Abaranger/Teen Titans:

"Bakuryu Change, Abaretitan!"

Disclaimer: Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger and Teen Titans do not belong to me. Abaranger belongs to Toei and Teen Titans belongs to DC Comics and Warner Brothers.

Author's note: This is actually the sequel to the first Abaranger/TT story I did for Kid Sentai. As I said before, it's fallen upon my shoulders to make his visions a reality.

Timeline: For Abaranger, after episode 48, except Nakadai doesn't die. Asuka finds a way to stabilize the Dino Minder so that he can change without fear of exploding. For Teen Titans, still between seasons 1 and 2.

Dino Earth – Evorian base

Dezumozorlya growled in rage. Recent events had proven to be most displeasing, especially where a certain Mikoto Nakadai was concerned. He had discovered the truth behind his gifts and madness, said truth being that he had half of Dezumozorlya inside him. The other half had resided inside Rijewel, but now the two halves were united.

As a result of his discovery, Nakadai had turned his back on the Evorian and joined the Abaranger. Dezumozorlya had been counting on the unstable Dino Minder to kill Nakadai, but Asuka had found a way to stabilize it. Now Nakadai could change without risking becoming a human bomb.

Still, there was something to salvage from the ashes. He currently had Mahoro, Abareblack's wife, hostage. And there was a Giganoid wandering around Jump City, the home of the Teen Titans.

"They'll be in for quite a surprise," Dezumozorlya said.

Tokyo, Japan – Another Earth

Mikoto Nakadai was taking a walk, reflecting on his life.

I never got a chance to truly live, he mused. I spent my life thinking of everyone else as inferior and of life itself as a sick game. But it was my game to win. No. Life isn't a game; it's something precious, something to be protected no matter what.

He looked up at the glimmering stars and a small smile formed upon his lips. He had been given a second chance. Against all odds, and with the help of the Abaranger, he had survived Dezumozorlya's attack. "The Abaranger and I will protect life, no matter what."

"If it isn't the infamous Mikoto Nakadai," a cold, menacing voice said from within the shadows.

Nakadai turned around and glared into the shadows. "Who's there? Come out now so I can see your face."

"So hostile you are," the voice said. "If that is what you wish, I will come out."

Nakadai watched as a man in an armored black suit with a one-eyed black-and-orange mask emerged.

"Who are you?" Nakadai asked.

"My name is Slade," the man replied, "and you and I have much to talk about . . . Abarekiller."

"How do you know who I am?" Nakadai asked. "And what do you want with me?"

"I've come to discuss a most unusual creature I found," Slade replied. "Something called a . . . Giganoid."

"What do you plan to do with him?" Nakadai asked.

"I was planning on using him as one of my servants," Slade replied. "But I'm having some difficulty controlling him. And he's done a most interesting thing to me." He removed his mask, revealing the face of a brown-haired seventeen-year-old boy.

Oh, no, Nakadai thought. It's the one Giganoid I couldn't defeat!

"Judging by the shocked expression in your eyes, I can tell you recognize the Giganoid's handiwork," Slade said.

"It's Youth Giganoid!" Nakadai uttered in hushed tones.

"I need your help in controlling him," Slade said. "He could be a most powerful weapon in my arsenal. Imagine it --- I could turn the most powerful, influential, and respected people into mere teenagers."

"Why would you want to do something like that?" Nakadai asked.

"Where will their influence be when they're just teenagers?" Slade asked. "When adults see teenagers, they don't really think of them as equals. They just see them as vessels to be molded. See my point?"

"I see," Nakadai replied. "And I want no part of it."

"Fine," Slade said, replacing his mask on his face. "If you will not side with me, I will just have to get rid of you." He drew a retractable Bo staff and extended it.

Nakadai shifted into a fighting stance. "Just try it, Slade. Just try it."

Slade lunged at Nakadai with the staff, but Nakadai sidestepped his charge. Slade turned and swung the staff at him, but Nakadai dodged again. Slade swung the staff upwards at Nakadai, but this time, Nakadai blocked the attack.

"Is that the best you can do, Slade?" Nakadai taunted.

Slade spun around and kicked Nakadai in the solar plexus, sending him flying into a nearby tree.

"That hurt," Nakadai said, rising to his feet.

"Back for more?" Slade asked.

Nakadai rushed at Slade and jumped into the air, ready to land a flying kick on the masked mastermind. Unfortunately for him, Slade was ready for the attack and grabbed Nakadai's ankle. That was when gravity took hold and brought Nakadai's body into a slanting position where his head was near the ground. Slade swung him into yet another nearby tree.

Nakadai growled. "That's enough," he snarled. He raised his wrist and opened the "mouth" of the Dino Minder. "Bakuryu Change!"

In a golden flash, he transformed into Abarekiller. He drew his Wing Pentact and held it backwards, using the hilt to make what looked like laser scribbles in the air. The "scribbles" faded, revealing energy arrows.

"Energy arrows," Slade said. "Interesting."

The energy arrows launched at Slade, but he dodged them. "Nice try, Abarekiller." However, he couldn't dodge all the arrows and some ended up hitting him.

"What do you say to that, Slade?" Abarekiller asked.

Slade looked up, revealing that his mask had been cracked by some of the arrows that had hit him. Just as they were about to resume hostilities, the Dino Minder's eye blinked.

"Dr. Nakadai, come quick!" Ryoga's voice shouted over the com-link. "There's a Giganoid attacking downtown . . . and it's turning adults into teenagers!"

"I'll be there soon, Ryoga," Killer replied. To Slade, "We'll have to finish this some other time." He sheathed the Wing Pentact and ran downtown as fast as he could go.

By the time he got there, it was mass chaos. With the exception of the Abaranger, everyone present was running from the Giganoid, and many of those people happened to be teenagers.

I don't even wanna guess how many of them used to be adults, Nakadai thought. Out loud, "I'm here, Abaranger!"

"It's about time, Nakadai," Abareblue said.

"Yeah, we could really use the help," Abareyellow added.

"If it isn't Abarekiller," the Giganoid mocked. "How have you been, Nakadai?"

Killer growled in rage underneath his helmet.

"How does he know you?" Abared asked.

"He's the one Giganoid I couldn't defeat," Killer replied. "He's Youth Giganoid, and as you've already seen, he can turn adults into teenagers."

"Let's blow him away with the Superior Dino Bomber!" Abareblack suggested.

With that said, all five Abaranger combined their weapons into the Superior Dino Bomber.

"Superior Dino Dynamite!" they shouted, firing the gestalt weapon at Youth Giganoid. However, the blast didn't kill him. He just got right back up again.

"Nice try, Abaranger!" he sneered. "Now for you!" Then he blasted them with his energy rays and the Superior Dino Bomber broke into its five components. "Ha, ha! See you later, kids!" And he vanished.

"Where does he get off calling us kids?" Blue asked.

"Never mind him," Black replied. "We should get back to Abarebase."

The Abaranger changed out of armor and began walking back to the Dinosaur restaurant. On the way, Ryoga began noticing something strange about his friends, Asuka in particular.

"Ryoga?" Yukito asked.

"Yukito?" Ryoga asked.

"I don't know, but you look kinda . . . young," Yukito replied.

"Well . . . so do you," Ryoga said.

"You both look pretty young to me," Ranru said.

"You, too, Ranru," Ryoga uttered, startled. "And you, Asuka, and even you, Dr. Nakadai."

"It's Youth Giganoid," Asuka said. "When he shot us with his rays, he turned us into teenagers!"

"This is just wrong," Ryoga said.

"We still have to get back to base," Yukito said.

"That man Slade," Nakadai muttered to himself. "The same thing happened to him."

"Slade?" Ranru asked. "Who's Slade?"

"A man who wanted my assistance in controlling Youth Giganoid," Nakadai replied. "He wanted to use him as a weapon to turn influential people into teenagers, but Youth Giganoid turned him into a teenager."

"How old are we now?" Asuka asked.

"We must be about sixteen or seventeen years old," Nakadai replied.

Finally, they arrived at the Dinosaur, where Ryunosuke and Emiri greeted them.

"Oh, my God, you're so cute!" she exclaimed upon seeing the Abaranger boys. "How did you get to be my age?"

"Thank Youth Giganoid," Nakadai replied.

"Very interesting indeed," Ryunosuke said. "Does this mean you'll all have to go back to high school?"

"Oh, no," Yukito said. "That would be a horror. High school was the equivalent of a waking nightmare for me."

"Slade . . . I found him in the files I accessed on the Teen Titans when we first encountered them," Nakadai said. "From what I could tell, he was one of their worst enemies."

"I see where this is going," Ryoga said.

"We'll have to go to Jump City in America," Asuka said. "It's possible that Youth Giganoid may try to attack there."

"All right, then," Ryunosuke said. "But I'll have to go with you. It's not like you'll get anywhere on your own when you look like high school kids."

"Can I come, too?" Emiri asked.

"Yes, Emiri, you can come, too," Ryunosuke replied.

"Thank you!" Emiri exclaimed, hugging Ryunosuke.

"I'll go buy some tickets over the Internet," Yukito said, and he went to the Abarebase computer.

Jump City, America

Ryunosuke, Emiri, and the Abaranger were about to exit the airport and officially enter America.

"Who are all these kids with you?" the attendant asked Ryunosuke.

"They're my grandchildren," Ryunosuke replied. "I had a few children and they all married, which is how these whippersnappers were born."

"That's nice," the attendant said. "Enjoy your stay in America."

"Thank you; we will," Ryunosuke said before he left with Emiri and the Abaranger.

Meanwhile, Mikoto Nakadai's Torinoid servant Yatsudenwani was wandering Jump City, looking for Nakadai. Everyone who saw him ran from him in terror.

"Please! Please!" he exclaimed in Japanese. "Can someone please tell me how to find the Abaranger?"

However, no one would answer his question because they were all too busy running for their lives.

Titans Tower

Beast Boy was bragging about his brief stint as the Abaranger's sixth member, Abareknight.

"I totally rocked!" he exclaimed. "I had that Giganoid right where I wanted him! And did you see how I tore up the Barmia Hei? Oh, they didn't stand a chance!"

"We know, Beast Boy," Raven said.

"And you should have seen it when I shifted us into the Max Field!" Beast Boy continued. "I was in control! I came, I saw, I kicked major Evorian butt!"

"Truly remarkable, Beast Boy," Starfire said.

As for Robin and Cyborg, they glanced at each other and rolled their eyes.

Suddenly, the alarms blared, and the Teen Titans ran to the computer.

"What's going on?" Beast Boy asked.

Robin rapidly hit some buttons on the computer console and an image of a crocodile-like monster appeared on the monitor.

"What is that?" Cyborg asked.

"I do not know," Starfire replied.

"It's scaring the crap out of everyone," Raven said.

"It's going down," Robin said. The Titans ran to the vehicle bay and got into the T-Car. Cyborg got behind the wheel, Robin rode shotgun, and Beast Boy was sandwiched between Raven and Starfire.

In the city

Cyborg parked the T-Car and the Titans ran out into the street.

"You've gone far enough," Robin said to the crocodile-like creature, drawing three explosive disks into his hand.

"And you're going down," Cyborg added, shifting his right arm into its cannon mode.

"We ask you nicely to please stop terrorizing these innocent people," Starfire said.

The creature just babbled something in a language that none of the Titans recognized and ran toward them.

"That's as far as you go!" Robin exclaimed and threw the three disks at him. The disks exploded and blew the creature back.

Cyborg fired a blue plasma beam at the creature, who yelled something else in that same unrecognizable language.

"Wait," Raven said. "I sense that he doesn't ---"

"Cease now, Titans," a familiar voice said, interrupting her. The Titans turned around to face five very familiar people, four boys and one girl. The boys were dressed in red, blue, black, and white and black respectively and the girl was dressed in yellow.

"Abaranger," Robin said. "It's good to see you again."

"Great seeing you, too, Robin," Ryoga, the red-clad boy, said.

"Yeah, great," Yukito, the blue-clad boy, agreed somewhat sarcastically.

"Don't mind Yukito; he just doesn't know how to express himself," Ranru, the yellow-clad girl, said.

"Something has happened to you," Starfire said. "You seem . . . younger."

"Thank the Giganoid for that," Asuka, the black-clad boy, said.

"You mean this guy here?" Beast Boy asked, pointing a thumb in the crocodile-creature's direction.

The white-and-black-clad boy laughed. "Silly Beast Boy. That's Yatsudenwani."

"Hai, hai, Nakadai-sama!" the now-identified Yatsudenwani exclaimed, running to him.

"Nakadai!?!" Robin exclaimed, his voice full of fury. "What are you doing here?!"

"I'm on the side of good now, Robin," Nakadai replied.

"Sure," Robin spat contemptuously.

"Still angry over what I did to you the last time we met?" Nakadai asked.

"You played with us all like we were pawns in a game!" Robin exploded. "You treat everything as if it's a game! How do I know that this isn't another one of your games?!" He ran at Nakadai with his collapsible Bo staff and swung at him with it. Nakadai just moved out of the way.

Robin didn't give up; he struck again. Nakadai raised his arm to block this time. Robin ducked and made a sweeping kick intended to knock Nakadai's legs out from under him. However, Nakadai just jumped over his leg.

"Robin, please stop," Starfire said.

"Can't any of you see how dangerous this guy is?" Robin asked. "He tried to make us decide whether we would sacrifice Beast Boy and the Abaranger to stop Sucker Giganoid, or let him destroy the city! And how is it that he's suddenly on our side?"

"It's a long story," Nakadai replied. "The short version is that I was being manipulated by the seed of Dezumozorlya. He was an evil that existed millions of years ago, back when the dinosaurs roamed this Earth. When Earth was divided into two planets, he was also divided. I hosted half of his essence, and an Evorian named Rijewel hosted the other half. I am free of Dezumozorlya now, and I am here to help."

"Don't think I won't be watching you . . . Killer," Robin said, placing a cold emphasis upon the last word.

"Before . . . I sensed that Yatsudenwani didn't intend to hurt anyone," Raven said. "We attacked without cause."

Robin and Cyborg looked down, shamefaced. "Sorry about that, man."

"No problem!" Yatsudenwani said cheerfully.

"Huh? You can speak English?" Cyborg asked.

"Sure, I can; I was just so panicked that I didn't think to speak it," Yatsudenwani replied. "By the way, I work for the Abaranger, but Nakadai-sama is my main boss."

"How did that happen?" Beast Boy asked.

"Nakadai-sama defeated me and made me his butler," Yatsudenwani replied.

"That is cruel," Starfire said.

"Don't worry, Starfire, I'm far happier with the Abaranger than I could be with the Evorian," Yatsudenwani replied.

Suddenly, a small army of Slade androids dropped in.

"Who are these guys?" Ryoga asked.

"Slade's androids," Robin replied, extending his staff. Starfire's fists glowed with emerald energy. Beast Boy turned into a gorilla, Cyborg shifted his arm into cannon mode, and Raven began to chant.

"Let's do this," Ryoga said. Asuka drew the Dino Harp and the other Abaranger raised the wrists that bore their Dino Bracelets. Ryoga, Ranru, Yukito, and Nakadai opened the "mouths" of their bracelets. Then they all activated their changers, Asuka by inserting the Dino Harp into the Dino Commander and the others by pressing the buttons on their Dino Bracelets.

"Bakuryu Change!" they all shouted.

"Charging Warrior, Abared!"

"Clever Warrior, Abareblue!"

"Speed Warrior, Abareyellow!"

"Mysterious Warrior, Abareblack!"

"Uncontrolled Explosion, Abarekiller!"

Then all together, "Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger!"

As they had done upon seeing the introduction the first time, the Teen Titans sweat-dropped.

"Let's get down to business," Robin said, and threw two Birdarangs, decapitating a pair of Slade androids. Starfire fired her starbolts at more Slade androids. Raven levitated some cars and used them to crush three androids. Beast Boy turned into an elephant and trampled an android, while Cyborg blasted the androids with his cannon-arm.

"Abalasers, saber mode!" Abared shouted, drawing his Abalaser in saber mode. Blue and Yellow did the same, while Black drew his Dino Thruster and Killer drew the Wing Pentact in sword mode. Then the Abaranger ran into action and attacked the remaining androids.

"This is boring," Killer said, and used the Wing Pentact's pen mode to inscribe energy arrows into the air. Then those arrows attacked the androids, short-circuiting them.

"Sweet!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Amazing!" Starfire exclaimed.

"Try 'dangerous,'" Robin said, raining on their parade. Then he saw an android going after Starfire from behind. "Starfire!" He started running toward her, but the android was closer and fired its laser at her. "No!"

However, Starfire wasn't hit by the laser blast . . . because Killer had leapt in front of her and taken the shot.

"You . . . saved her?" Robin asked.

From within the smoke, Killer laughed. "Do you really think I'd do something like that if I hadn't changed my ways?" Then the smoke cleared to reveal Abarekiller, but different. Specifically, the black diamond designs on his suit had flared out into spiky plates.

"What's that?" Cyborg asked.

"Abare Mode," Killer replied. "The others have it, too."

"And it's time we used it," Black said. "But first . . ." He adjusted the dial on the Dino Thruster so that a fire symbol was facing upward. "Dino Thruster Fire Inferno!" He stabbed his Dino Thruster into the ground, creating a pillar of flame that annihilated most of the remaining androids.

"For something so hot, that's cool," Cyborg said.

"Does that weapon have any other attacks?" Beast Boy asked.

"The Dino Thruster enables me to attack with earth, wind, fire, and water," Black replied. He sheathed it, and then with the other three Abaranger, went into Abare Mode. The Titans noticed that Yellow's Abare Mode came with glider-like wings.

"I did not know inanimate objects like visors could roar," Starfire said.

"Let's take them down," Red said. Then the Abaranger ran --- or flew, in Yellow's case --- at the remaining androids and dismantled them.

"That was just . . . unusual," Raven said.

"Yeah, did you see the way they fought in Abare Mode?" Beast Boy asked. "They were almost like animals!"

Killer chuckled. "I've been called worse in my day. 'Animal' doesn't bother me much."

"Sorry," Beast Boy said.

"Let's get to the Tower," Robin said.

Titans Tower

The Abaranger and the Teen Titans, along with Ryunosuke, Emiri, and Yatsudenwani, had arrived in Titans Tower.

"Amazing," Ryunosuke said.

"Cool!" Emiri exclaimed.

"A giant T," Yukito scoffed. "How inconspicuous."

"Hey, this is the coolest superhero headquarters in the country," Cyborg protested. "It's got everything you could think of, a supercomputer, a wicked security system, training courses, and ---"

Beast Boy cut him off with, "Video games!"

"That's very impressive," Yukito said half-sarcastically.

"Yeah!" Ryoga agreed --- genuinely.

"Hey, would you like to see the T-Car, Ranru?" Cyborg asked.

"Sure," Ranru agreed.

Ryoga just chuckled. "Ranru sure loves machines. I can tell you two are gonna make great friends."

"Dr. Nakadai?" Starfire asked.

"Yes, Starfire?" Nakadai asked.

"I wish to thank you for saving me from that android earlier," Starfire replied.

"Don't worry about it, Star," Nakadai said, smiling warmly. "You're welcome."

Meanwhile, Robin watched jealously out of the corner of his masked eye.

"So, Robin, feeling jealous?" Raven asked.

Robin sighed. After all, there was no way of hiding your feelings from an empath, even though he was more controlled than most people. "No, I'm not," he lied. "I'm just worried."

"About Nakadai?" Raven surmised.

"Yeah," Robin confirmed. "He says he's changed, and the Abaranger and everyone else seems to have taken his word for it."

"He saved Starfire's life," Raven said. "The Nakadai we faced before wouldn't have done that."

"Why?" Robin asked. "What would he have to gain from it, other than our trust?" Then his head snapped up as he reached a conclusion. "Our trust. He's trying to gain our trust so that we'll let our guard down and that's when he'll strike. This is just another one of his twisted games."

"You're paranoid," Raven stated simply.

As for Beast Boy, he was just watching Robin and Raven, but especially Raven. He liked her a lot, and not in the "just friends" sense. He sighed.

But she'll never go for a goofball like me, he thought. If any guy here is her type, it's probably Robin.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Nakadai asked.

"Ahh!" Beast Boy yelped, turning to face Nakadai. "You scared me!"

"Sorry," Nakadai said. "Now what were you thinking about?"

"Fine, I guess I can tell you," Beast Boy replied. "It's not a 'what,' it's a 'who.'"

"And would this 'who' be Raven?" Nakadai asked.

"How did you know?" Beast Boy asked.

Nakadai chuckled. "I could tell from the way you looked at her." Then his expression grew serious. "I don't know, but I feel a strong urge to protect her. I guess it's because she's kinda like me; we're both trying to liberate ourselves from our own inner demons. So . . . if you hurt her, I will make you regret the day you were born."

Robin stiffened when he heard Nakadai's last words to Beast Boy.

". . . I will make you regret the day you were born."

So I was right, Robin thought. Don't worry, Beast Boy. Nakadai won't get away with whatever he's trying to pull.

Meanwhile, Cyborg and Ranru were working on the T-Car.

This girl is amazing! Cyborg thought. She's just so skilled with this stuff! Out loud, "So when did you realize you loved machines?"

"Oh, I've always known I loved machines," Ranru replied. "I'm just one of those people who loves to take things apart, figure out how they work, and put them together again. I was being groomed to be a pop idol when I was younger, but that wasn't what I really wanted."

"More power to you," Cyborg said. "You should always go with your dreams."

"Thanks," Ranru said.

"You're welcome," Cyborg said.

Later, the Titans, the Abaranger, and the Abaranger's friends were sleeping. As they slept, they had dreams.

(Abaranger's dream)

The teenaged Ranru was at her high school locker, dressed in the traditional Japanese schoolgirl uniform. As she was about to take the necessary books out for her homework, a boy dressed in the Japanese schoolboy uniform approached her.

"Hi, Ranru," he said. "Will you please go out with me?"

"No, Ranru, please go out with me," another boy said.

An older boy brushed the two of them aside, holding out a bouquet of yellow carnations for Ranru. "Please forget those two little boys. A true man like myself is what you need, my sweet lady." He took her hand and kissed it. "Please come with me."

Ranru blushed. "Uh, thank you . . . but . . . I'll see you . . . later?" Then she took off running.

"You scared her off!" the first boy yelled at the older boy.

"Yeah, how are we supposed to get a date with Ranru now?" the second boy asked.

As for the Abaranger boys, they were running for their lives from their admirers.

"We have to get away!" Ryoga exclaimed.

Just then, Asuka tripped over his shoelaces. "Ahhh!" he screamed as he fell prostrate on the ground.

"Asuka!" Ryoga shouted and turned around to get him when Yukito and Nakadai grabbed him by his arms and ran off with him. "No! We have to go back for Asuka!"

"We have to save ourselves!" Yukito retorted. "I don't know what they're going to do with Asuka, but I don't want any part of it!"

"Me neither," Nakadai replied, "but they're gaining on us."

Indeed, they were, shouting things like, "I love you, Ryoga," or "Please be my boyfriend, Yukito," or "Mikoto is number one for me!"

"I've had enough," Nakadai said, whirling around to face their admirers.

"Oh, no, you're not going to ---" Ryoga started to say, but Nakadai cut him off.

"I'm only going to scare them, Ryoga," Nakadai replied. Then he activated the Dino Minder, calling out, "Bakuryu Change!"

Now, Nakadai was dressed in white-and-black armor with a white helmet that had a red visor. He was transformed . . . into Abarekiller.

The admirers stopped, looking at him closely.

"That did the trick," Killer muttered.

However, he found himself quite mistaken when the girls swarmed around him, complimenting him on the beauty of the design and coloring of his suit.

"Forget this," Killer said, and broke away from the girls, joining Ryoga and Yukito in running. Finally, they ran into Ranru.

"Hey, guys, what happened?" she asked.

"Our fan girls happened," Yukito replied.

"Where's Asuka?" Ranru asked.

"They got him," Killer replied.

(Yatsudenwani's dream)

The Abaranger teens piled into the Abarebus, an armored white battle van with the Abaranger symbol emblazoned on the right side. Yatsudenwani sat at the wheel, wearing a driver's cap with the Abaranger symbol on it.

"All buckled up back there, kids?" he asked.

"Yes, we are," Nakadai replied. "Now step on it!"

Yatsudenwani drove them to the scene of the Giganoid attack downtown. However, he had to obey traffic rules, so there was some delay.

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"

"No! No, we are not there yet!" Yatsudenwani yelled, finally losing his temper.

"We'd better get there!" Nakadai yelled back. "Every second we delay is another minute of destruction that Giganoid could wreak. At the rate you're moving, that Giganoid could have destroyed all of downtown by the time we get there! So move it!"

"Hai, hai, Nakadai-sama!" Yatsudenwani exclaimed and he slammed the accelerator pedal, driving at maximum speed and cutting through traffic like a knife. Finally, he arrived at the scene of the Giganoid's attack. "We're here!"

"Good," Nakadai said as he piled out with the other Abaranger. "Bakuryu Change!"

(Robin's dream)

"Cyborg! Beast Boy! Raven! Starfire!" Robin cried out, alone in a quarry surrounded by fog. "Where are you?!"

"Look down," Abarekiller's malevolent voice said.

Robin looked down and saw the other Teen Titans --- dead. Each one had been killed horribly, slashed and stabbed and shot.

"No!!!" Robin screamed, rushing to Starfire and kneeling beside her. He cradled her upper body in his arms, holding her close. "Starfire, wake up! Please wake up!" However, by the coldness of her body, he could tell that she would never wake up again. Knowing this, he began to weep, tears seeping out from underneath his mask.

Robin looked around and saw the Abaranger, dead as well and killed in the same manner as the Teen Titans.

Abarekiller stepped into view, abandoning the concealment of the fog. He laughed.

"Poor little Robin," he sneered. "You were right all along. They shouldn't have trusted me. They've learned their lesson now."

Robin growled with fury and rose to his feet. "You will pay," he snarled in a voice twisted by grief and rage.

"And who's gonna make me, you?" Killer asked, drawing his Wing Pentact.

Robin drew his staff and extended it, then rushed at Killer with a scream. Killer just laughed and inscribed energy arrows into the air, then fired those arrows at Robin. The arrows pierced him, but he didn't stop until he'd reached Killer and struck him with the staff. Then he collapsed, with Killer's laughter being the last thing he heard.

The dreams ended, and everyone who'd had them woke up, some gasping, some screaming, all sweating.

The next morning

The Titans, Abaranger, Yatsudenwani, Ryunosuke, and Emiri came down to the dining room for breakfast. Raven had her herbal tea, while Beast Boy and Cyborg fought over who was going to make everyone else breakfast.

I won't let you hurt my friends, Nakadai, Robin thought. I don't know how, I don't know when, but I'll figure out your game and I'll expose it for all to see!

"Robin, would you mind if we spoke alone?" Nakadai asked.

"No," Robin replied. He and Nakadai got up and walked out of the dining room. Once they were in the hallway, Robin turned and pinned Nakadai to the wall.

"What's your problem?" Nakadai asked, unflappable as ever.

"You," Robin replied. "I don't know what game you're playing, but I'm not falling for it!"

Nakadai started to laugh. "I'm not playing any games this time, Robin. It's serious for me, defeating the Evorian."

"How do you expect me to believe you?" Robin asked. "After all the things you did, and now you're hanging out here, acting like you're our friend!"

"That's right, the things I did!" Nakadai yelled. "I didn't expect anyone to trust me, or have faith in me after the things I did, but the Abaranger did! They made me believe that I was still worth something, that I could still do something good with my talents! I'm not the same evil person I used to be! If you don't believe me, that's your business. Just don't get so obsessed with proving that I'm evil that you hurt your friends."

Robin remembered his nightmare, and gasped in sudden epiphany. Perhaps the nightmare wasn't a warning that Nakadai would be the death of them all. Perhaps it was really a warning that Robin's obsession and unwillingness to forgive would be the death of them all.

"Dr. Nakadai, I'm ---" Robin started to say, but the alarms cut him off.

"Robin, Dr. Nakadai, come in!" Ryoga shouted.

Robin and Nakadai came to the Titans' supercomputer with the rest of the Titans and Abaranger. "It's Youth Giganoid," Nakadai said.

"Let's do this," Ryoga said. Then with the other Abaranger, "Bakuryu Change!"

The Titans ran to the vehicle bay and got into the T-Car, while the Abaranger ran outside. With the exception of Killer, they all summoned their Ride Raptors and raced off Titans Island.

"That bites," Killer said. "Everyone's got a Ride Raptor but me." Then he smirked underneath his helmet. "Beast Boy!"

A minute later, Abarekiller was riding a green T-Rex and laughing merrily. The green T-Rex just sweat-dropped.

When they reached downtown, they saw more newly teenaged victims of Youth Giganoid. Killer jumped off Beast Boy as the latter changed back to his human shape.

"If it isn't the Abaranger again," Youth Giganoid sneered. "And the Teen Titans, too."

"How did you get to Jump City?" Abareblack asked.

"I owe my gratitude to my new master Slade," Youth Giganoid replied.

"But I thought Slade couldn't control him!" Abarekiller exclaimed.

"Apparently, he found a way," Abared said.

"Is this the Giganoid who made you into adolescents?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah, that's him," Abareyellow replied.

"You think you can stop me?" Youth Giganoid asked boisterously. "You can't! You couldn't do it before, and you can't do it now!"

From back inside his base, Slade watched the fight. "And they'll see just how right you are," he said. Then he triggered the device on his wrist. "Grow."

Suddenly, Youth Giganoid spasmed.

"What's happening to him?" Beast Boy asked.

"I don't know," Abareblack replied. "I've never seen anything like this happen to a Giganoid."

Finally, Youth Giganoid screamed, and grew thirty stories tall. "Ha, ha, ha! Now you will see how truly unstoppable I am, you little insects!"

"Slade must have made him grow!" Robin exclaimed.

In his headquarters, Slade watched with an evil smirk underneath his mask. "Now we will see just who truly deserves to be my apprentice, Robin or Beast Boy. Robin has the skill, but as Abareknight, Beast Boy has the raw power. Which will suit me better in the end?"

"Brachio!" Black shouted into his Dino Commander.

Brachio answered the call and parts of his metal body opened, releasing Tyranno, Kera, and Ptera.

"Top Galer, Stegosaurus, go!" Killer shouted. He leaped inside Top Galer, which proceeded to reconfigure itself and combine with Stegosaurus to form a giant red-and-white robot. "Killeroh!"

Red, Blue, and Yellow leaped into their Bakuryu, which reconfigured themselves and combined to form . . .


In the process of the two combinations, the Teen Titans had joined the Abaranger. Robin and Starfire were in Abarenoh, and the other three were in Killeroh.

"Sweet!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

Killeroh pointed its weapon at Youth Giganoid and slashed.

"Ptera Cutter!" Yellow shouted, and Abarenoh used Ptera's wings as a boomerang, striking Youth Giganoid.

"Tricera Punch!" Blue shouted, and Kera, which had formed the right arm of Abarenoh, struck.

"Bakuryu Dengeki Drill Spin!" Red shouted, using Tyranno's tail (which was currently the left arm of Abarenoh) as a drill.

"You think you can stop me with those puny attacks?" Youth Giganoid asked defiantly.

"Let's see what you think of this," Killer asked and then Killeroh flipped into the air. "Fillet Striker!" Killeroh ground Youth Giganoid with its tail spikes. "Bakuryu Hissatsu Death Combustion!" The living electromagnetism inside Killeroh concentrated into its mouth and then Killeroh released it as a shockwave through the ground.

"I'm still standing!" Youth Giganoid boasted.

"Let's see you stand after this," Killer shouted, drawing the Wing Pentact and using it to draw out a pair of familiar-looking weapons from Killeroh's chest.

"Hey, those are my Birdarangs!" Robin shouted.

Indeed, they were, only colored white with black diamond designs. "Killerangs!" Killer shouted, throwing the white-and-black bird-shaped boomerangs at Youth Giganoid. However, the attack didn't do so much damage.

"Ha! Nice try!" Youth Giganoid shouted.

"Try combining Abarenoh and Killeroh!" Abareblack suggested.

"Good idea," Abareblue said.

Abarenoh and Killeroh separated into their component Bakuryu, which then all combined into a new mecha configuration.

"KillerAbarenoh!" the Abaranger shouted, all together in one cockpit.

"You still can't stop me!" Youth Giganoid declared and blasted KillerAbarenoh, tearing it apart --- right back into its Bakuryu components. The blast also had the effect of expelling the Abaranger and Teen Titans from the Abaranger's Bakuryu.

"He's just . . . too powerful," Killer uttered.

"Not too powerful for Abareknight," Abareblack said.

"You mean ---?" Beast Boy asked excitedly, but Abareblack cut him off.

"Yes, Beast Boy, you're going to become Abareknight again," Abareblack replied. He turned to Abarekiller. "If all five of us give our Dino Guts, then Abareknight will have enough power to finish Youth Giganoid."

"Go for it," Abarekiller said.

Abareblack took out the StyraRazor and all five Abaranger poured their energies into it, changing back to normal in the process. Asuka then gave the StyraRazor to Beast Boy.

Just then, a gold styracosaurus-based Dino Bracelet appeared on Beast Boy's left wrist as the other Titans looked on in amazement.

"Bakuryu Change!" Beast Boy shouted, activating the gold Dino Bracelet. A golden light covered him and he somersaulted in midair. When he landed, the Abareknight armor had formed but without the helmet. The visor appeared over his eyes, surrounded by the whole helmet, which finished the transformation.

There was one change to Abareknight's suit: the golden spikes that outlined the visor were now shining white.

"Little Abaranger!" Youth Giganoid shouted. "Do you think you can beat me?!"

"Sure I can," Abareknight replied, drawing the sword out of the StyraRazor. "Max Field!" This time, the Max Field looked like a city, and Abareknight was rapidly slashing Youth Giganoid, who tried to retaliate, but Knight used the StyraRazor shield to block. When the attack was finished and they'd shifted back into the real world, Youth Giganoid looked worse for wear. "Ready to give up now?"

"You may have hurt me, but you can't beat me!" Youth Giganoid yelled.

"I see you still need to be taught a lesson," Knight said, "and I'm just the teacher to do it." He summoned Styracosaurus, DinoCarry, SpinoGold, RhamphoGolds, Pachycephalosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Dimetrodon, and Parasaurolophus. Then he and Raven jumped inside Styraco, and the summoned Bakuryu all combined to form Max Ryu Oh.

"Your new robot doesn't scare me!" Youth Giganoid shouted. "I'll defeat it like I defeated the others!"

"Not this time!" Knight exclaimed. Max Ryu Oh created a tornado with its left arm and fired an energy shell out of its right arm, combining the two attacks into a destructive force that annihilated Youth Giganoid. "Oh, yeah! I did it!"

"Good job, Beast Boy," Raven said.

Abareknight was grateful for the helmet he wore, since it concealed his blush from Raven's violet eyes. They exited Max Ryu Oh, and found the Abaranger, restored to their adult selves. All over the city, adults that had been turned into teenagers became adults again.

This included Slade, who was ruminating in his headquarters.

"So Beast Boy defeated Youth Giganoid," he said to himself. "No matter. Robin is the better apprentice. Beast Boy may have the raw power as Abareknight, but he lacks the required ruthlessness. Robin, on the other hand, was willing to sacrifice him and the Abaranger to stop Sucker Giganoid."

Underneath his helmet, he smirked.

Titans Tower

The Titans and Abaranger were standing outside the T-shaped tower.

"It's been good working with you all," Robin said, "and I mean all."

"Thanks," Nakadai said.

"You're welcome," Robin said. "Maybe you're not such a bad guy after all."

"Robin, you have discovered what I already know," Ryoga said. "There's good inside everyone, even people you think are utterly irredeemable."

"But now we gotta get back to Tokyo," Ryunosuke said.

"It's been nice," Yukito said.

"Really nice!" Emiri added enthusiastically.

"Maybe sometime you and I can get together to work on some machines, Ranru," Cyborg suggested.

"I'd like that a lot, Cyborg," Ranru said, smiling.

"Hey, wait, we don't have to go yet," Ryoga said. "You haven't tasted our Abarecurry yet!"

"Does it have meat in it?" Cyborg and Beast Boy asked at the same time, Cyborg with hope and Beast Boy with trepidation.

"I don't think it does," Yukito said. "Then again, I should know since I came up with it."

"I would like to try your Abarecurry," Starfire said.

"Then by all means . . ." Yukito said as they began to walk back into the Tower.

End Notes: That's it for Abaranger/Teen Titans. If you want the basic info on Abaranger, go to to find out. For more in-depth info, check out Sentai Spoilers on the Internet. Also, for those of you who've seen Abaranger (lucky you) and are wondering about the combination of Abarenoh and Killeroh, that came from the movie Abaranger Deluxe, unless you've seen that, too. And "Hai, hai, Nakadai-sama" means "Yes, yes, Master Nakadai." That's all, bye-bye.