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Chapter 5: Temptation kills

It wasn't going to work, not at all would it work, and silence would overtake the moment of separation as none of the two would speak up. Banjo, hesitating to even confess to the girl that he would swoon for her, Kazooie trapped in a mind of her own with negative feelings about the world, a bipolar moment. The sun began to dim its rays of light as an hour passed by, during that hour remained silence. Though, there were only a few moments before the citizens of Spiral Mountain would wake and go about their business once again, though every second that passes by was a second of a chance, a chance that Banjo is hesitating to take.

Being aware of 'leave your feelings aside just go for it' wasn't helping him out this time, it was easier said than done. Arguments and curses reoccurring in his mind were the things that were keeping him from his destination. He was aware of Kazooie's characteristics and wanted to be cautious. Something inside of him though...wanted a little more than just a confession; he wanted to confess to Kazooie a different way, a better way, a way in which there would be no possible way to ignore. Banjo tilted his head a bit to the side and danced his glance towards the bear nearby, seeing how she's just gazing at the water with cold emerald eyes and a low frown. If there could be some way he could conceive to her, then maybe his worries will go away...hopefully. Though there could be one way...

Nearby, a molehill sprouted a few dirt here and there as a mole sprung up from his boundaries. Bottles ofcourse, still quite drowsy from the nap he had, others were walking on the side, though not many were up right now as only one minute gone past the hour. The mole grinned as he saw Banjo sitting on the side of the mote, but that grin slowly faded as he saw 'Amy' sitting nearby. He cocked a brow before deciding not to greet the two at this moment. He shrugged cheerfully and sat on his molehill, closing his eyes and savouring a moment.

'Ah yes, another perfect afternoon! An afternoon without whom? Why, the annoying bird with a yapping mouth. Yup, it was great not having the little imbecile around annoying the hell out of the others anymore, including myself. Why, it was every single day that Kazooie was putting on the heat, and it was every single day that her ego was breathing down everybody's neck. It was salvation served with crumpets! But, it's been a while now that the Amy girl had appeared before Banjo's and my own eyes. It was a little much of a coincidence that it was the same time in which Kazooie had vanished. Well, atleast we've got a better person, one who doesn't nag. Banjo...has been acting weird. The moment he snapped at me got me thinking, probably something to do with Amy got him a little bit fussy, poor boy, heheheh. I wonder where bird face is anyway. Probably shaking off her feathers somewhere in oblivion.'

Bottle's grin curved into a smirk before walking by the two bears and sitting on the side of the mote in a fair distance from them, he looked at his reflection while sighing with a hint of boredom in his voice. He shifted his vision at both of the bears before lying back and staring to the sky. The two bears however, remained in silence, they were trapped in their own minds, atleast was. Banjo shook his head before turning to Kazooie with a worried expression on his face.

"Hey..." He tapped her lightly on the shoulder; it brought her a shock as she came back to reality. Scowling, she turned to Banjo with a glare. He felt a frown coming on; who knew a single glare could poison his thoughts and aims. Kazooie felt the glare slip away as her lips curved for a sigh.

"What?" She murmured. it was loud enough for him to hear though. The hint of gruff in her voice made him tell that she was upset, as if he didn't know already. He bit his lip as he heard her sigh, feeling sweat trickle down his head and moisten his fur. He turned back to the water with his eyelids dropping halfway.

"What's amatter? Are you feeling alright?"

He danced his gaze back at her, hoping eventually she'll let it all slip out of her mind to him, his nose felt like it was pulling itself down and his neck felt numb. Pressing his lips together to avoid him gaping, he hid his face from the rest of the world with his right hand. Kazooie grinned slightly before nodding her head gently.

"Ofcourse I am"

Kazooie felt pressure weigh on her chest, it wasn't the truth, she knew it wasn't, it never felt better, but coming clean would never make her feel better anyway in her book. It will all be the same. Banjo however, felt annoyance penetrate its waves through his mind in which caused an urge to blur out something, anything that is a word or a simple sentence. He tried to resist but temptation caught his blow, making the words slip out of his mouth.

"No you're not..."

That made her chuckle, though it wasn't a friendly one, it sounded more like a soft cackle. Some of her bronze hair fell, so it had covered some of her face, mainly the eyes.

"And your point is?"

"Look I know there's something bothering you..."

"It's none of your business what's bothering me and what's not"

"It's a big part of my business to know what's bothering you and what's not."

"Since when? Since I've became like this?"

Kazooie glared snake eyes towards Banjo, he took it in and glared back with the same strength she had put in her glare. They both stood up while looking at each other straight in the eyes. Bottles, who was nearby wanted a peak at this little conversation, but he remembered he was lying down, being round as he was it makes it slightly hard to get back up.

"You can't keep your worries bottled in you forever"

"I can and I will...nothing you say will ever make me spill the beans!"

"Then why are you telling me there are beans to spill...?"

"I know what I'm doing!"

"You're only going to spoil yourself even more!"

"Since when have I tried spoiling myself!?"

"Since you went out of the house and sat by the damn mote that's when!!"

Banjo was in a position to counter any remark in which Kazooie tried to pull on him; their constant arguing caused others to stare at them from a far distance. Though both Banjo and Kazooie never noticed anyone looking at them, thinking they were alone.

"Are you trying to force me to prove something to you!?"

"Yes in a way. What? You'd rather me leave you be!?"


"So you'd rather me not care for you, worry about you, give a damn about you!?"

"Why would you want to give a damn about a bitch!?"

"Because that 'bitch' happens to be my best friend!"

"Must we continue arguing like this!?"

"I don't care how much we argue and how long we argue for, just as long as I can prevent you putting yourself out of your misery!!"



A hoard of gasps were heard from a now crowd that huddled near the two bears. Banjo only noticing this, he pressed his eyes together finally realising what he had done. Kazooie was near tears at this moment as finally the world now knows who she truly was. Some laughed, some only gaped. She looked back at Banjo with a helpless look on her face, her teeth chattering and her eyes slowly brimming with tears. She turned away and gave him the brush, practically shoving herself out of the crowd and running off, tears scattering the air at the same time. The crowd looked back at Banjo, he himself was astonished with shame, he felt like kicking himself for being stupid. Bottles, finally managing to stand up, ran up to Banjo with a shocked expression on his face.

"Kazooie!?" He exclaimed. Banjo hesitated, moving his lips but no sound came out. The crowd huddled a bit, wanting to hear what he's got to say. At this time his patience has reached its limits as he snarled and shoved a huge part of the crowd away. All of them in the crowd stepped back from him in fear. He turned to Kazooie's direction and saw that the girl was already gone, he ran off. The crowd dissipated, everyone else going about their own business. Bottles still gaped, such shock made him limp back to his molehill, he looked as pale as a ghost, he thought he was in need of another two hours of napping time, in this case, the rest of the citizens thought the same thing.

Banjo ventured through tunnels and caves just to find her. Rain started to pour down at this time. It has been a good half an hour since he last seen her and he wasn't keen on giving up. Calling out her name numerous times to try and see if she'll answer. How unlikely could that be? He stopped in his tracks and panted. He soon then manage to locate her walking up the actually spiral mountain itself, the one that normally contained the bridge that led to Gruntilda's lair. Banjo called out her name once again before running up the mountain just to follow her. She reached the top and her eyes trailed down to where she was standing, at the edge of the top of the mountain whereas if she jumped she would hit a slope and fall in the water, though her new form was more fortunate than er last. It was also more delicate. Making it a 99 percentchance that she could die if she jumped. She wanted to take a chance, but thinking about what Banjo had said to her was preventing her from doing so. It was temptation that could cause her to kill and be killed. She shook off all thoughts as she aimed to jump. That was until...


She stopped her action as she heard Banjo finally making it up the mountain, running the whole way aswell, he panted a few times before standing up properly with determination blazing in his eyes.

"I think you've said my name enough times..."

"Look, it was an accident..."

"Oh I believe you Banjo, what I don't believe however is me regaining the normal days..."

"But you will...I promise you..."

"I won't, it is impossible...Me being a bear, people are now going to give me mocking looks...but really, I deserve it. I've been living with a tough attitude, I don't know what's wrong with me, perhaps I was turned into a bear to save myselffrom being stuck up forever..."

"Kazooie, you'll always be my best friend regardless of your attitude. You're still going to be thesame in the inside..."

"Then why don't I? Why do I feel as if this new body of mine is fighting with my instincts, my personality. I'm not normally this sensitive"

"But come on Kaz, you can fightit!"

"You know I can't Banjo, what are the odds?"


"That's what I thought."



"...I have a confession..."

At this time, the rain became more torrential and both were as wet as they can ever be. Banjo's last words caught Kazooie's full attention.

"What's that?"

Banjo tried to speak out some words but nothing came out. He only did hesitate. This got on her nerves; it caused her to scowl aswell.


Unknowingly, she stepped back. Bad mistake. There was no ground to step back on, with that Kazooie fell backwards and Banjo ran to catch her. The rain got slightly more torrential and thundering noises were heard...









Groaning, she shifted her head a few times on the pillow. Before her eyes shot open and gazed around. She was obviously back in the house again. All was there, everything was normal. Except her that was, she felt dry, her hair felt dry, her clothes were hanging on the miniature clothes line that recited near the fireplace and she was wearing nothing but pyjamas. Getting out of the bed, she changed out of them and put on usual clothes. Managing to look outside and notice that he sun shone brightly, but Spiral Mountain was wet, quite wet. One thing confused her, how he managed to save her from falling. It was then she began to recognise that Banjo was remarkable. She looked about and saw no Banjo. Where was he? She hoped nothing had happened to him. Perhaps he may come later. Shrugging, she lied back on the bed with thoughts running around insider her mind. Yes, later, he may come later.

But later took as long as expected...

Nightfall had started to arrive and soon darkness reigned. No lights were on; just a faint light from the moon's rays shining through the window was all the light that was there. She began to feel anxious as she noticed he still wasn't back. Still no Banjo, sitting on the bed, she crossed her fingers. He could be with someone, Tooty was spending the week with Bottles so Banjo had the house alone, she couldn't think of anyone else he could've been with. What if...there could be many possibilities to the 'If' part. But she decided not to go into it. She walked over to the other side of the bed and sat down, her back facing the door. Just as she thought things were going to get worse. She heard a few little breezes around, and a door shutting. It could've just been her imagination, but it was not. She turned to look and she saw him, leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets and his eyes directing its gaze towards her. Besides worrying about him, she was wondering about something else.

"...What did you want to confess to me?" She asked. Feeling saliva dry up in her mouth so her voice was low. Banjo only smirked slightly before slowly walking back to the door and pushing the bar slowly, in which locks it. He also pulled the two curtains nearby slowly and steadily, as not to scare her in any way. She stepped back a bit, slightly intimidated by his action. He turned to the girl, his gaze directing towards her eyes.

"Confess?" He purred. Stamping his foot down, getting fed up of this game, no longer was it a game. He felt like he was playing by a whole new book of rules, in which, he controls.

His lids dropped halfway down his eyes, with the pupils still managing to look at her. He slowly ventured his way to her, taking three seconds for each and every step.Stopping a few inches from the girl, his eyes locked with hers; a piece of fabric was wrapped around his left hand. Banjo moved his right hand under her chin, gently tilting her head upwards. He could now feel her breath emitting from the corridors of the small indent of her mouth, and the look watching him directly from her eyes. Kazooie didn't recoil in anyway; she only followed his movement by doing nothing, her face heated up with a bit of tension, feeling his own breath meet hers in the crowded atmosphere they both put themselves in. tilting his head slightly and moving in, feeling the lips of the girl slowly and gently touching his own, and their lips met fully, softly and slightly uneasily at first, the bear treating his companion as if she could break. His free hand was brought up to her waist, just resting above her hips as he kissed her with abandon, his mind a hurricane of thoughts, his heart a complete earthquake. Kazooie managed to tug her arm up easily to wrap itself around his neck. She felt the sensation pushing against her lips. Her cheeks went red and her hair flickered back. She used her other arm to wrap around his waist, clutching the belt of his shorts tightly, her heart felt more than just an earthquake, but an erupting volcano, in which sprawled clean water than lava. They savoured the moment, before taking more under the covers....

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