The Outside World

"Settle down, Settle Down" "We have added a new class to the studies of a select few students for only one month" said Albus D.

"Now there will be two students from each house in the class. The selected students will be paired with someone from a different house. This class will be held in the muggle world. The selected students will be in the muggle world for one month. Each pair will be given a house and you will be allowed to use magic inside the house. However, you are not permitted to use magic outside the house except for emergences. If you do use magic outside of the house and it is not an emergency your house back at Hogwarts will lose 75 points. Now while you are in the muggle world you will act as a muggle and go to Muggle School each day that is required. On weekends you will be allowed to go to Hogsmade and purchase any item you may need. For example food, clothing, bed sheets items like that. Each pair will be given $100 of muggle money in which you may use to go shopping in muggle stores but you must make sure to act like a complete muggle especially around muggles. Each pair must be back inside the house each night by 10:30pm if you are not in by then 5 points will be deducted from your grade for each minute you are late. Now you will find out the select students are after breakfast, if you have any Questions you are to ask myself or Professor Albus D." said Professor Magonagal

"Eat up" said Albus D.