In A Heartbeat

Summary: Yuna Emera and Tidus Rynn aren't exactly fond of each other, and trying to get along is one of the hardest things they'll both have to do. When a child and her family claim that Yuna and Tidus are her parents, they'll have to get along until they find out more about the 'real' Mr. and Mrs. Anizan...Loosely based on "Mrs. Winterbourne".

A/N: Just to let you know, I've changed Yuna somewhat. I'm tired of reading about Yuna being the innocent pushover, not that those stories aren't good, I don't mean that. What I mean is I've made her 'spunkier' in a way...she needs to be in this story.

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::.Chapter One.::

Yuna trudged along in the pouring rain. The past few days were miserable, not only the weather but she had been fired from her job as well. Working in a big-shot law firm with Dona as her boss, well, lets just say something bad was bound to happen.

Yuna moaned. It was coming down hard and she had forgotten to bring her umbrella, and unfortunately she had missed the bus as well. Curse those weathermen! Sacrificing her expensive business suit to the rain, and hobbling around in her high-heeled shoes only made her migraine worse. Luckily, she was almost home.

Yuna took the escalator up to the fifth floor, her apartment. All those months working for Dona had actually paid of afterall. She was lucky enough to afford the expensive apartment room, which was elegantly decorated, somewhat. Yuna wasn't exactly the richest person, but she had enough to live modestly.

She pressed the button for the fifth floor and waited for the double- doors to close. And who should step in but 'Mr. I'm-too-good-for-everyone- else' himself. Yuna growled at his appearance.

Tidus laughed arrogantly, "What happened to you? You look as if you drowned in a mud puddle."

"Shut up you jerk. You know very well why I'm angry! It's your fault I got fired anyway..."

"Sure. Is it my fault you can't follow simple instructions? Besides, you were scaring people off. More clients are actually coming now."

"Actually, that was you. Besides, Dona has you wrapped around her little finger. Oh by the way, where is she? I thought she kept her love- sick puppies near her at all times."

DING! The bell signaled the arrival at the fifth floor.

"Whatever. Doesn't matter to me. You're the one without a job."

Yuna swiftly exited the escalator, "Actually, I have a better job than that witch's lair."

Before Tidus could make a snide remark, the escalator doors closed. Yuna was grateful for that little 'blessing'. 'He can go on forever!' she thought, visibly annoyed.

Tidus and Yuna had never been that close. In fact, they were practically enemies. Tidus worked for the same law firm that Yuna worked for, and they always managed to work each other's last nerve. It was so painfully obvious that Dona had Tidus under her control, while Yuna on the other hand, was completely ignored except for the times she was sent on Dona's stupid errands.

Now that she'd found a job as a therapist, she was finally happy. Well, she was an apprentice to a therapist right now, until she got the proper training but it was just as well. Yuna rapped on the door to her apartment loudly. After waiting awhile, her patience was rapidly deteriorating.

"Where is he!" she growled, more annoyed than ever. "Squall open the door, NOW!"

Squall was Yuna's older brother with whom she lived with. Ever since their parents died, nearly 17 years ago, the siblings didn't like to admit it but they needed each other's company. Squall was lucky enough to remember their parents, while Yuna didn't have a clue of how they looked like. Since Squall helped her pay for half the rent, he thought it was only fair if he lived there too, only Yuna always ended up being the one to cook and clean. But living without parents was hard, and the two didn't want to lose each other, even if they fought a lot. He would still bring home girls though, and when he didn't open the door, he was busy making-out with his latest girlfriend, Rinoa.

"He is so dead when I get through with him. "SQUALL OPEN THE DOOR NOW!" Yuna yelled and pounded on the door to no avail.

Yuna reached into her purse and grabbed her cell phone. "I can't believe it's come to this", Yuna said to herself.

She dialed the number to Tidus's cell phone. He and Squall were best buddies ever since high school, and even though Yuna protested and whined about him coming over to visit at all, he was the only other one with a key. Squall and Tidus were very close friends for him to give Tidus the apartment key.


'Oh that's his cocky, arrogant voice all right...' Yuna thought, disgusted.

Yuna sighed, "Tidus, I need the key. Can you come here, now?" Yuna tried to put on her sweet act, hoping he would give in.

"I dunno...I'll have to think about it. Besides, after the way you treated me, you'd be lucky."

Yuna rolled her bi-coloured eyes. He was so annoying! It was getting hard to stand him at that moment...

Yuna growled, saying these words would put a horrible distaste in her mouth. "...I'm sorry."

"What was that? I didn't quite catch that."

Yuna let out an aggravated sigh and tried to stay calm and sweet, "I said...I'm sorry Tidus. Now would you please come down with the key? I'm soaking wet right now, and my feet are killing me."

Tidus's laughter could be heard quite clearly and it was infuriating Yuna.

"All right, but I'm not doing this for you, I actually need to see your bro."

Yuna turned her phone off and waited, patiently for him to come. Within minutes he arrived, with the key in his hand. Yuna tapped her foot, getting more and more impatient.

Tidus opened the door. It didn't shock Yuna to see Squall doing in fact what she thought he was doing.

"Squall, why didn't you open the door? Didn't you hear me!"

"Can't you see me and Rinoa are busy here?" He asked still kissing Rinoa.

Yuna gave him a disgusted look and headed for her bedroom. She gazed at herself in the mirror and mused to herself, 'Here I am. A 19 year old woman living with my player of a brother, with a pathetic life, no boyfriend, and no job. I just love life!'

She fiddled with a strand of her brunette hair. She remembered Squall saying how much she looked like their mother, and for that reason she decided to change her look slightly. Her mom was nothing but a memory now and she didn't want to remember her parents; they were like strangers to her. The only person she had was Squall; he was her family, all she needed.

Actually, she liked this look better. Her hair was a bit longer than shoulder length, and was layered so that the ends flipped a bit outwards, despite the rain. Her skin was also slightly tanned now, because of the hot weather in Besaid, but of course now they lived in Zanarkand. Yuna didn't want to change her eyes though, although she felt embarrassed because of their two different colours. This was about the only thing that she kept the same as her mother. She also tried to act differently. No matter how hard she tried though, there was just something about her that reminded him of their mother.

Yuna sighed and decided to take a warm shower, and get into her favourite pj's. She needed desperately to make the best of the rest of her horribly bad day. 'Tidus better be gone by then.' She thought. There was only so much happiness she could fake.

After her long shower, Yuna changed into her baby blue, butterfly tank top and pajama bottoms. Heading out of her room, Yuna proceeded into the living room. Seeing Tidus still there put a damper on the little happiness she still had left in her. She rolled her eyes. If Squall wasn't with Rinoa, he was hanging out with Tidus or one of his other buddies, watching t.v and lazing around.

"He could've got that! Is he blind, or just handicapped? A 4 year old could've made that shot!" They were at it again. Watching Blitzball games and yelling at the t.v as if the players could actually hear them. 'Men are so weird, especially when it comes to sports.'

"Hey T, move outta the way!" Squall yelled over at Yuna who was passing through the living room, momentarily blocking their view of the t.v.

"Shut up Squall."

Ever since Yuna could remember, Squall had always called her "T". It was short form of "Tuna" which rhymed with Yuna. Yuna would have told off anyone that called her "tuna" except for Squall, who only used it as a sister-brother nickname.

Squall glared at her. Yuna was used to Squall's attitude by now, but she loved to egg him on, constantly bothering him. This time, since Tidus was here, she would have fun torturing him. She could use Tidus's presence against him, especially after she was locked out of her own apartment.

Yuna sat down beside her brother. "Hey, Squall. I missed you, big Bro." Yuna decided that this was the perfect time to embarrass him. And with that she gave him a big hug, nearly squeezing the life out of him, causing him to fall over on his back.

"Get off of me, NOW!" Squall pushed her away, none too gently.

Yuna pouted and punched him, enough to hurt but soft enough so that he wouldn't get a bruise, and pulled at a strand of his hair. Meanwhile, Tidus was watching with amusement and laughing uncontrollably.

"That's what you get for locking your sister, -and may I remind you- your one AND only sister, out of her OWN apartment!"

"Whatever." Squall said, still rubbing his arm.

'His answer for everything' Yuna thought, annoyed. Yuna plopped down beside Squall. She enjoyed watching Blitz almost as much as they did, and there was no chance she was going to get control over the remote now. Just then the phone rang. Seeing as Squall wouldn't even budge, Yuna answered the phone.


"Oh, Yuna. I was just thinking about you. Found a job yet?"

"Well Dona—

"—Anyways, I'd like to speak to Mr. Rynn" Dona interrupted.

Yuna stifled a growl and tried to sound as polite as she could, even though she sounded as fake as Dona's hair, "Alright Dona. Please hold, while I get him."

"Hey, pretty boy, Dona wants you." Yuna hurled the cordless at him. Tidus just scowled at her for the comment.

Yuna tuned out of the conversation between her rival, and her 'beloved' boss...yeah right! Yuna had no interest whatsoever in Tidus or Dona's lives'. How did she know he was at her apartment anyway? Yuna laughed at the thought of Tidus being wired down to a tracking device.


Yuna jumped at the sound of Tidus's voice yelling at the phone in disbelief.


Yuna observed Tidus's expression carefully. He seemed tremendously angry, and looked as if he was about to erupt any minute.

"I'm not promising anything...I swear Dona..."

Tidus held the phone far from his ear as muffled screeching was heard on the other line.


'Wow Tidus actually gave in! Who knew...' Yuna thought, amused.

Tidus handed the phone to Yuna, causing her to give him a quizzical look.


"Yuna, I would like you and Tidus to work on a little project of mine. By doing this, you may have a spot back here in my business—


"—And you'll be paid twice as much. Tidus knows what you two will have to do. He'll explain everything to you."


"Alright, now get working. And don't think I won't be checking up on you!"

And with that the phone clicked off.

Yuna's face was twisted in fury as was Tidus's. They couldn't stand each other, and now they had to work together! Yuna slammed the phone down and crossed her arms over her chest.

"If you think I'm going to work with you, you are waaaayyyyy off target. I'm not doing this stupid job for that bi—

"--It might be in your interest to let you know that she can change your recommendation for that new job of yours." Tidus stated.

Yuna's look changed from fury to that dangerous look she rarely had, like she was ready to get a knife and slit Dona's pretty, little throat.

Squall was actually quite amused by the two's display. There was enough tension in the room to cut with a knife!

Tidus continued, knowing that Yuna had no choice in the matter, and he didn't either, "She wants us to investigate this case with these people called...the Amazons, no wait...uh the Anidons...I dunno whatever their called. She didn't say why though..."

He reached in his pocket for a piece of paper with something scribbled on it.

"The Anizans. Yeah, that's what they're called."

"I can't believe it!" Squall laughed, "you guys can't even stand being in the same room, and now you have to work together for who knows how long!"

Squall couldn't stop laughing, and it was irritating the two terribly.

"She said we have to start tomorrow, so you better be ready."

Yuna couldn't stand this anymore. She stormed out of the living room and slammed her bedroom door with force.

Tidus got up and left slamming the door on his way out, not even bothering to say 'bye' to Squall.

Meanwhile, Squall sat there laughing but stopped at the slamming of the doors. With a confused look on his face, he looked to Yuna's bedroom door and the main doors. 'So much tension...why don't they just have sex already!' Squall chuckled at the thought, and focused his attention towards the game.


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