"Keeter, Mac would kill me if I even tried. No!" Harm argued, setting down his bottle.

"Nah," said a cocky Jack. "She'll just think it's funny."

"Then you and I aren't talking about the same Mac. Sturgis, you know Mac, you know what she'd do to me if I did that," Harm tried.

"Come on, Harm, it'd be funny," Sturgis told him, taking a sip of his beer.

"Funny?" Harm repeated, shaking his head. "You two have a weird sense of humor."

"So that means you'll do it, right?" asked Keeter with a grin.

Harm sighed. "Let me just get this straight: I have to kiss Mac in the office and then you'll give me two Super Bowl tickets for next year?"

"Yep, but there has to be a witness," added Sturgis, sharing a sneaky grin with Keeter. The two of them had been setting this up for a while now. They figured that a little more tension between Harm and Mac might be a good thing. And maybe this kiss could push them both in the right direction.

"How long?"

"30 seconds."

"You're kidding?"

"Nope!" Keeter said gleefully.

Harm sighed reluctantly. "Fine, I'll do it."

Sturgis and Keeter gave each other a high-five and cheered in triumph.

Mac could hardly believe what she was hearing. When Harriet had suggested a girls' night out at McMurphy's, she had quickly agreed. She was tired of Webb being the one to tell her that he couldn't make another date. This time, he was out of the country and out of her life for good. He had protested when she first told him it was over, saying that he would be back in a week. She had kicked him out of her apartment and told him that their so-called relationship was over and that he, in no certain circumstances, was to come after her again.

She and Harriet had been sitting at one of the booth's, having some girl talk when they noticed Sturgis, Harm, and Keeter come in. The three hadn't seemed to notice Mac or Harriet and now both women sat there in shock as they listened in on their conversation. The three guys left soon after and left the two women sitting there, still stunned.

"Well, ma'am," Harriet started, her eyes twinkling. "What are you going to do?"

Mac thought about it. "Well, I did always want Super Bowl tickets!"

Harriet laughed. "And just how are you going to get Harm to take you?"

"I'll play with his mind for a while, not let him get a chance to win his bet. Then when he least expects it..." she trailed off, grinning as she thought about how she would go about teasing Harm. She was sure that she could talk him into giving her the other ticket.

Now the question was just how would she get him to kiss her at the right time, especially in the office. And then there was that little chance of the Admiral seeing them...