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Chapter 1 – Memories of A Girl

Kenshin walked down the streets of Kyoto with Kaoru at his side. They hadn't spoken the whole walk and the silence was starting to get to Kaoru. She looked toward Kenshin as his matted flaming red hair blew in the soft breeze. She eyed his gi which had been torn to shreds during his battle with Shishio then she looked back up to his lavender eyes. He was staring, dreamily ahead of them.

She wondered what he was thinking knowing that this city brought back terrible memories to him. She watched him a bit longer when a wide queer smile came across his lips. Kaoru was surprised by this a moment. "Kenshin?" He blinked a little surprised and looked toward her. "What are you thinking about?" She asked with a playful smile.

"Just thinking about someone." He admitted.

Kaoru's heart jumped. She inched a little closer as they continued to walk. "Who are you thinking about Kenshin?"

Kenshin heard the tone in her voice and recognized it as her shy, hopeful voice. "Oro?" He said hoping she would change the subject.

Her face went a little red. "He doesn't want to admit it but I bet he was thinking about me." She told herself. "Kenshin," she addressed him with half closed eyes "were you thinking about me?" She said hoping for a confession.

She could see it now he would stop and take her hand and say: "Yes Miss Kaoru. You are always on my mind. I want to be with you for all time." Kaoru blushed as her fantasy.

Kenshin walked a little faster. "Ah... actually Miss Kaoru... I was thinking..." He had to come up with something fast.

Kaoru's fantasy disappeared as she quickened her pace to keep up with Kenshin. "Well Kenshin?" She asked getting a little upset; she could tell he was trying to come up with a believable lie.

"...I was thinking about Sano. I hope he is okay." He moved faster.

"LIAR! Sano's fine and you know it!" She was furious. "Why won't he tell me the truth?!" Her mind screamed as she chased after him. She tried to keep up but she soon lost sight of Kenshin in the crowd.

Kenshin watched as Kaoru walked past the alley he had ducked into. He didn't like to lie to her but guessed that it would be best she didn't know who he was thinking about. He walked without any destination as he thought it over. Senko. How long had it been since he had seen her? Seven, eight years? He wasn't sure what had made him think about her after all these years but he found himself missing her. It wasn't like he had forgotten her but her memory had just popped in his head so suddenly it had surprised him.

He sighed. Perhaps he should tell Kaoru the truth how bad could it hurt. He thought back to all the times Kaoru had gotten mad whenever Megumi was near him and again decided not to. "But Senko is different." He told himself. "I helped her then left. She didn't stick around like Megumi." He said out loud still thinking it over.

After a few more debates with himself he happened to look up to see where his feet had brought him. It was the road that he knew lead to Senko's village. He stood a moment looking at the worn path and knew he had to visit Senko before they left Kyoto.

Kaoru was already back when Kenshin arrived back at the Inn they were all staying at. "She's really mad at you." Misao informed the wanderer when he entered.

Kenshin let out a nervous laugh. "At this one?"

Misao raised an eyebrow. "Yes, she came back all upset yelling: How could he leave me like that!" She repeated in a perfect Kaoru impression.

Kenshin frowned he wished he would think things through a little more before he acted. Leaving Kaoru like that had been really rude and he hated himself for it. Misao could see clearly the thought written on Kenshin's face and let out a laugh. "Come on Kenshin! I'm sure Kaoru is just over reacting like she always does. I don't blame you for wanting to be alone for awhile! Just like Aoshi!"

Kenshin smiled at her. "This one had better talk to Miss Kaoru." He said as he went to find her.

When his back was turned to her Misao frowned. Kenshin seemed so distant lately. She wished he would cheer up a little. Why did it seem like everyone was distant. Aoshi, Kenshin, even Kaoru. They all seemed so unsure of what to do next. Hadn't they won? She sighed. It was too complicated to think about. She put a smile back on her face and went to take Aoshi his dinner.

"Miss Kaoru." Kenshin addressed her when he found her training Yahiko.

"Oh, Kenshin... it's you." She said still very upset.

Kenshin frowned it was time to tell the truth. "Miss Kaoru I'm sorry for leaving you; that I am." He said sincerely.

"You know Kenshin?" She said with her voice breaking. "You don't have to run from me." She looked at him and Kenshin bit his tongue when he saw that her eyes were holding back tears. He had really hurt her. "Why can't you just be honest with me?" Yahiko was somewhat upset that his training had been interrupted but knew it was best for these two to talk things out so he left them alone.

Kenshin didn't know how to answer Kaoru's question. "Because you won't understand." He thought but wondered if she would understand. "Because you don't need to know." That didn't seem like the right thing to say either. "Because I don't want you to know the horrible things I've done." That day in the snow flashed in his mind and he remained silent.

Kaoru knew he was looking for the right thing to say and it was painful for him. He wasn't ready to tell her everything just yet. She put her hand on his shoulder and took a deep breath to banish the tears that threatened to fall. She could wait. "That's alright it doesn't matter." Wait until he was ready. She turned and left looking for Yahiko.

Kenshin didn't know whether to be glad or still be angry at himself. She had changed moods so fast but she didn't seem angry anymore.

Kaoru got up early the next morning. She was having trouble sleeping and decided to get up. She dressed and heard a door close, it sounded like the door to Kenshin's room. She looked down the hall and saw Kenshin talking to Sano. They both seemed really serious. The conversation didn't last long and Kenshin left.

Kaoru ran up to Sanosuke. "Where is he going?" She asked trying to not sound concerned.

"Up a little early aren't you Jo-chan?" Was Sano's answer.

"Where did Kenshin go?" She asked a little more forcefully.

Sano looked like he was trying to recall a conversation he had had years ago instead of moments ago. "Hmm... that's right!" He said and gave his injured fist a pound. "Ow!" He hissed as he shook his hand.


"Alright missy. He went to visit someone."

"Someone? Who?"

"I don't know! He just said: 'This one is going to visit someone, don't expect this one back for awhile.'"

Kaoru frowned. "And you just let him go!" She turned and ran after Kenshin.