Kid Sentai wanted to see, but since he's somehow been barred from fic-writing, it falls to me to fulfill his dream. So, this is for you.

Timeline: For Abaranger, this is set before the Abaranger found out Nakadai was being manipulated by the Dezumozorlya seed. For Teen Titans, this is set between the first and second seasons.

Dino Earth – Evorian base

The current leader of the Evorian --- Mikoto Nakadai, also known as Abarekiller --- was sitting on his throne, reflecting.

It all started when he'd seen the Bakuryu's rampage through the city of Tokyo. He had intended to bond with the Tyrannosaurus, but a young man he had treated --- Ryoga Hakua --- received that honor. Shortly after that, he had found an egg and a Dino Bracelet. Upon donning the bracelet, he had become Abarekiller. He'd hung back at first, watching the other Abaranger to see what he himself could do. Once the time was right, he had joined the action.

He didn't fight alongside the other Abaranger; no, it was power he wanted. And he wasn't going to get it fighting alongside those sentimental fools. So he'd joined the Evorian, becoming their leader.

"Nakadai?" a feminine voice inquired.

"Yes, Jannu?" Nakadai asked.

"I have something for you," the red-clad Evorian replied.

"What is it?" Nakadai asked.

Jannu clicked on the viewscreen, and an image of five colorfully clad teenagers appeared on it: three boys and two girls. The leader was dressed in red and green with a yellow-lined black cape and a mask concealing his eyes. One of the other boys was green-skinned and elfin in appearance, dressed in a black suit with a fuchsia stripe down the middle and fuchsia shorts. The third boy was tall, muscular, and dark-skinned with metal all over his body and a cybernetic left eye. One of the girls was tall and golden-skinned with red hair and green eyes, and she was dressed in a midriff-baring purple top and purple miniskirt and thigh-high boots. The other girl was petite and pale and dressed in a blue cloak over a black leotard.

"Who are these children?" Nakadai mused.

"They are the Teen Titans," Jannu replied. "They live in Jump City in the United States of America on Another Earth. You could compare them to the Abaranger, in a sense."

"Superheroes," Nakadai muttered. "As if the world didn't have enough of those." He smirked evilly. "Then again, this could work very well for me. What can they do?"

"The leader is Robin," Jannu explained. "He doesn't have any superhuman powers, but he is an extremely skilled martial artist and has a sharp mind. The green one is Beast Boy, able to shift into any animal that has ever existed, including the dinosaurs. The tall metallic one is Cyborg, who as his name suggests is half machine and his machine parts increase his strength and speed. The golden girl is Starfire, a native of the planet Tamaran; she can channel solar energy into flight and projectiles called 'starbolts.' The girl in the cloak is Raven, a telekinetic and empath."

"Very interesting," Nakadai said. "They'll make fine warriors for us."

"They are heroes," Jannu said. "It will not be very easy for us to corrupt them to serve our purposes."

"Oh, but who said anything worth doing was easy?" Nakadai asked. He typed in some information into a computer and then a map came up. "Send the troops to these coordinates."

"Is that their tower?" Jannu asked.

"Yes, it is," Nakadai replied. "Send the Barmia Hei."

"At once, my lord," Jannu said. She departed, thinking, I must warn Asuka and the others.

Titans Tower, Jump City

The Teen Titans were all doing what they usually did. Raven meditated. Beast Boy and Cyborg played video games on the Game Station. Robin had opted to go out and show Starfire the sights.

It was just a normal day for them, until a bunch of faceless thugs in white and black suits suddenly appeared in the tower.

"Huh?" Cyborg asked, dropping his controller. "Who are you guys? And what are you doing here?" He paused, realizing something. "How did you even get in here?"

"They look like foot soldiers out of a video game," Beast Boy said.

The faceless thugs just advanced on them. Beast Boy changed into a rhino and charged through them, while Cyborg shifted his right arm into a cannon and fired a plasma bolt at them.

"Beast Boy, Cyborg, mind turning the noise down a bit?" Raven asked, coming in. Then she saw the two boys fighting the faceless thugs. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" She blasted the thugs with a wave of shadow-telekinetic energy.

"Thanks, Rae," Cyborg said.

"What are these creatures doing here?" Raven asked.

"Don't ask us," Beast Boy replied, having shifted back into his human form. Then he changed into a gorilla and tried to bash one of the thugs with a two-fisted slam. However, the thug proved faster than he had originally anticipated.

As the fight went on, the living room got trashed, and it was this chaos that Robin and Starfire had the bad luck to walk in on.

"What's going on here?" Robin asked.

"Who are these creatures with no faces that attack you, friends?" Starfire asked. Just then, a black-suited thug went after her. Starfire's response was to fly into the air to avoid him and then hit him with a starbolt.

Robin drew his extendable Bo staff and started fighting the thugs with it. In addition, he threw Birdarangs at the thugs.

Alas, all their efforts proved to be in vain when gas poured in from the vents.

"What is this stuff?" Beast Boy asked.

"Sleeping gas," Robin replied, getting woozy.

"No, I do not wish to sleep!" Starfire protested.

"Somehow, I don't think the gas can hear you, Starfire," Raven said.

"Oh, man, no!" Cyborg exclaimed, even though his voice was weak from drowsiness.

Finally, the sleeping gas proved too much for the Titans and they fell into Morpheus' embrace.

Dino Earth – Evorian base

"You have them, Voffa?" Nakadai asked.

"Yes, my lord," Voffa replied.

"Good," Nakadai said. He activated the viewscreen, which showed him an image of the Teen Titans bound to slanted tables. "Begin scanning them."

"Yes, my lord," Voffa replied.

Just then, Rijewel came in. "Hi, Mikoto," she said.

"Hello, Rijewel," Nakadai said. "What brings you here?"

"The capture of the Teen Titans," Rijewel replied. "Just what are you scanning them for, anyway?"

"Dino Guts," Nakadai replied. "Not that it's really important, I'm just curious." He looked at the screen, checking out the results of the scan. When he got to the results for Beast Boy's scan, his eyes widened and he gaped in shock. "What is this?" He stood up. "Apparently, I will have to see these Teen Titans in person."

That said, he left Rijewel and went into the room where the Titans were being held. Just his luck, they had already awakened.

"What is this place?" Robin asked. "What are we doing here? Who are you? What do you want with us?"

"So many questions," Nakadai said. "You're really a very inquisitive person, aren't you, Robin?"

"How do you know who I am?" Robin asked.

"I know a lot of things about you, Boy Wonder," Nakadai replied. "And about your friends, too. Poor little Robin, still looking to prove something to his mentor." He laughed. "What kind of role model is a man who runs around at night dressed as a bat?"

"Shut up!" Robin yelled.

"Oh, I see I've hit a nerve," Nakadai said. "Oh, well. Cyborg, Cyborg. Do you resent your father for what he did? Saving your life, but trapping you in that ungraceful metal husk?"

Cyborg just glared at him.

"Beast Boy, what's up?" Nakadai asked in a fake cheerful tone. "Ah, the joker of the group, aren't you? And why do you feel the need to make so many wisecracks, hmm? Is it an attempt to cover up certain inadequacies, huh? Certain insecurities?"

"If you're trying to make me laugh, it's not working," Beast Boy replied.

Nakadai moved on to Starfire. He took a lock of red hair between his fingers and stroked it. "Such beautiful hair." He leaned close to her and inhaled. "And you smell so wonderful, too."

"Remove yourself from my personal space," Starfire ordered.

"Of course, princess," Nakadai replied, stepping away from her. "Raven, Raven, Raven. Why so gloomy? Are you angry that you can't express emotion without blowing something up? Oh, wait, that's the one emotion you're not supposed to feel."

"How do you know so much about us?" Raven asked, trying not to let Nakadai see how his words were affecting her.

"I'm a very powerful man," Nakadai replied. "And powerful men have many resources and connections."

"Who are you?" Robin asked.

"You may call me . . . Abarekiller," Nakadai replied. "Or should I change it to 'Titankiller'?" He laughed.

"You're not funny," Beast Boy said.

"What do you want with us?" Cyborg asked.

"Remember my little spiel about being a powerful man?" Nakadai replied. "Well, you see, being a powerful man, I have powerful enemies --- four, to be precise. They're just like you: do-gooder superhero types. I need your help to defeat them."

"What makes you think we will aid an awful man like yourself?" Starfire asked.

"You won't have a choice when I'm through with you," Nakadai replied. Just then, the door to the chamber was blasted open and the Abaranger burst in.

"Release them now, Nakadai!" Abared shouted, holding out his Abalaser in sword mode. Blue and Yellow had their Abalasers in sword mode as well. Abareblack was holding his Dino Thruster, ready to attack.

"Ah, the Abaranger," Nakadai said. "Want to play?"

"We're not here for your sick games, Nakadai," Abareblue retorted.

The Teen Titans just looked at the dinosaur-themed heroes in surprise. Robin regained his senses soon enough, though. "You mind getting us out of these things?"

"Sure," Abareyellow said. She shifted her Abalaser to gun mode and blasted them free. The Titans leaped off their tables and to their feet.

Nakadai chuckled. "Oh, this is going to be fun." That said, he held up his left wrist, revealing the Dino Minder. "Bakuryu Change!" Upon saying those words, he changed into the white-and-black Zero-Go suit.

"What the ---?" Beast Boy uttered. "He's an Abaranger, too?!"

"Not really," Abareblue replied. "He doesn't fight on our side; he leads their side. But I'm sure you know that already."

"Let's do this," Abarekiller said. "Wing Pentact!" He drew his signature weapon in sword mode.

"I don't think so," Abareblack replied. "We're getting out of here."

And so they did.

"You're no fun," Killer said to the empty room.

The Dinosaur restaurant --- Abarebase

"Ah, so who are these young people I see?" Ryunosuke asked.

"We're the Teen Titans," Robin replied. "I'm Robin."



"Beast Boy."

"I am Starfire."

"My name's Ryunosuke. Nice to meet you all." Then he turned to the four Abaranger. "So these are the kids you had to rescue from Nakadai?"

"Yeah," Ryoga, changed out of armor, confirmed.

"This is one sweet headquarters you got here," Cyborg said, looking around Abarebase.

"I'm glad you think so," Yukito said. "It's a bit expensive to maintain, though. Fortunately for us, I'm a doctor."

"You look pretty young to be a doctor," Robin commented.

"I'm twenty-one years old," Yukito replied. "And I happen to have graduated medical school early. And I make 400 million yen a year. That's enough to pay all these expenses."

"Isn't that like four million U.S. dollars?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah," Yukito replied.

"Why is it that you have declined to give us your names?" Starfire asked the Abaranger.

"We're being really rude," Ryoga said. "We're sorry. I'm Ryoga. My friends with me are Yukito – Blue, Ranru – Yellow, and Asuka – Black."

"It is very nice to meet you," Starfire said.

"It's great meeting you, too," Ranru said. "I never thought I'd actually get to meet an American superhero team."

"Well, you've met one," Raven said.

"What did we get into the middle of?" Robin asked. "How can you and Abarekiller change into those costumes? Where were we when he had us kidnapped?"

"You remember how we're taught that the dinosaurs became extinct when a meteor crashed into Earth 65 million years ago?" Asuka asked. "Well, that's not what really happened. What really happened was that Earth was divided into two planets, this one and the one I come from --- Dino Earth."

"Let me guess, Dino Earth is where the dinosaurs are," Beast Boy surmised.

"You'd be very right," Asuka confirmed. "The point is that there came to be metal dinosaurs we called Bakuryu. The people of Dino Earth, the Ryu-Jin, lived in peace with the Bakuryu until an organization called the Evorian tried to take over. They turned the Bakuryu against us and they decimated the planet. This Earth --- Another Earth --- was next on their list, which was why I had to bring the Dino Bracelets here and give them to Ryoga, Yukito, and Ranru."

"That's how you change into those suits?" Robin asked.

"Yes," Ryoga replied. "The Dino Bracelets we wield tap into our Dino Guts --- the spiritual energy of the dinosaurs --- and summon the Abare Suits, which are so durable that they can take a hit even from a missile."

"Even from a missile?" Cyborg asked. "Cool!"

"Yeah, it is," Ranru said. "We're also bonded to our own Bakuryu. Ryoga has Tyranno, Yukito has Kera (the triceratops), I have Ptera, and Asuka has Brachio."

"What about Killer?" Raven asked.

"He's a lunatic," Yukito replied. "He's a doctor, but he sees it as a game. In fact, he sees the whole world as a game. His powers are an unstable prototype of ours."

"How unstable?" Starfire asked.

"Unstable enough so that each time he changes with his Dino Bracelet, the Dino Minder, he risks being blown up," Asuka replied. "In fact, it won't just kill him when it explodes; it'll take out this whole city, too. And he doesn't care one bit."

"He's risking death and the destruction of the city with that thing and he doesn't care?" Robin asked. "How can anyone be that crazy?"

"Who knows?" Ranru replied. Suddenly, an alert blared inside Abarebase.

"What's going on?" Cyborg asked.

"It's a Giganoid," Asuka replied. "Let's go."

When the Abaranger and Teen Titans arrived in downtown Tokyo, it was chaos. Anyone that had been previously present had evacuated once the Giganoid had shown up.

"Titans, get ready," Robin ordered.

"We'll handle this," Ryoga said as he and the other Abaranger stepped in front of them.

"Bakuryu Change!" the Abaranger shouted, activating their Dino Bracelets. Ryoga, Yukito, and Ranru pressed the buttons on their Bracelets, while Asuka inserted his Dino Harp into his Dino Commander. In a wave of golden light, their armor formed over them.

"Charging Warrior, Abared!" Ryoga shouted.

"Clever Warrior, Abareblue!" Yukito shouted.

"Speed Warrior, Abareyellow!" Ranru shouted.

"Mysterious Warrior, Abareblack!" Asuka shouted.

"Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger!" all four shouted together, posing.

The Titans watched all this with a sweat-drop.

"That was . . . freaky," Starfire said.

"What's that thing?" Cyborg asked.

"A Giganoid," Abareblack replied. "A monster-warrior for the Evorian."

"It's still going down," Robin said.

"Let us handle it, Titans," Abareblue said. "You don't even know what a Giganoid can do, and we don't even know what this one is capable of."

"You'll see," a familiar malevolent voice said.

The Teen Titans and Abaranger turned to see Abarekiller.

"Killer!" Abared exclaimed.

"Yes, it's I, Abared," Abarekiller replied. "Sucker Giganoid, attack!"

The now-identified Sucker Giganoid charged at the Abaranger. Red, Blue, and Yellow drew their Abalasers and fired. Black drew his Dino Thruster and slashed.

"Oh, don't worry, Titans," Abarekiller said. "There'll be plenty of action for you." He summoned his Barmia Hei. "Attack!"

The faceless thugs swarmed the Titans, who all fought in their own way. Robin drew his extendable Bo staff and swung at the thugs with them. Starfire flew into the air and fired starbolts at them. Cyborg shifted his right arm into cannon mode and fired blasts of plasma energy at them. Raven created shields of black energy to protect herself from their attacks and used that same energy to hurl objects at them. Beast Boy turned into a bull and charged through them, knocking them down like bowling pins.

The other Abaranger had drawn their signature weapons, Red the Tyranno Rod, Blue the Tricera Bunker, and Yellow the Ptera Daggers. The four Abaranger attacked Sucker Giganoid together with their weapons.

"All right, let's put them together," Abared said.

The Abaranger combined their four weapons into the Super Dino Bomber. "Super Dino Dynamite!"

The blast from their gestalt weapon punched right through Sucker Giganoid and he collapsed in an explosion of fire and sparks.

"Do you think it's over yet, Abaranger?" Killer asked. "Sucker Giganoid, return!"

Black clouds gathered around them and released rain on Sucker Giganoid's remains. The remains sprouted into a gargantuan Sucker Giganoid. In fact, he looked as though he might be taller than most skyscrapers.

"What? How did he do that?!" Cyborg asked.

"He is . . . tremendous," Starfire said.

"They always do this," Blue said. "We blow them up the first time, they make him grow, then we summon the Bakuryu and blow them up for good."

"Sucker Giganoid, consume them!" Killer ordered.

Sucker Giganoid opened his mouth, creating a black vortex that swallowed up the Abaranger and Beast Boy.



"I don't wanna get eaten!" Beast Boy yelled.

"Beast Boy!" Raven shouted. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Instantly, black energy bubbles formed around the Abaranger and Beast Boy. She tried to pull them back down from the vortex, but the vortex proved too strong even for her powers to overcome and they were swallowed.

"What is this, Killer?" Robin asked.

"I have a little game for us to play," Killer replied. "Right now, Sucker Giganoid is rampaging through the city. You can destroy him, but if you do, you'll be taking the Abaranger and your teammate with him. Or . . . you can just let him destroy the city and keep your teammate and the Abaranger alive."

"You are a twisted man," Starfire said.

"Ditto!" Cyborg exclaimed. He pointed his plasma cannon arm at the white-and-black-armored lunatic. "Let them go now."

Raven pointed her glowing hand at Killer. "Release them at once, or prepare to suffer."

Starfire held up her own glowing hand and pointed it at Killer. Robin drew his staff and pointed that at Killer, who just laughed.

"What is so funny?" Robin asked.

"What's so funny is that you're wasting time threatening little old me," Abarekiller replied. "What are you going to do, Teen Titans? Save the city and sacrifice your friend? Or spare your friend and doom the city? Tick-tock, heroes. Tick-tock."

Inside Sucker Giganoid's belly

"These are his insides?" Beast Boy asked. "Yuck."

"We have to get out of here," Abared said.

"As if we don't already know that, Ryoga," Abareblue said.

"What about AbareMax?" Abareyellow asked.

"AbareMax?" Beast Boy echoed.

"My powered-up form," Abared replied. "That's worth a try, Ranru. Let's do this."

Abareblack took out the shield-and-sword combination known as the StyraRazor, and Red, Blue, and Yellow funneled their energy into it, causing Blue and Yellow to change back to their normal selves in the process. Black gave the StyraRazor to Red, who used it to transform into AbareMax. The diamond designs on his arms and legs were now dark blue with gold lining; he had gold shoulder pads, a five-pronged symbol on his chest, and gold spikes outlining his visor.

AbareMax removed the sword part of the StyraRazor and slashed the inside of Sucker Giganoid's belly with it. However, nothing happened.

"Great," AbareMax said. "It didn't work." He released the collected energies that had created him, changing back to human form.

"I guess AbareMax isn't enough," Ranru said.

"Maybe there's another way," Asuka said, casting a meaningful look upon Beast Boy.

Outside Sucker Giganoid's belly

"Why did you only take Beast Boy?" Starfire asked.

"Because he's the one I've wanted all along," Abarekiller replied. "I had you all scanned while you were in my custody, for Dino Guts. Beast Boy had the most out of all of you, perhaps because he can change into dinosaurs."

"And why does that matter to you?" Robin asked.

"Because I'll harness his powers for myself," Abarekiller replied. "That was the whole point of capturing him. But you have to decide now. Foil my plans by destroying Sucker Giganoid and taking Beast Boy and the Abaranger with him, or let him destroy the city just to save them. Tick-tock."

Inside Sucker Giganoid's belly

"What are you looking at me for?" Beast Boy asked.

"Mahoro told us just before we came to rescue you and the other Titans that Killer wanted to scan you for Dino Guts," Asuka replied. "In fact, she also gave us the results of the scan before we went to fight Sucker Giganoid. Out of all the Titans, you have the most Dino Guts."

"I have Dino Guts inside me?" Beast Boy asked. "Sweet!" Then he paused. "So what's that got to do with anything? And what about this Mahoro lady?"

"If Asuka can transfer his Dino Guts into the StyraRazor as well, we're thinking it'll react with your Dino Guts and transform you into a warrior strong enough to set us free," Yukito replied. "Besides, Mahoro is a double agent working for us against the Evorian. They know her as Jannu."

"Never mind that; it's worth a try," Ryoga said. Then all four Abaranger funneled their Dino Guts into the StyraRazor.

Outside Sucker Giganoid's belly

"We have no choice," Robin decided with a heavy heart. "We have to stop Sucker Giganoid."

"What of Beast Boy and the Abaranger?" Starfire asked. "Surely there is a way to save them. If we destroy Sucker Giganoid, they will die as well."

"We have no choice, Starfire," Raven said. "If we don't stop Sucker Giganoid, he'll destroy the city."

"This isn't easy for any of us, Star," Cyborg said, "but I don't think they'd want us to sacrifice the city for their sakes."

Robin shifted into a fighting stance with three explosive disks in his hand. Suddenly, the five-pronged symbol of AbareMax glowed on Sucker Giganoid's belly.

"AbareMax?!" Killer exclaimed. "But how? Sucker Giganoid's insides were designed to trap the Abaranger!"

In a burst of golden light, the de-transformed Abaranger fell out of Sucker Giganoid's belly.

"Wait, Ryoga's there, too?" Abarekiller wondered. "But if that's not AbareMax, then . . ."

A small figure burst out of Sucker Giganoid's belly and landed on the ground in an agile crouch. He was dressed in black Abaranger armor with a fuchsia stripe down the middle that split to cover the insides of his legs, gold-outlined fuchsia diamonds on his arms and legs, a five-pronged symbol on his front, and fuchsia-outlined gold shoulder pads. He wore a black-and-fuchsia helmet with a styracosaurus design and gold spikes outlining the visor.

"Who is that?" Starfire asked, vocalizing what the other Titans were thinking.

"Call me . . . Abareknight," the new Abaranger said.

Abarekiller chuckled. "Oh, I get it now. The Abaranger gave you their power so that you could set them free, didn't they, Beast Boy? Powerful as you are, you are no true Abaranger."

"I wouldn't consider you one, either," Beast Boy/Abareknight replied. He drew the sword from the StyraRazor and held the shield in his other hand. "Bring it on."

"I won't waste my energy fighting you," Abarekiller said. He summoned the Barmia Hei. "Get him."

"This is gonna be fun," Abareknight said as he charged into action. In a blur of speed, he slashed at the Barmia Hei with his sword. He also used his shield to bash a few. A Gei Lu charged at him, but he jumped into the air and landed with a kick so powerful, it created a large ripple in the air as it impacted against the Gei Lu. Abareknight slashed the air with his sword, creating a rippling wave through the air that knocked all the Barmia Hei back.

"Now that's awesome," Robin said.

"Truly incredible," Starfire agreed.

"Booya!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"Not bad," Raven said.

"Max Field!" Abareknight shouted, shifting himself and the Barmia Hei into a pocket dimension that resembled a jungle. Moving at warping speeds, he slashed at the Barmia Hei and ended with a kick-slash move that took them all down. He shifted back to Earth and pointed his sword at Sucker Giganoid. "Now for you, big guy. Styracosaurus, DinoCarry, go!"

The two Bakuryu emerged and Abareknight jumped into Styracosaurus. Then Styracosaurus and DinoCarry combined into Max Ohja.

"Sweet!" Abareknight shouted as Max Ohja brandished the RhamphoGold axes.

"You think you can take me, Abaranger wannabe?" Sucker Giganoid asked.

"I can take you," Abareknight said. "Crossing Divider and Max Shoulder Attack!"

Max Ohja performed the two techniques simultaneously, which should have destroyed Sucker Giganoid. It certainly would have done in any other opponent.

"That . . . hurt," Sucker Giganoid snarled. "But I'm not through with you yet!" Snaking cords of electricity lashed at Max Ohja.

"Ahhh!" Abareknight exclaimed as sparks exploded from inside Max Ohja's cockpit. He lowered his arms, which had been previously raised to cover his helmeted face. "Time for me to bring out the big guns."

He summoned SpinoGold, Pachycephalosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Dimetrodon, and Parasaurolophus. They combined with Styracosaurus, DinoCarry, and the RhamphoGolds to become . . .

"Max Ryu Oh!" Abareknight shouted. "Now let's finish this!" Max Ryu Oh created a tornado with its left arm and then fired an energy shell out of its right arm. The tornado and energy shell combined into a devastating attack that destroyed Sucker Giganoid.

"Yeah, Beast Boy!" Robin cheered.

"I guess your instincts about him were right, Asuka," Yukito said. "He does make a fine Abaranger."

"Another time, Abareknight, another time," Abarekiller said and departed.


"Ptera can give you guys a lift back to your tower," Ranru said to the Titans.

"Thanks," Robin said.

"Will we ever see you again?" Starfire asked.

"You might," Ryoga said. He smiled. "I'd certainly like it if that happened."

"Good work on that Giganoid back there," Yukito said to Beast Boy.

"Ah, it was nothing," Beast Boy replied.

"Don't be too sure about that," Yukito said.

Ptera flew down to the Abaranger and Teen Titans, and the Titans got on her back. "Thanks for the memories," Cyborg said.

"You're welcome," Asuka said.

"See you later," Raven said.

"Yeah, bye guys!" Beast Boy shouted as Ptera flew away.

"Do you really think we'll see them again?" Ranru asked.

"Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised if we did," Ryoga replied.

End Notes: That's the end of part 1 of Abaranger/Teen Titans. In part 2, you'll see the two teams join forces again, along with a surprise hero no one was expecting.